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Syria Conflict: A brief military analysis

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Syrian Conflict: A Brief Military Analysis - June, 2013

An excerpt from a lengthy, but well worth reading entirely post, from this blogger:

-With momentum on their side, Bashar Assad's Russian and Iranian backed government is clearly on the march now. The geostrategic balance of the region may be on the verge of a historic change. We are thus at a crucial juncture in the Middle East today. The West and the Zionist state is on the verge of a major political defeat in Syria. They have to take this to the next level if they are to derive anything positive out of this situation. And therein lies the danger, in my opinion. Knowing how important it is for them to defeat Bashar Assad's government, what will they do if faced with defeat? What will they do to curb the growing political and military might of Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia in the region. After all, isn't destroying the Hezbollah in Lebanon, toppling the Alawite regime in Damascus, toppling the regime in Tehran and containing Moscow's political resurgence in the region what the Battle for Damascus is all about. 

Assad on the march

I hope Assad's victory in Qusayr will not be the end of it. I hope Syria will be turned into a killing-field where Western/Turkish/Saudi backed Islamist terrorists and their supporters are slaughtered en masse for the good of all humanity. It's comforting to know that large numbers of Libyans, Saudis, Turks, Chechens and Azeris have already been killed by Syrian forces. The following is an Azeri who with any luck will also be meeting, or may have already met "Allah" -
Syria - Azerbaijani terrorists fighting alongside Al-Qaeda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZCn7zk9fEY
More on Azeri nationals being funneled into Syria to carry-out acts of terrorism -
Report: Terrorist Groups in Syria Recruiting Azeri Nationals: http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=9202240964
 It's not only Islamic vermin from the region that are fighting to overthrow Assad's government. Syrian forces have again shot dead several westerns in Syria. One of the dead was an American woman. Jew-led, propaganda outlets in the US such as CNN portrayed the 33 year old white-trash from Michigan as one who fell in love with a Muslim, converted to Islam, then went to  Syria "to help". From the looks of it, the bitch in question was most probably in Syria to gather military intelligence for Al-Qaeda. So, yeah, she was there to "help" -
Nicole Lynn Mansfield Killed (CIA agent?): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CABFy9X_DYk
Needless to say, Bashar Assad's decisive successes on the battlefield in Syria as well as on the international political stage in recent months has profoundly angered Western powers. Will Syria be one of the West's major geopolitical defeats; one much worst than their 2008 defeat in Georgia? From the looks of it, it surely has the potential to be so. And with Syria's "opposition" as fragmented, disorganized and troublesome as ever, Assad's antagonists are now panicking.

Jewish-led, propaganda outlets of the American empire have been particularly rabid. If you want to see the degree of their anger and desperation, read the following lies, hypocrisy, half-truths, double-talk, political spin and hate speech by the Wall Street Journal -
Due to their recent setbacks in Syria, Western powers have decided to finally end diplomatic formalities by officially paving the way for providing Islamic terrorists in Syria with offensive weapons. And speaking of offensive weapons, one of the West's most offensive action was the sending of the warmongering-Washingtonian-reptile named John McCain to meet with cannibals in northern Syria. Having obviously been quite satisfied with the Al-Qaeda affiliated vermin his government is allied to, John McCain is now calling for providing terrorists in Syria with heavy weaponry -
Mind you that their declarations about arming terrorists are merely symbolic. Western powers have already been arming Syria's foreign-backed Islamic terrorists via regional conduits such as Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan for the past two years. Nevertheless, the recent calls by Western officials to directly arm Syria's Islamic terrorists with heavy weaponry has solicited an angry reaction by Moscow. 

Immediately after the Western world's unholy intentions were made public, Moscow revealed that Syria will indeed be receiving S-300 surface-to-air missile systems, upgraded Mig-29 Ms, as well as additional supplies of the Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles already in Assad's arsenal. 

The S-300 is a highly capable surface-to-air missile system that can engage multiple aerial targets (including cruise missiles and ballistic rockets) deep inside Israeli or Turkish airspace; the Yakhont is a supersonic, anti-ship cruise missile that can hit naval targets hundreds of kilometers out into sea; the M variant of the Mig 29 is specifically designed for electronic warfare. These types of modern weapons platforms are crucial in effectively combating conventional militaries on the modern battlefield.

