Thursday, August 29, 2013

Syria: The hand of the US will soon be free. Cameron lost. Another fail at the UN

Hands off Syria!                     Hands off Syria!                             Hands off Syria!

Just a quick news round up:

Russia had requested a UN Security Council Meeting: Closed Door

Reports are: no progress was made.

A meeting of the UN Security Council's permanent members today ended quickly with no sign of progress on an agreement over the Syria crisis.

The meeting started breaking up after less than an hour, with the ambassadors of China, France, Britain, Russia and the United States steadily walking out.

It was the second time in two days that the five Security Council powers had left a meeting on Syria with no progress.

On Wednesday, the five countries met to discuss a resolution proposed by Britain to authorise the use of military force against Syria in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds near the capital, Damascus.

Russia remains firmly opposed to such action, saying there is no evidence that President Bashar Assad's regime was responsible for the attack, as the US and its allies contend.

British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant looked grim as he walk past reporters today, saying "No comment". The other ambassadors also did not speak to reporters.
A Western diplomat said today's meeting was requested by Russia. Russia's UN mission refused to comment.
US hand may not be stayed much longer-
 It appeared likely that an American military operation could happen without formal authorization from Capitol Hill or the United Nations.

Waiting for British participation would mean holding off on a strike at least until the weekend. Prime Minister David Cameron said his country would not join in military efforts until a U.N. chemical weapons inspection team on the ground in Syria releases its findings.

Some of the U.N. chemical weapons experts will travel directly from Syria on Saturday to different laboratories around Europe to deliver “an extensive amount of material” gathered, U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq said. While the mandate of the U.N. team is to determine whether chemical agents were used in the attack, not who was responsible, Haq suggested the evidence — which includes biological samples and witness interviews — might give an indication of who deployed gases.

While Obama declared unequivocally this week that the U.S. had “concluded” that Assad’s government was behind the attack, he presented no definitive proof.

Obama continued making his case for a robust response to world leaders, speaking Thursday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. With national elections scheduled in Germany for next month, Merkel is unlikely to pull her country into a military conflict.
Speaking of Britain: Thanks for the info Neo

UK Prime Minister Cameron loses Syria war vote 

                     US making case for action against Syria
British Prime Minister David Cameron has lost a vote endorsing military action against Syria by 13 votes, a stunning defeat for a government which had seemed days away from joining the U.S. in possible attacks to punish Bashar Assad's regime over an alleged chemical weapons attack.
Thursday evening's vote was nonbinding, but in practice the rejection of military strikes means Cameron's hands are tied. In a terse statement to Parliament, Cameron said it was clear to him that the British people did not want to see military action.

Speaking of the ‘legal case’ for war?  Quoting Haaretz   

U.S.: If we need legal justification for Syria strike, we'll produce one on our own

Fixing the intelligence to fit the agenda. The usual.  Obama the 'peace' president. A sick joke on the planet.



  1. I don't trust them. isreal has moved a bunch of stuff to occupied Golan Heights. They want this bad.

    Wouldn't put it past them/'him' to go ahead, but the window of opportunity is closing. A false flag will just insight more, but they are capable of doing it.

    Truly think they are desperate at this point.
    Never pull this off again, if they don't act :(

    It's going to be a long week-end.

    1. karin: I don't trust them either. How could you or I? It has just been one lie after another
      It is going to be a long week-end. In more ways then one

  2. "Speaking of the ‘legal case’ for war? Quoting Haaretz

    U.S.: If we need legal justification for Syria strike, we'll produce one on our own"

    That's Israel's boy...toy.

    Good news about the UK. With Italy and Germany against the aggression, and Egypt against and further, making noises about shutting the Suez to US and NATO vessels, I think that leaves Israel and France willing to join an American attack. Still a major threat. They can still "fix" the UN reports (or have their Jewish run msm goebbels big lie it) and get NATO back on board. Hopefully Russia and China are turning some effective screws behind the scenes to counter the zionazi ops going on.

    вот так

    1. hey bot tak, yah I saw that headline and had it linked in the post
      it was so telling, wasn't it?
      Israel is supposedly sitting this one out?
      But, that is just another lie

    2. Penny

      "it was so telling, wasn't it?"


      "Israel is supposedly sitting this one out?"

