Monday, August 12, 2013

Egyptian Military Kills its own while collaborating with Israel & NATO ???

 Tough question!

If you are one of those persons, who supported the coup psy-op in Egypt, using the reasoning that the coup was undertaken to achieve democratic restoration in Egypt, this post is not going to make you happy.

 If you were one of those individuals who equated the Syrian Army to the Egyptian Army and the actions ongoing in their respective nations as the same, this post is not for you.

 It will challenge your cherished beliefs. And for whatever reason people don’t want their beliefs challenged. You have been warned. The proposition is the same as the one originally put forth more then a month ago. Conditions have been and are now being created  to instigate civil war. Including, but not limited to further dividing of Egyptian society and possibly the balkanization of Egypt. And that the Egyptian military is colluding with the Israeli military under the NATO umbrella. It's not a pleasant thought, but, it is worth considering.

I am hoping the Egyptians can avoid this fate.

You may recall last week two important events taking place in Egypt that will push Egyptian society ever closer to the hoped for, by NATO/Israel, civil war. 
 In other words, the conditions are presently being created for destabilization.

First: the selection and virtually guaranteed approval of Robert S Ford as Ambassador of Death, ooops I mean as US Ambassador to Egypt
Tuesday August 6/2013 Very Ominous for Egypt: Robert S Ford, the next Ambassador to Egypt.
“His appointment to Egypt, fits like glove to hand for the planned destabilization and slide to civil war, mentioned here at the blog.......”

Second: The Egyptian military said it was no longer negotiating with the Morsi supporting protestors and that it was going to forcibly disperse them. As it was plainly put,  "the Egyptian military is going to crack heads". You can find that info in this post: Egypt, Syria, Propaganda and more Propaganda, Eid Aid/IHH and weapons
Supporters of Egypt's ousted President Mohammed Morsi shout slogans in Nahda square, where protesters installed their camp near Cairo University in Giza, southwest of Cairo, Egypt,
Today there are reports that the Egyptian military has cut the electricity to the protestor encampments
Though this is being denied.
WSJ is reporting that plans to lay seige to the camps will be enacted as early as today
Egyptian government officials said police could crack down as early as Monday on two vast camps in Cairo supporting ousted President Mohammed Morsi, a move that could lead to clashes as impassioned demonstrators hunker down in the tent cities.

This is clearly being set up to turn very ugly.

Meanwhile........... we have the happenings in Sinai ??? With multiple and conflicting reports

*Egyptian Army claims they strike the militants via helicopter

*Israeli defense minister denounces rumours of drone strike in Egypt's Sinai

*Militants claim an Israeli drone strike

It seems sensible to suppose that Israel and the Egyptian military conducted the strike together.
The Egyptian military helicopters presence would  present convenient cover for the Israeli strike.
Can’t say for sure. Of course. But, the Egyptian military and Israeli military colluding is not a stretch.   
Despite the Israeli claims that " it respects Egyptian sovereignty" , Israel truly covets the Sinai.

The article linked & excerpted below is an interesting article: Egypt military kills own people while collaborating with Israel

Touching on both the move to take down the protest camps and the Sinai killings

CAIRO,: The Egyptian military’s anti-Islamic animus and close collaboration with the Zionists is becoming exposed rapidly. The interior ministry, under instructions from the military announced that starting early tomorrow morning, the police and other security forces would besiege the pro-Mursi sit-ins at Rabba al-Adawiya in Nasr City and Giza City preventing any food or water being allowed in.

Further, protesters would be allowed to leave but not return. At the same time, electricity would be cut off to the area in the sweltering heat so that people are forced to leave the locales they are currently occupying with their families including women and children.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Egyptian military in collaboration with the Zionists have launched attacks in northern Sinai to protect Zionist Israel (? not sure that "protection" was the reason for the attacks). 

Egyptian military sources said they have killed 20 “militants” in the Sinai yesterday bringing the death toll to more than 60 in the last week. At the same time, early Saturday, Israeli drones carried out an attack in Sinai, pointing to a significant shift in the power relations between Egypt and Israel.

Egyptian officials admitted that the (drone?) attack took place but after fierce public outcry, gave a statement declaring that one of the Egyptian military’s attack helicopters participated in the attack. Five people were killed and one rocket launcher was destroyed. A militant group called Ansar Bait al-Muqadis claimed that the men belonged to its organization.

According to The Washington Post, residents heard a large explosion late Friday/early Saturday morning in el-Agra, an area in the northern region of the Sinai Peninsula close to Egypt’s border with Israel. Egyptian officials speaking on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to journalists said the Israeli attack was carried out in cooperation with Egyptian authorities.

Yes, it is an anonymous official, which can be taken a number of ways. In this case, with or without the anonymous official it makes sense that Egyptian military and Israeli military cooperated.

