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Syria: Syrian Army takes al-Qusayr, Sarin & UN and Condoleeza is back.....

Getting back to Syria. A news round up of sorts

Qusay(i)r has been taken back from NATO’s mercs.

A  photo of elated Syrian soldiers and Syrian civilians applauding, raising the flag and bringing in supplies for residents who can return.

Fighters and civilians loyal to the Assad government hold up the Syrian flag after capturing the strategic town of Qusair, June 5, 2013.
Fighters and civilians loyal to -their homes & their families- hold up the Syrian flag after capturing the strategic town of Qusair, June 5, 2013.

It is nice to see the Syrian people happy :)

                                                       Syria for Syrians

Of course, the western media is engaging in spin.

When NATO’s mercs laid siege to Qusay(i)r the western media said nothing. No condemnation at all
When the NATO mercs laid seige to the town and forced the majority of it’s residents to flee.
The western media was probably cheering the subsequent cleansing.
Now that Syria has taken back their town and told the people they can return it's suddenly a problem?

 Syrian government is now telling the residents to come back to their homes..

A statement from the army calls on the town's citizens to return to their homes, and says the armed forces will be "lenient and forgiving" with those who surrender.


"Yes, al-Qusayr fell to regime control," said 25-year-old Muhammad Awad of the (NATO mercenary)- “Free Syrian Army's al-Farouk Battalion” (Al Qaeda)  in Qusayr.
"Let the world, the regime and all the people against us be happy. We retreated because we could not take them on anymore."

A strike against Al Quada. Good for Syria. I am sure Israel is most displeased.

I was thinking about the msm coverage regarding the return of this town to the Syrians.
All spin and perception management
Where was the main stream media's blanket condemnation when US troops pacified (kill everyone and level everything) Fallujah?? Interesting pdf on Fallujah

Which was not the case at all in Syria . al-Qusayr was full of mercs.  Syrian army fought a ground battle to retake the town.  The US simply obliterated Fallujah and contaminated the entire area (read the pdf if you are in doubt)

Concluding: al-Qusay(i)r is free of NATO mercs and the residents can return

Let’s move on to news of chemical weapons being used, but not who used them, in Syria according to  the Useless Nations
France’s Fabius is the front man for this sales campaign

 The commission's report says there is not enough evidence to determine which chemical agents have been used in Syria or who deployed them. It says those conclusions would require testing victims and collecting samples at the site of four alleged attacks
Fabius doesn't worry about truth, he moves right into super spin mode:

But in Paris, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said tests performed by a French laboratory showed with certainty that the deadly nerve agent sarin was used in Syria on several occasions. He said the results were handed over to the United Nations, but did not disclose where or by whom the sarin gas had been used.
The White House said Tuesday the United States needs more evidence about the use of chemical weapons in Syria before making decisions on how to respond.

The US, still promoting their 'hands off' narrative and lead from behind nonsense

Let's chat about just who has been caught with sarin in their possession and where these persons were when they were caught.

Sarin property of NATO’s mercs in Turkey and Iraq

Sarin   in   Turkey

 Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian(NATO) militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports.

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Serguei Lavrov awaits an investigation by Turkey and the handing over of its results about the arrest in that country of Syrian rebels that were carrying sarin gas.

WP, despite the wording, the arrests were made and coincide with other reports....

Turkish authorities are questioning six suspects detained during simultaneous anti-terrorism police raids in four cities, according to the state-run agency .Authorities have refused to identify the suspects, but the private Dogan news agency said all 12 were detained during a police sweep on suspected members of al-Qaida or of Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaida linked opposition force fighting in Syria.
 Some chemical materials were confiscated during the raid, but denied a report which claimed that sarin gas was seized during the raids. He said experts were trying to determine what the materials could be used for.
It does not make sense to deny Sarin was confiscated when, allegedly, one is in the process of determining what the materials are.

Sarin in Iraq- Al-Qa'ida caught making poison gas in Iraq

The group of five people had built two facilities in Baghdad to produce sarin and mustard gas, using instructions from another al-Qa'ida group, government spokesman Mohammed al-Askari said yesterday.

