Thursday, July 25, 2013

Israel & surrounding region Psyops, Propaganda, a nazi in Syria & more

Let’s look at some of the “goings on” with Israel and the areas surrounding Israel
Or the areas surrounding Israel, that Israel is affecting? Effecting? Infecting?
Whichever, matters not to me. They all apply in some way.
Going long, but, worth the time!

First a blast from the past. A woman discussed at this blog more then once.


Her psy-op narrative was created to appeal to the strident feminist. She is the feminist “hero” archetype. To hell with family. Those ties just hold a woman down! She is woman. Hear her roar! ROAR!
As was very, very, obvious at the time, she was yet another fraud presented by the NATO media. Thanks to freethinker for bringing this revelation to my attention. Exposing the fraud. And giving me yet another gold star! And a big smile to boot! Because dam we nailed it!

Give yourself a gold star. Good to see her exposed as the Israeli plant we knew she was.
This woman was supposed to be one Thwaiba Kanafani, a mother of two, who up and left her children and husband for jihad in Syria. Information in previous posts and lots of it.
Her bio came from Linkedin, right after Linkedin had been hacked. Which tells us her phony bio was planted during the hacking. Along with other phony bios no doubt.

 Egyptian security forces arrested Hossam El Din Malas and seized at his home military allowances and other important documents and some photos, including this picture And those who do not know the girl sitting next to him Is Dalia Shimon 25 years Mossad agent and a female soldier in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) from the Tel Aviv area.
I was actually surprised to find out she is just 25 years old. I thought she was older. Perhaps all that scowling has aged her face prematurely?

Still, more perception management from Israel

Israel bypasses diplomatic freeze with Gulf ‘virtual embassy’- Before we get to the spin. My comment on this 'virtual embassy' and the reason for it's existence-
"Israel in the GCC," the Israel Foreign Ministry's "Virtual Embassy" for the Persian Gulf. Photo: Screenshot.
Screen Grab of Virtual Embassy
If there was a real and true diplomatic freeze (think sanctions etc.,) then there would be NO ‘virtual embassy.  This narrative is promoted to create a perception of continuing discord between the GCC and Israel when there actually is NO  discord. The virtual embassy only serves to hide the collusion between Israel and the GCC nations from their domestic populace.
Israel has opened a “virtual embassy” to reach out to the citizens of the Gulf, where clandestine business ties between the Jewish state and the six members of the Gulf Co-operation Council have emerged over the past decade despite the absence of diplomatic relations.
Clearly if there are business ties and "Israeli exports to the GCC are now worth about $500m per year"
there is no absence of 'diplomatic relations' All those exports indicate there is all manner of relations ongoing diplomatic and otherwise.

The alleged Israeli attack on Lattakia- Until now, I just didn't want to touch that one. Sigh.... Many contradictory stories serve to muddy the waters. I don't know that this attack took place at all, at this point in time.
-Ziad talked this episode up- His conclusion? It didn't happen.

 -The first news of this attack was an FSA claim of ownership

 -The second news of this attack was an airstrike via Turkey

 -The third and latest news on this attack was a Dolphin class  submarine attack

-Voltaire concludes if any attack took place it was done on the ground by unidentified commandos

In reality, the arsenal was attacked from the ground. No aircraft or submarine were ever involved. It can only be asserted that the arsenal was attacked and partially destroyed by unidentified commandos.
You decide.       

And the piece de resistance in Israeli spin. The meme of all memes for the Israeli state
NAZI- Holocaust and Syria? Say, what? 

From Foreign Policy- Is the World’s Most Wanted Nazi War Criminal in Syria?

Yes, I am serious. Can the timing of this non credible nonsensical opinion piece be any more obvious?
You just have to know Syria is bad because...NAZI
Don't think about anything thing else. It doesn't matter. NAZI
You are now supposed to lose all rationality and react in rage and loathing for Syria. NAZI.
Just how absurd is this article? You can't make better bullshit up if you were a bull full of shit. Seriously.
Generally I don't use profanity. But this Foreign Policy piece is so absurd. So outrageous and so stupid, I can't help it.

