Saturday, July 13, 2013

Takin' it all in: Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Syria

The  psychotic elites continue on with their agenda of death, destruction and mayhem.

Israel readies for end of decades-long calm on Golan border


Israeli military prepares for Lebanon and Syria threats despite turmoil in Egypt

Making clear the turmoil in Egypt is well within Israel’s domain of influence and  control
The Israeli military trains in a mock Lebanese or Syrian village in its base in this northern Israeli town. Officials say such a conflict could erupt at any time.

 The military built the complex after the 2006 war to institutionalize the lessons of guerrilla warfare. The village complex features networks of tunnels and trainers frequently take hostages.

Makes one wonder about the multiple episodes of hostage taking  UN peacekeepers at Golan?

Reflecting the high priority of the northern front, the military announced plans this week to create a new army division to oversee the Golan Heights, along the Syrian front, and “address emerging threats” like the one from Hezbollah.
And speaking of Israel’s lack of concern regarding Egypt.... which should seem at odds with this reporting?  Attacks by “militants” are up in the Sinai. As fully expected here.

Islamic militants intensify attacks in Egypt’s Sinai after Morsi’s fall

Militant groups have grown bolder, striking security forces almost daily and also turning on local Christians. Some are now openly vowing to drive the military out of the peninsula on the borders with Israel and Gaza and establish an “Islamic emirate.” Further fueling the turmoil is the longtime resentment among many in the Bedouin population over decades of neglect and harsh security crackdowns by the state.

Israel, waiting... and aiding in creating the opportunity to re occupy the Sinai
Flashback to a post here, from March 2010. Very nearly 3 and ½ years ago...
Foreign control of large swathes of Sinai Peninsula obtained through fraud and Israeli involvement

“Here's how the dirty deals were done:

    The land deals in question have been concluded by an Egyptian corporation that is, claimed Mr. Howeidi, a front for a German company which used eleven lawyers to "fix 450 judicial rulings through which the registration and payments outside Egypt took place successfully".

In an article published by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Row'ya (The Vision), Mr. Howeidi said,

    "The worst aspect of this case is that all these agreements were in favour of Israeli owners and companies."

    In such a situation, he said, we are looking at something far more serious than "tourism and foreign investment; it becomes a scheme with political ramifications obvious to everybody".
 And, while I absolutely agree Egypt needs reconciliation the linked piece below positively reeks of the white man’s burden meme mentioned in this post- Rebranding the Arab Spring to Reorder the Middle East/Africa

Egypt now needs truth, reconciliation and no rush to the ballot box

Egypt should not rush its transition again. It was haste during the first transition (promoted by the MB out of pure self-interest) that plunged the country into a series of unending crises culminating in the latest upheaval.    

Was it the MB, out of pure self interest, that hastened the first transition?

Bluntly put. Western elites will pull the strings in Egypt for some time to come.  

Egyptian IMF negotiator to be Finance Minster?

- Hany Kadri, who oversaw talks with the International Monetary Fund over a stalled rescue package last year, will be asked to serve as Egypt's interim finance minister, two sources in the government told Reuters on Saturday.
Of course.

Syria:  I remain doubtful regarding the news of Migs bombing the Crac des Chevaliers castle
The videos are completely unconvincing Appears to me as if NATO’s mercs set of explosions in the Citadel . Then went in to film the damage. I cannot even ascertain from the footage when this  explosion actually took place, since...
“Fighting in and around the Crac des Chevaliers has been reported throughout the conflict” Which means this could be two year old footage being rehashed.

British Jihadi youths doing duty in Syria;
NATO youth...


The finger of blame which the Turkish government pointed at foreigners for orchestrating anti-government protests that rocked the country now appears to target foreign aid missions helping internally displaced Syrians.

Last week Turkish police raided offices of two humanitarian aid missions operating in war-torn Syria and deported four foreigners, witnesses said.



  1. snowden statement moscow

  2. "Bluntly put, Western elites will pull the strings in Egypt for some time to come."

    Yes Penny, and not just Egypt. Our corporate predators have Syria in their sites along with many many other places around the globe. They have a plan for ALL the peons...Work your ass off for a bare existence, then die, and get the hell outta' their way. Ya gotta love it when a plan comes together.

    1. "Ya gotta love it when a plan comes together"
      Now that made me laugh!

      Agree wholeheartedly it is not just Egypt, it is right here in NA
      And all of the so called 'democracies' lol
      I was thinking the other day about how militaristic everything is becoming
      recruiters in schools, military men leading space programs
      everything. In Canada the war of 1812 was front and centre, heavy emphasis on battles and warriors and generals
      It's all war, all the time
      Can people smell the fascism yet. And it's global
      But, ya know we do have the internet and as much as I use it for this blog..I can see where it is a giant tool of distraction via social media and way to many people are distracted

  3. curiously in the History of western civilization the word "Israel" never meant GOG & MAGOG [Khazar] "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism causing a big stink in their heavily fortified stool sculpture deity cult compound..."Jewtopia/TALMUDIA" in Palestine.

    until the Synagogue of Satan 'Money Changers & Pharisees' started printing currency in the landmass designated as North America by cartographers where gullible braindeagoyim "celebrate" their so-called FREEDOM to "JEW" worship on 4 JEW LIE...

    you know, like go figure...

    how many Non "Jews" live on planet Earth ?

