Thursday, August 1, 2013

Breaking News!: Unverified footage of large explosion in Homs, Syria



A huge explosion blasted a fireball hundreds of metres into the air in the Syrian city of Homs, a video posted on the Internet showed.
Activists claimed the explosion, which appeared to be significantly larger than most bombs used daily by either side in the two-year-old Syrian conflict, ripped through the southeastern neighbourhood of al-Nozha.

 Can anyone tell us what is being said?
Has anyone seen any other news? 

1st update: CBC- Rocket attacks, explosions kill at least 40 in Syria

Looks as if the NATO backed mercs launched multiple rocket attacks.
Which explains the camera man being in position to get the explosion in such a timely fashion.

Rocket attacks struck government-held districts in the central Syrian city of Homs on Thursday, setting off successive explosions in a weapons depot that killed at least 40 people and wounded dozens, an opposition group and residents said.

The blasts sent a massive ball of fire into the sky, causing widespread damage and panic among residents, many of whom are supporters of President Bashar al-Assad.

One resident said the explosions were so strong they cracked the walls of some buildings. Thick smoke and dust could be seen from a distance as explosions shook the ground.
A video posted online by activists showed a huge ball of fire over Homs.
The explosions in Homs reflected the see-saw nature of the conflict. It showed that despite significant advances by Syria's military, (Assad's military, is NATO media spin)  rebels could still strike back.
An official at the governor's office in Homs said about 10 rockets slammed into the neighbourhood of Zahra and the nearby sports stadium, sparking a large fire and causing several casualties.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity in line with government regulations. He did not give a casualty figure.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which closely monitors the fighting in Syria, said 40 people were killed and 120 wounded — some critically — when rockets struck an arms depot, igniting the fire.
TY anonymous commenter( wish you had a moniker) This is extremely curious news
2nd update : United States to Close Embassies Sunday Over Security Fears
Why Sunday August 4/2013

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, Aug 01, 2013 (AFP) — The United States said it would close an unspecified number of embassies around the world on Sunday over security concerns. 

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf on Thursday called the step “precautionary” but declined to specify the threat or list which missions would be closed. 

“The Department of State has instructed certain US embassies and consulates to remain closed or to suspend operations on Sunday, August 4,” Harf told reporters. 

 Harf said that the embassies would be closed specifically on Sunday, with an assessment afterwards on whether to reopen them. 

I find that news disconcerting.

3rd Update: SANA is   reporting on and therefore Syria is acknowledging that some sort of an attack happened in Homs. 
They are claiming a smaller amount of  casualties then the scores reported by some media outlets
The piece is light on details

Aug 01, 2013
Homs, (SANA)-An official source in Homs on Thursday denied media reports on the killing of scores of citizens by terrorists' gunfire and shells at the city's southern entrance.
"Those reports broadcast by channels, which are partners in the Syrian bloodshed, are categorically untrue and aim at raising the morale of the armed terrorist groups after the big losses they inflicted in many regions of Homs, particularly in al-Khaldiye," the source said in a statement to SANA.
The source added that this coward act will not affect the army courageous soldiers, but it will increase their determination to rescue Syria from the dirtiness of terrorists.
It said that the terrorist act against the southern entrance of Homs caused the injury of tens of citizens who were admitted to hospitals, four of them were later martyred.

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  1. Looking at the fireball is a telling sign of what type of explosive it is.

    Military ordinance is designed to burn up its fuel as fast as possible, without the need for external components such as oxygen in the air, to create a rapid thermal expansion. Seeing the long burning fireball is indication this is not a military grade esplosive.

    Also, since the burning is over a relativly long time for an explosive shows it is not an efficient design.

    my guess is an IED planted by the rebels in a trape for the Syrian army.

  2. here is a longer version of the video

    all the msm is spouting it was a weapongs cache of the army that blew from shelling. and the source of this intel is non other than the disinfo front of 'Syrian Observatory for Human Rights'

    it is obvious the cameraman knew it was about to happen so how can this be a weapons cache that blew up from mortar shelling?

  3. Hi,
    there are two versions. The place is located around the bassel al assad stadium, and there is a refinery not far. This is an alawi quarter.The video has been taken probably from the bab al dreib old city.Some says it's a grad bombing by the djihadists who blasted ammos seized on the rebels by the SAA, Otheres say that this was a fuel depot. Anyway I agree with anonymous, not a military grad explosive.

  4. So, no rockets then?
    This would make sense because why did the rebels only catch the explosion
    when the rockets would have made for a nice show.. promoting their military skills etc

  5. I'm trying to get better infos, there are also rumours of an IAF raid.The first big fireball is very strange...
    and according to some more than 206 dead.