 The arrest of the cell members had been possible because of co-operation between Iraqi and foreign intelligence services, he added.
 So, Fabius and the UN are suggesting, implying, leaving it to your frightened imagination that sarin has been used by the Syrian government. However, looking at all the available information, the only reasonable conclusion one can draw is that NATO's mercs have made and used, are still making and using Sarin gas. For the UN and France to obfuscate the facts makes very clear that France, Britian and the UN are supporting terrorists.

Two notorious war mongering liars are back......

Condoleeza (bad cop) Rice. Get a barf bag.

Colin (good cop) Powell 

Took a more cautious approach to getting involved militarily.
“We have to be very, very careful with some of the, ‘Well, let’s just go in and start bombing, let’s just go in and put in a no-fly zone,'" he told Bloomberg TV. "I wouldn’t like a no-fly zone. If you want to take out the Syrian air force, take it out. Don’t just fly around in circles waiting for it to come up. That won’t be hard to do. But you have to understand, if that doesn’t work, are you then committed to take the next steps?"

Speaking of "no fly" zones- Jordan:  US Deploying Patriots, F-16s

 Jordanian officials said Wednesday that the U.S. will deploy anti-missile batteries and F-16 jet fighters in the kingdom to bolster its defense capabilities in the face of a Syrian attack


  1. PARIS: The French newspaper Le Monde says its reporters persuaded Syrian doctors to hand over samples of blood, urine and hair from sickened rebel fighters by promising to analyze them for toxin.

    The journalists turned the samples over to the French government, which on Tuesday said that traces of the nerve agent sarin in them were the first tangible proof that Syria's government was using chemical weapons.

    According to Wednesday's issue of Le Monde, the Syrian doctors had been carefully collecting the samples from sick rebels for some time, hoping to spirit them abroad for analysis. It took Le Monde about a month to get them out of Syria, the paper said.

    Read more:
    (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

    1. "samples of blood, urine and hair from sickened rebel fighters by promising to analyze them for toxin."

      doesn't prove that the Syrian government used them
      if true, indicates the nato mercs were exposed, but could have exposed themselves while manufacturing, transporting or using these chems themselves

      ty, will check out all your stuff

  2. meanwhile over in egypt, the North Africa campaigning heating up

    Politicians meeting with Egypt's president on Monday proposed hostile acts against Ethiopia, including backing rebels and carrying out sabotage, to stop it from building a massive dam on the Nile River upstream.

    Read more:
    (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

    And thi form the US report on Water wars
    The report lists the Nile, which runs through Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, the Jordan, which runs through Israel and several Arab countries, and the Indus, which is shared by Pakistan and India.

    US drone base in Ethiopia operational

    Drone crashes in Puntland few days ago

    Canadian firm drilling in puntland

    1. Ethiopia flies first Dreamliner since grounding

  3. Good work Penny and very informative!
    Here´s SANA´s report on todays victory:


    1. Hi Mikhas!
      A new name :) Terrific.
      I missed responding to you yesterday.
      thanks for the video


  5. And here I thought he only had eyes for Rahm:

    Susan Rice rewarded for being flag catcher over Benghazi scandal’ - expert

    (I posted this for the photo, the interview wasn't that interesting)

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  6. Again, nice job, Penny.

    The Israelis are having their quisling try everything on Syria. See:

    White House condemns 'in strongest possible terms' Assad's assault on Qusair

    The lying is so obvious, only 40 years of dedicated Jewish zionist dumbing down of the populations in their colonies prevents people seeing it outright. Good news for Syrians, bad news for zionists and other fascists. That's always a very good thing.

    вот так

    1. thanks bot tak and yes the lying is obvious
      but why do so many still not see the truth when it is staring them in the face
      In fact it is slapping them in the face!

    2. WH has its nerve...wasnt it the US that assaulted Fallujah?

  7. Communist Party Of Turkey - TKP

    A man who opened fire on police and tried to provoke the protestors last night in Hatay is reported to be a member of the Free Syrian Army. The protestors, who were alarmed by his unusual behaviors, revealed the identity of the provocateur. The Free Syrian Army is an armed group supported by the Turkish government against the Syrian regime.

    Parliamentarian from Hatay, Hasan Akyol, spoke to soL newspaper and said that the people surrendered the man to the security forces.

    The provocateur is holding Syrian identity card. He stayed at the camps of the Free Syrian Army. It is not known yet whether the police have started legal investigation on the issue or not. (soL)