    1. I saw an Israeli piece yesterday, where the Israeli media was complaining about the UN keeping Palestinians as refugee and teaching them they have the right to return to their own land..Israeli media was incensed about this. They should just be relocating them.
      Jordan was mentioned.
      Only the followers of Judaism have a 'right of return' to land they never, ever lived in.

      The politics of power
      It makes one sick... and yet it is lapped up by the masses.


      here is the article

      UNRWA ignores possibilities for long-term relocation opportunities.

      "The motive behind keeping the descendants of the Palestinian refugees displaced and segregated noncitizens is the eventual dismantling of the State of Israel so that they may return to their pre-1948 homes.

      This “right of return” mantra, is systematically reiterated in the education programs for Palestinian children who study in UNRWA schools.

      Meanwhile, UNRWA receives hundreds of millions of dollars for emergency relief and short-term aid, which only continues the cycle of Palestinian suffering. The UNHCR, by contrast, addresses permanent resettlement of refugees in distress. Why an opportunity for relocation has not been emphasized for Palestinian refugees is a serious question"

      It is presented as being benevolent and concerned. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is Israel's agenda, to remove the Palestinians from their homeland permanently. Removing the Palestinians serves Israel and Israel only.

      Apparently UNHCR is relocating families all over the place
      They are tearing apart the community and leaving them in the state they left the native populations the world over

      UNHCR relocated 1,000 Palestinian families from nightmarish conditions faced in UNRWA facilities in Iraq to third-party countries such as Chile, Australia and across Europe, and another 1,350 to the US.
      UNHCR, resettlement programs are running currently in response to the Syrian civil war, with over 600 staff in Jordan conducting interviews for eligibility.

      Jordan, where Israel thinks all the Palestinians need to go...

  4. 'Israeli military prepares for Lebanon and Syria threats despite turmoil in Egypt'

    what 'threats'? Israel knows full well whats happening and that gullible muslim jihadis are well trained to fulfil the israeli program

    1. brian: Israel is not 'threatened' by Lebanon and Syria
      They are preparing to invade.

      Or more correctly "Israel is preparing TO threaten Lebanon and Syria"

      No worries for Egypt though.
      Not surprise there
      Egypt and Israel both Mediterranean partners in NATO
      Means Israel has nothing to worry about

  5. Hey Pen'... wow, the presentation, your page, that WW1 pic, such a talented presenter now young lady, your work is being archived by the good guys too, lol!


  6. veritas
    where in the hell have you been?
    I checked in at the blog, left you a message and nadda
    I do hope all is well?
    First KamNam and now Veritas
    I must await yet another blast from the past.
    who will it be?

  7. Hi penny

    Seems a lot is happening is the region these days and confusion reigns. The morsi overthrow seems to pit the US and Saudis on different sides so what happened there is a new split where Saudis are sending a message saying we won't rely on the US as much. I have a feeling the joker got involved here and decided to help get rid of morsi and bring in a more obedient regime hand picked by their Saudi allies. Saudi prince bandar I believe orchestrated this.
    Syria seems on the edge. Qatar out, Saudis in and a more coordinated effort to battle the govt again by the Saudis. The joker is on side with this since bandar is taking this situation under his control. There are rumours about Israel having bombed a storage site used to receive new equipment from Russia, this is very confused as everyone has their own stories. One coming from the region is a missile attack by Syrian navy against a Israeli sub which may have fired a cruise missile into the storage site. No one seems to have the whole story.
    Finally I doubt very much Israel is planning any invasion on Syria, Lebanon, the political benefits simply do not support this at this time. NATO will not get involved unless Israel gets attacked, not happening any time soon.
    So we have a stalemate. Obama will keep lying about how involved the US is in Syria, same as France, the uk and Canada. In reality, the arms merchants are making a killing, pardon the pun. The region today is big business for arms and everybody who have some to sell are tripping over each other to supply. We all know how Israel is a big merchant in this area, so money is being made.
    Syria is the new Afghanistan for the west and the Saudis so we will be there for some time.

    1. Hi anon and I wish I had a better name to call you then that?
      Yes, much is ongoing in the region.

      "The morsi overthrow seems to pit the US and Saudis on different sides so what happened there is a new split where Saudis are sending a message saying we won't rely on the US as much. I have a feeling the joker got involved here and decided to help get rid of morsi and bring in a more obedient regime hand picked by their Saudi allies. Saudi prince bandar I believe orchestrated this."

      I think that is just on the surface, the appearance of being on different sides

      "Syria seems on the edge"

      Like it could go either way? If Assad and SAA can get the country under control (on the ground) options increase for Syria.
      But it looks to me, it is going to be tough.

      " Qatar out, Saudis in and a more coordinated effort to battle the govt again by the Saudis"

      I absolutely agree with that. This looks to me to be an effort to put on a coordinated front. wrote about that here

      And it looks as if Israel is prepping to move in (boots on the ground)

      I will be back ... hope you will be to?