  6. Here is a video of the surroundings after...
    IED with tons of explosives or a lucky shot if they bombed...

  7. Thanks Pour la Syrie

    let me know what more you can find out
    Much appreciated

  8. I have fixed that second video, which was there then disappeared
    Yet another 'google glitch'?

  9. ****Note the US closing embassies for threat***SUNDAY
    United States to Close Embassies Sunday Over Security Fears

    Was that an opening sortie?

    More Israeli strikes likely: Syria moved missiles before alleged Israeli strike

    NYT walks back claims on last month’s raid: no missiles hit

    Iran talk ramping a US pushes toughest sanctions yet

    Lebanon being primed (emphasis)
    FT: Fears are growing the Syrian war might become a region-wide religious conflict


    Many Burgas stories all tie back to Lebanon (emphasis links to Poland/Czech/Bulgaria)
    Suspect in Burgas bombing flew to Lebanon before blast: report
    Report: Hezbollah smuggled Burgas bomb gear from Poland
    Report: Hezbollah wired $100,000 to suspected terrorists ahead of Burgas bombing

    Moody's changes to negative the outlook on three Lebanese banks' ratings

    Netanyahu thanks Czech for no vote at UN vs. Poland Abstains
    Netanyahu father from Poland

    note burgas story about equip from poland

    Recent Poland/ Israel disagreement over joint statement on 2 state solution

    Israel and Bulgaria just completed joint air exercise over Lebanon scenario

    Bulgaria Parliament last gasp before disbanding was to end the burgas pipeline

    Lebanon govt knocked over
    Lebanon’s defense minister has extended the term of the army commander

    U.S. Ambassador-designate to Lebanon David Hale blasts Hezbollah over its military involvement in Syria and pledges further economic support for Lebanon at his confirmation hearing in Washington

    Israel to start drilling offshore for oil

  10. The most complete view:
    There is something fishy. All reports are different. some sites deny it, no government reaction.

    1. I was looking for government reaction..???
      do you have any people in or near that area of Homs that can clarify anything?

    2. Is that lengthier video, two joined as one?
      Around the 1:30 mark it seems weird
      right after the bird
      what do you think?

    3. I'm waiting for him too! He seems busy.

    4. Yes, they join two as one. I don't see the djihadists doing such operations, they don't have the personals. We have two solutions, a fuel depot and all surroundings blasting, or a special ammo warehouse and a IAF business on. If this is the case, you won' t have a "communiqué" now.

    5. Assuming that the Syrian army is advancing on a NATO mercenary position, it will not be a Syrian ammo dump or fuel depot. They are kept behind the front line for obvious reasons.

      The Mercs may blow up their own ammo or fuel dumps or a commercial fuel depot as they retreat to deprive the Syrian army of them. It would be a propaganda tactic to turn a defeat into victory story. Something worthy of the Syrian Observatory on (cough) Human Rights.

    6. Hey Pour la Syrie & James

      my first thought upon seeing this was burning fuel and lots of it.
      Along with explosives for detonation?!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_960/image.jpg

      recent train derailment in quebec, burning fuel and lots of it
      looks much like the pictures from Syria.

      So was there fuel stored in that area?
      Was the explosion in an area that had just recently been freed from the seige of terror?
      If so then the NATO mercs could have planted explosive devices and timed them to blow?
      Was there a refinery in the vicinity?

  11. When looking again, It can't be an IED or a sucide bomber, something else...What, I don't know.

    1. Could it be a fuel/air or a thermobaric bomb?

    2. james, I don't know, but, hubby thinks it is possible.

      I had to go and look it up

      It does have a fuel component so it is possible
      but, still can't be sure this explosion took place in Homs today

    3. " but, still can't be sure this explosion took place in Homs today"

      after making that comment, I checked SANA and there was the confirmation I needed that something did take place in Homs

      Just an FYI

    4. Hi Penny,
      Sorry I was occupied, A guy in Homs told me that it was a rocket on an ammo depot with also fuel barrils not far. They bombed the place (alawi) to have a revenge. about 25 dedas and more 130 wounded. If you watch the IED explosion vids in Aleppo near central prison yesterday, you will see easily the difference with the smoke, no fuel burning.
      Take care

    5. Much Appreciated Pour la Syrie!

      I have been away for the day, a much needed break and was unaware of the explosions in Aleppo.

      Is this the same prison that has been attacked previously in attempts to free up additional fighters?