S-300 as a psychological weapon

As mentioned above, the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system can engage aerial targets deep inside enemy territory. Although very capable if properly operated by well trained and experienced crews, the Soviet era S-300 is not invincible. Moreover, the S-300 has never been tested in combat, much less in a very messy and unpredictable combat environment such as the one that currently exists in Syria. What's more, the S-400 (an up-to-date version of the S-300 that is currently not for export) is much more capable.

With the utilization of proper electronic countermeasures and good intelligence, a well coordinated, surprise air strike against S-300 batteries can put them out of action in a relatively short period of time. However, the S-300's capabilities - at least on paper - are impressive enough to scare Western and Israel military planners. At the very least, the S-300 in Syrian hands will force nations such as Israel and Turkey to spend a lot of resources in attempting to defend their air space from a Syrian attack.

Nevertheless, the S-300 has been primarily used as a psychological weapon; a way to discourage further aggression against Syria, such as an invasion by conventional military forces. As a result, the S-300 has been been used as a serious bargaining chip for Moscow, and they have thus far been able to use it to great effect in negotiations over Iran and now Syria.

From a Russian perspective, there is another aspect the S-300 equation: What if Moscow goes forward with its delivery of the S-300 to Syria and the misiles get destroyed in a surprise attack by Israel or NATO? If the aforementioned antagonists manage to defeat this much-touted air defense system in Syria it would be a very major blow to Moscow's prestige. Such a strike would also render using such weapons systems as a bargaining chip in future negotiations all but useless. Such an attack also has the potential of putting Russian military personnel in harms way. If out of desperation NATO or Israel carries out a military strike and Russians get killed as a result, would Moscow be ready to handle such a situation?

Because the S-300 has become a very effective psychological weapon for Moscow, I don't see Russian officials going out of their way to change that situation any time soon. In my opinion, Moscow would much rather scare Assad's enemies with the S-300's potential than have it haphazardly exposed to the unpredictable battlefields of Syria. Having said, I do think that once the fighting stops in Syria Moscow will go ahead and install the S-300 as part of a larger, comprehensive and integrated air defense system. If interested, several news reports pertaining the aforementioned weapons can be read on this page.

Moscow is in Syria for the long term

Ultimately, there are two reasons why Bashar Assad's enemies have not (as of yet) attempted to invade Syria: The first reason is their fear of Moscow's and Tehran's reactions to such an aggression; the second reason is their fear of the Syrian military's fighting potential in a conventional war. Therefore, as long as the aforementioned two parameter of deterrence are maintained in a cohesive manner, the regime in Damascus may survive after all. 

Russian arms and Moscow's actions will therefore be decisive in whether or not Bashar Assad survives the Battle for Damascus.

With the appearance of Russian-made arms in the Levant, NATO and Israeli naval ships in the eastern Mediterranean are all of a sudden vulnerable to modern, anti-ship cruise missiles. With the appearance of Russian-made arms in the Levant, NATO and Israeli aircraft are all of a sudden vulnerable to modern, anti-aircraft missiles. These "game changing" arms transfers to Damascus are the reasons why Syria has been spared an invasion by conventional forces and reason why the Zionist state, which has enjoyed total military supremacy in the region is deeply concerned. Incidentally, Tel Aviv's concern was very evident recently when it chose to remain over Lebanese air space when carrying-out their missile attacks against military targets inside Syria.

As I mentioned in my previous commentary, the provisions of highly capable, modern weapons systems is a strong indicator that Moscow is in Syria for the long-term and that it believes Bashar Assad's regime will survive. This is very important. Going forward, knowing that a political heavyweight is fully behind it is a crucially important psychological factor for Damascus. With Moscow and Tehran stopping an invasion of Syria by foreign armies, Assad's government than easily afford to devote all its resources towards crushing its Islamic uprising.

The specter of a world war hangs over us

After all that has transpired in the region in recent years, I believe Moscow is in Syria for the very long term. I personally do not see Moscow abandoning Damascus under circumstances that have been firmly set by recent developments in the region. It's not a secret that Moscow's desire to setup permanent bases in Syria predates the current war. However, geostrategic factors behind the aggression against Syria may have made Moscow much more determined to preserve their military presence in the region, and may have also pushed Moscow politically and militarily closer to Tehran.

