Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Chemical attack" conveniently staged and timed in Syria. Planned Staged Psy-op.

I am so on this bogus chemical weapons attack in Syria! 

 Seriously? Can this get anymore obvious. The UN team enter Syria and BINGO
a ‘chemical attack’ not far from the team. How convenient.
Via WP ."LOGICALLY IT MAKES LITTLE SENSE" : Last paragraphs, first!

 Analysts said they did not understand why the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would have the audacity to use chemical weapons on a large scale at a time when U.N. investigators were present in the country.

“Logically, it would make little sense for the Syrian government to employ chemical agents at such a time, particularly given the relatively close proximity of the targeted towns,” said Charles Lister, an analyst at IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center
Syria had no reason to do this whatsoever. It defies all logic. There is zero benefit to Syria, the nation or the government to do this.This  chemical attack claim is absurd. Absurd to the nth degree!


"An official spokesman at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the cooperation agreement between Syria and the international committee for investigating the use of weapons of mass destruction in some areas in Syria didn't please the terrorists and the countries supporting them, which is why they came up with new false allegations that the Armed Forces used toxic gas in Damascus Countryside"

A Repeating Pattern 

This has become a pattern since the Syrian destabilization began; A meeting of some sorts set to take place. An allegation of some atrocity committed by the Syrian army or government. Demonization. Applying pressure to other parties to comply with NATO/Israel desires or plans. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
Next week the US and Russia are meeting to prep for peace talks

The talks, announced Monday by Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, are expected to take place in the middle of next week.

The U.S. State Department said the meeting follows an accord reached at Aug. 9 talks in Washington between the foreign and defense ministers of the two countries.
Tidbits from WP and a video:

-The allegations surfaced as a United Nations team of chemical weapons experts is in Syria
-The United Nations team, which was admitted to the country this week
-The attack that allegedly happened on Wednesday was in the Ghouta, an area just outside the capital(Damascus) where the UN team just so happens to be. 
-Dozens of videos were immediately posted on line. 

Such as the one below. Notice the exploitation of small children by ignorant, devious adults?

 “It was not immediately possible to confirm whether the people depicted in the videos had in fact been exposed to chemical weapons”

Of course it is not possible. How could it be? Adults coaxing children to act a certain way is about all that can be taken from this

Of course the NATO nations are crowing away. Cock a doodle do!

France is pushing the envelope.
"France's president demanded the United Nations be granted acces"
  As is Britain.  " Britain will raise claim of chemical weapons attack in Syria at UN Security Council"

What a surprise. Not!

 Thanks freethinker for the news on/from terrorist Wissam Tarriff

Chemical inspectors are in Damascus so we can expect silly games and we are not disappointed-

Reports on chemical weapons use in Ghouta untrue says Sana.
reports circulated by the TV channels of al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya and Sky News among other channels which are involved in the shedding of the Syrians' blood and supporting terrorism are completely baseless.
...the aim behind broadcasting such reports and news is to distract the UN chemical weapons investigation commission away from its mission

And our old friend Wissam Tarrif has this to say in his twitterings (all 4hrs ago but reordered to earliest first)-
640+ people killed by chemical weapons attack in East Ghotta according to local committees. #Syria
Al-Moadamia local council: dozens of dead because of chemical weapons attacks on the city #Syria
Local Councils and medical personnel confirm several chemical weapons attacks on 3 spots in Damascus Suburbs #Syria
U.N chemical weapons experts are in #Damascus but the Four Season is not the right location it is East Ghotta! Go there. #Syria

640+ to several in the space of an hour - how about none or maybe a few injured from one of the terrorists' own damp squibs.

I'll stick with SANA if you don't mind, Wissam.

Wissam Tarriff; connected to more then one human rights NGO. (Just one reason to stay away from these organizations) The man and what he stands for is sickening. Weapons smuggling, between Libya and Syria, minimally. Wissam the terrorist has been covered here on numerous occasions. He is VILE. If you missed previous posts on this individual. I will relink asap


Leading Syrian opposition figure George Sabra ( Sabra: behind the Muslim Brotherhood Cloak) said in Turkey the attack in which chemical weapons were used had killed 1,300 people. Syria described the reports its army had used chemical weapons as completely untrue.
Saudi Arabia and Egypt
Saudi Arabia and Syria

 UPDATE AGAIN!: The incredible shrinking casualty numbers? Why?

 Syria's darkest day? Opposition says up to 1300 killed in'chemical weapons ...

 But in the last hour: Syrian opposition groups claim at least 100 killed in 'poisonous gas' attack

  Syrian anti-government activists accused the regime of carrying out a toxic gas attack that killed at least 100 people

From 1300 down to "at least 100" How can that disparity be explained other then perception management?