 But the number one most-wanted, potentially-still-alive Nazi war criminal on the list is suspected to be in Damascus

Potentially still alive?! Not bloody likely! "Alois Brunner, born in 1912"
Making the number one potentially still alive NAZI, dead. Or 101 years old!!
Which means, he is dead.
Simon Weisenthal Centre claims Alois was "last spotted in 2001"
When he was a spry 88 years old? 
This stuff is tired. It's past its due date.
The only reason it's here is to point out the obvious propaganda in this theme. The reinforcement through repetition. And to make clear it is time to stop reacting and start thinking rationally


I don't know what this news is worth, really?- With little argument, House limits U.S. military involvement in Syria, Egypt

 With little argument, the House of Representatives approved measures Wednesday that would prevent the Obama administration from spending money on U.S. military operations in Syria without consulting Congress and would forbid funding U.S. military or paramilitary operations in Egypt.

Good Cop/Bad Cop? Perhaps an American citizen can explain the significance if any?
It would seem to me Congress would rubber stamp anything

Top Anti-Shia Kuwati Extremist Salafi Perished in Syria Clashes
This is one bad man! But he is on the 'right' team. The NATO team.

  On June 12, 2013 a group of Kuwaiti Wahhabi (Salafi) terrorists attacked barbarically Hatla, a small town in Der Ezzor countryside, north of Syria and committed one of the most heinous crimes against the town’s residents, most of which were women and children including a top Shiite cleric with his family.

A leading Wahhabi cleric in Kuwait took a group of his fanatics and protested in front of the Lebanese embassy bragging about the crime and confessing to the slaughtering of the civilians especially the cleric and his young son.

Shafi Ajami, the Wahhabi cleric received the details of the massacre, he claimed responsibility to, order from his cousin Saud Fayez Al-Houeila Al-Ajami who was leading the attacking herds of terrorists

Yesterday, July 24, 2013, social media sites promoting Al-Qaeda & Wahhabism mourned the killing of Saud Fayez Al-Houeila Al-Ajami along with 30 of his mostly Kuwaiti followers from the FSA, the Free From Syrians Army, near Idleb, north west of Syria by SAA, the Syrian Arab Army
The killed terrorist was the head of Qumam Health Institute in Kuwait, the Wahhabi sites mourning him were proud of his financing of the terrorists in Syria, recruiting radical terrorists from all countries to operate in Syria under the FSA umbrella and its Nusra Front branch.

Some Syrian rebels are taking amnesty from Assad

Hundreds of men who took up arms against President Bashar al-Assad are defecting back to the government side

Hundreds? Of the many thousands that have fought, are still fighting and amongst all the dead.
This always was a foreign destabilization.


Where the seeds of  discontent are being sown prolifically:

  Sisi calls for mass protests in Egypt to confront ‘terrorism’        

Terrorism being muslim brotherhood supporters....

 Egypt’s top army officer on Wednesday called for mass street protests to give him a mandate to confront terrorism three weeks after he removed the elected president.
Egypt army raises pressure on Islamists with call for rallies   

A senior member of Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood movement, Essam El-Erian, said Sisi's appeal represented a threat, adding that it would not halt Islamist protests urging the immediate restoration of the president. "Your threat will not prevent millions from continuing to gather," Erian wrote on Facebook.

El-Erian says Sisi’s appeal represents a threat. Which, of course, it does.
No doubt the Egyptian military is taking their NATO orders to stir up the populace. Create the conditions for civil war...... then Israel will simply have to move on the Sinai

I encourage the Egyptian people to not take the bait. Don’t allow the elite psycho’s to play you to your own demise and the ruin of your home.

There you are all done! It wasn't to bad, was it?
Don't miss today's first post.

Who is Kevin Annett? 

There is decency in the world and we should not lose sight of that.



  1. got that all fixed up
    stay and enjoy the info

  2. Penny, I love your blog but as a native English speaking person, your use of apostrophes is driving me nuts. It ain't hi's or her's so why should it be it's. It's means it is, that's all.

