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The Menace of Globalism, Democracy and the Political West

Guest Post # 2: The Menace of Globalism, Democracy and the Political West - July, 2013
Guest Post # 1 can be found here  When The "No-Fly Zone" Just Won't Fly

From the Rise of Russia blog   

I am excerpting in the most basic manner, The analysis is vastly  broader and more in depth then what is contained herein and should be read, in full, at Rise of Russia

"Nevertheless, Syria's fate is hinging upon two primary factors: How far will the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance and friends will go to destroy it and how far will Moscow and Tehran go to protect it. More on the military and geopolitical aspects of the conflict in Syria can be read in my previous two blog commentaries -
Syrian Conflict: A Brief Military Analysis

 Middle Eastern geopolitics and the proxy war in Syria

A real life, high stakes chess game has taken shape in the Levant. Syria has suddenly and unwittingly become the battlefield where forces subservient to Western and Israeli interests and forces loyal to Iran (backed by Moscow) are facing off in an epic battle. These are pivotal times in the Middle East. And as we have been seeing in recent weeks, it's not only Syria, the entire region, including the region's two major players, Turkey and Egypt, is in an upheaval.

Just recently, the Egyptians proved yet again that the thing called democracy may be one of the worst forms of government ever devised by man. Egyptians have in fact proven my thesis that democracy is the best way to create a failed state. It's important to note here that in Egypt Washington has leverage over both the sides of the political fence. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you again that the political system in the Western world is not a democracy per se, it is a tightly controlled, elitist system where only a handful of select political parties participate in the political process every few years. The electorate in the Western world have very limited say in the political process. Western/European countries that come closest to practicing a democratic form of government may be Switzerland and Iceland.

Nonetheless, it looks as if the next few months will be crucial in determining what the future of Syria and of the greater region will look like.

What must be considered, in brief-

Their fear of Iran

Their fear is that if left unchecked Iran will disturb what is termed as the "balance of power" in the region. This so-called balance of power is where Western powers, the Zi0nist state and several US backed Arab monarchies enjoy total supremacy and complete impunity. As a result, many in positions of power in the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia have been quite vociferous in calling for a preemptive war against Iran. They fear that they will no longer have the impunity to do as they will once Iran becomes a nuclear power and begins projecting its interests throughout the region.

Wesley Clark's troubling revelation

The best way to ensure stability in your and prosperity land is to cause instability and despair in your competitors' lands. Ancient Rome knew this formula very well. Rome intentionally fought most of its wars in enemy territory. Keeping certain areas of the world in constant turmoil is how the Western world maintains its hegemony. With the exception of Nazi Germany's bombing of London during the Second World War, all of the wars instigated by Anglo-Americans during the past century have taken place in faraway lands.

 Remaking the Middle East
The sinister plan to remake the Middle East is actually much older than Wesley Clark's narrative. The following is Oded Yinon “Strategy for Israel in the 1980s” as summarized by anti-Zionist political activist, Israel Shahak -

    "The plan operates on two essential premises. To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states. Small here will depend on the ethnic or sectarian composition of each state. Consequently, the Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states become Israel’s satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimation."

Plans to break the Middle East into smaller, more manageable states is decades old.
No difference between Democrat and Republican

To better understand Washington it is crucially important to recognize that there are no real differences between Democrats and Republicans.

American "exceptionalism" or imperial hubris?

In recent decades Washington has arrogantly bestowed upon itself a divine calling of sorts. This self-ascribed calling has been described by various prominent Americans as "American exceptionalism".

 Exploiting the underfed, underemployed and undereducated

When we put all the global unrest taking place in the world today under a microscope, we will find Washington and friends pulling the strings of most of them. With a full array of powerful levers at their disposal the political West manages the world's control board. The sheeple around the world may be rebelling and protesting for very legitimate reasons, but their sheppards are in one way or another carrying out orders of the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance"

And much much more..
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  1. from rise of russia blog post:
    'And that is exactly what seems to be happening today: Western and Israeli backed Sunni interests on one side, Russian and Iranian backed Shiites on the other will be facing off in Syria for the finale. '

    this is not correct: its not sunni vs shia, as most of Syrian Arab Army are SUNNI..its syria vs foreign salafist/wahhabi jihadis who are backed by FUKUSrael saudi qatar etc