Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jon Rappoport- The Surveillance State and the War on the Individual

Synchronicity. Putin on Snowden- An interesting perspective
Followed up by yet another interesting take

I have said it often. And it should be repeated. Humans love a good story. We are hard wired that way
We pass stories down from generation to generation. We love the hero story
We have had it reinforced often, for a very long time, and right up into our so called 'modern' lives
And yes, I did read Campbell's book quite some time ago. If you haven't...? You should.
Nah, I won't say how long ago, because then you might get thinkin' how old is this person?
This  interview, the myth making, Snowden and the war for your mind and oh so much more all rolled up in about an hour long interview
Thanks to Henrik @ Red Ice Radio and to John Rappoport for an enlightening discussion
Thought provoking!


  1. Samara Region (Reka Volga) and Syria
    Ammunition depot explosions are not a rare occurrence in the Russian Federation. Over the last three years, more than a dozen incidents have shocked the nation taking the lives of both civilians and military personnel.


    1. have we talked about this previously?
      I think so.
      Is this the area that is very near Georgia, Chechnya and Dagestan,
      just north of it?..

      I should check back on the blog around that time frame...

    2. btw I see "pussy riot" is out with a new 'video' and a message against Russia's energy interests???

      What other nation and institutions have an issue with Russia's oil industry
      The US


      Pussy Riot

      Pussy Riot target Russian oil industry in new music video

      Russian feminist punk protest group release Like a Red Prison, their first performance in almost a year

      Four members of Pussy Riot dance on an oil pipeline in garish masks, compare Vladimir Putin to an "ayatollah in Iran" and attack his allies in Russia's rich energy sector, in a new music video released online.

      And catch the Iran meme?

      Can you say Tool ?
      Say it again TOOL

    3. The first report of this that I read was from the israeli bugle, Bloomberg's, I think. They were at pains to stress that it was a regular if not routine occurrence. I was struck by it as they over did the emphasis.

      Here again, the point is made that it happens all the time. But if you read it closely, the report says 12 explosions in 3 years. If it is usual why not 20 over the last five years, or 40 over the last 10 years?

      What has changed in the last three years? Indeed, what has changed in the last year? 10 of the 12 explosions mentioned in the last three years happened in the last year!
      This is NOT business as usual and Putin has announced a criminal investigation into the explosion.

    4. Of course tool. Search for "pussy riot financed Soros" and you will find tons of article on the connection between them and George Soros, always there to pay for the FUKUSsrael empire.
      Same thing with the Femen, the Pussy Riot inspired copycats doing the dirty work of the Talmudic-Empire.
      Here an article from E&R showing that some of these women are real recruted whores

    5. Gallier!
      my third blast from the past. :)

      I have not heard of Femen, but suspect I will.
      I thought Pussy riot were whores anyway, so it must be a 'thing' to hire whores and use them

      I think snippets and snappets had a video of one of the pussy riot gals can't recall which in a grocery story inserting poultry into her 'pussy'
      and then I read somewhere part of the 'performance' in the church, when Russia arrested them was a live sex show

      These gals are doing this to draw attention to themselves by using the most obvious of obvious method of 'mind control' sex

    6. The left hand keeps jabbing away.

      The poultry stunt - was that bestiality or necrophilia or both? I'm reminded of the Cultural Marxists' expressed desire to debase society to the point of necrophilia and bestiality.

      I'll listen to the interview later.

    7. likely both
      but it was disgusting

    8. None of Pussy Riot had anything to do with the chicken incident, nor did they do a sex show in a church. You seem intent on believing the worst about Pussy Riot but please get your facts straight.

    9. I have my facts very straight on Pussy Riot

      They are tools of imperialism
      They have zero to do with freedom of expression or any other freedom
      They are tools

  2. James, I will get back to you...:)

    1. James

      "What has changed in the last three years? Indeed, what has changed in the last year? 10 of the 12 explosions mentioned in the last three years happened in the last year! "

      The ante is being upped against Russia
      That is what is happening
      The olympics taking place at Sochi soon, is bad news, bad news


      "Sochi is also worryingly close to the north Caucasus, a predominantly Muslim part of Russia that has been immersed in a bloody civil conflict for two decades. Last year Russia lost 296 soldiers and civilians in the north Caucasus, according to Caucasian Knot, a monitoring organisation, almost as many soldiers as America lost in Afghanistan. “Imagine holding the games in Kabul,” one American official says."

