Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is the strike on Syria imminent? Evacuated Damascus, oil prices & UN Fail!


In advance of a possible Western military strike, President Bashar Assad's forces appear to have evacuated most personnel from army and security command headquarters in central Damascus, residents and opposition sources said Wednesday. 

Among the buildings that have been partially evacuated are the General Staff Command Building on Umayyad Square, the nearby air force command and the security compounds in the Western Kfar Souseh districts, residents of the area and a Free Syrian Army rebel source said. 
UPDATE # 1                                                                    ????????

More on the news of Syrians leaving Damascus

Residents of Damascus are fleeing the city, as well as other areas, for the nation's borders as the U.S. and its Western allies prepare possible military strikes over alleged chemical weapons attacks by the regime of Bashar Assad.
Pro-opposition website Kulna Shorkaa reported Syrian intelligence branches were moving documents to alternative locations, and the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said it evacuated 89 people including 75 Russians on Tuesday, with more expected to leave on Wednesday.

RE: oil prices
"Syria in terms of its oil output is relatively de minimis, but in the meantime should it escalate to something where Iran gets involved … [this could lead to] some kind of major supply disruption,"

"It's a bigger risk for Europe than it is for the U.S.," said Mark Luschini, CIO at Janney Montgomery Scott. "As Brent [crude] continues to move higher, that's the big issue—that Europe rolls back over again after we've seen a big rally in those markets in the last six-eight months. That could be a risk here."

Deja Vu: UN asking for more time....same as prior to the attack on Iraq

"Operation Restore Credibility" This is how Germany wants this attack sold


If it does come to a limited military strike without a UN mandate, Germany first of all should press the US and its allies to be honest about the rationale for and justification of any military action. In other words: state clearly and openly that this won't be a humanitarian intervention to protect civilians in Syria.
This would address misgivings voiced by human rights advocates like Kenneth Roth, the head of Human Rights Watch. Just today Roth asked on Twitter "US says it'll try to punish & deter Syria for chemical weapon use. But key is: will it better protect civilians?"

'Operation Restore Credibility'
The honest answer, however, is that the envisaged military action will not offer better protection for civilians in Syria. That's why "Operation Restore Credibility" would be a fitting code name for the coming airstrikes. It would make clear that protecting civilians is not the goal of this mission; protecting Obama's red line against the use of chemical weapons is.
Selling the mission instead under the broad "Responsibility to Protect" label would be disingenuous and hurt the legitimate cause of protecting civilians. While we are at it, we might also acknowledge that so far the international community has failed in its responsibility to protect Syrian civilians and try to draw lessons from our failure.
Berlin should also press Washington and London not to claim that an intervention without Security Council approval is covered by international law. It would be better to admit that the allies chose to act against the prevailing interpretation of international law due to exceptional circumstances. While this is a problematic argument in its own right, it's less pernicious than claiming that military action without a UN mandate is clearly legal.

No 'Kosovo model'
In addition, Germany should advocate against any loose talk of a "Kosovo model" for the Syrian intervention for the simple reason that there is no Kosovo model unless the West wants to actively pursue a partition of Syria and take responsibility for preventing human rights abuses carried out in its respective parts.
Instead, the US and its allies should use the air strikes to pursue a diplomatic solution to the Syrian civil war.


UN Security Council permanent members fail to reach agreement on Syria

 The five permanent members of the UN Security Council failed to reach an agreement Wednesday on a British-proposed resolution that would authorize the use of military force against Syria.
The draft resolution -- if it were to be put to a vote -- would almost certainly be vetoed by Russia and China, which have blocked past attempts to sanction President Bashar Assad's regime.
Britain put forth the proposal Wednesday as momentum seemed to be building among Western allies for a strike against Syria. U.S. officials, including Vice-President Joe Biden, have charged that Assad's government used deadly chemical weapons near Damascus last week.
The U.S. has not presented concrete proof, and UN inspectors currently in Syria to investigate alleged chemical attacks have not endorsed the allegations.


  1. check back for updates
    waiting to see what happens at the UN?


    Who leaked the transcript?



    Are the Saudis next?

    Who knows.

    One thing is for sure - it will be a heavy and pro-longed bombing campaign at the very least. The threats and overtones of a retaliatory attack on the West (false flag cover maybe) are ominous. It does not matter how They sell it but They are determined to have Their NWO one way or the other. All that matters is the delivery of Total Control. The precise Hegelian method used to deliver it is just the incidental means employed to obtain the required outcome.

  3. Seumas Milne @SeumasMilne 2h
    Why did the US try to get UN weapons inspectors to stop their #Syria investigation if the evidence is 'undeniable'?

  4. I have added another story regarding residents fleeing Damascus
    Are the strikes set to take place tonight?!

  5. It was a fail at the UN
    see post

  6. The story of Assad fleeing Damascus was disinformation to demoralise his troops.

    He's a real captain. He will not abandon ship now or ever.

    1. There is no news of Assad leaving
      The news is of Syrians leaving
      And troops evacuating the area
      In advance of an attack

    2. Yes Penny there was a report of Assad fleeing to Iran. Not credible.

      from the dubious (or indubitably bogus?) examiner-


      The report of Israeli media regarding the travel of al-Assad to Iran is "funny," Araqchi told Mehr, stressing that "Such a piece of news causes laughter."

    3. I didn't realize there was news alleging Assad fleeing?
      Israeli media? Big surprise on that.
      thanks for pointing it out to me :)

  7. Was the drop off of armour and F16 in Jordan back a month or so undercover of exercises the beginning? Then there was the lebanon armed up humvees delkivery - linked here somewhere - and the extension of the lebanon army chief tenure. What is the old saying generals worry about battle strategists logistics?

    1. Yah I remember the lebanon humvee deliveries...

      "generals worry about battle strategists logistics?"

      I have never heard that one previously

  8. You asked if an attack was imminent, and my guess is no. However, considering the hysteria that the Zionist media gin up, they may say there was a war when one didn't happen. (Just joking.)

    At the end of the day, the question is what effect the Syrian side pointing their missiles at Israel will have. Then the next question is what Russia and the KGB can do. ZATO and many anti-war commentators often make the assumption that the other side will back down. Maybe, but I think ZATO look like a gang of bullies. Standing tough and having the ability to harness the KGB to "convince" certain individuals to have a come to Jesus moment can do wonders. In fact, the hyenas may start attacking each other before long.


    1. "ZATO and many anti-war commentators often make the assumption that the other side will back down"

      I find that odd, having read that stuff myself
      because to date Russia and China have not stood down
      I also think that both nation as well, as well as India & Iran, have to stand their ground or they will get bowled down, rolled over

      I was discussing with another commenter Mikhas that I get the weirdest feeling that Obama is trying somehow to back out
      But, I suspect Israel is pushing this and pushing it hard
      It all depends how blackmailable everyone is

  9. have you read the tweets of Ken Roth? i guess not

    some samples

    Kenneth Roth ‏@KenRoth 9h
    SAfrica says military response to #Syria chemical weapons "will only worsen" conflict. Encouraging more CW use won't?

    Kenneth Roth ‏@KenRoth 14h
    To avoid Russia/China veto, US/UK/France could go to UN General Assembly but won't want to undermine Security Council
    (how to start WW3 : a novel approach)

    Kenneth Roth ‏@KenRoth 28 Aug
    UK @WilliamJHague on intervention speaks of only chemical weapons. That'd allow #Syria atrocities with other weapons.

    this guy is a one man PRopaganda firm