The relationship between militant groups, corrupt Middle Eastern powers, and the US military-industrial complex is hazy—many al-Qaeda groups are actually equipped and trained by NATO and Pentagon. (BINGO!) However, the spokesman for Ansar Bait al-Muqadis (a militant group you are supposed to believe is not connected to the MIC, but, likely is) that emerged in 2012 pointed out an important fact about Egypt’s loss of sovereignty following the recent military coup.

“What is greater treason than the Egyptian army allowing the Zionist drones to violate Egyptian airspace now and then?” ( Perfect meme for recruitment  of useful dupes.) the spokesman asked. According to a recent report in the LA Times, the two countries’ militaries have been “working more closely” in recent weeks in an attempt to bring the peninsula under control.

The US and European media have been reporting the recent attack as a way to cover for Israel. According to a report in The Washington Post, an Egyptian security official, also speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that in recent weeks Egypt had warned Israel about the possibility of rocket strikes by “terrorist” groups. This serves to justify the drone attack under the catch-all justification of Israel’s security. Even more significantly, it reveals the Egyptian military to be firmly within the camp of NATO and Pentagon, to the point that it is placing Israeli interests above its own sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Egypt is within the throes of civil war between pro-military and secular forces on the one hand and Islamic parties aligned with deposed President Mohamed Mursi on the other. Every day over the weekend, tens of thousands of Mursi supporters marched in the streets of Cairo, clashing with military forces that are increasingly willing to use lethal and violent force against protesters.

Given the military’s brutal nature and its penchant for killing civilians, there are likely to be more blood baths in Nasr City and Giza City. Already, there have been two massacres perpetrated by the military and police forces against unarmed civilians. One was carried out on July 8 in which 103 people were killed and the other on July 26-27 resulted in 200 civilians deaths. In each case, civilians were shot in the head and neck by snipers as well as heavily armed troops.

In order to tighten its illegitimate grip on power, the military is prepared to push Egypt into civil war that would destroy this once great country. It has now been reduced to a US-zionist puppet.


  1. looking for some good input and am certain to not be disappointed :)

  2. I edited the post just a tad. It came off as a bit harsh and that was not my intention.
    Writing about these topics is not breezy and sometimes.... it just gets the better of me

  3. Pretty smart if you're a zio NWO goon. Balkanize Egypt while their presidency is in flux. Destabilize the the Sinai-Ersatz territory by bribing the military to cooperate with zio NATO.

    It's farking genius. The zio machine is going for the wholoe enchilada from Iran to Syria to Egypt.

    And alpha Rothschild is sitting in the City smiling - quietly waiting to make the squatters and the Knesset the capitol of the world.

    Nothing new to see here - just move along.

  4. Mouser:
    "Balkanize Egypt while their presidency is in flux. Destabilize the the Sinai-Ersatz territory by bribing the military to cooperate with zio NATO.

    It's farking genius"

    Divide to conquer. A classic tactic

  5. Penny,

    I don't accept your use of the term "coup psy-op". The MB overplayed their hand and were incompetent, to boot. Trying to overtly support foreign wars was just too much. Next, they broke way too many promises and the future looked grim. Finally, "democracy" is just another scam by the elites. The US set up the election in such a way that the MB could win. This is unlikely to happen again, as the opposition will be much more organized and certain of the evil that the MB represent. Only naive liberals in the West are invested in the meme of democracy, where two prostitutes for the oligarchs run against one another. And it will be especially delicious seeing these folks moan and groan if Sisi wins handily. They will say that's unfair, but the US orchestrating a MB takeover wasn't.

    If you look at something like Twitter, it's overwhelmingly pro-MB. What a coincidence. So you should be very careful in the use of sources; it's just as bad as the case with Syria was.


    1. Paul;

      while you may not accept my term "coup psy-op", and that is ok with me, btw.
      I can see it no other way. The whole removal of Morsi felt completely contrived IMO.
      Complete with fireworks, laser light show and "Game Over" light sign shining through the night
      If the overthrow was spontaneous how the heck was all that in place?
      Then there was the whole IMF issue
      I have covered this all in a number of previous posts. Why the overthrow of Morsi took place in order to create the conditions for civil war?
      And the NATO controlled Egyptian Army has done everything it could to create the conditions for that to happen. Including locking up Morsi, raiding the protests camps this morning. The camps had been peaceful by all reports.(that I had seen)
      (the Egyptian military should have sent Morsi packing, but, not imprisoned him)

      "The US set up the election in such a way that the MB could win" I agree they did

      And if Sisi wins or whoever may win the next election whenever that takes place, what does it matter. The US/NATO have already got all their stooges in place
      I mean god darn it. Rob Ford!

