Monday, July 1, 2013

China: Xinjiang terrorists (Uyghurs) finding training, support in Syria, Turkey

This news story out of China really caught my eye! 

Xinjiang terrorists finding training, support in Syria, Turkey- Chinese media and government are not being the least bit outrageous in making that claim.

Just the other day I had made this comment about the Ui/yghurs. Not because I am psychic. Just because I pay attention and so do my savvy readers- Read below

 Hong Kong, China, NSA....

China's far west erupts in violence for 2nd time in 3 days; death toll from 1st rises to 35

The Uighurs are part of that very convenient Islamist crew....
you know the ones that spring in to action when needed?

AnonymousJune 28, 2013 at 5:27 PM

    Yup .
    вот так

    The Uighurs are trained merc/destbilizers.  NATO trained. They are of the same ilk as Al Qaeda, Al Nusra etc. So, let's read what the Chinese are saying and then we will take a trip down memory

    "Memeti Aili was recently caught by the police when returning to Xinjiang to complete his mission to "carry out violent attack and improve fighting skills" assigned by the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM). ETIM is a terrorist group that aims to create an Islamist state in Xinjiang, which works alongside the East Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association (ETESA), an Istanbul-based exile group.

    "After hearing their lectures, all I could think about was jihad and I totally abandoned my studies and my family," he told the police. "But thinking back, it was like a nightmare."

    An anti-terrorism official told the Global Times in an exclusive interview that about 100 people like Memeti Aili had travelled to Syria to join the fighting alongside Syrian rebels since last year.

    "Their purpose is to overcome their fears, improve their fighting skills and gain experience in carrying out terror attacks," according to the official who declined to be named.

    Unwelcome to battle

    In 2011, after graduating from university in Urumqi, Memeti Aili went to study in Turkey like many other Muslim Ugyhur students. Soon after settling down in Istanbul, someone from the ETESA approached and offered him "help."

    A year later, after studying the lessons they provided, Memeti Aili was informed by ETESA and ETIM that he had been selected to travel to Syria to join the fighting.

    Together with other young people, Memeti Aili travelled to Aleppo, the largest city located in northwestern Syria and arranged to join the rebels. The percentage of foreign fighters in Syria has reached up to 80 percent from 29 countries such as Libya, Turkey, Lebanon and Yemen, according to Omran Zoubi, Minister of Information in the Assad government.

    Before arriving in Syria, Memeti Aili said he had never touched a gun.

    Together these young people received seven days of training in the suburbs of Aleppo where there was no water or electricity supply, and food was scarce.

    "We had to change sites four times a day in fear of possible bombings from the Syrian army, therefore we didn't learn that much during that week," he recalled.

    During the training, he was shown how to shoot a gun and make bombs. But not all of them had the chance to practice and many just watched and hoped that something would sink in.

    After this rushed training, Memeti Aili was assigned to join the Free Syrian Army (FSA), an armed opposition structure operating in Syria.

    "We were running around Aleppo like madmen to avoid possible bombings and air attacks," said Memeti Aili, "We didn't see the Syrian army, but we saw the places where our guys got hit by bombs and died."

    He helped to take the wounded to the local hospitals, but they were told only one hospital was still working and was frequently bombed. His comrades were left to die.

    What surprised Memeti Aili the most was that foreign fighters were not really welcomed by locals. "We thought that if we brought holy war into Syria we would be welcomed, but the fact is, we were told by the local people that we were not welcome as they didn't want their lifestyle to change,"  Memeti Aili said. Most of the inexperienced fighters were killed due to inappropriate gear. 

    Luckily for him, Memeti Aili was assigned to nighttime patrols instead of fighting in the front lines. Two months later he was sent back to Istanbul. If you have been following along here at the blog, you will or should recall I have noted the presence of Ui/ygher fighters in Syria on at least two occasions?

If you are unfamiliar with the presence of Ui/yghur fighters in Syria you can refresh your memory
with these two previous posts:
October 2012 Syria ceasefire failure and Uighur fighters
  April 2013- Part 3 Cyprus/Israel/Turkey/Syria

If that doesn't do it for you.  Read this and then watch the video below



  1. James if you stop by, tomorrow, I want to expand on what you have over there with some additional info and a link back to an old post

    The U's in China were to much for me to pass up
    There was also another interesting news story today,w hich made me go hmm and dam if I can find it again
    My head is too fluffy still

    1. Looking forward to it Pen. I've got some more to add, too, when I get some time :) Take it easy.

      In the meantime, for those that like puzzles, what's wrong with this video of Webster Tarpley's?

      I'm interested mainly in the first 10 or 12 minutes as it pertains to war with Syria.

      The thing with the Uighurs is pretty timely as you point out, Pen. McJ said to me the other day that it was time for them to get active again.

    2. Hey James
      The post to coordinate with yours is going to require more cohesion then I can do today
      The Uighurs just so happen to be strategically placed near a very important locale
      One word
      It says so much

    3. James: "In the meantime, for those that like puzzles, what's wrong with this video of Webster Tarpley's?"

      I suck at puzzles, no I don't. But, what's wrong with the video?

      He is mentioning Glen Greenwald as a gatekeeper- not a surprise
      Snowden is nothing new, that's a given.
      taking my headache off line now :)
      will be back later

    4. I shouldn't be messing with your head when you are not well, Pen :)

      It was a bit of a trick question anyway. What's wrong is what is NOT there; what Tarpley avoids saying. More in previous comment down below :)

  2. Great piece, Penny.

    The Uighurs were used to terrorise China just before the 2008 Olympics. That was when I first heard of them as a "insurgent movement" operating in China - I'd known about them as a people long before. A little too convenient for Israel-America to have these guys running around butchering Chinese right before the Olympics. It was obvious these were Israeli-American proxies doing their usual bit for fascism.

    OT - Egypt

    Looks like the army is getting ready to intervene:

    48 hours: Morsi confronts the Army's ultimatum

    Not a very good source, but it sounds like things may come to a head in Egypt. Choosing between Morsi/MB and the military is like a choice between Franco and Mussolini (or Humphrey and Nixon), both represent the wrong folk.

    вот так

    1. hey bot tak
      thanks "insurgent movement"
      like the one in Sinai?
      I am working on a biggie
      Just wish my head wasn't so god dam congested
      sorry for the foul language
      but geez
      I totally think something is up in Egypt

  3. Re Webster Tarpley clip...
    World Crisis Radio is a sound mp3: the still is just a 'frontispiece'. Cheers

    1. what is a 'frontispiece'?

    2. Frontispiece - something that comes before or stands in front. In this case, instead of a video, my link just shows a picture (a still) instead of a moving video. There is sound though (mp3)

      Perhaps anonymous thought his comment was the answer to my question, "what is wrong with this video?"!

      The answer (that I was looking for, at least) is that Tarpley talks about the reasons for not going into Syria and completely avoids the biggest reason of all - Russia will defend Syria against military incursion from either the US or israel.

      Pretty big point to miss, no? This raises the question, "what does this mean?" :)

    3. thanks James
      I started to listen and was like.. just not into it
      It seems obvious Russia has been involved all along, now how is that possible Tarpley would not mention that?

  4. NATO OP GLADIO B has been training this Jihadi terrorist army for years, lets just hope we see the secular SAA cleanse Syria from the rats ASAP!