Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Iraq, Libya, Pakistan Prison Breaks that advance the NATO war agenda

The partner to this post is Syrian "rebels" play politics at UN & massacre civilians. Israel to counter "ship killers" They work best together.

I feel this is a post that is overdue. In a perfect world this would have been up on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. But then, this is not a perfect world and time is not always on my side.

Let’s talk prison breaks. 

Because prisoners are breaking out all over the place. The common denominator in all the prison breaks is NATO backed Islamists are being set free by other NATO backed Islamists.
This should be a clear sign that NATO is set to expand the war. I first broached this theme in a post on July 23/13War against Iran, Iraq and Syria?

We will briefly look at the jailbreaks.

 Iraq rehashed:

At that time the Iraq prison break took place it  appeared clear that NATO was freeing up their Islamist army to create all out war in Syria, Iran and in Iraq. Thousands of prisoners freed, including no doubt many if not all AQ fighters. Right after the Iraqi prison break there was a mass jailbreak in Libya.
Yes, another preplanned jailbreak. Same as in Iraq. And same as in Pakistan!

Libya: Over 1,000 inmates escaped from Libyan prison in mass jailbreak, officials say
Gunmen outside of the prison fired into the air as inmates inside began setting fires, suggesting the jailbreak was preplanned, a Benghazi-based security official said. Those who escaped either face or were convicted of serious charges, a security official at al-Kweifiya prison said.
 The numbers ran as high as 1200 escapees. No doubt we have some inmates that are not AQ, but, there are bound to be several hundred freed inmates that were.
 Pakistan jailbreak:

Immediately preceeding the Libyan jailbreak which had followed hot on the heels of the Iraq prison break, TTP militants initiate a jailbreak in Pakistan. TTP is just another brand name the NATO Islamist army fights under. The attack in Pakistan was yet another well prepared and carefully executed plan. The TTP shot out electrical transformers plunging the area into darkness. They were armed to the teeth and knew where the people were they wanted to free

3 well planned jail breaks take place in a weeks time,  in 3 nations that are heavily infiltrated with NATO’s Islamists. 3 nations destabilized or in the process of being further destabilized by the NATO global army.

 The jail breaks are not happenstance
This article is spinning ‘global jihad’ very NATO news like. I will quote the important bits

This jailbreak (Pakistan)  cannot be looked as a separate incident of terrorism. Rather it is a part of global terrorism (aka NATO global terrorism)  as this event has the same strategy, footwork, and modus operandi (method of operation) of what we have seen at the Abu Ghraib prison break and Benghazi jail break this week.
Now freed terrorists have the option to leave for Syria to fight along with anti-Syrian government forces, or move to Afghanistan to fight against the Karzai government, or stay in Pakistan and spread terror everywhere they wish to.

Does that work out well for NATO or what?!
If you don’t follow, go back to my post from more then a  week ago, linked at the beginning of this latest.

Let’s expand our ‘global jihad’ meme a bit further to a topic that has been touched upon a few times here
That would be the impending moves on Russia via an increase in destabilization techniques as we have seen demonstrated via Egypt, Libya & Syria. Keeping in mind that in all reality the destabilization situation has already been on going for decades in Russia. Though, it has been a bit sort of quiet as of recent, but, that will be being stepped up soon enough.

Anonymous, who left a bunch of links yesterday had wondered if Dokku Umarov, who had previously  put in place a ‘ceasefire’ on attacking Russia, but, was now going to back away from that so called cessation of operations and ramp up attacks just in time for the Sochi Olympics needed his Chechen brigades back on home turf ????
This line of thought  cannot be discounted.
By all accounts the three most recent jailbreaks have let loose thousands of additional NATO Islamist fighters, going by varying brand names, but all basically fighting covertly under the  guidance and directive of NATO.
Might some of the recently freed fighters make their way to Chechnya?
Might some of the Chechen fighters who are presently fighting in Syria now be free to make their way back to Chechnya to strike at Russia just in time for the Sochi Olympic spectacle?
Quite possible!
After all Sochi is just months away.

What is also very interesting to me, is that there was a WP article entertaining just this very scenario.
I had it saved for just the right time, which seems to be to be now.

Some observers have voiced concern that militants from the Caucasus who joined the Syrian rebels could try to take revenge against Russia for its support of Assad and try to strike 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

“These people go there and they will come back tomorrow with the backing of international extremist and terrorist organizations,Abdulatipov said during a meeting with local officials Friday.

Perhaps the conveniently timed prison breaks serve in more ways then one to spread the global war of terror?


  1. Not all were attempts were a success.

    1. interesting, looks as if attempts were made to free as many hired killers as possible