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Devil's Game: How the US unleashed politcal Islam; Interview & book excerpt

 With thanks to Ali @ thenakedfacts for the nudge down this particular path

I had asked Ali his opinion on the info here Muslim Brotherhood- Part of the Globalist blight on Humanity
His response: " .i suggest reading.. "Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam," Robert Dreyfuss
THE US NATIONAL SECURITY archives also has some material backing those claims on a search of history of us propaganda in middle east
dreyfuss work isnt 100% factual on everything but many things are corroborated and proven,to go into explanations would take me too long to articulate here in this box unfortunatly.."
No problem Ali, I found some interesting info. Including an interview from 2006 with the author

And a pdf that features a largish excerpt (52 pages) from the book: "Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam," Robert Dreyfuss- Official Site

I have been looking through the pdf and it definitely contains some interesting background.
Take a gander at the info, listen to the interview-starts with the author about 20 minutes in.


  1. Hi Penny
    Long time not here,I'm back for a while at least
    Have a look here some good info you will have to wait a bit until the translator kicks in its well worth the wait


    note about the Chinese intel 10 down from the top lots more for you to get your teeth into so sit down with a cuppa

    Also here is a good blog with some wonderful thoughts


    I know BOT TAK doesn't like this guy in this case i disagree with him both the July and June posts are full on valuable info.


    While away I have been thinking now that is dangerious :-)

    I see that if Isreahell gets its way the Sinai and all land including Lebanon and Syria up to the Euphrates will be in Isreahell hands, north of the Euphrates would be for the Kurds whom would have an "agreement" with the Isrealheles.

    Jordan will be a buffer holding all the undesirables from Palestine Lebanon Syria acting as a buffer to Saudi attack.

    The land control will give Isreahell control of all natural resources, oil, gas, water on land and sea also as Syria would be a "hub" for gas and oil transit to Europe they would be in control of the resources and money not in USD but in Euro or another currency.

    I base this idea on the old rule of Follow the Money. also Who Gains from this Exercise

    This is a 10 to 25 yr plan. open to discuss it with anyone.



  2. FYI

    Lawyers representing victims of an Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara aid ship in 2010 are suing Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on behalf of the Union of Comoros, whose flag was flown by the Turkish-owned ship at the time of the raid.

    Lawyers Ramazan Arıtürk and Cihat Gökdemir filed a complaint against Israel at The Hague after getting authorization from the Union of Comoros to do so on its behalf, the Anatolia news agency reported on Tuesday. The Union of Comoros is one of the signatories of the ICC’s founding treaty, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, and is thus eligible to apply to the court seeking prosecution for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Turkey has not signed the Rome Statute.

  3. FYI
    beware flu vaccine
    'Family Sues After Dangerous Flu Vaccine Causes Child to Become Severely Brain Damaged'

  4. Hi Penny, Me again, came across this re Manning from emptywheel


    Bradley Manning Defense: Good Data Miners Are Data Hogs
    By: emptywheel Monday July 8, 2013 11:20 pm
    I happened to need to consult the PressFreedom transcript of today’s Bradley Manning trial. And came across this exchange, which goes to the heart of the debate on NSA’s dragnet of Americans.

    In it, Manning’s lawyer, David Coombs, questioned Chief Warrant Officeer Joshua Ehresman, the ranking officer in the SCIF Manning worked in. Ehresman describes how analysts in Manning’s role were encouraged to consult whatever sources they could get their hands on.

    Q And you had earlier said the term data mining, what is data mining?

    A That’s pulling everything you can from every bit of intelligence assets you’ve got to help build your products.

    Q Would you expect (INAUDIBLE) list of data mining?

    A Yes, sir.

    Q Why is that?

    A Because you can’t go off one source of intelligence to predict something to happen. You have to have other stuff that indicate that it’s going to happen. You can’t just guess.

    Q Where do analysts obtain their information that they’re data mining?

    A Everywhere, sir. We got them on the SIPR, we got them from the T-Drive. We got them from wherever we could, open source, anything.

    Q And correct me if I’m wrong, when I think of the term data mining, what you just described, is basically an analyst looking at everything and anything that they can, at any location just to kind of figure out would this perhaps be relevant to what I’m doing, is that correct, or would you provide a different definition for it?

    A Yes, sir.

    Q Yes, sir, that’s –

    A That’s correct. You’re trying to find out yes or no this is going to happen, and, yes, this is how it’s happened and this is why it’s happening. So you have to confirm or deny your assessment.

    Q Now, with regards to I guess when you’re doing this was the any guidance put out that if your you’re data mining you can do everything but go to this particular area on SIPRnet?

    A No, sir.

    Q So were there any restrictions on what you would data mine on SIPRnet?

    A No, sir.

    Q Was it common for a soldiers or analysts to data mine?

    A Yes, sir.

    Q Did analysts also use open source information?

    A Yes, sir.

    Q And what is open source information?

    A That’s regular Internet, sir.

    Q How would an analyst use an open source?

    A We would get on and check out the web pages or you can check out local newspaper or it’s anything that doesn’t come through our secret or higher confidential webs.

    Q And, again, in kind of a general description, how would open source information help your work products?

    A Sometimes some of the media had information that we didn’t find out through our patrols or something. We could get patrol report and they would have outside information or a different point of view from what happens. So we would use that in our assessment, sir.

