Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fireworks burst over Tahrir Square after Army Statement

Fireworks burst over Cairo's Tahrir Square, the centre of protests against Mohamed Mursi, and across the Egyptian capital after the army suspended the constitution and appointed a new, interim head of state on Wednesday. 

Fireworks burst over Cairo's Tahrir Square

Does that strike anyone as odd? When were the fireworks ordered? Or were they on hand?
 How long did the set up take?
 Looks like a nice show. Doesn't it? 
And that is the problem, isn't it?
That it looks like a nice show.

Fireworks and shouts of joy emanate from Tahrir Square after a broadcast by the head of the Egyptian military confirming that they will temporarily be taking over from the country’s first democratically elected president Mohammed Morsi. 

"Freedom is Slavery" comes to mind.


  1. salaam sis,thanks for comment and im looking into it,will get back to you when im done..meanwhile see this.. SEE THIS THE SYRIA CONSPIRACY-ALWAYS & STILL ZIONIST ENGINEERED
    btw im doing mark glenn TUT interview ina month and also shoah org uk interview right after it =) enjoy video

    1. NYS
      please let me know when your interviews are available for listening to?

      TUT = The Ugly Truth?

  2. sort of off topic.... but in the big picture still

    1. thanks
      went and read it yes, still in the big picture

  3. Cool laser show too - every media campaign needs iconic images, here's one-

    The revolting peasants didn't buy Plan-A so now they are given Plan-B. We'll see how that works out.

    Lots of talk of 'Technocratic Government'. Technocracy is a key word. Technocratic GovernANCE is a long term aim of TPTB (see Planned-Opolis for a light hearted exposition of a deadly serious agenda).

  4. Russia has launched a criminal investigation into the failed launch earlier this week of a Proton-M space rocket that has sparked renewed doubts about the efficiency of the Russian space industry.

    1. thanks
      a criminal investigation?
      as opposed to civil investigation
      a what went wrong sort of thing?

  5. Engineered
    left wing touchy feely crapola

    It's a darn shame and you could smell it all the way across the Atlantic.

    at above: IF the darn cutsie posters weren't a give away, that near neon GAME OVER should have been.

    Am seeing 'Palestinians' on twitter saying to stop finding faults in the 'revolution'.
    Sorry, but there are just to many to ignore.

    Have been dropping by and reading, just not hitting comments in a good while.


    1. hey rouge
      the neon Game over is in the newest post
      and ty for leaving a comment this time :)

  6. Note part about message "sent". Similar report post Iran elections. What happened to the reports about the King being brian dead...or Bandar for that matter - reported both...

    From NHK
    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has welcomed the appointment of Adly Mansour as Egypt's interim president....The king sent a message of congratulations to Mansour, the man chosen by the Egyptian military to replace the democratically elected Mohamed Morsi. The king said the armed forces led Egypt out of a long tunnel and defended the rights of all sides in the political process.

    Recall Crown Prince comments about the Brotherhood....
    “all the troubles of the kingdom come from the Brotherhood.”

    Read more:
    (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

    Qatar leadership transition...coincident?

    1. hmmm...
      I get the idea there is some competitiveness between the SA and Qatari's?
      thanks for the links

  7. The reason the army decided to act now rather than wait the 3 years was because of the Jihadist, the call of Morsi for Egyptian Jihadist to go to Syria and fight. Most Egyptians after seeing what is happening in Syria, Libya, Iraq did not this at their doorstep. I support this overthrow of Morsi. Is God working in mysterious ways for Syria?

    1. Hey hans

      thanks for sharing
      I have to disagree and see this as part of the continued campaign against Syria

    2. Hans sorry the phone rang
      I am trying to work on a post sort of running all this together
      syria, egypt turkey
      trying unsuccessfully thus far

    3. The so called "coup" by the Egyptian army is no different than the Syrian army protecting the people and the state against radical and extreme Islam. Nasrallah repeatedly warned of the US’ aversion to strong Arab armies who are capable of thwarting its sinister schemes in the region.

    4. Actually the "coup" by the Egyptian army is very different the the SAA protecting the Syrians.

      First of all the military removed the elected government in Egypt
      In Syria the military is protecting the people and the position of the government in Syria
      First glaring difference.

      Then, 2nd glaring difference, and this is a very big, huge difference between SAA and the Egyptian Army.

      SAA is NOT funded by American, US, Israeli interests/NATO.

      Egyptian Army IS funded, controlled and in continual contact and interactions with US/NATO

      The state department spokesperson repeated time and again that the US was not backing one side or the other.

      But they are funding one side - there are plans to give the military aid worth $1.3bn (£852m) next year, and many senior Egyptian officers are trained in the US
      While the US claims it is not making choices, it could pull the plug on funding if it really didn't like what was happening.

      And the US did not pull the plug on the funding

      Egypt remains a strong military and strategic partner and is a participant in NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue forum.

      Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:46pm EDT

      (Reuters) - The Obama administration on Friday formally released $1.3 billion in military aid for Egypt despite Cairo's failure to meet pro-democracy goals, saying U.S. national security required continued military assistance.

      In the ME, the Egyptian military receives the second highest amount of military aid from the US, year after year, for decades now
      First is Israel

      Based on those two pertinent facts do you continue to see 'no difference'?

    5. Hans

      should you stop back by..
      another commenter left a link to this article

      "The role of the armed forces is not to protect a grassroots movement. Quite the opposite: the objective is to manipulate the uprising and quell dissent on behalf of Washington.

      The objective of the military takeover is to ensure that the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood government does not result in a political transition which undermines US control over the Egyptian State and military.

      Let us be under no illusions. While there are important divisions within the military, Egypt’s top brass ultimately take their orders from the Pentagon.

      Defense Minister General Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi (left), who instigated the Coup d’Etat directed against President Morsi is a graduate of the US War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania .

      General Al Sisi was in permanent liaison by telephone with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel (right together with Al Sisi) from the very outset of the protest movement. Press reports confirm that he consulted him several times in the days leading up to the Coup d’Etat. It is highly unlikely that General Al Sisi would have acted without a ‘green light” from the Pentagon.

      Hagel phoned al-Sisi last Thursday [June 30th] as the huge demonstrations calling for Morsi’s ouster took on an increasingly anti-U.S. tone, and spoke with him again on Tuesday [July 2] after al-Sisi delivered an ultimatum warning that the military would act if Morsi failed to make concessions.