Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pt 2: Canada Terror Plot- Not! Junkies make useful idiots

Following up on this post:

Terror Plot- British Columbia, Canada. On Canada Day (allegedly) 

This terror plot didn't even occur on or near Canada Day.
Keep reading....thanks to an anonymous commenter in previous post

I was able to search through the BC court services website to find when they were arrested..

Using their case file # 198990 and the Surrey provincial court, you can look up the charges.

The offense dates said March 2nd... Now I can't find anything

Here is a screen shot someone else posted that made me do my searching for myself.

Look at the arrest dates!
2 offence dates are March 02/2013 and 1 is June 25/2013
Problematic? Yah.
Anonymous left more info

Actually here is the link, the offense dates are March 2, 2013 but the news said they were arrested Canada day 

I tried to access the BC court services website and got nothing, could be they were busy.
It doesn’t matter. I am sure soon enough the documentation will change to bolster the lie.
Or not. It likely doesn’t matter. If one is gullible enough to believe this was anything but the RCMP and CSIS justifying the tax costs to the be it.

An article from the Calgary Herald bolsters the dates from the BC Justice department, beautifully.
Kudos to them for still having this info available. I see other msm outlets had placed these facts down the memoryhole

Nuttall and Korody are charged with conspiring to commit an indictable offence, knowingly facilitating terrorist activity, and making or possessing an explosive substance. The first two charges are suspected of taking place in Surrey in March.
Police say the devices were allegedly constructed in Surrey and “various locations.” The third charge relates to an incident in Victoria on June 25.

The reporting matches what is shown in the image
Basement apartment a pig sty. Littered with methadone bottles.
 Landlord isn’t buying the RCMP narrative-

The couple's landlord Ramesh Thaman said on Wednesday morning he thought the couple had very limited means and questioned how they could have financed the alleged bomb plot.

“I wonder, you know, how these people … how they could do this thing. I’m very much shocked. It’s very strange.”
Thaman told reporters the couple had lived in a basement suite in the home at 120th Street and 97A Avenue for about three years and usually paid their rent on time.
Thaman, who said the suite was always messy and didn't look much different after police went through it, allowed reporters inside on Wednesday morning.

CBC News reporter Steve Lus, who saw the suite, said the first thing that struck him upon entering was the overwhelming smell of a litter box that was in a back bathroom.

"This place, for lack of a better word, is a total pigsty," Lus said. "[Maybe] it's partially because police have picked over it, but the landlord says that's basically the way that this couple lived."

Lus said prescription methadone bottles were strewn throughout the apartment, as were video games and DVDs.
"The overwhelming sense you get is people who lived basically in squalor," he said.

Two drug addicts, two meth and coke junkies, living in filth and squalor financed a ‘terror plot’?
Not without a great deal of coercion or enticement

Friend not buying the narrative either:

Katrina Mandrake-Johnston, who worked with Korody at Scott Hill Convenience Store, described her as kind and generous.

“I was pretty shocked. They don’t seem the type to do that. I’m figuring someone coerced them into doing it," Mandrake-Johnston said.

Junkies concern themselves with their next fix. How, when and where they are going to get it.
CSIS and RCMP would surely be aware of that


  1. Heads need to roll... In the government and the media.

    1. People need to stop believing
      It is clear, quite clear that the law enforcement, government and media collude together against the people

  2. FYI
    Bolivia’s president threatened to close the US embassy as leftist Latin American leaders joined him in blasting Europe and the United States after his plane was rerouted amid suspicions US fugitive Edward Snowden was aboard.

    President Evo Morales, who has suggested the United States pressured European nations to deny him their airspace, warned he would “study, if necessary, closing the US embassy in Bolivia.”

    “We don’t need a US embassy in Bolivia,” he said. “My hand would not shake to close the US embassy. We have dignity, sovereignty. Without the United States, we are better politically, democratically.”

  3. MUST READ!!!

  4. Imam Of Jarusalem: ”The Jihad in Syria is A Lie”
    [ed notes;also see...
    Sheikh Salahudeen About the War in Syria & Fatwas Against Muslims (English Subtitles)

  5. on that comment you left at my blog ..i suggest reading.. "Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam," Robert Dreyfuss
    THE US NATIONAL SECURITY archives also has some material backing those claims on a search of history of us propaganda in middle east
    dreyfuss work isnt 100% factual on everything but many things are corroborated and proven,to go into explanations would take me too long to articulate here in this box unfortunatly..

  6. thanks NYS
    "Devil's Game" How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam"
    Robert Dreyfuss
    I will look into it
    and please let me know when you do your interviews, don't forget :)

  7. Just wait and see,more hypnotized folks than ever are going to have the mentality that now think this is a big scary terrorist plot... and that with all this scary stuff going on, the police need to save us by searching us in public and stopping us on our legislative grounds or walking downtown etc.

    Just preparing us for the crackdown one fake terrorist plot / attack after another.

  8. Headlined at VoR

    Bush and Cheney knew about 9/11 months before it happened

    "Susan Lindauer was arrested under the Patriot Act after she tried to come forward and testify before the Congress about 9/11. The government’s answer to her offer to tell the truth was to send the FBI to her house to arrest her.

    Lindauer is now courageously speaking out about the incredible experiences she claims landed her in prison.

    She presents powerful evidence that the real reason she was arrested, imprisoned, and declared incompetent was because she knew the U.S. government had clear foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and much more.

    Allegedly, the CIA claimed she was accepting money from Iraq.

    The truth was, however, that she was sent as a CIA asset to talk to Iraq’s UN ambassador.

    At that time, the Iraqis were helping the US to spy on Al Qaeda.

    In the Youtube video recently released by one of Russian TV channels Ms Lindauer mentions that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld knew that the 911 attack was coming.

    In thr video Mr Lindauer says that Dr Richard Fuisz, her control officer at the CIA, saw the nearly live feed of the planes hitting the WTC Towers sent from the Israelis.

    This has to be taken as an admission that Israel did 9/11 but it was too controversial to be allowed on cable TV in the US."

    A claim that both the U.S. guv knew about 9/11 beforehand and that the Israelis did it, front paged at VoR for the 2nd day now.


    Saw your note about the Mara song I posted. Been too busy to do much computer stuff the last few days, I'll post a description when I can, and catch up here also - looks like you've written some interesting stuff in the last few days.

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