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Syria: Saudi Arabia "gettin'er done", perhaps with some Israeli strikes?

Intro to two players:

Ghassan Hitto:  Seen by most informed observers as the darling of the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar. The imposition of Hitto as the political face of the foreign-backed opposition was seen by many inside the opposition and around the world as a power-play by Qatar to control the direction of the conflict in Syria and establish Doha as the real center of power in a post-Assad Syria.

Ahmed Assi al-Jarba: Jarba can be correctly characterized as a proxy of Saudi Arabia. He was jailed early in the revolt against Assad…After being released from prison in August 2012, he fled to Saudi Arabia where his tribal connections put him into close touch with senior members of the Saudi intelligence services.

Jarba like Morsi, fresh from prison, straight into a leadership role?
Speaks volumes, no?
Jarba recently stated “Geneva in these circumstances is impossible.” One must consider precisely which “circumstances” he was referring to.  Keen political observers who have been following events in Syria for some time understand the “circumstances” to be the continued military defeats of the foreign-backed rebels and jihadis by the forces of the Assad government. Jarba and his Saudi handlers understand quite clearly that they must first achieve substantive military victories on the ground before they can even pay lip service to peace talks.
-Jarba announces that new weapons will be forthcoming from Saudi Arabia
-Jarba proposing a Ramadan truce in fighting for religious reasons. Reality check! The Ramadan truce is an attempt  to buy time for new weapons to reach the NATO Islamist mercenary fighters

“The new head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition said he expected advanced weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia to reach rebel fighters soon and that the Geneva peace conference “is not possible” for now due to their currently weak military position”

Saudi Arabia positioning itself for major influence in Egypt?

The Saudis and Emiratis were nearly buoyant at the military’s move to oust Mr. Morsi. Both are deeply hostile to the Brotherhood’s Islamist-cum-democratic agenda, (I do not buy the “deep hostility” spin)  which they see as a threat both to their own monarchical legitimacy and to regional stability. Qatar, by contrast, provided about $8 billion in aid to Mr. Morsi’s government during his year long tenure, and Turkey offered loans of $2 billion
The Saudi’s have been hot an heavy with Muslim Brotherhood. The threat to Saudi Arabia has more to do with a competition for top lap dog to western imperial powers. Top lap dog wielding more influence in the region. Though all influence the GCC countries might garner or project would still be subordinate to Israel.

If Qatar is reigning in it’s influence...???

Allowing Saudi Arabia to move to the head of the line as is being presented via main stream media, the question is, why?
The answer may just the need for cohesion.  This alignment was pushed by outside forces (Israel & US) to create cohesion. Cohesion that is sorely needed to regain all that is lost with regards to Syria.
It appears as if the gains made in Syria have pushed the US and Israel to get tough on the GCC sycophants.
The squabbling has got to come to an end. Qatar has a new, likely, even more servile leader and Saudi Arabia is back in line.

 Back to Egypt briefly:

The Qatari and Turkish financial aid to Mr. Morsi’s government last year helped him to avert painful economic reforms being urged by the International Monetary Fund as the price for its own $4.8 billion aid package. The United States believes those changes — including a reduction of food and electricity subsidies — are necessary to help bring Egypt out of its crushing deficit and economic malaise.
The US believe the 'changes' are needed to crush the populace never mind the deficit and economic malaise.
The US is doing the bankers work.

I mentioned the IMF “loans” in my previous post. Mr Morsi had been avoiding the IMF possibly because the reforms that would be demanded in exchange for the funds would bring even more hardship onto the people of Egypt. The US believes those changes “ including a reduction of food and electricity subsidies “ are necessary. In that way Mr Morsi was trying to curtail hardship, likely in the short term being visited on the Egyptian people, so he could keep his political position.
As james had pointed out it was Morsi’s resistance to the IMF reforms that a played a role in his ouster.
You can find that information in the previous post  Rebranding the Arab Spring to Reorder the Middle East/Africa

From Egypt to Syria and limited Israeli airstrikes?
With Egypt and Syria reaching boiling point, the defense establishment faces a dilemma: Should it launch limited military intervention at the risk of being dragged into the cauldron?

"Explosions rocked the center of Damascus and a car bomb went off in the Shi'ite quarter of Beirut.
It seems Israel isn't directly connected to these events."

