Thursday, July 25, 2013

Who is Kevin Annett?

A big thanks to McJ from the Winter Patriot Community for shining the light on this video
I enjoyed it thoroughly, therefore, it must be shared.

About an hour long.

His site has long been in the sidebar here: Hidden from History; The Genocide of Canada's Aboriginals


  1. Thanks Penny and thanks for posting this. You must have been talking to James. :) I really enjoyed the video as well. I am always impressed with what Kevin has to say.

    Unfortunately, I have heard from some FB friends that Kevin is being trashed online. There appears to be some kind of campaign against him. I haven't checked into it as yet but here are a couple of comments from someone on the 'progressive left' (who considers themselves to be very engaged in the political process) to give you the idea. These comments were in response to an article posted about the nutritional experiments conducted on starving children at some of the residential schools.

    "Is any of your information from Kevin Arnette guy or something along that name...many have been trashing this name on line ...and he talks about genocide and shows documented fake court cases and all that jazz...."

    "Different facebook groups trash any thing from Kevin A. he speaks on genocide of First Nations People..he's on you tube. Anyone who posts these articles are taken down or deleted by mods...on a variety of facebook groups"

    Here is a link to an excellent Spreecast interview done with a couple of First Nations leaders close to the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC). Among other things, they talk about how the government is obstructing the TRC by dragging their feet on releasing crucial documents, and this is after they were ordered by the courts to expedite the document release. As well, there is an interview with Ian Morsi who recently published his findings on nutritional experiments conducted on the native population, titled 'Administering Colonial Science: Nutrition Research and Human Biomedical Experimentation in Aboriginal Communities and Residential Schools, 1942–1952

    The interview is 2 hours long but I thought it was very good and worth the watch.

    Pdf of Morsi's paper at link:

    An article on the Harpo government's withholding of thousands of documents on the torture of native children.

    And finally, an article that gives an overview.
    'A homegrown genocide'

    Hope I don't get dumped into the spam for posting too many links.

    1. James sent the link over but gave you credit
      I responded in kind

      "The so called left progressives" And the tyranny of their good intentions
      Some but not all of them. Their ego is so caught up in their 'do gooding' they don't get they are doing bad

      Take any NGO as an example
      HRW. Avaaz etc

      I had some stuff bookmarked on Harper and his document denial
      I figure they don't want this whole mess in their laps at this time
      And will delay it till Justin Trudeau is ordained

      Thanks for the links McJ and the video
      I will most definitely be checking out the other info

    2. "Their ego is so caught up in their 'do gooding' they don't get they are doing bad."

      So true!

      "...figure they don't want this whole mess in their laps at this time
      And will delay it till Justin Trudeau is ordained."

      hahaha :) - I know some 'progressives' who wouldn't see the humour in that.

      In the interview I linked it is pointed out that the government's stalling of document release could mean up to a 10 years wait for some of them. The TRC's mandate is over next year and they need the documents now to have any chance of completing their report.

    3. I know some 'progressives' who wouldn't see the humour in that.

      Hey, it's just the truth as I see it. shrugs shoulders

  2. meet one of the attackers of Annett

    the owner of the blog is Greg Renouf

  3. Thanks for the links. The guy is a real piece of work!

    1. I read some of his stuff also, he appears to align himself with the neo con right and support of the government- by that I means he seems to be perturbed that ordinary people are challenging the illusion of authority presented by the 'government'

      Better to shut up and be governed

  4. I'd give kevin the benefit of the doubt, if he would stop running away from the critic's questions, his cowardice in handling such criticism and inability to follow through on his promises to prove things are dead giveaways of his fraudulant nature. Dare you to send bones to the smithsonian, see if they can even make it past customs without special clearances, then ask kevin for his to backup his lies about sending bones to the smithsonian for dna analysis. He didn't. Because he is full of shit.

  5. One would surely have to ask three important questions.
    1.How did this non- believer/doubter of Jesus Christ ever get to become a United Churches of Canada minister ?
    2.Why did he come a United Churches minister ?
    3.Why has Eugene 'Rick' Hidalgo now installed him as a 'Pastor' of his 'church' in Salem south Dakota ?

    1. One would have to ask three question in return
      How do you know he is a 'non believer' are you in his head?

      A better question would be Why the United Church allowed him to be a minister if he is as you claim a 'non-believer'?

      Who is Eugene Rick Hidalgo?

      You make many claims? Assumptions? Perhaps you may speak to Kevin yourself,
      Ask the United Church
      And query Eugene "rick' hidalgo?

  6. Perhaps this video will get people asking questions.