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When The "No-Fly Zone" Just Won't Fly

Guest Post # 1 - When The "No-Fly Zone" Just Won't Fly

Finally..... james!  My apologies for the delay in getting this piece up, james. With all the fast moving global events particularly in Egypt, I fell behind.
James (from WinterPatriot)  wrote an extensive piece that was inspired by a post here at the blog.

 I include below a brief excerpt below to whet the whistle!

  Obama and Putin in Ireland
   "US ready to implement no-fly zone in Syria: Pentagon” says the headline from the The Hindu's Business Line news and reported on at Penny For Your Thoughts. But it's never going to happen no matter how ready Gen. Dempsey may be. The US has much too much to lose if it took a bloody nose over it from Russia or, heaven forbid, Syria.

The US has enjoyed and massively exploited its new status in the last twenty years as the world's only 'super power'. It has foisted trillions of dollars fresh from its printing press on the rest of the world and financed its massive military hardware with this confetti at the expense of the rest of the world. The US has managed to do this while trashing its own economy. The value behind the US dollar has been propped up by the fact that the world needs to buy these US dollars to be able to purchase precious oil from the oil producing countries. It has gotten away with it because it is simply 'the biggest'. The biggest bully, that is. The intimidation value of its military is massive and it wins concessions from every country on this small globe because of it. No one wants to cross it. So the rest of the world smiles while it is getting screwed and pretends to like this oaf

Resentment (and eventual payback) is inevitable.
The US has world pre-eminence through the perception of overwhelming military power. But if this perception of invincibility were to be shown to be false, even in a limited conflict, it would lose this all powerful image and with it a lot of its bargaining power in all sorts of negotiations including the imposition of its currency as the de facto world currency. All the US's fascist allies around the world, especially in the Middle East, would also lose a lot of their intimidatory power as well which would further weaken the US.

There's a lot at stake for the US. So it only militarily attacks those countries that it KNOWS it can totally squash.

"Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business".

These famous words of the Neocon, Michael Ledeen, take on a deeper meaning once this essential vulnerability of the US is understood because the US's real power is the power of perception or the perception of power, if you like. If the perception changes, so does the power. It is imperative then that the US does nothing to jeopardise this perception and that means not going head to head with anyone who is committed to putting up a serious fight; especially Russia with their superior missile technology and their nuclear ICBMs counterbalancing the US's nuclear arsenal. The US only ever attacks countries who cannot effectively strike back. It only attacks countries where it has complete dominance of the skies.

What is true for the US is also true for israel because it, in turn, gets to bully its Middle East neighbours because of the US's constantly repeated refrain that it will back israel in its violent psychotic assaults on everyone around them.
With the defeat of NATO's and Israel's jihadists and paid mercenaries at Qusayr at the hands of the Syrian Army aided by Hezbollah fighters, israel's dreams of dominating the Middle East and its oil are fading fast. The dreams of israel's owners, the zionist bankers, owners also of the worlds major central banks and purveyors of generations of economic misery on the rest of us, are falling with them.
            Things started going bad for these zionist bankers in 2006 with the israeli defence forces' (IDF's) defeat in southern Lebanon at the hands of Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia militia. At the beginning of that campaign, Condoleezza Rice, was portraying the carnage reeked by israel on Lebanon as “the birth pangs of a New Middle East”. When the “New Middle East” proved to be still-born, Rice was fulsome in her derision of israel for its incompetence. Apart from her nomination for the Madeleine Albright Award for Humanitarianism, 2006 was not a good year for her nor, more importantly for us, for the target of her scathing abuse, Israel. Israeli politicians and defence forces had succumbed to hubris from listening too often to their rabbis and from reading too many of their own press clippings. Power weaves its deceptive spell over those who wield it as well as over those who are oppressed by it.

Outraged at their defeat in 2006, the IDF managed somehow to refrain for two years from venting their spleen on the poor imprisoned Gazans until 2008. Over Christmas while the goyim were distracted with drinking and shopping, Israel launched their Operation Cast Lead with its phosphorus bombs, amongst a multitude of other war crimes, on the trapped and defenceless Gazans. If 2006 was the tuning point in Israel's military war, 2008 was the turning point in its propaganda war with the rest of the world. Israel's psychopathic disregard for all things human was nakedly on show for everyone to see. Cracks began to appear....

Much food for thought from James. Links etc.,

Guest Post # 2 can be found here: The Menace of Globalism, Democracy and the Political West


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