    1. Penny, I love your blog but as a native English speaking person, your use of apostrophes is driving me nuts.

      My suggestion, Albert, is that you put up with the occasional and inevitable grammatical error or read someplace else. You're not paying for the privilege, after all. It's free!

      It ain't hi's or her's so why should it be it's. It's means it is, that's all.

      There's an irony here. Can you see it, Albert? And don't say it is meant in jest as it doesn't match the following pedantic complaints. You can't be a pedant and not a pedant in the same sentence.

  3. ok, I don't even know where I would have done that?

    And just an fyi there is a huge debate on apostrophe and the use there of

    While I try to be would have been nice if your first comment ever here would have been about the multple hours and hours and hours of work I put into the blog for years and years

    I am glad you love the blog, though
    Any comment on the post itself

    1. I am sorry to have started with a comment on grammar but someone who takes the time to discuss Edward Bernays - Mr. Propaganda, critical thinking and logical fallacies, would also be expected to be careful in her grammar. The controversy about its vs. it's is between the educated and the uneducated.

      Regarding the post:
      Re Israel, having been there I can say that I don't like the country. It's a place where you have to be "privileged" to drive on the expressways in the West Bank and where there is a wall being built that reminds me of the one between East and West Germany...
      In any case, despite the Mossad, the nuclear bombs and the IDF, the country is doomed because of demographics unless the Israelis can manage ethnic cleansing on a wide scale. In any case the Orthodox Jews are the only Jews having large families and they sit on their asses and study the Talmud all day and they are exempt from the IDF.

      Re Syria,it is clear that a jihadist government in Syria or in an enclave of Syria would be unacceptable to Russia as it is too close to that country. The Latakia attack was an Israeli commando attack. My understanding was the House backed down and are allowing the CIA to give some weapons to the rebels, who are not supposed to give or sell them to the jihadists. (If you believe that, I have a bridge...) The Russians may be forced to face down the Israelis and then we are into WW III.

      Re Snowden and Putin, remember that the US organized a boycott of the Moscow Summer Olympics in 1980 and Putin wouldn't want to have a repeat.

      On the other hand, Putin would give asylum to Snowden as the US has already done that to jihadists from the Russian Caucasus and probably financially supported either through the CIA or via the Saudis Al Qaeda type organizations operating there.

      It has become quite clear now to even the most inattentive that the European states, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are not allies but vassals of the US.

    2. I understand where you are coming from and as mentioned, I try to be mindful, but...
      As stated before and I am stating again. Information awareness is my prime goal, always has been with this place. For about 5 1/2 years now. I have come a long way...
      From my perspective when a person comes here and is off the bat critical, I have to decide: Are they sincere? Well meaning? Or is this yet another troll?
      Another person who has come to attack me personally?
      And attack the blog?
      It happens and it happens a heck of a lot more then most realize.
      Some come here and do not have English as a first or second language
      And their input is welcome here

      As to the comment regarding the post.
      Israel and demographics. I am quite certain the ptb's are aware of the Israeli dilemma and Israel has been working hard for some time now at population reduction.

      As of now, I am of the mind Israel will simply push the Palestinians into Jordan
      Most likely via warfare. As in create refugees who must flee to the predetermined destination

      Yes, I covered the weapons to Syria the other day. Which is why i question the credibility of this house vote.

      "The Russians may be forced to face down the Israelis and then we are into WW III"

      the thought terrifies me

      As for Russia, Snowden, the Olympics and the Chechens

      Boycott or not?
      I don't think so
      There are rumblings. But the Olympics are a corporate blow out, so I don't think so
      I won't rule out a 'terror attack' which could be used to 'secure borders' in Russia's sphere of influence

      I actually don't believe (IMO) Putin wants Snowden in Russia. He is a pain in the russian arse. I think the US stuck Russia with him. They can then use his placement in Russia to cast Russia in a bad light continually. I feel the human rights group boot from Russia had much to do with Snowden being stuck in Russia.