      Just months away James, just months away

  3. btw: any thoughts on the interview
    I enjoyed it

    1. hi Pen, I listened to the interview. His ideas on 'the hero' model are almost self evident and we look for them all the time. It's an archetypal story, as I think you were saying. Rappoport describes well the technique of what is going on; that we live in a scripted reality, a theatrical Hegelian Dialectic. All good stuff.

      The whole thing is a show as i was trying to point out in my latest. But we forget it all the time. So we need to ask ourselves all the time, "why are we hearing this?" So why are we hearing about Snowden now?

      I was waiting for Rappoport's answer to the question of 'why'? (hoping Jan would ask it). 'What is the game plan with Snowden?' 'What's it all about'?

      So after a while he is asked and Rappoport goes into this long restatement of the Snowden drama's history and then nominates an inter-agency rivalry between the NSA and the CIA as the reason for it all. And Snowden is working for his old employer, the CIA, who is targetting the NSA with this expose.

      It doesn't wash because Rappoport had just detailed how the NSA said they couldn't find Snowden (which he acknowledged was bullshit) and let him leave the country so the NSA were in on the act. Which means his theory that the NSA was being targeted as a victim by the CIA doesn't work.

      If you want my opinion, this is all about the NSA getting the average punter used to the idea that they are being surveilled. 'It's bad', so the story goes, 'but we need these surveillance programs so we had better have govt regulation of it all to stop the excesses'

      So now we have govt blessed wide capture surveillance programs sucking up all this data which now can be submitted in a court of law because it's now legal (with regularity controls, of course!). This data can now (or will very shortly) be used to incriminate and convict ordinary citizens of all sorts of things. The NSA/CIA can even make it all up if they need to - who's to know or say otherwise?

    2. Hey james

      "Which means his theory that the NSA was being targeted as a victim by the CIA doesn't work"

      There is another interview that ties in well with this one with James Bamford
      He talks about cooperation between NSA and CIA..

      I am going to post it later.

      Back to the hero archetype
      I like that he mentioned that. Because, people want a dam hero
      And it annoys me to no end
      People don't need a hero. They need to be one. We need to be a hero
      We each have to make the hero journey. Instead of having our hero cooked up for us and then spoon fed to us like dependent infants. As long as we allow our heros to be created for us and we sit back and worship them we will continue to be dependent and controlled by the elites

    3. As for Snowden, it is entirely possible he was duped. And used by both agencies to further an agenda that Mr Snowden has no idea what that agenda truly is.

      As putin mentions, they pulled his passport when he left hongkong, knowing he would be stuck in Russia
      So, who wanted him in Russia? And why?
      I suspect he is being used to push the Russia bad on human rights issue
      Notice all the NGO that came out to 'assist'? This reeks
      Then on cue Pussy Riot shows up again pushing the Russia bad on human rights meme...
      It ain't a coincidence

  4. putting these stories here for the time being
    what is going on at Golan?

    "IDF: Syrians who infiltrated IDF posts were thievesIDF Spokesman Yoav Mordechai denied that terrorists infiltrated an IDF post and shot at soldiers on Tuesday. He said that metal thieves had crossed the border, were shot at by the IDF and then Syrian elements returned fire. The spokesman wrote the remarks on his Facebook page. (Yoav Zitun"


    "IDF scouring Syria border area after gunmen open fire on troops
    Israeli military does not believe gunfire came from Syrian rebels, but still cannot say who opened fire Tuesday night."

    before the two above reports

    Syrian rebels seize IDF post, exchange fire with soldiers

    "During a routine patrol by an IDF unit, the unit observed suspects in an unmanned post in south Golan Heights just east of the border fence.

    The suspects, who turned out to be Syrian rebels, fired at the IDF troops, which fired back. IDF troops were rushed to the scene. No injuries were reported. The results of the IDF fire are yet unconfirmed"

    It appears Israel is upping activity in Golan (perhaps it is getting quite obvious to the plebes) and affiliated individuals are lying through their teeth to obfuscate what is going on.

    1. Ditto Egyptian border after the IDF purposefully crashed a drone a few days back.

      This after the F16 went down a few days after that alleged depot attack

      Another Sinai attack after the Israelis "allowed" the Egyptians to move more troops into the region.

      Now AQ Syria is agitating Kurds

      Recall few days ago the rebel on rebel kills

      Perhaps most telling of all (beside the escalating attacks inside Lebanon - like today) is the following:

    2. Heard the news about the Israeli drone over the Sinai
      and judging by the links you have left..even more going on
      thanks I am going to have a read

  5. Good article here on the whores (in so many ways) that compromise the western lauded pussy riot
    btw gallier was looking through some stuff and found the femen band you referred to


    stupidity for stupid people