Thursday, June 20, 2013

Turkey, US cooperate on arms (aid ) to terrorists in Syria (rebels) Doha lurks

Protesting Turks?  The collusion between NATO, Turkey and terrorists continues.

Turkey and the United States have intensified political and military dialogue for strategic planning to smoothly deliver U.S. weapons to the Mercenary Army:  Free Syria Army (FSA)

On the political level, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Secretary of State John Kerry exchanged two phone calls, one on Saturday and the other late Wednesday, to discuss recent developments in Syria on the eve of a crucial core group meeting of the Friends of the Syrian People on Saturday in Doha. Kerry and Davutog(lu are also expected to hold a tête-à-tête meeting in Doha

On the military-intelligence level, technical experts from the two countries are in intense talks to explore the best ways for the delivery of American weaponry to the FSA. Some representatives of the NATO mercenaries (rebels) have also been present in these meetings.

One of the most likely potential routes for the transportation of this weaponry into Syria is through Turkey, which has a long border with its southern neighbor, diplomatic sources said. Syria’s northern parts are under the FSA’s control and Turkey has stood as the best logistical center for the Syrian opposition since the turmoil broke in the country in 2011.

And if you have been reading here since 2011, you are very well aware that Turkey has been supplying weapons, with CIA assistance, via the border all along.
Since the first terror attack at Jisr Al Shigour


No-fly zone on the agenda of Doha

“After this change of policy, they sure want to be in close coordination with us,” a Turkish Foreign Ministry official told the HDN. “The change in the U.S. position has impacts on the ground and at the political level.

The Doha meeting of 11 foreign ministers of the core group of the Friends of the Syrian People follows recent Syrian regime successes, which intensified its attacks to re-take control of the northern town of Aleppo, the country’s economic capital. The conference follows a high-level meeting in Ankara last week between the Friends of Syria, during which FSA commander Salim Idriss discussed the provision of military aid, including heavy weapons

“We will discuss everything, including the implementation of a no-fly zone over Syria,” Foreign Minister Davutog(lu said in an interview with private broadcaster TGRT late on Wednesday. The use of chemical weapons, which has been proven by the Turkish and U.S. governments, will also be discussed

Aleppo is key for the FSA and Turkey

The regime’s success on the ground is seen as an warning among the international community. Regime forces’ retaking of critical passage point Qusayir, and particularly its marching toward Aleppo, were important developments on the ground that could give hope to al-Assad that he is winning the fight.

“The message we convey to the core group countries is that it’s time to give more support to the opposition. Al-Assad should not be brought to the point where he is winning the victory militarily. Because in this case, he would never approach us for a political solution,” the Turkish official stressed. Al-Assad’s achievements on the ground would make prospects for the 2nd Geneva meeting almost meaningless

As mentioned in yesterday’s post: Obama, Syria and the Aspin doctrine: Plans for a "limited" strike on Syria?


  1. Palestinians fighting on the Good side in Syria against al nusra and foreign jihadists.. CNN Report Palestinians are supporting the Syrian Government by helping kill Al Qaeda terrorists backed by USA- France-Britain- Saudi Arabia- Qatar- Turkey

  2. The list of "top stories" at Yahoo news when I checked just now:

    Four Senators seek to bar military aid to Syrian rebels

    Weekly US jobless aid applications rise to 354K

    Arab Islamist rebels, Kurds clash in northern Syria

    Iraq says proxy war over Syria threatens its neutrality

    Jolie urges leaders to make Syria diplomacy work

    First time I've seen such a non prowar list there. I haven't looked at what they are actually about, but before, the headline line up wasn't so centred on Syria, and the headlines were more in line with supporting the Israeli aggression and propaganda against Syria.

    Yahoo is usually very pro-zioninst in its bent. I'm wondering, are a significant number of zionist oligarchs now against destroying Syria? At least for now? Or is this just a fluke, and tomorrow I'll see the usual Syria is nazi Germany, Jr. bs I've usually seen there?

    Anyway, thought I'd put leave a comment about this and see if anybody noticed similar changes.

    вот так

    1. Looks like it was just a fluke. The Yahoo news headline line-up has since closely represented the ziofascist bs machine.

      вот так

  3. irish politician ClareDaly blasts the irish admin for pimping for Obama and calls him a war criminal for his use of drones and sending weapons to FSA terrorists

  4. The giant container ship MOL Comfort breaks it back in the Indian Ocean carrying 4500 containers from Singapore to Jeddah (and on to Al Aqaba?). According to Syrian TV the cargo was American arms being supplied via Jordan to the Syrian insurgents. From 7:18 -
    Syria News 20.6.2013, Huge container vessel carrying weapons to armed gangs in Syria crashes
    The source is reported as 'Russian port news website', presumably

    I can't find any info there on the cargo, perhaps BOT TAK could find more?

    1. I couldn't find any info on the cargo type, either. Both at the Russian site you mention, and on the web. The Russian site gave some info on the sailor's status, that seemed to be all they were interested in, that was a little more detailed than the rest of the info I saw in western media. Everybody seems to be concentrating of the "how could this happen to a modern ship" aspect. Incidentally, the ship's Japanese owners have an American subsidiary that was just sued over something else:

      MOL Group Hit By U.S. Price-Fixing Suit

      If I find something more about MOL Comfort's cargo later, I'll post it up.

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    2. Thanks, maybe you can glean something from these-

    3. freethinker

      Those 3 links are saying what the Syrian site said, plus what is being said in western media. The weapons info seems to be sourced to (from the 3rd link of yours):

      "The source of information Sham Times (which Sham Times wisely does not mention) is a resource Syrian opposition Al-Haqiqa.

      Al-Haqiqa writes: "One of the world's largest container ships, MOL Comfort, crashed and broke into two parts in the Pacific (!) Ocean, off the coast of Yemen. It transported 4,500 containers with American weapons and ammunition for the Syrian rebels."

      A patrol vessel should reach the Comfort in a couple of days, probably followed by salvage tugs soon after. There may be some more info available then. It is strange that the cargo type is not mentioned in most reports, and the reports that do mention it seem to have got their info from the Syrian source. And a Syrian "opposition" source, at that. If the cargo wasn't weapons, but regular civilian stuff, you would think the Americans would be anxious to dispute the Syrian claims and say what the cargo was. But instead, the ship's accident is mentioned in passing, then quickly forgotten, with no mention of what she is carrying. Very suspicious all round.

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    4. There was another ship that was siezed off the coast of yemen moinths ago and pinned on the Iranians who immediatly denied it. Can't say related but the wired magazine piece on cyber goes some distance to talking about the Iran retaliation cyber on aramco, which is curious insofar as the Saudi media outlet warned about us, Israeli and German malware in wake of the cyber attack. Entire wired article worth reading.