      As for the European States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
      They are not allies. Just vassals

  4. Well done Penny. I found a few tidbits of crap floating around myself

    can I be the first to call bullshit on this one.
    So, the US threatens Russia over Snowden. Russia responds by granting asylum, almost.(to test waters, chess move) So this story is all the US can come up with to back up their threats?

    and this is just crap, on top of crap, sprinkled with more crap.
    100% pure propaganda for the unclean...

    Nazi... are they serious? do they mean ashkenazi?

    She is woman. Hear her roar!
    Don't you just get sick at how they encourage the breakup of the family as a basis of strength.
    I can't stand O'Reilly but he gets it right in this piece.
    thanks Karl Denninger

    I agree on Lattakia. the whole story started by one post on a insignificant news site, most likely planted by mossad, then picked up through posts linking to the story, then by other small news outlets linking to the posts that linked to the story. then by debkajunk then by msm all referencing this one story. it is a fabrication. credible and onsite sources deny it happened. I liked the chess move by Russia throwing it at Turkey though... I had to laugh.

    to add to your post on extremist

    piplinistan news...

    nabucco pipeline project is now officially dead. agreements have been signed to go with TAP through Greece to Italy. This leaves the entire Balken region to Southstream.

    Vassilikos project looks to be a go for Cyprus and israel to make LNG for EU. but, but, but... the Leviathan field is mostly owned, by international law, Lebanon and Syria. ya, the same 'evil dictator' Assad and those 'terrorists' Hezbollah. Plus, Egypt is claiming much of the Tamar field. Oh, and lets not forget the fact the Iran, Iraq, Syria pipeline project will have the capacity to dwarf what Cyprus, israel AND Azerbaijan fields will be able to supply to EU combined. and for longer. and for less. and with al-ciada in body bags... (did I say that)


  5. "can I be the first to call bullshit on this one"
    Yes you can!

    The rise of al-Qaeda 2.0?????

    I found the whole nazi nonsense so unbelievably silly...
    I had an internal debate. do I post it? Pass it by for the garbage that it is? Or take the opportunity to use it and point out the garbage that it is?

    I took option 3

    "Don't you just get sick at how they encourage the breakup of the family as a basis of strength."

    yes, I do. I very much do. It is destructive of the family, the community and all of human society. It is just to bad that most don't realize what is going on

    Of course now some are going to jump on me and say don't you support rights for women

    Yes, i do. In the context and along with all other human rights
    I also find natural law very appealing vs the nonsensical concept of man's law- apostrophe for possession

    And there will be a part 2 response for all the goodies you have left,
    I am short on time
    thanks for all the goodies :)

    1. "nabucco pipeline project is now officially dead"

      dead but still revivable? I can't imagine US and co letting that one go.
      I just can't

      Re: Pipelineastan:

      "Oh, and lets not forget the fact the Iran, Iraq, Syria pipeline project will have the capacity to dwarf what Cyprus, israel AND Azerbaijan fields will be able to supply to EU combined. and for longer. and for less. and with al-ciada in body bags... (did I say that)

      Egypt and Tamar?
      That explains much, cause from where I am sitting Israel is going to attempt a move on the Sinai
      The Arab pipeline, lol, is the way to go, but Europe is not interested in what is best for Europeans
      Only bowing to US/Israel

      As they have demonstrated so beautifully lately

    2. The Arab pipeline, lol, is the way to go, but Europe is not interested in what is best for Europeans
      Only bowing to US/Israel

      Indeed. Want another example of going against its own interests in the sake of the "axis of good". France's export embargo againt Iran last year. Iran was the biggest foreign importer of Peugeot cars, half a million from a total production of 3.5 million. You can imagine what impact it had on the baseline of the company. Of course, the media and the political establishment never mentioned the correlation between the embargo and losses. Except for one union leader who mentioned it in his last TV appearance (it was the last because he wouldn't get invited after that minute of truth, a thing the stations will not tolerate).

