Saturday, July 6, 2013

El Baradei becomes Egypt’s Interim President

Tool of the ptb’s. 
Here comes the rebrand.
The filthy hand prints of NATO and friends..banksters, corporations and other assorted evil doers are all over this move

Nobel Peace laureate ( Just like Obama) Mohamed ElBaradei took over as Egypt’s interim prime minister, a day after 36 people were killed in clashes involving Islamist supporters of deposed President Mohamed Mursi and his opponents.

ElBaradei, a former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, emerged as one of the leaders of the movement against President Hosni Mubarak during Egypt’s 2011 uprising and later became of Mursi’s main opponents.

He was among the leading opposition and religious figures who flanked Defense Minister Abdelfatah al-Seesi when he announced Mursi’s ouster three days ago, alongside the convening of a civilian government, the suspension of the Islamist-drafted constitution and the holding of early elections.

“Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has accepted the offer by Interim President Adly Mansour to form the Cabinet,” read an announcement on ElBaradei’s Facebook page. It said he would give a news conference after being sworn in.

Television pictures tonight showed thousands of Mursi supporters rallying again in Cairo’s Nasr City district to protest his removal from power. Troops were deployed in the capital today to forestall new violence between pro- and anti-Mursi factions, after yesterday’s street battles across Egypt left more than 1,000 people wounded, according to the country’s ambulance service. Five of the dead were policemen, the Interior Ministry said.
Peace Prize

ElBaradei, 71, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for “efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes and to ensure that nuclear energy, for peaceful purposes, is used in the safest possible way.” 
His prize cannot be taken seriously as having anything to do with peace or curtailing inappropriate use of nuclear energy. He is a front man for the nuclear industry's spin. 
His prize is part and parcel of a sales campaign. 

We can all see for ourselves that nuclear is used for “peaceful purposes” always- Depleted Uranium.. and yes I am being facetious completely!

Nuclear power is also green and carbon free too. More elitist bullshit.
 And  always used in the safest possible way.... as  Fukushima continues to radiate the planet

He stepped out of his role as chief of the United Nations atomic energy agency in the months leading up to the 2003 Iraq War in order to urge Mubarak to open up his government after 30 years in power.

ElBaradei’s appointment is a “victory for the revolution,” Mohamed Adel, a member of the April 6 youth movement’s political bureau, said in an e-mailed statement.(The April 6th movement- Nothing says Washington like the NED brats of the April 6 revolution)The new interim premier will have to “pay attention first to the issues of democracy and economic conditions,” Adel said.
Nabil Fahmy, a former Egyptian ambassador to the U.S., will be the foreign minister in the new government, Al Jazeera television reported, citing unnamed officials in the interim president’s office.
 Ministers Meet

Mansour met today with the defense minister and Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim, who oversees the police, following yesterday’s clashes, the state-run Middle East News Agency reported. Skirmishes broke out in Cairo, the port city of Alexandria and the Sinai peninsula.

The military forced Mursi out July 3 after hundreds of thousands of Egyptians took to the streets for four days. Egypt’s first democratically elected civilian president, he’d been in power for one year. Critics accused him of betraying the 2011 revolution by grabbing power for his Islamist backers and ignoring the nation’s economic plight and political rifts.

The Cairo court trying Mubarak on charges of involvement in killing protesters in the 2011 uprising adjourned the case again today until Aug. 17, MENA reported.

Mansour’s appointment of ElBaradei comes a day after MENA reported that he ordered the dissolution of parliament’s only functioning chamber yesterday, the Islamist-dominated upper house. The interim president appointed a team of advisers today, including a new head of intelligence, according to an e-mailed statement.

Rating Cut
The turmoil in the country has further hurt investor confidence. Yesterday, Fitch Ratings downgraded Egypt’s long-term credit rating to B-, six levels below investment grade, from B with a negative outlook. It cited “high uncertainty over how the risks resulting from the military coup evolve over the short term and the eventual pathway to a peaceful political transition.”

This rating cut is bad news for Egypt. It will be more costly to borrow, guaranteeing debt servitude of the Egyptians and further degradation of their lives for generations to come.

Egypt’s economy is in worse shape than it was during Mubarak’s last days in office, with growth near its weakest in two decades and unemployment at a record 13.2 percent. A bid for a $4.8 billion International Monetary Fund loan has yet to be accepted, and the country has been relying on aid, primarily from Qatar.

Wonder why the IMF had not yet accepted the “bid” for the 4.8 billion dollar loan?