Of course there is more. Take the time to read it.


  1. Interesting to read about this conflict from a pro Russian view point

    1. I thought so too.
      What' s that saying about their being two sides to every story?
      Or sometimes 3 sides
      yours mine and the truth.
      Realistically, there is probably about 10 sides depending on all the parties involved
      The blogger there is Armenian; in case you wondered?
      Or at least that is what I understand

  2. Yeah I saw that on his about page, Russia never seems to get portrayed in a positive light in Western media, certainly not from what I've been exposed to anyway. In some ways, Russia having more of a geopolitical presence lately seems like a positive thing, it seems to have swun the balance of global power away from the USA. I just don't want to see a repeat of what happened in Iraq.

    1. Agreed. Russia and China always seem to get the one dimensional 'evil doer' presentation
      Not because either nation is. That presentation is used to keep the receptive people down, dumb, frightened, dependent and ultimately controlled.

      "Russia having more of a geopolitical presence lately seems like a positive thing"

      Seems like it should be, your right.
      However from the perspective of the US..... not so much

      Iraq, Libya. Afghanistan...all wars of conquest by imperial powers. There was zero humanitarianism involved

      That's my big issue, how inhuman, immoral and indecent this is to the entire human family...

    2. It's true that as much as the invasion of Iraq was made out to be the right thing to do both morally and for the good of the world, your right it was an act of pure imperialism. One of the first things that was done after the invasion was the switching by the oil exports from euros back t the dollar by the US Iraq administrators. This being at a loss to the country of around 20% due to the weakening of the US Dollar against the Euro. It was a very depressing act of imperialism that got approximately zero coverage by the media.

    3. true mattelsworth but it was even worse then that
      Iraq was remade in the image of a NATO global corporate state
      All their laws were rewritten and Iraq was denied any means to be an independent nation

    4. Gets more depressing the more you read about it, keep up the good work with the blog anyway.

  3. theres only one side: the truth

    1. OH, I agree wholeheartedly with that brian
      There is only one side. One real side. Truth
      All the rest is competing perspectives on a situation

      "Truth exists; only lies are invented."

      sometimes one has to read through much baloney to find out what the truth really is
      and some never bother, just soaking up their spoon fed lies that are designed to keep them controlled

  4. I usually don't like to quote articles from this site since they are Judeao-supremcist owned and operated and they engage in quite a bit of duplicity with regard to the "leftwing" analysis they select (often it's ziofascism disquised as leftwing, even some R2P buggery). But I found some of the info in this article interesting, though in a way the author likely didn't think of, or they probably wouldn't have mentioned it.

    "The Economy Is Doing Fine, But the People Aren't": Some Facts on the Economic Background of the Protests in Turkey


    "The number of debtors escalated under the rule of the AKP. Economist Mustafa Sonmez observes: "In 2003 there were 2.4 million people with consumer credit debts. By the end of 2012, however, the number of people who owe consumer credit debts to the banks reached 13.2 million." And here is his graph showing the impact of Turkey's growing economy upon its people:"

    This, I think, shows how deeply the Erdogan regime is in the pocket of the ziofascists. That is a massive jump in indebtedness in so short a time, and guess who benefits, who then gets to be the slaves. It's a large way in how they increase their control over a country economically.

    вот так

    1. wow bot tak!
      I used one of this bloggers other pieces previously concerning the destabilization of Russia and the involvement of .... many.
      It resonated with the knowledge I already had of that situation. The work is very well referenced, which I like.
      I am big on where the information comes from.

      I haven't seen anything yet that sets off alarm bells for me.

      And I like the piece you linked on Turkey
      from that monthly review piece

      "The United States seeks to develop Turkey as a base for regional leadership on organized crime, counternarcotics, nonproliferation, and counter-terrorism"

      that looks to me to be right on the money!

      " Had Bashar Assad allowed the US generals to realign the Syrian Army with the US interests, and had he opened his country for US military bases as the regime in Turkey long has, he would have been hosted in the White House and allowed to make a romantic declaration of cooperation with Mr. Obama under the rain."""

      That lines up quite nicely with the previous piece I had done on Turkey.. about the military being, not Turkey's but NATO's. Syria's army is Syrian for Syria.