    3. Bonjour Gallier

      500,000 from 3,500,000 So. a substantial hit to kiss the arse of the US!
      Is that insane or what? What about the employees? Wages. Lost tax revenue.
      Hit to the local economy? No matter as long as France is subservient to US

      Can't have truth busting out all over the place, right Gallier?!
      My goodness it could change the paradigm for the elite psycopaths

    4. Just in. Now it's Renault who gets the order to stop all deliveries to Iran from Obama (in fact from Bibi and co). Then they wonder why people vote for the Front National.

    5. No, way!
      Put more people out of work to cater to Israel
      Is this insanity?

      thanks for that update Gallier!

  6. She's not 25 years old but reportedly has been a Mossad agent for 25 years. Must have been recruited young (~16-18?), if so!

    1. "Syria’s Terrorist, Dalia Shimon 25 years old, Mossad agent and a female soldier in the Israel DF (IDF) from the Tel Aviv area"

      that is what it says in the link from Islamic Invitation Turkey link.
      so I don't know?

    2. I stand corrected. 25yrs old makes more sense although she looks older and was posing as a 41yo mother.

    3. Hey freethinker, just using the info at hand
      According to another response the info could be wrong? see below.
      I guess the age is not the issue really. The fact that she is not Syrian, and not really a Canadian either (not IMO) But a cold blooded killer for the state of Israel participating in the destabilization of a nation she has know business setting foot in
      That is the real issue

  7. Thanks Penny, this is a really interesting piece.

    BTW, isn't it ironic that the news stories coming out of the region show Assad in a good strong position, and then suddenly we here in the West are moving sideways to go against the 'Free Syrian Army', saying they've been taken over by AlQuaida and now the UN states 'no armed response needed'?!!!

    Funny change isn't?!


    1. Hey Marie!

      The UN said no armed response needed?

  8. Re Dalia's age. I think the headline from the linked article misquoted the info. I think she has been an agent for 25 years. She looks about 43-45 and if she became an agent between 18 and 20 the timing works. She is not 25. Believe your eyes. She is a pro however.

    Great piece! Thanks.

    1. Thanks. She is most definitely a pro, whatever her age may be

  9. Oh yes Alois Brunner, how is he doing? Pretty ridiculous!
    Concerning syrian folks stopping the fight, it is true, in some places fighters with their families surrendered for an amnesty.How many, I don't know.

    1. Pour la Syrie

      Alois Brunner, the whole story is ridiculous
      The piece was also picked up the 'liberal' Toronto Star in Canada
      Which is yet another NATO news outlet, as is made abundantly clear by the use of the nazi propaganda

      Re: the Syrian folks surrendering

      I have blogged on Syria for a long, long time now and the stats have always been much higher for external fighters then internal.
      But, there were always some who were caught up in it because of ardent religious feelings and being swept away by imperial diatribe
      Same as in Egypt

      My own feelings on this have been the same across the board for the people resident in the nation to make their place of residence better without the help of external players and NGO's
      Just my own wish, is all
      I don't pretend to have all the answers. I just want people to take back their own power

      I often say in real time and hell why not here, people do not act day to day in their best interest. Government doesn't act in the best interest of the people
      See Gallier;s example of the French government

      Maybe I am a dreamer, maybe
      Or maybe I can see/imagine what humans are capable of, if they could break free of the psychopathic control grid


    2. Alois Brunner was a nazi(SS) and personal secretary to Adolf Eichmann. He did move to Syria under the name of Georg Fisher. Mossad tried to assasinate him twice. Once by a bomb in a post office killing 2 postal workers but only wounding Brunner. Died in 1992 and buried in Damascus.,d.cGE

    3. I looked at the pdf

      and was thinking isn't it interesting...whatever the case with Brunner the man is dead and this most recent absurd psyop is just that another absurd psyop to keep certain memes fresh and eternal

      But what is very,,very, very interesting is how the US is never the 'bad guy' for filling it's intelligence agencies, science organizations, NASA etc, etc etc
      by the thousand with all manner of former NAZIs
      whose multiple progeny live on in the US

      Why is that never, ever mentioned?

      this article says 500 but there is other information that puts that figure at more then double that?

      including many followers of Judaism who aided the nazi's and got shipped off the the US

      Don't hear or read to much about that?
      One of many historical shortcomings I guess?

