Thursday, August 22, 2013

Syria: Images of death but NO PROOF of chemical attack

Images of death, but NO PROOF of chemical attack

The attack was especially conspicuous given the presence in Damascus of a team sent by the United Nations to investigate chemical strikes reportedly waged earlier in the war.

 The Security Council, meeting in emergency session, issued a statement calling for a prompt investigation of the allegations and a cease-fire in the conflict, but took no further action.

“I can say that there is a strong concern among Council members about the allegations and a general sense that there must be clarity on what happened, and that the situation has to be followed carefully,” said María Cristina Perceval of Argentina, the president of the Council, after the meeting.
 The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said late Wednesday that more than 130 people had been confirmed dead in attacks around Damascus, though it could not confirm the use of gas.
The video record posted online did not provide enough detail to draw a complete picture of what happened. Unlike the videos often uploaded by the opposition, the images on Wednesday did not show the immediate aftermath of the attacks in the communities.
-In other words no images of damages from the alleged rocket attack

The videos, experts said, also did not prove the use of chemical weapons, which interfere with the nervous system and can cause defecation, vomiting, intense salivation and tremors. Only some of those symptoms were visible in some patients

Ah yes, the bubbling saliva. Small children can do that one so well. So, it makes sense adults can bubble spit up in their mouth. Also bubble spitting images do not indicate time, day or location.

Gwyn Winfield, editor of CBRNe World, a journal that covers unconventional weapons, said that the medics would most likely have been sickened by exposure to so many people dosed with chemical weapons — a phenomenon not seen in the videos
Interesting, if there was as much chems used as claimed by the NATO/IDF Islamic army the medics treating them would be sickened but that did not appear to be the case.
Or to quote from above “a phenomenon not seen in the videos”

 Russia wrote off the attack as a “preplanned provocation” orchestrated by the rebels and said they had launched the gas with a homemade rocket from an area they controlled.

“All of this looks like an attempt at all costs to create a pretext for demanding that the U.N. Security Council side with opponents of the regime and undermine the chances of convening the Geneva conference,”

The Syrian Army, in a statement read on state television, denied having used chemical weapons, calling the accusations part of a “filthy media war” in favor of the rebels. The claims “are nothing but a desperate effort to cover their defeat on the ground, and reflect the state of hysteria, confusion and collapse of these gangs and those who support them,” the statement said.
Aleppo, Syria
Despite the myriad of problems with this latest psychological operation. The NATO nutter nations are still at it. Turkey, Israel and France are making the most noise. Or at least getting the most coverage for the day-

Turkey says “all red lines have been crossed”

"All red lines have been crossed but still the U.N. Security Council has not even been able to take a decision. This is a responsibility for the sides who still set these red lines and for all of us," Davutoglu told reporters in Berlin.
Israel intelligence is backing the reports claimed to be true by the Islamic IDF

Israeli intelligence believes that Wednesday's reports of a chemical attack in Damascus are credible, a senior Israeli official said on Thursday.

France is demanding a ‘use of force’
France said on Thursday that outside powers should respond “with force” if the use of chemical weapons was confirmed.

General Dempsey and the Obama administration are opposed to even ‘limited  U.S. military intervention in Syria”
"Syria today is not about choosing between two sides but rather about choosing one among many sides," Dempsey said in the letter Aug. 19 to Representative Eliot Engel, a New York Democrat, that was obtained by The Associated Press.

"It is my belief that the side we choose must be ready to promote their interests and ours when the balance shifts in their favor. Today, they are not.

Since the US is already intervening abundantly how is one to take this reasoning from General Dempsey? Would this opposition have more to do with the gains on the ground made by the SAA?



  2. Man behind Algeria plant attack joins forces with Mali-based group, vows Egypt attacks

  3. YRIA WATCH- WHY ARE THE SUPPOSED VICTIMS OF CHEMICAL ATTACKS BEING BURIED BEFORE UN INVESTIGATORS REACH THEM? Syrian people buried Fallen civilians killed with Chemical Weapons in Damascus

    Video of massacre (chemical attacks on syrian civilians ) uploaded to Youtube on the 20th of August , but the chemical attacks only took place on the day of the 21st of August .

    [ed notes:keep in mind i posted this two days ago BEFORE INCIDENT IN SYRIA..just when un inspectors arrived in Syria... SYRIA FALSE FLAG ALERT... Marines prepare for improvised explosives carrying WMD
    MOSSAD FRONT DEBKA- Chemical warfare looms over Syria.[[[[ Israel passes atropine to rebels]]]]]

  4. Dempsey said: "It is my belief that the side we choose must be ready to promote their interests and ours when the balance shifts in their favor. Today, they are not."

    The U.S. are siding with Saudis and Israel, and both are promoting their insterests which are converging right now (get rid of Assad now, then Hezbollah and Iran), letting the U.S. gets all the blame for the collateral damages (think Egypt)

  5. Both Britain and USA have National Service Bills/Acts in progress -


  6. "Shortly before the false-flag chemical attack against Syria, the Israelis orchestrated a fascist coup d’état in Egypt. General al-Sisi, an Israeli pawn throughout his career, spent the days before and during the coup on the phone with his Israeli handlers." - Kevin Barett

    And there you have it. Business as usual by the Rothschild israelites + co to Balkanize the entire ME in order to establish an erstatz capital of the world.