      Agree on the indebtedness = slavery
      ty for the heads up bot tak

    2. Penny

      "I used one of this bloggers other pieces previously concerning the destabilization of Russia and the involvement of .... many.
      It resonated with the knowledge I already had of that situation. The work is very well referenced, which I like."

      I was talking about the MR site, not Eren Buğlalılar, who I don't really know anything about. It's the MR site I now have deep reservations about. Didn't used to several years ago, but there were some changes there around 3 years ago that convinced me the site had been turned. For example, the last few months on Syria, their material has been borderline zionist propaganda. The oft line peddled to the left by zionists about well meaning protestors to a brutal regime who somehow got tricked into supporting something similar. Seen similar "adjustments favourable to ziofascism there on other subjects, as well. Don't remember ever reading much about Russia there, though I may be having a "senior moment". ;) When MR peddled this nonsense:

      Not Quite "Ordinary Human Beings" --
      Anti-Imperialism and the Anti-Humanist Rhetoric of Gilad Atzmon


      It was clear that MR was now run by Jewish zionists in the same sort of deep cover as those involved with sayanim sites such as jewssansfrontiers and azvsas.blogspot.

      вот так

    3. oops, i misunderstood

  5. An Al-Nusra leader rapes another Al Jazeera reporter
    Date and Time:30 April 2013 - 19:07 -

    A female Al Jazeera reporter who was raped by an Al Nusra commander has been transferred to Qatar.
    A female Al Jazeera correspondent, who is covering the terrorist activities from different cities in Syria for months, was quickly moved to Qatar, after one of the commanders of Al Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist group, raped her in Aleppo. Egyptian daily Al-Nahar reported that Ghada Oweis, Al Jazeera correspondent, has long been working alongside terrorist groups opposed to Bashar al-Assad in Aleppo to send reports to Qatari
    A few days ago on the invitation of one of the commanders of this Salafist group, she went to his office. Surprisingly however, the Al-Nusra militias did not allow her camera crews to enter the office.
    And they took Ms. Oweis by force and told the crews to come back for interview tomorrow.
    Al Jazeera correspondent was rushed out of Syria via Turkey, when it was discovered she was raped by the commander of Al-Nusra Front in Aleppo. She was transferred to Qatar later, she is emotionally in shock.
    Returning to Qatar, Ghada Oweis demanded justice and asked the senior leaders of Al-Nusra group to punish this commander. Reportedly Al Jazeera is trying to prevent the reporter from affirming the news by ways of pressure and payments of huge amount of money to maintain the good image of the terrorists fighting in Syria.
    The terrorist militias in Syria have been committing numerous acts of violence and shameless atrocities against the civilians, by using a Fatwa; issued by one of the Muftis of Salafists, that militias fighting in Syria can force women to ‘Jihad al Nikah’ (Girls must participate in “marriage” to fulfill their Jihad obligations in Syria).

    1. bastards eh?!
      the attrocities those monsters have committed.
      But, on the other hand, why travel with these terrorists
      what would one think they are capable of?
      I am sure she has been witnessing plenty of murder, beatings etc
      beheadings, organ eating
      what the hell was she thinking?
      Still I am not condoning what happened to her. Violence is violence.
      But if you travel with thugs,, shouldn't you reasonably assume they will turn that violence against you?

    2. Well, you know how it goes, when dining with wolves, the difference between guest and main course can be rather illusory.

      вот так

  6. BNP leader Nick Griffin has said the Syrian opposition movement is dominated by Islamist jihadis committing terrorist acts. The MEP, who is on a visit to Damascus, said the conflict risked turning Syria from a "stable secular state into an Iraq-style hell of sectarian hate".
    Any attempt by the UK to arm opposition forces would be madness, he said.

  7. Saudi owned Arabiya news channel showed the left side of this photo saying the man lost his child in a Syrian Army bombing, the man from Shayyah area in Beirut, Lebanon seen on the right side, was astonished to see his picture when he Israeli fighter jets attacked his neighborhood in July 2006 war and killed his 12 DAYS niece then, he condemned the manipulation of news by this Saudi tv channel whitewashing Israeli crimes and accusing the Syrian Arab Army with it..!

  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=410346782412812&set=oa.494891040584030&type=1&theater
    Assad vs Erdogan