      Looking at what they've done (air strikes and the rest that's been documented), it's amazing how many "pundits" still completely ignore the Israeli role, and even twist it 180 degrees, claiming still, that Israel doesn't want to see the Assad guv fall. The ZPC is doing the classic power behind the throne strategy here, and many of those obfuscating the Israeli role know this and work to ensure that role remains hidden from the dialog. After all, the ZPC quislings can all be easily replaced with new ones without much loss to the ZPC when they are exposed, but if the ZPC itself takes the hit, that lays them out where they are most vulnerable.

      вот так

  3. So, now Obama will have to show who he really works for, the people, or the corporate elites, who want this attack badly, to further their ambitions for hegemony in the mid-east. My money is on the corporate elites getting their way, if not sooner, then later, cause' they will not relent.

    1. well we know Obama works for the elites
      so....I don't expect them to give up

  4. We have seen a lot of so called experts on the mideast crying crocadile tears over the muslim thug Morsi being removed, you know the one that was going to join the cannibal army and fight Syria, attack Ethiopia over a dam.

    Well Al Sisi the guy who got rid of this thug and put him in jail has sent a high level military delegation to Syria to discuss join operations against the so called brotherhood and the cannibal army and has announced that no military vessels will be traveling through the Suez canal.

    1. Hi Dublinmich

      I hadn't seen any news like that?
      And I do not trust al sisi anymore then I trusted Morsi

    2. OOPs sorry

      No insult intended..

  5. Five permanent members of UN Security Council hold new Syria talks; no outcome

    "The five permanent members of the UN Security Council held new talks Thursday on the Syria chemical weapons crisis following a Russian request, diplomats said.

    The talks were focused on a British draft resolution which would call for "all necessary measures" to protect civilians in Syria after a suspected chemical weapons attack last week in which hundreds died.

    Britain's UN ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said that Russia, the key backer of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, had called the latest meeting, which comes as the United States, Britain and France consider a military strike on Syria.

    "I hope that means that they (the Russians) are now prepared to support the British draft resolution," Lyall Grant told reporters as he went into the meeting with envoys from Russia, China, France and the United States. After the meeting he quitted chamber looking quite displeased and issuing a curt "no comment".

    "There's no further P5 (permanent council members) meeting scheduled but that could change," a diplomat told Reuters on condition of anonymity. Russian diplomats declined to comment on the meeting apart from the fact that it had ended."

    There is also an infographic below the text showing the US/UK forces thought to be near Syria.

    вот так

  6. No UN Security Council action on Syria before probe complete - China

    Also some interesting pieces from Xinhua:

    Jordan's Islamists reject military interference in Syria

    News Analysis: Israel not to participate in U.S. strike on Syria

    News Analysis: Iran likely to intervene if Western powers attack Syria

    вот так

  7. must read
    Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack …

  8. Another false flag presumably; I find it inconceivable that the SAF would drop incendiary bombs on a school.-
    Incendiary bomb victims 'like the walking dead'
    Handy having the BBC team nearby.

    Has the SAF ever been found to drop incendiaries on the rats? I don't think so, but now we are supposed to believe they are dropping them on kiddies in a school.

    Unfortunately I think this one is going to be very damaging.

  9. Some more on the incendiary bombing and the BBC team-

    1. thanks freethinker
      I would think it is yet another false flag, in the north of Syria
      SAF has never to my knowledge used incendiary devices since this all began
      Given the timing and all that is going on and the fact that this has never been reported previously and then the piece from the truthseeker...

      Incendiaries have been used by the US and Israel, for sure.
      And knowing the presence of representatives of those two nations in the north of Syria
      I am ok with saying false flag.

      I don't think it will be damaging, I haven't noticed any real reporting here on the story
      so, wondering if the psy op is aimed towards the brits?

    2. Well sometimes its good to be wrong. This obvious psy-op is not gaining traction and even the BBC have dropped it from their Middle-East news page today. Actually its gratifying to see how many comments even in the MSM are denouncing it as fake.

    3. Kept an eye on that one yesterday, it was doa
      Which tells me it was geared directly to the British audience
      as in 'how dare you'!
      very lame

  10. this account of the Ghlouta CW is now missing from the site
    but i copied it here

    1. thanks brian!
      hope everyone else has a look?

    2. brian, can not view it without log in which I will never have.

    3. brian anyway you can share that info?

    4. The original links is working-

      “They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them,” complained a female fighter named ‘K.’ “We didn’t know they were chemical weapons. We never imagined they were chemical weapons.”

      Do they have female fighters who aren't Israeli plants?
      In all the videos and stills I've never seen a female terrorist fighter. Maybe she's in their PR dept (sarc).