Friday, August 23, 2013

Breaking News: Two Explosions hit Lebanon's Tripoli

Light on details:

WP — Lebanese security officials say 2 explosions rock northern city of Tripoli.

ABC -The officials say the blasts went off near mosques in the city on Friday, the Muslim day of prayer when mosques would be packed.

Reuters-Two explosions rocked Lebanon's northern city of Tripoli on Friday, causing casualties, witnesses and security sources said. One blast was outside a mosque as Friday prayers ended. The other hit central Tripoli.
SANA- Lebanon's national news agency: Two explosions heard in Tripoli and clouds of smoke cover the city

 Car bombs at Lebanon mosques kill 27
  Powerful car bombs have exploded outside two Sunni Muslim mosques in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, killing at least 27 people and wounding 352.

 "Up to now, there are 27 martyrs and 352 wounded in hospitals," Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil said on television, without saying whether this was the final toll.
 Both explosions took place as worshippers were filing out after weekly Muslim prayers on Friday, in a city where Sunni supporters of rebels in neighbouring Syria frequently clash with Alawites, who support the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The first blast hit in the city centre and was also near the home of outgoing Prime Minister Najib Mikati, although his office said he was not in Tripoli at the time.

The second struck near the port of the restive city with a Sunni majority, close to the home of former police chief Ashraf Rifi, a security source said.

 The explosions come a week after a suicide car bombing killed 27 people in a Beirut stronghold of the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, which is fighting alongside Assad's forces.

On Wednesday, army chief General Jean Kahwaji said his forces were fighting a "total war" against terrorism whose aim is "to provoke sectarian strife" in the country.

Divide to conquer. That certainly would not, in any way serve the Lebanese people.

He said the army had been pursuing a "terrorist cell that prepares car bombs and sends them to residential neighbourhoods."

He said "the gravity ... lies in the fact that this cell is not targeting any one region or community in particular, but that it aims to provoke sectarian strife by targeting different regions," said Kahwaji.

Provoking sectarian strife. Who would that benefit?


  1. Meanwhile, Israel launched an air raid in the south after yest'd rocket fire.

    & this

    Britain has secret Middle East web surveillance base: Report... The Independent newspaper said it was not disclosing the country where the base is located, but said the facility can intercept emails, telephone calls and web traffic for the US and other intelligence agencies. The British base taps into underwater fibre-optic cables in the region, the newspaper said.

    Once again Revisiting all those cable cuts off the coast of Egypt...

    Here’s a summary from Fibre Systems: “France Telecom observed today that 3 major underwater cables were cut: “Sea Me We 4” at 7:28am, “Sea Me We3” at 7:33am and FLAG at 8:06am. The causes of the cut, which is located in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia, on sections linking Sicily to Egypt, remain unclear.”

    1. are you thinking the surveillance base is in Egypt?

  2. Vatican asking the tough questions...

    "There should not be a judgment until there is sufficient proof," Mr Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican's permanent observer at the United Nations in Geneva, said in an interview with Vatican radio. "What immediate interest would the government in Damascus have in causing such a tragedy?" he asked, adding that the real question was: "Who does this inhuman crime really benefit?"

    UK says Assad did it...Reuters reports Hague says believes Syria's Assad behind chemical attack

  3. Alleged attack in Syria comes day after Dempsey says rebels wouldn't support US positions in the region...

  4. So, the two mosques are salafist. Who benefits by hitting the hornets nest?? my guess is those that recruit pissed off salafists and direct their anger in a direction that suits themselves.

    now about those rockets launched into isreal by a salafist terrorist group hidden within a Palestinian camp. How can israel justify a retaliation on a completely different location on a group with completely different ideals.

    sorry to change the subject Penny, but this is of interest.

    blows between saud and Yemen. deaths on both sides.

    "Saudi warplanes are flying over the area, while the Yemeni armed crews are heading to the battlefield."

    saud arming up.


    a good read on some saud history

    1. article today saying yemen requesting drones from US

      Open clashes a few weeks ago as factions of .mil fighting in capital

      Then the rumors that Saleh son - who Hadi has systematically tried to defang - was planning a coup

      Al Arabiya article back in 2011 that reported the munition that hit Saleh compound was a US specially designed munition

      Yemen a partial control valve for US-Saudi relations? Here are some strong words from the Kingdom re a threat by the US to cut off aid..

      “To those who have announced they are cutting their aid to Egypt, or threatening to do that, (we say that) Arab and Muslim nations are rich... and will not hesitate to help Egypt,” al-Faisal said in a statement carried by SPA state news agency. Prince al-Faisal criticized Western condemnations of Egypt’s security crackdown against Islamists saying Egypt is fighting terrorism. “All countries that take such negative attitudes toward Egypt should know that the blaze and ruin will not be limited to Egypt alone, but they will be reflected on all those who have contributed or stood by problems and disorders taking place in Egypt today,” Prince al-Faisal said. “We will not consider those who ignore these facts and drift behind the flimsy propaganda and lies as a good faith or ignorance, but we will consider them as hostile attitudes against the interests of the Arab and Islamic nations and their stability,” Prince al-Faisal added.


