Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interview with Todd Brendan Fahey: Captain Trips- Al Hubbard

In this episode we discuss the “Johnny Appleseed of LSD” and it’s not Timothy Leary. In fact, today we’ll be discussing Captain Trips – Al Hubbard, the man who supplied ALL of North America, including the CIA, FBI, US Army and even Canada, with Sandoz LSD. Every dose of Sandoz LSD-25 that came from the Grateful Dead or Tim Leary, or anyone else, including those involved in MKULTRA, got their LSD from this man. Al Hubbard even personally dosed Aldous Huxley.

Gerald Heard, Aldous Huxley and Capt. Al Hubbard

Thanks to Jan Irvin @ Gnostic Media. Always linked in the sidebar....


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The Canadian readers will find Captain Al Hubbard to be a real blast from the Canadian history past.
Especially if you hail from British Columbia. I was gobsmacked, myself.
Don't miss the linked documents. Each one of them worth taking a look at. Seriously.

Al Hubbard documents here:

Featuring a couple below :


                 Below: "drug usage amongst students is not entirely undesigned. Some of it appears to be present as a deliberate weapon aimed at political change"
Whatever could that mean? Terrorism? Social Engineering?  Experimenting on the populace? 

From a Vancouver blog: Past Tense-Acid Al

Little is known about his work with the OSS during the war, but in a September 1980 article in Vancouver Magazine, Ben Metcalfe claimed that Al Hubbard had once shown him “photographs of himself accompanying the American-Canadian party into Port Radium to pick up the first shipment of uranium for the Manhattan Project.”

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  1. Jan's pod casts are always a wild ride. I am grateful you turned me on to them. (Grateful Dead/turned on?...nyuck nyuck nyuck)
    Ya gotta love the title, "Captain Trips"
    Can we call you Captain Penny Trips?
    behave yourself

    1. lol, I am always behaving Peter ;)

      but seriously, did you look at those documents
      the one is from California. Stanford Research Institute.
      And the "we are concerned about this as it impacts on the long range educational policies"
      Why would they write such a letter to Captain Trips and what the hell did they mean by that?

      Some of the other documents? Deliveries of mass doles of LSD. Customs approval papers for the man
      Captain Trips was clearly connected to the LSD experimentation that was going on in the hospitals here in Canada...
      Under the nose of the Canadian government, with their approval.
      I really enjoyed the interview and looking at those papers
      when you put that together will all the other info from that era..
      and McGowan's work it paints a rather insidious picture
      doesn't it?

    2. If I am not mistaken (I listened to the whole interview once,perhaps need to do it twice) Hubbard was also involved in transfer of nuclear elements/uranium? to UK. this was in violation of US law and consequently led to his fleeing US for Canada. IMO he became an agent of UK at that point. The pic tells a story ...Huxley towering over the others like some ancient Euro aristocrat while the other two were his footmen.
      Insideous? yeah! culling the peasants is very insideous if one is a peasant. All this use of chemicals leads us to today's Big Pharma culling of millions of kids on powerful "meds". Insideous is a pretty good word Penny.

    3. Yes, he was linked to the transfer of nuclear elements
      I don't know that he became an agent of the UK, soley
      Because he was involved with the OSS
      I think he was a part of the global tyrannical cartel

      "All this use of chemicals leads us to today's Big Pharma culling of millions of kids on powerful "meds".

      Well ya know Peter, there are commercials playing here in Canada that the kids first experiment with drugs is coming from pharmaceuticals in their parents drug cabinet

      If they aren't already medicated via the bogus dis-eases
      this is simple boredom
      and given the dullness of education, if you are the least bit bright you will bored out of your mind!

      Give it a second listen, I know when I have time I am going to

    4. Pen,
      I am listening a second time. A question arises vis a vis LSD provisioning various people and entities. The answer was of course, Al Hubbard. My immediate question today is, who, what, where, provides LSD to Jan, who unequivocaly states his heeavy use of LSD(hundreds of times). Also, Fahey talks of heavy LSD use.Who provides him with the LSD?
      Just wondering, Cuz LSD is such a powerful drug one MUST TRUST one's supplier especially if one uses it "HUNDREDS" of times which is what jan and fahhey state.