  10. This is off topic for this post but I think you should read it. You are in a good position to spread the word. I know you work hard and are very busy and I wouldn't send you this if I didn't think this guy was onto something important.

    Thanks for your blog which I follow faithfully (and quietly!)

  11. I will indeed read it.
    Just took a quick look at it and see it is Clint Richardson
    I enjoy his work immensely
    Synchronicity that you left this, because I had just heard something on this topic today
    I have touched on it in the occasional post

    And you are welcome :)

  12. 'only democracy in middle east'(REGD TM) does business with one of many arab dictatorships to arm cannbal jihadis

    1. it's a good thing they have that virtual embassy isn't it brian
      btw: glad you stopped by, wondered where you had gone
      "good old brian" :)

  13. hi penny
    i was away on a meditation retreat for 10 days

    1. well I hope you are well refreshed and ready to go! :)

  14. Mossad feminists promoting terror against women and children in Syria under the guise of pretending they are Muslim. Nice job exposing the critter. Unfortunately, there is a lot of that around. They use the feminist charade, and they also use a devout Muslim charade (IE: Laura Stuart), both sides, but 100% phoney. Like with the "Greenstein left" and the neo-con right.

    вот так

    1. Hey BOT TAK
      Re: the mossad femme bitch, sadly there are too many like her around
      indoctrinated to the max. Not one drip of decency
      It's quite awful, really.

      Glad to see you back around and commenting
      Laura Stuart: I am not familiar
      And what do you mean by the "greenstein left"?
      This is a new term to me.

  15. On millitary phtos, you've got a thread in english about Syria. Very interesting. Got infos on what happened in Khan al Assal (the honey inn in arabic). The town has fallen on sunday and about 75 SAA prisoners were executed. In eastern syria, the ISIS kidnapped 250 kurd people, now detained in Raqqah... Hims is cleared out from terrorists.
    @penny. about figures, I'm like Churchill I do believe in mine...
    Confronting source, I think there is in Syria about 30 000 djihadist fighters altogether. what's left 70 000 around are syrians, organized mostly on a tribal frame.

    1. Pour La Syria

      I think I had seen the news on, if we are mentioning the same town, the taking of Khan al Assal. I must check some stuff I have bookmarked.
      This is the same town that the chemical weapons attack took place?

      the honey inn? that is so unique and I like it )

      Re: figures in Syria
      the figures you have contradict the information I have seen.
      (not attempting to be difficult or offend, just stating my point of view based on information I have taken in)

      I have seen figures as high and higher then 50,000 foreigners in Syria
      (A few even closing in on 100,000 which IMO is too high)

      There was a figure from German intelligence and other sources that put the stats at 90 percent foreign and 10 percent domestic.

      The Syrians involved would largely be the rural dwellers, I don't know if these persons are what would be referred to as tribal?
      I am limited in my knowledge of Syrian stats other then city/rural
      religious divides
      the presence of Palestinians
      I am not up on the tribal divisions.

      I saw some picture of SAA prisoners, came by them via SyPer
      Was there some civilians killed also?
      From the picture I had seen, it appeared some male civilians were held and likely killed also

  16. I actually don't believe (IMO) Putin wants Snowden in Russia. He is a pain in the russian arse. I think the US stuck Russia with him. They can then use his placement in Russia to cast Russia in a bad light continually. I feel the human rights group boot from Russia had much to do with Snowden being stuck in Russia.

    100% the way I feel it is also. I lean toward a pimple on the arse of Russia. :)
    One of the last thngs Putin wanted to deal with, but is handling the "snoden affair" with finess aka Russian chess diplomacy.

    Great info as always Penny

    1. Thanks Karin
      Pimple on the arse of Russia?
      Good description also
      I have to be honest, the whole Snowden affair has served to take the focus off of the NSA intrusion/big brother state and I find that annoying.
      I see Snowden as a useful idiot.