    Q And were analysts encouraged to use open source information for their work products?

    A Yes, sir.

    Q Was there any sort of restriction placed out by the S2 section of you can go to every place besides these sites on open source?

    A There was no restriction, sir.

    Ehresman would go on to testify that Manning was, “our best analyst by far when it came to developing products.” Manning was, Ehresman testified, “our go-to guy for a lot of our shops, sir.”

    This has little to do, directly, with the question of whether Manning will be found guilty or innocent of the charges against him.

    But it does demonstrate how impossible the goal of protecting both data mining analysis and privacy is. If you want the (then) Specialist Mannings of the world to do their job well, you need to give them as much information, in relatively unfettered form, as you can.

    There’s little way to achieve this goal and, at the same time, protect the data you’re piping out, aside from the honor system. And the honor system relies, in turn, on you — the United States — matching your promises and claims.
    "end snip"



    1. KamNam
      glad to see you back and do stay awhile

      Re; the Rise of Russia
      I mistook bot tak's comment on the rise of russia blog, he was referencing a different article

      I was going to link to the latest piece there because I thought it excellent was well as a piece from James at Winter Patriot
      but events have been moving so fast, it's frightening

      I concur it is a dangerous time

      Yes, Israel is looking for land. If the attack on syria is called off, it will be temporary
      psychos are psychos and the NATO/Israeli leadership believes their lies and have delusions of grandeur and entitlement. And global leadership
      Imagine that the ruler of the planet, what a tyrant!
      If you could flesh out your 25 year plan that would be great

  5. http://www.thecommentator.com/article/3924/muslim_brotherhood_activists_recruited_syrians_and_palestinians_to_shoot_at_anti_morsi_protestors#.Udzs4hpcSA4.facebookMuslim Brotherhood activists recruited Syrians and Palestinians to shoot at anti-Morsi protestors
    Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is being investigated for recruiting Palestinian and Syrian fighters to fire shotguns at anti-Morsi protestors

    Following an investigation conducted by Egypt's Qasr al-Nil Public Prosecution, the Egypt Independent newspaper has reported that the Muslim Brotherhood recruited Palestinians and Syrians to fire at protestors opposed to the rule of the now desposed Mohammed Morsi.

    While details are yet to become clear, various examples were noted by the Public Prosecution, including the case of Mohamed Hassan al-Berdkany, a Syrian who was recruited to fire at protestors from the Qasr al-Nil Bridge, just a few hundreds metres away from Tahrir Square in Cairo.

    Berdkany said he had fled the fighting in Syria and had come with his family to Cairo, wherein he met a young Syrian man named Ahmed al-Soury who was responsible for gathering Syrians to take part in the protests the Muslim Brotherhood was organising at Nahdet Misr Square.

    Berdkany revealed that he used to meet with members of the Brotherhood in an apartment in 6th October City. There, he would meet with a local leader of the Syrian community who took him to another apartment where a number of young members of the Brotherhood were staying.

    The Brotherhood members asked him to join them in their protests in return for 500 Egyptian Pounds (£47/$71) for each protest he would take part in.

    Berdkany also stated that the head of the Palestinian community who paid Palestinians to protest for the Brotherhood is named Bassel al-Feroun. Their meetings also took place in an apartment in 6th October City and each participant was handed a shotgun and paid to go join the Brotherhood protests in Nahdet Misr Square, he said.

    The prosecution has asked intelligence, national security, and criminal investigation authorities to conduct their own investigations to determine the movements of Berdkany and to uncover the identities of the suspects involved in the case.

    1. And just what would the MB gain from shooting some of the anti-Morsi protesters? How would that improve their political/power situation?

      The report, though full of detail and names, doesn't make sense to me. I'm sure there are enough characters within the MB that could do that, I just don't see the advantage to them for doing it. Why enrage your political opponents? Why risk being painted as terrorists in the eyes of the wider Egyptian population that you are trying to win over to your side?

      The only people who would gain from this are those that would gain from a civil war. And that would be israel and the neocons in the US who want to keep the attention away from Syria and the US's backdown to Russia over the 'no-fly zone'

    2. Since we know MB is infiltrated every which way
      Or compromised
      Or just plain assets of Israeli/NATO
      Or all of the above
      And perhaps even more then we know...
      Could the shooting have been done to foment the sectarian divide in Egypt and create the conditions for civil war?
      That is what I am taking away from this incident?

    3. "Could the shooting have been done to foment the sectarian divide in Egypt and create the conditions for civil war?"

      Exactly, Pen. Of course, we need the same provocation on the other side and that was provided by whoever fired on the army that caused them to fire on and kill the pro-Morsi demonstrators.

      It's all too simple and too easy to orchestrate and you picked it right from the beginning, Pen.

    4. It's all too simple and too easy to orchestrate and you picked it right from the beginning, Pen.


      Good thing I am not prone to swellheadedness
      It really comes down to paying attention and much of it is repeated from country to country isn' it James?
      I mean, it really is?
      It's like the same dam playbook!

  6. Syria: Nobel Peace Laureate Tells Her Account of What She Witnessed

  7. for those who are clueless about how colour revolutions work:
    mysterious snipers show up when someone wants a colour revolution


    venesuela 2002..mysterious snipers shot at both pro- and anti-chavez groups...why? its not rocket science!