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Egypt to Syria: Fomenting the sectarian violence and more....

I haven’t forgot about Syria.
Despite the situation in Egypt. Which looks to be taking a turn for the worse. Sigh.
If you haven’t noticed. Muslim Brotherhood is protesting, Egyptian army and or other civilians are  alleged to be killing them.   
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"voting" part of the illusion machine

The ingredients are mixed and heated.
Everything is being done to inflame the situation. This is the fomentation of sectarian violence.
In Syria we have witnessed the mercs encouraging the fracturing of the society
In Egypt we are witness to the Army and some ‘civilians’ (who are these people?) adding fuel to an already fiery situation
In both instance NATO and it’s ilk are providing the means necessary to destroy two nations. We are going to delve into a bigger picture post.. I have been working at it all week, but, distracted by the fast moving events of this week.

Leaving Egypt for Syria:
Assad gave an interview the other day. It was covered in the msm as Assad ridiculing/boasting.
Unfortunately I just did not have the time to search the entire interview, but, did find this   

Assad says opponents have failed to reach their goals

"The countries that conspire against Syria have used up all their tools and means ... and they have nothing left except direct [military] intervention," Assad said. 
"So if we can overcome this stage with awareness, we have nothing more to fear."

It seems to me a fair assessment of the situation on the ground in Syria. If SAA can continue to rid the country of NATO mercs direct military intervention is all NATO will have left. It will be their only option. There is no boastfulness or ridicule. Just the facts of the matter.   

SAA had leafleted Idlib the other day.

Syrian government aircraft have scattered leaflets over the northern province of Idlib calling on rebels to hand themselves over and urging foreign fighters to return to their homelands, as regime troops pressed on with the battle to retake areas they had lost to the opposition.

President Bashar Assad's regime has called on opposition fighters in the past to lay down their arms, and it was unlikely (?)the latest call would be heeded, either by Syrians or foreign fighters battling in the province.
Speaking of foreign fighters in Syria.....paid mercenaries, actually.

Syria is jihad central: 6,000 terrorists flood new al Qaeda training ground. So the headline says, but, the next sentence will clarify the reality-

Syria is jihad central. 6,000 NATO mercs bought and paid for with Saudi and Qatari money, armed by the US and their NATO allies are being trained to kill Syrians in Syria

Most of the foreign terrorists are fighting for the al Qaeda-linked group the al-Nusra Front and are coming from around the world, mainly from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, and Tunisia, by crossing the Syrian border with Turkey.

“The Syrian opposition is benefiting from a steady flow of foreign fighters” so says a US official
And the US official should know, as they send abundant arms and medical supplies to the hired killers

Speaking of foreign fighters......... Recall, I mentioned the Uyghurs the other day?
Well, how about some Bosnian Islamists? Yes, Bosnian Islamists fighting in Syria.

According to Bosnia’s Federation entity television, FTV, the investigation concluded that several of the men shown in the video came from Bosnia.

The security services identified one of the fighters as 22-year-old Armen Dzelko from Hadzici near Sarajevo, a follower of the radical Wahhabi Islamic movement in Bosnia.   

Bosnian fighters heading to Syria

One cannot finish up a post on Syria without mentioning the involvement of Israel.

Spun as ‘humanitarian’. It is nothing of the sort. Israel has been patching up NATO’s Islamic mercs for months and months now. Israel has no fear of these “Islamic” tools of NATO and Israel. Shameless spin from the Scotsman

ISRAEL, never shy about publicising its humanitarian missions when disaster strikes in far-flung corners of the globe, is being discreet about its aid to victims of the fighting in neighbouring Syria.

However, for the last four months, doctors in the Jewish state have been quietly offering treatment to Syrians.

More than 100 people have been treated by Israeli doctors, 33 of them at the Ziv hospital in Safed, after being referred by a new army medical facility at the Syrian border, according to Ziv hospital director Oscar Embon.
Israel’s policy is that it is not involved in the fighting between president Bashar al-Assad’s regime and opposition forces.

It has, nevertheless, conducted several airstrikes in Syria

The Scotsman spins/lies/coversup/fabricates. Clearly Israel is involved.  
 *Their policy is one of involvement. 
*That is why they treat the hired killers. 
*That is why they have conducted airstrikes.
 *Israel is fully involved

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  1. when the islamists die and on their day of judgement they will be astounded to learn form allah himself they were working for the zionists.