UN stops short of demanding probe into alleged Syria chemical attack
 The UN Security Council said that it was necessary to clarify an alleged chemical weapons attack in Damascus suburbs on Wednesday but stopped short of demanding a probe by UN investigators currently in Syria.
"There is a strong concern among council members about the allegations and a general sense that there must be clarity on what happened and the situation must be followed closely," Argentina's UN ambassador, Maria Cristina Perceval, told reporters after a closed-door emergency meeting of the council.

Asking for 'clarity' on what happened? Would this tell us that what the opposition claimed happened was not true?  More then likely! 


  1. I can't stand the lies any more! The zionist controlled Reuters is now falsely claiming Assad has used chemical weapons against terrorists in Damascus killing 200 of them.

    Reuters is telling a bold-faced LIE.

    Assad is trying to rid his country of USrael NATO backed mercenaries using standard military weapons. He has not and will not resort to chemical weapons.

    Reuters lying propaganda is to prepare the MSM believers for the Syrian invasion by USrael NATO forces coordinated from their base in Jorden.

    We are being flat out lied to by the main stream media.

    I can't stand it!

    1. Anaughty mouser
      I too am sick of the lies
      On Syria and on Fukushima

    2. Just some of the MSM lies:
      The US was surprised by the Pearl Harbor attack.
      A US patrol boat was attacked in the Gulf of Tonken.
      JFK was killed by Oswald.
      RFK was killed by a Palestinian.
      MLK was not killed by US secret services.
      USS Liberty was attacked because of mistaken identity.
      9/11 was done by Arabs.
      Iraqi solders were killing babies in incubators.
      Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.
      Qaddafi gave Viagra to his soldiers to rape civilians.
      Iran is secretly building nuclear weapons

      And now we have the LIE that Assad is using chemical weapons on his own people.

      How many innocent Syrian civilians will be killed by Rothschild Usrael-NATO forces in this lie to support geopolitical empireship?

      Sick? Yes, I'm throwing up all over the zionist controlled MSM.


      Reuters lies.

    4. Hi Pen, Good quick work with the posting. It is sickening and we all know where this is leading. Aang posted about Fukushima recently - about time. Hope all is well. I am just glad to still be alive and at liberty for now!


      "discussion between Britam’s Business Development Director David Goulding and Philip Doughty, company founder. In the exchange, it’s revealed that there is a plan to unleash chemical weapons in Syria in order to blame it on the Bashar Al Assad regime to justify a direct intervention by U.S. and NATO forces in the country’s civil war."

    6. "Just some of the MSM lies:"

      To that list can be added about 955 of what they say and write. On average, the lies outnumber the facts at least 10-1 in the western, Jewish dominated msm. And it keeps getting worse, the "big lies" are back to back now. They make the media system postulated in Orwell's "1984" appear benign.

      вот так

    7. "it is increasingly clear that the groups committing these crimes against thousands of Syrian civilians are the foreign-backed mercenaries, whom the Western media and their governments have tried to lionize as 'rebels' fighting for 'democratic freedom'.

      That charade is rapidly disintegrating, exposing not just criminal Western governments sponsoring the violence against civilians, but an entire media industry that is also guilty of war crimes through its willful complicity.

      This is not mere hyperbole. To disseminate false information and lies about conflict - under the guise of independent news - is to be complicit in covering up war crimes. You can hardly get more serious misconduct than to tell lies about crimes against humanity." - Finnian Cunningham

      Deliberate lies by Reuters, AP, CNN, Sky, BBC, ABCBCNNBCBS are morally warcrimes against humanity.

      While PRESSTV is being legislated off the airways for reporting the truth.

      May God help us.

    8. Penny

      "On Syria and on Fukushima"

      On Fukushima, what approaches the U.S. west coast is also going to hit Canada's west coast, as well. I thought you might want to read this:

      US West Coast to be hard-hit by Fukushima radiation

      вот так

  2. Dylan ‏@ProSyriana 7m
    #FSA pages are using photos of #Rabaa victims in claims of chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta. syria 1/2 the need to lie shows this is a psyop

    1. thanks brian
      I wouldn't doubt it

      Rabaa = Raqaa ?

      the terror attack using chems by NATO mercs
      is this correct?

