Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dokku Umarov threatens Russia & the Olympics with terror - VIDEO

Recall just the other day, in this post, Irish Infantry to Golan. Israel everywhere. Samantha Power grovels & more

I stated:
" Oh and heads up! Russia and the Winter Olympics!
Keep that one at the back of your mind..... "
As if on cue!

Dokku Umarov threatens Russia with terror-

 Baku – APA. Caucasus Emirate Emir Dokku Abu Usman ceased moratorium on operations in heartland Russia and urged to prevent Olympic games in Sochi, APA reports quoting  

 He pointed out that the peace initiative of the Caucasus Emirate to halt military operations in heartland Russia was perceived by Moscow as a weakness, not as an act of goodwill.

 Russian invaders and their minions intensified the persecution of Muslim civilians and increased the number of civilians they kill.

 In this regard, Emir Dokku Abu Usman said that from now on, there would be back strikes in Russia's heartland. At the same time, he emphasized that the operations would target the Russia's ruling regime.

 Emir Dokku Abu Usman also urged the Mujahideen not to allow the Olympic games to take place in Sochi on the bones of Russian-killed Caucasians.

Abu Osman and Tim Osman? Interesting.
KavKaz is linked to western intelligence and particularly to Finland.
And Dokku Usman is alleged to have been an influence on Tamerlan Tsarnev
That will be a story for another day. Oh yes, it will.
Because the Boston ‘bombers’ weren’t connected to Russia randomly.
A contention I made clear over several posts, including my initial and correct prediction that the the bombers would somehow be connected to Russia, for the purpose of and in preparation for future narratives

April 16/2013: Bombs at the Boston Marathon

Followed by April 19/2013- Wow Chechens in Boston framing Russia

Laying out the what, why, how etc., in the series below..

Boston Bombing: NATO- Taking the fight to Russia ....

Pt 2- Boston Bombing: NATO, Oil and the Battle for...

Part 3- Boston Bombing : NATO, Oil and the battle ..


  1. Lebanon assasination

    Car bomb

    Hariri congrats to new Egyptian President

    William Burns in Lebanon

    US delivers 71 Humvees to lebanon

    "The 71 military Humvees were offloaded at Beirut Port in the presence of senior military officers and the U.S. defense cooperation office in Lebanon"

    US prepares for ground operations to secure chems

    Russia calls for investigation into Libya - Syrian weapons
    UN security council should investigate supplies bypassing weapons embargo from Libya, including to Syria - Lavrov

    Libyan weapons siezed in Lebanon

    The boxes were stamped as coming from Libya. One had “Tripoli/Benghazi SPLAJ” on it, another “Misrata”. One was labeled as containing fragmentation munitions.


    Sukhoi developed the Superjet 100 in cooperation with US and European aviation corporations, including Boeing, Snecma, Thales, Messier Dowty, Liebherr Aerospace and Honeywell

    Boeing 787 issues

    An Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner jet took off on a commercial flight Saturday, becoming the first carrier to resume flying the Boeing 787 aircraft that were grounded worldwide three months ago due to battery problems.


  3. UN warns Iraq/Syria merging

    At Least 46 Killed, Over 150 Wounded in Baghdad Blasts

  4. follow/search 'keywords' used in this story

    such as

    IHH organization
    Movladi Udugov
    pro caucasus - owner of kc
    Dokka Abu Usman = Dokku Umarov

    look for some more keywords to research in

    such as Caucasus Fund and Jamestown Foundation

    once you dig into this the first thing you may dig up is the connection between the IHH who sponsored the aid ship to Gaza which was attacked by israel and the control of the IHH by the National Endowment for Democracy and USAID. in short, the attack on the aid ship was a publicity/false flag stunt.

    but more to the point of Penny's story, Dokku Usman/Umarov is a paid and controlled terrorist of western intel, a 'company man'

    1. You hit it on the nail head!
      He is a company man. Bought and paid for by western taxpayer funds, drug, organ and human trafficking

      IHH I have a rather interesting post on that 'charity' lol
      the mavi marmara contained muslim brotherhood members, one who showed in Libya to overthrow Gadaffi after Israel let him go free...
      The Mavi Marmara was thrown in amongst the flotilla to Gaza in order to justify attack and ruining the humanitarian effort

      And if he Dokku Usman/Umarov is a paid and controlled terrorist... who was connected to Tamerlan Tsarnev...... then we can be assured that Tamerlan was a dupe, a useful idiot.... set up and framed by western intelligence
      Likely one of multiple useful idiots present in Boston that day...
      Because there always has to be more then one option

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    thanks :)

    1. Linux Mint is quite nice. It's based on ubuntu but without the bullshit interface (unity). Just my 2 cents.

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