      As for twitter? I don't look at it.Being full of MB supporters? Not a surprise, since they had all the means provided to them previously. But, notice the tweets are not getting main stream coverage? Like they were when Mubarek was ousted.
      Like the tweets from Iran were?
      Like the tweets and videos from Syria are?
      If you wouldn't have told me I would have been completely unaware of that fact since I have seen nothing via the msm

      As for me being careful of of my use of sources... My sources are, as always right in the post for everyone to read.

      "Finally, "democracy" is just another scam by the elites."

      I could not agree more! Two wolves and a lamb deciding what is for lunch

    2. Paul: I was thinking about what you said and my response to you
      And was thinking perhaps I should clarify my use of psyop-coup. Then you could understand why I use that term

      This is ahow I see the situation:

      Egypt has for a long time been run by its military. In other words, more bluntly put the Egyptian military holds the power. Anyone who 'leads' Egypt, leads as allowed by the military.
      Mubarek was ousted in the first show coup..the military stood down and for all intents and purposes the US allowed there old friend to walk
      Sure there was the 'trial' with "mubarek" in bed wearing sunglasses all the time????

      This time- the agenda was different. Civil war is the agenda. This fits the rewriting of the entire ME that was touted way back, I believe with GWjunior and that witch Condoleeza.
      And everything was done to cause division. To splinter the Egyptian society.
      And everything is being done today as I type to foster division. To foment sectarian violence.

      Hence my term psy-op coup

      The Egyptian military differs from the Syrian military in that Egypts military is propped up via NATO- its generals schooled in UK and US. It's armaments supplied via US, UK and other NATO nations.
      The Egyptian military is also run as a business. It has business interests that divert funds to the military machine

      this is one article that touches on that subject and I am certain you can find others

    3. Penny,

      Thanks for the clarifications.

      I agree that civil war is the agenda - but that doesn't mean that things have been playing out the way ZATO wanted. A true civil war was the agenda in Syria, too. The best laid plans and all that. In this case, I think ZATO wanted far more destruction from the MB before they fell or the country collapsed. So they are now on Plan B or Plan C. Syria looks like Plan E or Plan F, as that has been a failure so far.

      The Egyptian military gets billions from the US, but that doesn't mean that they are America's slaves. They can cut off the Suez Canal. They can seriously damage the Israeli economy if they do certain things. The schooling in the US is a minor matter; they could get training in Russia in a New York minute. So I don't see Egypt being propped up the way you do. They could easily go to Russia and China and get a lot of money to be a friend of the BRICS.

      The world is a complicated place. Venezuela did most of its business with the US under Chavez. Was Chavez a puppet? Iran is the biggest supporter of Syria, but Iran is a government of "political Islam", and many of us view the Khomeini revolution as having had Langley written all over it.

      In general, you seem to be pessimistic. You see Robert Ford and see a demon who wants to see bloodshed in Egypt. I see a failing project to rearrange the entire Middle East and Africa. Some of this has largely succeeded, such as blowing up Iraq and Libya, but look at the other side of the ledger: Iraq is slowly rebuilding as an anti-US force and the whole world is waking up to the agenda. And this latter part is what has been required all along. I hear from folks in Egypt that a very high percentage of the population sees the US agenda of civil war and backing the MB to bring this about. And there is no need to suppress the MB in an election now, as they would lose badly. So what can ZATO do other than arm some crazies? In which case, the population and government will be driven into the Russian and Chinese camp.


    4. Hi Paul:

      I actually don't feel too pessimistic. If I was, I wouldn't be here day in a day out.
      Because it would all be an exercise in futility, wouldn't it?

      "You see Robert Ford and see a demon who wants to see bloodshed in Egypt"
      That has been his role to date. So it would be difficult to see him in a different light, don't you think?

      " I see a failing project to rearrange the entire Middle East and Africa. "

      Definitely a project to rearrange the ME, but is it a failure? To early to tell yet.
      as you mention there are positive signs.
      But then we see NATO jihadis are working at destroying the fabric of that society this very day

      "I hear from folks in Egypt that a very high percentage of the population sees the US agenda of civil war and backing the MB to bring this about"

      I hope they are aware. And avoid the situation. This is why I blog, to raise awareness, the best I can. Using the limited resources I can access.
      Which is why I am glad you can come here and leave me the perspectives of the people you know in Egypt.

      Paul, I wanted you to understand I don't throw out terms willy nilly. I try very hard to be thoughtful. On that note , sometimes I drive the poor hubby crazy with all my 'political talk" hehehe!!! As I percolate ideas....

      I was thinking even more about two things you had said
      re: the egyptians believing the military was their best option
      why? where did they get this idea from? I would think after Mubarek they would not feel that way about the military

      and this:"where two prostitutes for the oligarchs run against one another"
      which you apply to the west. And I agree 100 percent with that.
      Yet, as I am reading your comments it does not appear you apply this to Egypt
      where two prostitutes MB and military run against one another while they dance to the tune of the west
      Am I misreading your comment? When you find the time to clarify that would be great. Thanks

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