It is interesting that Haaretz included this sentence," It seems Israel isn't directly connected to these events." in it’s reporting. Haaretz including that sentence in the article is suggesting, in a surreptitious manner, that things are not what they seem. It is a subtle way of boasting without saying outright Israel is involved.  But, Israel is involved. Perhaps not directly, but, indirectly through proxies with the help of Israeli intelligence. Pay attention to where the attacks took place. The location of attacks tells us that Israel would have been connected.

The explosion in the center of Dahiya is a direct challenge to Hezbollah, following the rocket fire at the neighborhood more than a month ago, and several incidents of rocket fire on Shi'ite villages in the Beqaa Valley.
    Readers here should be very well aware of Israel’s hate on for Hezbollah and it's infiltration into the area around the Beqaa Valley ( I have covered this previously, here)
FYI: Baalbek being in the Beqaa valley
Damascus:  "a series of explosions in Damascus overnight Monday into Tuesday"

In the south of the Golan Heights, near where Israel, Jordan and Syria meet, sits a UN outpost deserted by international observers.The outpost is now held by a small group of armed Sunni extremists.         

All of them aided and abetted by Israel of course. A fact I have covered innumerable times Their presence in at the Golan Heights tell us all from whence the attack on Damascus and in Dahiya originated and who participated.

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  1. The Saudi equation appears to come back to next in line & the notion that the king has been making phone calls rather than appearances (brain dead?). Could be a tug of war between Nayef faction and Abdullah (like recent elevation of son to run Saudi National Guard). Who is the US throwing in with now? The Aspen sale by Bandar (RIP?) to Paulson is dripping with irony

    Go back to the Aramco attacks - what has Snowden got to say about that and the Qatar cyber attack? What about the litany of alleged key GCC deaths in Jun/Jul/Aug 2012(Syrian headquarters hit, Bandar, Suleiman, Nayef, Sinai attacks, Mossad reenters Sinai for first time since 79, Saudi Cyber attacks.....)

    UAE just convicted a bunch of Egypt Brotherhood operators rounded up back in Jan. Then they offered the new regime the $3B - followed by Saudi throwing in $5B.

    Qatar leadership transition (or coup) a move to reorient policy direction? Note here that the central bank of Qatar has been talking about floating the Fx and breaking the Pegs..was the septegenarian emir beginning to venture off the farm. It was rumored last year Qatar was shopping long term LNG deals in hopes of locking in before the supply glut..if the supply glut that is...

    Consider also that the Iran/Syria/Iraq pipeline is "under construction."

    Note also that Azeri just chose TAP over Nabucco west and Bloomberg is running with the headline that the US shale gas boom is dashing the Iranian hopes of exploiting their (& Qatar) Pars reserves.

    Are we to read into this that Iran's reserves are the last best hope for Nabucco...

    Iran just happens to be running Caspian naval exercises

    As for Syria, have a listen to Ferguson and specifically his comments yesterday about cars in Cairo

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  6. mysterious snipers show up when someone wants a colour revolution

  7. Israeli commandos filmed inside Syria (Fox News video claims) New HD [ed notes;these israhelli commandos contrary to spin by israhelli officials spekaing to fox news concerning these actions,are not to monitor al qaeda but rather to direct and aid them!!!If indeed the israhelli zionazi soldiers were out to get monitor rebels,then they would surely have eliminated and killed some inside Syria's side of golan,but they didnt!

  8. Just throwing this here because I find this news very interesting

    "A Greek charter plane made an emergency landing at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport on Thursday after the pilot had sent out a distress signal, an airport official told AFP.

    "The airport was placed on a state of alert after receiving a distress message about a technical problem but the aircraft landed without incident," the offficial said.

    Israeli media had earlier identified the aircraft as a Jordanian passenger plane"

    It seems odd this plane would be identified as Jordanian?
    Aren't planes identified and tracked as they fly?
    Also what caused the distress?
    Wondering if Israel somehow caused the distress to the plane?

  9. 'The killing of more than 50 people at a demonstration in support of ousted Egyptian President Morsi in Cairo on July 8 has justifiably horrified many in Egypt and internationally. The pro-Morsi elements have placed the blame on the military forces, while the military claims it was attacked with live ammunition. While accusations are hurled back and forth, a new aspect to this story is emerging – the presence of a third force, namely snipers stationed on rooftops firing at both sides of the conflict. '