    2. hacked emails and chem false flag

  3. When I served the German army as a paratrooper we had to learn one thing first: you are not allowed any kind of beard. Because in case of an attempt by the enemy (for Gods sake we were not in any war at that time) to use ABC- (atomic, biological, chemical) weapons you have no chance to survive because no gas-mask of any kind will protect your face, eyes and lungs against when you are wearing a beard: the toxic substances will pass through your beard-hairs. Oops. The Germans who invented the use of gas in WW1 had to learn this lesson very fast when the British after the first shock answered the same way. It could even happen that the wind turned and those who wanted to kill the enemy killed thenselves: when you use chemical (etc.) weapons - its forbidden by international law - wear a functioning gas-mask and have no beard, never ever.

    So - if the SAA had in mind to use such weapons, we would see them first running around carrying gas-masks in containers each man and second all would be well shaved. But are they? The enemy likes beards even more. He, too, might not have interests in using chemical weapons not be experienced in using it.

    The whole stories of the use of such horrible WMDs is a hoax or, if traces are found somewhere, they are carefully spread on such places by specialists. Specialists of propaganda, of course. I wonder that nobody in these disputes mentioned that ever, SAA first.

    1. Thank you for information about no beards on the users of chemical weapons. But both the Syrian army and the FSA terrorists have beards. Hmmm...

      Now who who send clean shaven specialists into Syria to set off chemical weapons to kill civilians and then blame it on Assad and get the MSM to trumpet that lie?

      Who would do that?

      Rothschild, israel, neocons, zionists - they are completely out of control and a threat to the whole world.

    2. I can back this up. I was taught the same. no facial hair period.

  4. thanks for the comments, the post has had several updates including the UN call for clarification...

  5. I saw a report about this Israeli scam this am when getting ready for work, but didn't have time to write up a comment and post. Nice work, Penny. The ziocrud are so full of themselves, they don't care how absurd their "big lies" appear.

    вот так

  6. Suddenly - just right with the attack, several hundreds of accounts on social networks mainly facebook (commenting on ME issues on a regular basis on US sites/web-pages), had the same idea at the same time to switch their profile image to something like that:
    Note the last two are symbols for RADIOACTIVE and BIO hazard!
    Guess the photoshop "artist" creating these images is rather uneducated regarding technical issues!

    1. Correction for above "Note the first two ..."

  7. A Russian take on the latest war crime by Israel's proxies in Syria:

    Chemical warhead targeted eastern suburbs of Syria's Damascus - Russian Foreign Ministry

    "The missile with a chemical poison gas sarine was launched by Syrian rebels and targeted the eastern suburbs of Damascus. This is according to the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.

    "Early morning of August 21, a homemade rocket carrying an unknown chemical warfare agent was launched on the eastern suburbs of Damascus. The missile resembled the rocket which was used by the rebels on March 19 in Khan al-Asal," said Lukashevich.

    "Moscow believes it is important to carry out an objective and professional investigation of what happened", the diplomat continued. "It looks like an attempt to create a pretext for the UN Security Council to side with the opponents of Assad's regime and thus undermine Geneva-2 talks which are now scheduled for August 28".

    "Once again we urge all those who have the opportunity to influence the armed extremists to make every effort to put an end to provocations with the use of chemical agents," Lukashevich asserted.

    Noteworthy is the fact that "the biased regional media immediately, as if on demand, began an aggressive information attack, placing the responsibility for the attaks on Assad's government. All of this can only suggest that we are dealing with a pre-planned provocation," Lukashevich sttaed.

    "This is supported by the fact that the criminal act was committed near Damascus at the very moment when UN investigators began their work in Syria", the diplomat concluded."

    That is an official Russian response. They are really laying into the turds.

    Крута :)

    вот так

  8. I spent the last few hours going over what I can find on this subject and come to the conclusion this is a disinfo/misdirection campaign. No chemical attack happened. Purpose is to misdirect the UN team away from other locations.

    They need to delay the UN team from taking samples. This is critical. Chemicals have signatures but over time they degrade and the longer it takes to get a sample the harder it is to get reliable signatures. They have samples from Libya, Turkey and Iraq. If the UN team gets a sample from around Allepo and it matches the others, then this is indesputable proof the western hired mecenaries did it.

    Nobody in their right mind would use chemicals when the inspectors are that close.

    Every video and image I viewed did not have one shred of evidence. Not a single woman in any picture. Nobody looked dead to me but just lying still. Small children used looked drug induced.

    Western media keeps mentioning 'other instances' but fails to mention Khan al-Assal specifically. (you need to forget that name)

    Eyes on the ground say it didn't happen.

    above english translation through google.

    this thing is not even a day old yet already the UN Security Council has met to discuss it. tells me those involved had prior knowledge and had their talking points ready to 'regurgitate' to the world.