  2. Interesting: as Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif urges 'new beginning' with India

    Sub sinks; sabatoge not ruled out

    LoC escalation into India meetings

    From 2012/11

    1. And this:

      "On paper, the Indian ASCM appears superior to the AGM-84 Harpoon, long the U.S. Navy’s workhorse anti-ship missile."

    2. thanks anonymous!
      I saw the news of the explosion of the sub in mumbai port and was like why now and of course who benefits
      keeping in mind that Kashmir has been heating up

    3. From May
      Pakistan's all-powerful military overthrew Nawaz Sharif 14 years ago and hustled him off into exile in handcuffs. Now he's back as prime minister-elect, with the army watching his every move, especially steps planned to ease tension with arch-rival India.

    4. 1999
      Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister
      militants and army start attacks against India in Kashmir
      ISI runs terrorist attacks against India

      Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister
      militants and army start attacks against India in Kashmir
      is the sub explostion an ISI run terrorist attack against India??????

      Nawaz Sharif's father and former PM Muhammad Sharif migrated from India. The family is of Kashmiri Punjabi origin.

      Sikh Misls, Punjab region in northern India, is the birthplace of Sikhism. As the fifth largest religeon in the world and teaches "be strong, courageous and ready to fight to protect weak people from cruel unjust attackers".

      1984, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered the Indian army to launch an attack against the Sikhs. Many were killed. Sikhs and Hindus have been battling since the middle ages.

      Nawaz Sharif is from Punjab, Pakistan. This is the cetral region in Pakistan of Sikhs. I can not find evidence if Sharif follows the religion, but he is close to them. Meets religious leaders and appointed the first Sikh to Pakistan assembly.

      Attacking India is instilled into the mindset of Pak. army. Sharif publicly wants better relations with India. BUT... behind the scenes Sharif and army are very close.

      My gut tells me Sharif's public display of bettering ties with India is a cover and what he wants is to unite Punjabi and remove the border between them through force.

  3. Thanks Penny. I'll delve into all this as soon as I have time.

    I love these old dope tales. They help connect some dots and fill in some blanks for those of us who were around during those times. Like we've talked about before, whatever engineering was going on then didn't work on everyone exactly as planned.

    But... we didn't change the world like we thought we would. Looking at Egypt today is a sad reminder.

    1. It's pretty interesting stuff, really. I have to give it a listen again

      "Like we've talked about before, whatever engineering was going on then didn't work on everyone exactly as planned."

      True enough for the reason is engineering will only work on those that are willing to take in the engineering, there will always be rebels This is where I think the Transhumanism agenda being pushed by the elites comes into play- with that level of control the elites don't have to worry about the incorrigible
      they can just adjust their computer chips
      which is why I am of the opinion that transhumanism has to be rejected by humanity

  4. will have to reply tomorrow
    good night all :)

  5. Capt. Trips seems to have operated out of the Washington state and Vancouver/BC region during the 50's-60's. Was there any information linking him, or his buddies, to Simon Frazier University? If so, that could open up an interesting can of worms.

    вот так

    1. Now that would be interesting if we had a BC University, Simon Frasier, connection?
      Why does SF come to mind bot tak? Have you read or heard anything that might lead you to believe this school would have been linked to Mind Control research?

    2. Penny

      Over the years I've noticed Simon Frazier U to have an unusually large number of alumni and staff who were dedicated hasbarats. From that, I surmised it is a recruiting centre for people to work for Israel. Israel is big on mind control - by any means. They are also big on psycho drugs. Just across the border, Washington state also has more than its logical share of zionists, and fascists, working the web, given their population size. This Hubbard character operated out of Washington state, then crossed into BC. It's already surmised Hubbard was USG employed, helping out with the lsd experimentation. There may also be an Israeli connection that could be ferreted out in this. Given the large current role Israel plays in mind control drugs, the likelihood of them being involved in the 50's, through their sponsors then, is pretty high, I think.

      вот так