Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Turkefication of Egypt- June 30/13 "democratic" protests to what end?

Protests creating an impression of democracy at work? Reality being a reordering out of chaos?
A distraction of the masses while the elites aided by sycophants do their dirty work?
The protests continue in Turkey. And, Obama continues relations with Erdogan in Turkey.
Not a surprise.
The push for war in Syria was the main topic, though Obama found time to pay lip service to non violent free-expression. blah, blah, blah......
Obama and Erdogan

The full White House readout:
"President Obama spoke by phone yesterday with Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey. 
"The president and prime minister discussed developments in Syria, including the regime's use of chemical weapons against its own people, our shared commitment to pursuing a political solution, the need to provide additional support to the Syrian Coalition and the Supreme Military Council to improve their effectiveness, and the importance of close bilateral cooperation on contingency planning and counterterrorism efforts.
Lip service:
"The prime minister also described the situation in Turkey. The two leaders discussed the importance of nonviolence and of the rights to free expression and assembly and a free press."

Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan in Turkey is safe despite massive protests in Turkey. So what about Egypt?
Egypt looks to be on the verge of a protest movement. Or a move to protest..  Creating greater instability. Not that Egypt has been very stable since the installation of Morsi. The Western/Israeli sanctioned divide between Sunni and Shia looks to be coming into play.
Morsi is encouraging this split. (In service to NATO/Israel?) Which makes his so called leadership suspect. What is he leading Egypt towards? Dissolution and dissension? Balkanization?  Certainly not strength or unity.
Egypt turns on Shiites
Is this the action of a unifying leader?

Antagonism against the tiny Shiite minority is rising as extremists make use of their newly found freedom after President Hosni Mubarak's fall in 2011. Ultraconservative Sunnis hold Shiites as archenemies.

Egypt's new president, Mohamed Morsi, apparently does not object. A week ago he listened approvingly to clerks insulting Shiites during a rally against Syria's Bashar al-Assad, a Shiite himself.

Mohamed Morsi, leader of the nation of Egypt listens approvingly while clerks heap insult on Shiites. Appropriate behaviour? I don’t think so. Behaviour appropriate to destroying Egyptian society? Yes.
Outcome of Morsi’s approving behaviour?
Taking their cue from the president, sheiks in Zawyat Abu Musalam have ratcheted up the anti-Shiite rhetoric in recent weeks. Zawyat Abu Musalam, a small village south of Cairo, was witness to the latest atrocity from Egypt. On Sunday afternoon, a Sunni mob numbering some 3,000 attacked the home of a Shiite family, lynching at least four and torching the house. Another five houses belonging to Shiites were also set ablaze, injuring dozens. Eyewitnesses to the tragedy say the sheikhs accused the village Shiites of insulting Prophet Muhammed and spreading debauchery. One video shows members of the mob, covered in blood, justifying their doings saying the Shiites were holding "group sex" parties.
Fomenting religious divide. Divide to conquer. Morsi would be pleased considering his loud and clear approval of clerks insulting Shiites during a rally of Muslim extremists regarding Syria.

More on Morsi and Obama's silent approval of this disturbing behaviour:
Bahaa Anwar, a Shia activist, said he held Morsi responsible for the attack, as Morsi has held back from calling out incitement against Shias in the past. And Morsi has attracted controversy for appointing Adel al-Khayat governor of Luxor province, even though al-Khayat belonged to an Islamist party linked to a massacre of 58 tourists in 1997.
Amid increasing political and economic instability, mass demonstrations against Morsi have been planned for June 30, the one year anniversary of his inauguration.
"The political situation is definitely worsening," said Dina Hassan, an Egyptian expatriate. "It has gotten to the point where the streets are not safe again."
Yet despite Egypt's internal turmoil, the Obama administration has shown no signs of stopping its support of the Muslim Brotherhood-led government.
Earlier this month, Secretary of State John Kerry quietly allowed $1.3 billion of military aid to Egypt despite the country's failure to meet human rights and democratic standards.
A key condition of the aid was that Egypt "is holding free and fair elections, implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association and religion, and due process of law."
But this condition was waived due to "the interest of the national security of the United States."
I can't help but conclude that this chaos and divide is being fomented intentionally

                                       Kerry meets Morsi- the traitors to humanity shake hands
June 30/13 protests- Will the army put down the protestors or support them?

Can they do it again? Can they get millions back into the streets from Sunday and force President Mohamed Mursi to step aside, perhaps with a nudge from the army? Can they end the Islamist rule which Badr and his friends feel has usurped their revolution after only two years.

Badr thinks so, even if he shakes his head occasionally in disbelief that what he started in a casual conversation with friends a couple of months ago has swelled into a mammoth petition, backing nationwide rallies from this coming Sunday, that has the president and his allies seriously worried.

"I have no doubt, from what we saw during the signature campaign and our ability to gather millions of signatures from people in no time, that we will succeed," the 28-year-old newspaper and television journalist told Reuters.

"People will protest on June 30 and eventually we will force Mursi to do what we want. It is just a matter of time."

Mursi, for whom Sunday will mark his first anniversary in office, has dismissed efforts to unseat him as undemocratic - a view broadly echoed by others, from the head of the army to Islamist former militants and the U.S. ambassador in Cairo.