The removal of Morsi had absolutely nothing, zip,zero, zilch to do with the Egyptian people. And everything to do with a rebrand.


  1. Old El Baradei, eh?! No one could have predicted . . . . . . except Penny, of course.

    "A bid for a $4.8 billion International Monetary Fund loan has yet to be accepted"

    Typical bloomberg bullshit reversing the truth. It was because Morsi wouldn't accept the IMF loan that he was thrown out.
    There is heavy irony in that. If Egypt had a nationally owned central bank like Syria has, not only would Egypt's economic woes be over but Morsi would still be in power and could go on calling for jihad against Syria.

    Then again, if Egypt owned its own central bank, it would be overrun with NATO owned jihadists working for the jewish central bankers of the world.

    It's enough to do your head in!

    1. Thanks James
      As if the western backed overthrow, yet again, wasn't enough
      but El Baradei?

      It is enough to do your head in
      and it's going to get worse, much worse
      a former US Ambassador and the NED bunch
      can it get more obvious?

      True, if Egypt had it's own central bank then Morsi would be in the same boat as Assad

  2. good servants are hard to find: but US had no problem with spain france and portugal regimes

    it was the spanish ambassador to austria that demanded bolivia let him search their plane 'Morales has said that while the plane was parked in Vienna, the Spanish ambassador to Austria arrived with two embassy personnel and they asked to search the plane. He said he denied them permission.'

  3. Is the Morsi ouster another manifestation of a US-Saudi schism?

  4. Though both Qatar and Saudi Arabia are servile to the US, they are each scheming for influence over Egypt.

    The US has no problem with the destabilization this has caused, even though it is harmful to US corporate aims, because both the US state dept. and the corporations are servile to the Zionist imperative which is keeping the foes of Israel down. (Project Spring Chaos)

    Little Qatar with its big media presence and checkbook with blank checks for the Muslim Brotherhood over-reached.

    The Egyptian people were befuddled by "hope and change" and failed to see that no revolution had happened. The military remains in the driver's seat, right where Israel wants it to be.

    Saudi Arabia will step in and restore Egypt to its usual level of dependency and re-assert its hegemony. All in the service of the transnational financial elites.

    1. The Egyptian defence minister was on the phone to Chuck Hagel (the US) in the days and hours before Morsi's ouster, not Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Neither of whom would go against US wishes.

      "The Egyptian people were befuddled by "hope and change" and failed to see that no revolution had happened."

      If no revolution happened, then why is Morsi being thrown out now? And why wasn't El Baradei installed in the first place?

    2. If no revolution happened, then why is Morsi being thrown out now? And why wasn't El Baradei installed in the first place?

      They tried to install El Baradei in the first place but the electorate did not cooperate.

      Morsi is thrown out now because his go slow reforms were eroding the power of the old order. The MB cite scheduled judiciary and military appointments/replacements. However the chaos is an end in its own right for the ZioUSans.

      As for the phone call to Hagel, that is one piece among many.

  5. This article is excellent and c.early describes the events in Egypt. It also makes you stop,to think, what is our democracy if it does not include all ideas even those we disagree with. Check it out, i think it will make you think, maybe even worry, the events in Egypt might come back to haunt us in the future.

  6. US controlling both sides of Egypt coup: Michel Chossudovsky
    esp note 12.08: C says many sectios of opposition to Morsi are supported by US foundations

  7. Perhaps a vote for this young presidential candidate

    worth a listen. under 3 mins.

  8. FYI alert: BBC journalist Paul Wood has appeared in Hibas page to comment on an article of his: on his iinterview with the cannibal

  9. The US is funding and manipulating both sides of this show in Egypt and it has very conveniently taken the spotlight off the US's backdown to Russia over Syria. Also not noticed is this apparent attack on Syria by israel. Though how much credibility it has given it is written by someone called Richard Silverstein who quotes israeli sources.

    I've been wondering why they pulled ElBaradei's Prime Ministership in the face of much protesting. Perhaps they don't want the pro-Morsi demonstrations (which seem to be gaining in size as the days wear on) getting too big and overwhelming the anti-Morsi demonstrations.

  10. you ever think to yourself FSA and israel may be working together? Consider this: a bombing in syria of a military weapons depot:

    'Though the Free Syrian Army took immediate credit for the attack, it was not the responsible party.

    A confidential Israeli source informs me that Israeli forces attacked the site. The target were components of Russia’s SA-300 anti-aircraft missile system which had been shipped by Russia to Tartus and stored in Latakia.'

    FSA claims an action really carried out by israel? copping the blame for anothers action is usually called loyalty.