  12. Is something happening here? Or is July Normally a bad month?

    CP Train Derails on Bridge Spanning Calgary River 6.27.13
    'Nevsky Express' Train Bomber Dies In Russian Jail 7.1.13
    Canada Train derails 7.6.13
    Asiana 777 crash lands SF 7.7.13
    Russia train derailment Sochi 7.7.13
    Paris Train Derails 7.12.13
    Dreamliner fire heathrow 7.12.13
    Paris Train Crash: Faulty Track Likely Cause
    Thailand Train Derails 7.17.13
    Sukhoi lands on belly iceland 7.21.13
    Southwest Landing Gear Malfunction Lagaurdia 7.22.13
    Spain train derails 7.24.13
    Tampa Train Derails 7.25.13
    54 injured in Kazakhstan train crash 7.29.13
    Swiss Train: derails 7.30.13
    Venezuela bus crash (Caracas) 7.31.13
    Venezuela crash (east) 8.1.13

    1. I have been wondering the same thing about all the train derailments. They seemed to start just after Russia put an end to NATO intervention plans in Syria. It looks like Mossad temper tantrums to me.

    2. IMO that is an unusually high number of crashes?

    3. Yeah, what's up with all the train wrecks all of a sudden? Seems to be a new one every week.

      The explosions (Syria) were probably something the zioterrorists set off themselves to film. The like doing stuff like that, since setting off bombs in civilian areas is much safer for them than fighting the SAA. And the Jewish media can use that material for their spin.

      вот так

    4. Hey Bot tak

      I would say yes, there were no rockets, just some sort of explosive device
      The the NATO/Israeli backed mercs cleared out and got video of their dirty deed
      The story line then comes through from Syrian Observatory on destroying human rights

  13. Thanks Penny, for the update on Syria. You're the bomb! ben

    1. Your welcome ben
      The bomb!
      Only the kind that has coloured confetti ;)

  14. US to close certain embassies august 4

    US should permanently close ALL embassies for ever for safety of local peoples … theyre sources of coups and terrorism

    1. agree on the purpose of embassies
      yet, why this sunday?
      Is the US and co cooking something up?

    2. can I throw some gas on the fire...

      exercise Vibrant Response. simulation of a 10kt nuke detonation in Columbus, Ohio started yesterday.

    3. I notice the news on embassy closing is getting big coverage today
      embassies in the ME, Israel and north Africa
      It smells like a build up for the next 'show'
      You know like the trailer for a new movie?

      If the US has intel,then they also have the ability to ensure no harm is done
      unless they want it to be done
      Keeping in mind the recent jailbreaks!!!!!!
      It stinks

    4. AnonymousAugust 2, 2013 at 5:23 AM

      can I throw some gas on the fire...

      why not, we should all be as aware as the ptb's, right?

      "exercise Vibrant Response. simulation of a 10kt nuke detonation in Columbus, Ohio started yesterday"

      heads up!

    5. State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert

    6. This one smells like napalm...


      Eid al-Fitr 2013 begins in the evening of
      Wednesday, August 7
      and ends in the evening of
      Thursday, August 8

    7. I had thrown the embassy closing news into the post yesterday
      Another anonymous commenter had left it.
      And noticed today it was getting way more coverage
      As it was yesterday, it is still today, disconcerting
      I think of the jailbreaks.
      Do the ptb's have something planned?
      Or are they merely trying to keep the populace in fear and irrational?

    8. There won't be anything probably. They need to frighten to keep up their narrative. If something happens it will be two jackasses paid by the CIA to shoot at an embassy, trapped in hours and the next day you will have a wonderful NSA communiqué plus an Obama speech telling the world that without their spying machines it would have been worse...

    9. Hey brian! Benghazi, the sequel?
      I guess one can never tell

      Pour la Syrie:
      very good thought, very good
      This would help calm things down over the NSA big brother control grid gone amok

      Still we can't dismiss the psychos are so hot for war they won't do something.
      they are after all sick, sick bastards

  15. Ali @ the naked facts

    I am sorry to read of your troubles
    Sciatica is terrible. Had a bout of it myself, gone now. Misery.
    real health care has been sacrificed to profits for big pharma
    have you tried any exercises? physio?

    Let me know when you do the interviews, I will link them here
    take care :)

  16. Stephen Colbert on the Manning Verdict:
    "Here is what I don't get. Manning is found not guilty of aiding the enemy, but he is found guilty of espionage. So then who was he spying for, when he told us what the government was doing? Oh my God! He was working for the American People! OMG We're the enemy!
    Now that we know who Manning was feeding all the govt secrets too, somebody should be keeping an eye on those people. Oh they are?"

  17. something to think about...

    Some history on Ayatollah Khomeini.

    Khomeini was kicked out of Iran and settled in Iraq. He lived there for a number of years until he was arrested by the Iraqi government and deported in 1978. French President D'Estang was then pressured to offer Khomeini refuge in France to continue his "Islamic studies." While in France he became a Western celebrity and the symbol of the anti-Shah Islamic revolution. Coleman writes, "Once Khomeini was installed at the Chateau Neauphle, he began to receive a constant stream of visitors, many of them from the BBC, the CIA and British intelligence."