    2. I can't get my head around SA?
      Egypt is fighting terrorism?
      And SA is going to help with this?
      SA is a total creator of terrorists along with Turkey etc. in their pipeline for NATO
      so what the hell?

      could this be rhetoric for the domestic audience and a sign to the US that if it needs to save face via cutting funding, SA will pick up the costs?

    3. "How can israel justify a retaliation on a completely different location on a group with completely different ideals"

      rhetorical question, right?

      and thanks for the background stuff
      maybe it will help me understand this mess better?

    4. "I can't get my head around SA?
      Egypt is fighting terrorism?
      And SA is going to help with this?"

      Penny, your definition of a terrorist and saud's definition are 2 different things. What terrorises someone in many cases is much different depending upon what is at stake.

      What terrorises saud is a loss of control/leadership of their wahabi cult.

      The article I posted explains this.

      Have you ever seen the movie 'Priest'?

      "To go against the church is to go against god."
      "You will not do anything to jeopardise the sanctity of these walls" (wall of chuch control)

      control of the mind is more powerful that any army. loosing that control is what terrorises saud. this is the real threat of Iran to them. this is what is meant by, in globalist speak, 'Iran obtaining nukes'. Iran's nuke is its influence.

  5. Israel and her/its two lackeys, the USA and England, won't be happy until the entire ME, except for 'Stolenland' is on fire.

    When the Sunnis and Shiites get past their differences and band together to fight their common enemy, Israel, all hell will start breaking loose.

  6. Penny,
    This is alarming about Syria citing French paper Le Figaro at PressTV short article.

    US special forces, CIA, Jordanian and Isreal forces inside S. Syria headed for Damascus. Been there since couple days before the "chemical attack" according to this report


    1. thanks Karin

      I had heard that news somewhere.....
      oh and read something too?
      If it comes back to me I will link it here

  7. Hey all:

    apologies for the non responses the past few days
    busy and it is either info or respond, I went with info despite my total enjoyment of exchanging ideas and all that stuff :)
    Have no fear, or perhaps you should... I don't know?! ;)
    I will be back to chat

    but keep leaving stuff, it's great either hubby or I will let comments through

  8. Its so obvious that who planted these bombs. Bombs exploded in a shia town and then two bombs expolded in a salafi town... hmmm...

    Hassan nasrallauh in his speech foreshadowed these actioned and told people to keep their cools. Shias won't retaliate unless the bearded fucks attack them... this is the truth. The only people that won't bow down to the enemy is shias. Unfortunately, the sunnis are mislead easily by the dark forces...

    1. "Its so obvious that who planted these bombs. Bombs exploded in a shia town and then two bombs expolded in a salafi town... hmmm..."

      OK, it is not exactly clear to me
      Are we talking Israelis
      Are we talking SA Wahabbis
      Could your clarify who you think was behind this, in your opinion?

      "Unfortunately, the sunnis are mislead easily by the dark forces..."

      There appears to be a lot of truth in that statement and I just can't comprehend why?
      Maybe it is my own lack of religious belief?

    2. Penny

      "OK, it is not exactly clear to me
      Are we talking Israelis
      Are we talking SA Wahabbis
      Could your clarify who you think was behind this, in your opinion?"

      I'm not the "Anonymous" in question, but this was an Israeli act of terrorism, either using their own specialists in this sort of thing (which Israel specialises in), or using paid agents in their employ.

      вот так

    3. Hi Penny,

      have you heard about the Israeli commando that was taken out by Hisballah in Lebanon? Nasrallah explains the incident in this video (sorry in arabic with french subtitles)

      Around 15 commandos from the Golani special forces were booby trapped by Nasrallah's fighters in Lebanon (somewhere in the south). The official position of Israel is that they made an old mine from 1948 explode (yeah sure).

    4. Hey Gallier!!

      I just had to get back to you! It is so good to know you are still around :)

      I had not heard or read about the Isaeli commando being taken out by Hisballah
      but, I am definitely going to watch the video.

      "Around 15 commandos from the Golani special forces were booby trapped by Nasrallah's fighters in Lebanon (somewhere in the south)"

      It is incredible to me how blatant Israel is when it comes to going/sneaking/entering into other nations
      No respect at all.
      The uber entitled ones...

      however it won't be till tomorrow, this has been a crazy week (passed)
      and we shall see how this one is going to shape up

  9. now why would islamic terrorists kill syrians, wonder Hague?
    I know that some people in the world would like to say that this is some kind of conspiracy brought about by the opposition in Syria,” William Hague, British Foreign Secretary, is cited as saying by Reuters. “I think the chances of that are vanishingly small and so we do believe that this is a chemical attack by the Assad regime.”

    it used to be that conspiracy theorising was where the govt was said to kill its own people

  10. aussies involved in war planning in US against syria

    1. I urge you not to put to much credit in stratrisks posts. They are just like stratfor or debka in they put stories together to push an agenda. To tell you what to think not provide intel.

      For example:

      "Iran’s Navy May Deploy to Atlantic Ocean, Establish Antarctica Base" - in reality, Iran does not have the logistical capability for either.


      "President Assad Orders Commanders to Target Israel, US Interests 'if Assassinated'" - why would military tactics need changing if 1 person is taken out? makes no sense.

      See, stratrisks is programming, not intel. Not so much directed at the unwashed masses as msm does that, but they target mid level descision makers who take this as gospel because they are told to and they have little time to verify for themselves.