    Nitwityahoo and Bwak! are just puppets. Rothschild NWOrderers are pulling their strings.

    Feel like serfing?

  7. "Chemical attacks are counterproductive. They're self-defeating.

    Launching them while UN investigators are examining previous sites is madness. Doing so makes no sense whatever.

    Tacticians would never order them. Syria had nothing to do with what happened. Big Lies claim otherwise." - Steve Lendman

    Big Lies = Rothschild's MSM + USrael-NATO

    1. Rothschild MSM? Most of it is owned Murdoch ! The use of the Rothschild punching bag is a sign of weak mindedness

    2. brian: refrain from ad hominem attacks

      labeling or demonization of another's opinion in such a derogatory manner is inappropriate and beneath your usual informative posting

    3. this rothchilds nonsense has to stop: all it does is make any site that post it look illinformed: its also covert antisemitism of a very low order

    4. further the poster is 'anonymous' you need to make these posters identify themsselves: who are they?

    5. brian: I appreciate where you are coming from, truly I do
      however a comment made by another is their opinion, not mine.
      That is standard practice everywhere, msm forums included.

      As for making posters identify themselves how would I do that?
      I have asked on more then one occasion for posters to identify themselves even with an initial, but, cannot compel them to do so.

      One anonymous commenter made a very valid reason for using anonymous
      That is not to be prejudged by his or her name
      Sort of like what goes on all the time at MoA?
      Surely you have noticed that?

      My hands are tied brian. If this is bothersome to you just ignore it
      That is about all I can say

  8. Penny

    "Would this opposition have more to do with the gains on the ground made by the SAA?"

    I believe that is a large part of it. Lack of enthusiasm among the home population and fear of the building negative view of Israel's toadies at home. Also worries about overstretch when the number of countries resisting ziofascist/fascist domination continues to increase, and there are others, along with behind the scenes maneuvering by Syria's friends which we really know little about.

    вот так

  9. Zionist propaganda tactics exposed:

    News of chemical weapons attack in Syria published one day before massacre happened - Islamic Invitation Turkey

    "The Islamic politics and cultural website Islamic Invitation Turkey claims that several videos were uploaded one day before the reports on chemical weapons use near Damascus in Syria. This evidence shows that the terrorists massacred people then recorded the scenes to deceive the world, but they gave themselves away. Terrorists in Syria uploaded the video of their crimes in East Ghouta, Damascus on August 20, 2013 and then blamed the Syrian government for the attack early on August 21, 2013, says the IIT website.

    This evidence supposedly shows the massacre by terrorists in Syria and their struggle to convince the public that the Syrian regime is behind the massacre. You will see that the terrorists uploaded the videos before the massacre and their so-called allegation of the time when the chemical weapons attack by the Syrian Army occurred.

    Even if we regard the chemical attack as taking place at 03:30, it is impossible to take the film of the scene and uploading those tens of videos… this shows that terrorists prepared and organized all of the scenes beforehand then accused the Syrian regime of a massacre that terrorists carried out.

    They did not even have mercy for the children and used them to deceive the public. They gathered all civilians, women and children to certain areas and then killed them brutally, then blamed the Syrian regime in order to legalize their brutality."

    вот так

  10. Poll at VoR:

    Recent Syria ‘chemical attack’ near Damascus is

    56 % A pre-planned provocation by Syrian extremists with the help of biased media reports

    30 % An excuse for the West to get involved to secure their own strategic interests in the region

    3 % Horrendous and the West should step in to prevent the situation from getting worse

    7 % the fault of President Bashar al-Assad's forces

    3 % What attack?

    вот так


    1:10 - whitehouse spokesperson claims their hired thugs don't have the capability for a CW attack.

    but a month ago we see something quite different.

    ignorance, stupidity, or outright lies???

  12. recycling the dead palestine syria egypt

  13. American Tells of Odyssey as Prisoner of Syrian Rebels “Give him 115,” one of his captors said in English, as they began whipping his feet with a metal cable. When the torture ended Mr. Schrier could not walk. His captors, he said, dragged him to his cell. He remembers their parting phrase: “Have you heard of Guantánamo Bay?”

    For seven months, Mr. Schrier, 35, was a prisoner in Syria of jihadi fighters opposed to President Bashar al-Assad. He was robbed, beaten and accused of being an American spy by men who then assumed his identity online.

    His captors drained one of his bank accounts. They e-mailed his best friend and used his eBay account to purchase laptop and tablet computers, camera equipment and Mercedes parts.

    Mr. Schrier said his captors were mostly members of the Nusra Front, a group aligned with Al Qaeda ... But as he was moved from prison to prison, he and his main cellmate, another American, were also held by a unit of Ahrar al-Sham, an Islamist group that works closely with the Free Syrian Army, a rebel umbrella group recognised by Western and Arab governments. His captors, Mr. Schrier said, held other prisoners, including Syrian soldiers and a Syrian legislator.

    In April, he said, the prisoners were moved to a rural villa, also run by Mohammad, where a boy who appeared to be 12 was allowed to beat some of the prisoners and shock them with Tasers. The funny part of this story i found was that Jabhat al nusra and the FSA were accusing other people of being part of the CIA.

  14. Demolition video that clearly shows how terrorists (known as "Syrian rebels") are assemblies of false massacres attributed to Bashar Al-Assad so then CNN and all the Western Zionist media play them for the world.