Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Putin on Snowden- An interesting perspective

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Mr Snowden.
 In my opinion, he didn't leak anything that was new, shocking or startling. I liked that he brought attention to the government spying on all of our lives. The intrusion is despicable. That is good. Raising awareness is  always good.

However, the media circus that surrounds him is where the real show lies. The media circus is the distraction. Whatever good should have come out of the awareness raised has been overshadowed by the 
"where in the world is Snowden" distraction show.

 Mr Putin talks about the situation surrounding Mr Snowden. And what  does he say? He seems to suggest this media circus is exactly what the US wanted.

 RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of trapping US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden in Moscow, saying he would leave Russia as soon as possible.

Seems to me Mr Putin is suggesting the US is using Mr Snowden and the show that surrounds him to their advantage? Imagine that?


Remember the spelling error on the extradition papers sent to Hong Kong?

Mentioned previously at the blog. Mentioned as completely non-credible?
As stated here on June 27/13
  "Snowden higher perception management value on the lam.

Middle name wrong on request for arrest????

When a document of such importance is prepared it is expected that all i’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed and NO, I do not buy incompetence.

The US had other ideas for the Mr Snowden show....... "
And clearly the US did have other ideas for Snowden. Gold star of the day!

Oh and "Intelligence leaker"? A new meme to infect the under used minds of the masses

Putin speaks.......
"As soon as there's the chance to move somewhere he will certainly do this," said Mr Putin
Mr Putin accused Washington of preventing Mr Snowden from leaving Russia after the fugitive ex-intelligence analyst arrived from Hong Kong on June 23.

"He arrived on our territory uninvited, he did not fly to us, he was flying in transit to other countries," Mr Putin said in televised remarks.

"But as soon as he was in the air, it became known, and our American partners essentially blocked off his further flight."
By revoking his passport? Of course.
"They themselves scared off all the other countries, no one wants to take him, and therefore they essentially themselves trapped him on our territory," Mr Putin said.

Asked what will happen to Mr Snowden, Mr Putin said: "How would I know? That's his life, his fate."
LA Times reported he, Snowden,  has applied for asylum in 15 countries
Snowden met with Russian diplomatic officials and handed them an appeal to 15 countries for political asylum, a Russian Foreign Ministry official told The Times.

Back to Putin on Snowden:
   Mr Putin said Russia had told Mr Snowden: "We have certain ties with the United States. We do not want you through your activity to damage our ties with the States."

He (Putin) said Mr Snowden had vowed to continue his activism.

"We said: 'That will be without us, then. We have other battles to fight,"' he said with a smile.


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  2. Putin didn't "accuse" the US of trapping Snowden in Moscow. He merely pointed out that Snowden ended up trapped in Moscow because of US actions. There is a big difference in terms of implication about Putin's intent. His intent was to merely show the Russians did not stage this for their benefit. Why the hostility toward Putin anyway? Isn't he a good leader?

  3. Accuse: Is included in the headline of the article used for the post
    If you would have read the piece or clicked on the link you would have realized that
    Therefore, there is no "hostility"
    Unless the Australian media was intending or demonstrating hostility
    I don't know?