    Chateau Neauphle is in Paris.

    A little history on Hassan Rouhani.

    In November 1977, during a public ceremony held at Tehran's Ark Mosque to commemorate the death of Mostafa Khomeini (elder son of Ruhollah Khomeini), Rouhani used the title "Imam" for Ayatollah Khomeini, the then exiled leader of the Islamic movement, for the first time.[8]:375[23] It has been suggested that the title has been used for Khomeini by others before, including by Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr, although Rouhani was influential in publicizing the title.[38][39][40]

    Since he was persecuted by the SAVAK, Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti and Ayatollah Motahhari advised him to leave the country.[8]:385

    Outside Iran he made public speeches to Iranian students studying abroad and joined Khomeini upon arriving in Paris.

    Here is a picture of Rouhani sitting behind Khomeini back in Paris.
    (second from left)

    anyone want to speculate how much contact Rouhani has had with the CIA or other western intel since that time? Is there a connection with the new sanctions placed on Iran that possibly Rouhani can unwind to look like a hero? Is it a coincedense to see so much rhetoric about the west being able to work with Rouhani days after the election?

    time will tell...

  18. France to close embassy in Yemen for security reasons

    "French President Francois Hollande said Saturday that France would close its embassy in Yemen over security fears for "several days", after Germany and Britain took the same precaution.

    "We are informed directly and indirectly of threats concerning our installations overseas and even our nationals, threats coming from Al-Qaeda," Hollande said..."

    Besides the USA, Israel's other main colonies are closing their embassies. Obviously a pre-planned and organised event is going to happen.

    Israeli false flag, anyone? New war for Israel?

    вот так

    1. The media release guaranteeing end to end coverage leading up to the week end

      It would seem something has been cooked up

      But, what?

      What angle will be played?

      The schemers always have more then one angle to play right?

      I guess we will have to wait and see...

  19. masters of the universe
    Eva Golinger ‏@evagolinger 40s
    Mexico and Canada declared part of US homeland by Senate maps — RT USA: …

    1. brian:
      as a canadian, I am less then happy to read that!


      The United States wants its police officers to be exempt from Canadian law if they agree to take part in a highly touted cross-border policing initiative, says an internal RCMP memo.

      The US cops can stay in the US. The Canadian cops are corrupt enough. As is the RCMP

    3. The discussion on American cops and Canada here reminded me of this:

      25 Biggest Differences Between Canadians and Americans


      "9. Law Enforcement: Canadians have Mounties and no they don’t always wear red and ride horses; Americans have police/cops/pigs and no they don’t smell like bacon. Americans love police brutality (just watch YouTube) and Canadians love Mountie jokes."

      вот так

  20. There were rival army factions fighting in yemen capital last week - those still loyal to saleh (as the the currently appointed pres was in DC conferring). Hadi has been making moves gradually to remove saleh son from the revguard, among other loyalists while aq is taking out top mil leaders. Aq also took out the head of us embassy security 30 days after the embassy was violated in wake of benghazi - which cnn now reports (borrowing from the report months ago) was a gun running exercise. It was in the wake of that reports of 100 tanks were delivered (and the Saudi drone base "leaked". Southern yemen secessionists have been ramping up rhetoric to add to the complications.

    Tunisia assasination few weeks back ramping up protests and activity on Algeria border. Algerian president reportedly back in Algeria but question of future leadership makes it a prime target next - another Russian legacy relationship and energy hub....

    Lebanon most likely?
    Netanyahu siezed on the rouhani comments last week which were later said to be misinterpreted by media? Us ambassador designate to lebanon ramped up the rhetoric last week as govt remains divided led by hez hariri split (incidentally another guy who splits his time between Paris and Saudi)

  21. first video entitled:'Assad regime ammunition'

    this sort of language is meant to whip up emotions in viewers...and if they are muslims, it can send them on jihad

  22. Israel's quislings keep ramping up the expectations. The top headline at Yahoo news:

    US Official: Al-Qaeda Messages Indicate Planned Attack 'Big' (an ABC advert)

    Followed by:

    Terror threat: Senator cites increased 'chatter' (AP bs)

    This is more than just an attempt to rehabilitate NSA in the eyes of the public, as I've seen this propaganda campaign dismissed as in some places on the web (but not here).

    вот так

  23. Gazan police officer abandons #Gaza to aid AlNusra Front with killing #Syria-ns

    Gazans for israel!

  24. This may be the source of the big explosion.

    at 3:15 in the video.

    a truck loaded with explosives. looks like liquids as there are many burned drums. destroyed by SAA just before entering Homs and they saved the many who would have been killed by this suicide attempt. was near the army post. time and place match.

    1. thanks!
      Watched the video and read the transcript, It appears to be match.
      Would this have been set of remotely?
      Or would a person actually have to be present?