The Turks may have thought they could force change for their numerous legitimate grievances. Erdogan is still in power.  Morsi and the Egyptian military have loyalties that lie elsewhere. Erdogan and Morsi will go only when the US and Israel have no more use for them. 


  1. "Erdogan and Morsi will go only when the US and Israel have no more use for them." Very true.

    - Aangirfan.

    1. ty aang

      I saw some comments over at your place
      misguided.. thinking that the Egyptian military is for the Egyptian people
      It is not.

  2. Why is Russia evacuating Tartus?
    Gold for sale harkens echoes of April 11...
    US General visited Sinai troops back in Fall 2012 in support of Sinai force

  3. Was discussing with the hubby the news of Tartus being evacuated
    I notice that is older, why it is getting covered now?
    I don't know
    I am unsure how many Russians were at Tartus?
    It is just a Port. Which means it is someplace to stop and go from
    And possibly maintain a small crew?
    Just don't know

    " Russia has evacuated all military personnel from its small naval base in Syria"

    Here is my husbands thought.. Think of Pearl Harbor?
    Would you leave your ships and people as sitting targets?
    Unless you want them struck?

    Also this:

    "A 16-ship Russian naval task force in the eastern Mediterranean remains on post, reports said. Cyprus has made its ports available to the Russian fleet if needed"

    What I suspect is Russia is moving in advance of the US kicking off a no fly zone
    I see no reason to believe the US has no intention of air slaughter of Syrians
    Certainly, Russia is privy to more intelligence then I?
    I just use the msm.

    1. This doesn't sound good.

      вот так

    2. re: "I just use the msm."

      Then you will always be chasing your tail. For one thing, the endless duplicity will drive you mad. In this particular case, you could look at the later denials, such as:


    3. The duplicity does drive me mad...but, I can sort through it very well

      but my quote is a reference to Russia being privy to intelligence I can only imagine.. While I am stuck using the msm- which means I have to swim upstream and swim through much shit while doing it

      "Certainly, Russia is privy to more intelligence then I?
      I just use the msm."

  4. Gold for sale harkens echoes of April 11...

    and the Boston Bombing.....

    good point

  5. Lastly, anon linkie? Is that you btw?
    There has been a flourish of anons
    Very interesting regarding the Sinai

  6. wait a minute...
    the first drop of gold was April 15/13 no?
    we talked about it here and I can't recollect the exact date

  7. the other thing about the evacuation story that bugs me is..

    Word that Russian forces had pulled out of Syria first came in an interview with Mikhail Bogdanov, the deputy foreign minister, published in the al-Hayat newspaper June 21. Russian newspapers and agencies reported Wednesday that they had confirmed the evacuation with unnamed personnel in Russia’s military and Foreign Ministry.

    why did it take 5 days to get a mention and why confirm with unnamed personnel
    sorry for the out loud thinking...

  8. It is Washington post and the headline is interesting itsel "small port"

    The Israelis were interested in the small port with their recently sidcovered monitoring devices.

    Gold flushed watch the rupee. The Indians told Kerry that the much pushed for industry dereg was off the table until post elections. India is the crack in the BRICS. India - enron - aig - Walmart....

    India just said it would reopen idea of engaging in ipi pipeline. Kashmir LOC issues likely to flare? Like yesterday?

    Was that western china protest overnight related to snowden?

  9. telegraph story about Berlusconi wanting gaddafi killed by special forces the other day. Another derivatives scandal uncovered in Italian govt today linked to debt issuance and EU qualifications (ft). Coincidence the verdict in berlusconi case included political ban after he played kingmaker in last election? Coincidence major Italian conglomerates under intense scandals. Eni (saipem) scandals in Algeria. Eni = south stream. Eni sold chunk mozambique to china petro. Eni is drilling offahore Cyprus. Eni in Pakistan. finmecc (defense) scandals on helicopters in India. CEO steps down. Finmecc has jv with sukhoi for the 100....

    Recall FT running byline about berlusconi running to putin birthday party to escape scrutiny? Also berluconi only 1 of 2 western leaders to attend putin inaug.


    Uganda Kenya, rawanda and south Sudan in 3 pipeline ventures one terminating in lamu (us drone base).

  10. For anyone who hasn't seen it already this is worth watching-
    EX-AL QAEDA Member: Nabil Naim - The Syrian Lie, Al Nusra's Fake War

    and so is this-
    The Truth About Judaism, an interview with Yaron Yadan, former head of an ultra-Orthodox yeshiva in Israel.

  11. The top U.S. military officer said on Wednesday he has recommended bolstering Lebanese forces grappling with the fallout from Syria’s civil war by sending in military trainers and accelerating arms sales.

  12. dont be fooled
    russia denies any evacuation

    1. thanks brian

      from your piece

      "The Ministry added that the modestly sized and equipped facility had long since been manned by civilians and that they had not been withdrawn. Russian warships occasionally call to Tartus for replenishment of supplies and minor repairs."

      If you check my update in yesterday's post you see that the US msm is reporting that Tartus is manned by civilians...
      And also that there are an unknown amount of military personnel (Russian) in Syria