Monday, June 10, 2013

US officials debate arming Syria’s' rebels', other steps ahead of bigger meeting later this week

Obama the gun grabber is more then happy to send lethal weapons to hired killers in Syria, so they can kill more innocent Syrians
And there is the double standard.  The hypocrisy of the US government. They will take guns away from law abiding citizens in the US. But! The US will happily send off more additional lethal weapons to hired killers to kill innocent Syrians

Meanwhile Assad is giving weapons to the Syrian people to fight off their invaders.

Hm. Maybe there is no double standard with Obama?! 
Him and the entire US administration want guns in the hands of all the criminals and killers in both the US and Syria, so they can kill innocent people
Now I see the twisted logic behind the psychopathic thinking!

I tried to reduce the spin and lies to a minimum, but it is WP, and I am lacking in time

The Obama administration began discussing Monday whether the Assad regime’s rapid military advance across the heart of Syria necessitates a drastic U.S. response, with officials saying a decision on arming beleaguered rebels (hired killers) could happen later this week.

Top aides from the State and Defense Departments, the CIA and other agencies were gathering for a “deputies meeting” at the White House on Monday afternoon. There, they’ll seek to lay the groundwork for a meeting that President Barack Obama will hold with his senior national security staff, planned for Wednesday, said U.S. officials, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the closed-doors talks and demanded anonymity.

Moved by the Syrian regime’s rapid advance, officials say the administration could approve lethal aid for the rebels in the coming days. The president and his advisers also will weigh the merits of a less likely move to send in U.S. airpower to enforce a no-fly zone over the civil war-wracked nation, officials said.

The White House meetings are taking place as Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government forces are apparently poised for an attack on the key city of Homs, which could cut off Syria’s armed opposition from the south of the country.

Opposition leaders have warned Washington that their rebellion could face devastating and irreversible losses without greater support.

Secretary of State John Kerry postponed a planned trip Monday to Israel and three other Mideast countries to participate in White House discussions, officials said. He may travel to the region later in the week.

While nothing has been concretely decided, U.S. officials said Obama was leaning closer toward signing off on sending weapons to vetted, moderate rebel units.(There are no 'moderate' rebels. There are only hired mercenary killers)

Hired killers supported by US. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and others
The U.S. has spoken of possibly arming the opposition in recent months but has hesitated because it doesn’t want groups that are linked to al-Qaida and other extremists fighting alongside the anti-Assad militias to end up with the weapons.
Obama already has ruled out any intervention that would require U.S. military troops on the ground. Other options such as deploying American air power to ground the regime’s jets, gunships and other aerial assets are being more seriously debated, officials said, but they cautioned that a no-fly zone or any other action involving U.S. military deployments in Syria were far less likely right now. The U.S. can provide weapons without sending soldiers into Syria, either by sending materiel to rebels in neighboring Turkey and Jordan or working with regional allies.

    At the same time, it’s unclear how Washington could fundamentally change the trajectory of a conflict that has increasingly tilted toward Assad in recent months without providing weapons to the opposition forces or getting involved itself.

If the regime seizes control of Homs, it would clear a path for it from Damascus to the Mediterranean coast and firm up its grip on much of the country.


  1. Hmmmm....zios sure get shrill when they see themselves losing. I don't so much mind their cacophonic shrillness in those circumstances...

    вот так

    1. They do get shrill, I have to cover my ears...the sound is so siren like

  2. The bogus meeting in Geneva accomplished its goal of failure, so when talking don't work, it's time for blood.

    Is it possible OBOMBA is catching all the hell he has lately since he hasn't 'Libyarated' Syria and reduced Tehran to smoking rubble?

    1. Technically there hasn't yet been Geneva II
      it was put off...
      Yah, it's odd how much of his scandalous behaviour has been getting exposed as of late, all at once.
      Could be some pressure
      Which I was thinking about wrt Erdogan in Turkey..