    1. Have you been able to track whether pics and videos were really uploaded before the alleged attack? Awkward. I am hoping that those kids were just drugged and not killed. Crazy and stupid to believe such ridiculous reports. What a set up.

    2. I heard and read that some of the videos were uploaded before the news broke on that alleged incident, but, I don't know myself and have not been able to look into it

    3. Myself I am leaning towards no attack either.

      The Islamic NATO IDF would have plenty of imagery to use to create whatever campaign they wish to create. I mean they have killed others, eaten organs, trafficked in organs, committed rape, killed children, massacred villages etc., etc.,
      And without a doubt they have documented it all

  9. Predicted false-flag atrocity by terrorists to incite FRUKUS+Qatar attacks to "protect civilians from brutal regime" Worked in Libya ( remember vision of Libyan soldiers murdered by rebels and retailed as "Gadhaafi killing his own people "?) Won't work again - all evidence points to jihadis acquiring and using field expedient chemical weaponery (in Halab and Khan al-assakh). Just as in Houta and Houla massacres it is the FSA/Jabhat al-Nusra/ISIS who enter the area, slaughter civilians, lay out corpses to film, upload to Utube etc then accuse SAA of war crime/atrocity. Problem is the idiots post their imagery IN ADVANCE as others have now realized ! Note the uniform configuration and bodily attitude of corpses, inconsistent with airborne delivery of non-persistent chem-agent (Sarin). Notice all have politely removed their shoes first. Ironic that when Bush/Blair warned WMD would "undoubtely be used by Islamic terrorists should they acquire the means " turns out to be correct after all. Wahhabi/Salfi/Taqfiri jihadists WILL not hesitate to use CB against Syrian population as has just happened.

  10. The Capcha filter doesnt work ?

  11. Hey Penny, you were linked from Syrian Perspective. I know you'll see it but just wanted to put the link here to send googlebot on a round-robin trip... (adds to your link relevance in google algo)

  12. Video showing the hired thugs in Syria using CS gas.

    0:50 - look carefully at the rounds used and notice the red stripe. these are M651 Tactical CS Cartridges. (made is USA)

    1:47 - It is clear this is being used in combat as someone is returning fire.

    Largest use of CS gas in history was by the US during the Vietnam war.

    Use of CS in war is now prohibited under the terms of the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention which the US signed and ratified. This convention is recognized by the UN.

    NSA, I know your listening, so take that to the Hague bitches...

    1. Really one of the biggest war criminals in the world have been the US, right?
      Or pretty dam close?
      Though they have gotten away with it all.

      Think of Japan, ( massive firebombing before the nukes) Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and all the South American nations
      Nicaragua, El Salvador etc.,
      That is just off the top of my head.
      Not to leave Canada out of all that, the 'ally' of the US
      And England.

  13. Penny, my good friend..

    Did you see the latest article that I posted over at Northerntruthseeker??? Noor discovered this first, and after watching the videos.. I came to the same conclusion..

    The videos of dead children were pre-made, well before this so called "chemical attack"... and well scripted to tear at everyone's heartstrings..... This is indeed the best propaganda for these criminals..

    And what about the children used in these videos? I do not like the idea that they were all murdered to prepare for the videos, but I would not put it past the psychos in Israel and the US to attempt such a dastardly thing using their so called "rebels"....

    Your thoughts?

  14. I would imagine the atack is real.
    Who would do such a horror?

    A chemical agent was used, why?

    Asad - would gain nothing.

    It is unlikely, but possible,
    the rebels would do this as a desperate way to bring the American bombs.

    Jewish secret services would have nothing to lose,
    the death of Syrians with chemical weapons, no problem,
    and this causing the Americans and Nato to bomb Syria would be perfect.

    The truth is we live in the dark.
    The media is a joke,
    it is all propoganda and lies.

    Iraq, check.
    Libya, check.
    Syria, it will soon be done,
    it is all a part of the plan it is said,
    iran is the goal....
    War, it is so profitable and they love it.

  15. I will admit I do not know much about chemical weapons. Therefore here is my humble contribution: Every detective trying to get to the truth is always supposed to ask “Cui bono” – who is benefitting. Over the last six months Assad’s army has been winning battle after battle, things were going good for them. It was safe to assume that a year from now Assad would be back in control of the entirety of Syria’s territory and that he would have withered the whole “Arab Spring” thing. So why on earth, would a regime that has otherwise been so strategically smart and pragmatic throughout this whole ordeal commit the one misstep (atrocity) that, as they have been explicitly warned several times, was sure to give the West the long sought pretext to bomb his country “Libya Style”. It just does not add up.