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Syria: Pipelines, Global Control Tyranny and US dollar hegemony

Ok, everybody. I have got a doozy of a post for you all. We have talked pipeline politics so many times here.
Pipeline politics and Syria's place in that grand scheme. I have noticed for some time now the 3 part series I had done way back, April 1/2013 has been getting regular hits and being posted at various sites. That series of posts grew legs and walked around the globe! If you are new here and haven't read all 3 parts, let me suggest that you take the time to do so. It might help to clarify why Syria is so important. So pivotal.
It might help to understand why we are, where we are, right now.

Part 3- Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Syria: NATO and global resource diversion/control” 

Quoting briefly from the intro in that post: 

 Finally, after a brief respite the promised section on Syria. Be warned, it is long. But subjects such as this cannot be covered in a few sentences or a 30 second blurb.
An additional update at the end of the post: Very pertinent reading !!!

Briefly recapping this sordid tale.

We first looked at, in Part 1, the strategic importance of Cyprus.
 In Part 2 we learned about Cyprus’s massive energy resources. Known as the Aphrodite field.
We read, how it isTurkey and Israel fit into this massive manipulation in the Mediterranean.
We understand the EU dealt a crushing blow to Cyprus’s aspirations to market their sovereign resource without involving Turkey. It is clear that the EU, through the cratering of the Cyprus banking infrastructure, has curtailed the island nations ability to fund the development of their vast energy resource.  A move that is most advantageous to Turkey. Israel. And of course, the US .
Where does Syria fit into this whole shifting of the strategic and geopolitical resource map?
Before moving on to what is below read the 3 parts. I put that all together so we, you and I, could  really understand what is going on. Not this nonsense about chemical weapons. Not this saving civilians bullshit.
Or this Assad is a dictator hogwash. Spin. Perception Management. LIES.

The US has used more chemical weapons then just about anyone. They poisoned Fallujah. (And the UN helps to cover that up) They poured so much  Agent Orange  (Dioxin)  on Vietnam that to this very day, this very day August 30/2013, the Vietnamese, and the Iraqis, still suffer horribly from the atrocities visited upon them by the 'good cop'  of the world, the US.

Le Thi Thu, 42, and her daughter, Nguyen Thi Ly, 11, live in a village south of Da Nang, Vietnam. They are second and third generation victims of dioxin exposure
 And John Kerry talks about moral obscenities! He should look at himself and his country.
The US has created many horrid moral obscenities. My god, this is a nation that dropped nuclear bombs on Japan. Twice! John Kerry and all the lying western leaders should 'burn in a lake of fire' for what they have done to so many innocent people the world over. ( Like I said-  timely!)

Syria is not about humanitarianism. Saving civilians. Not love and kindness. It is business, manipulation, control and power. That is the brutal fact of the matter.

OK, ranting over. You are up to speed on Syria, right? You have refreshed on the 3 parts or read them for the first time? And are now ready to move on.
I found this piece very enlightening. It expands on what I had already written and gets into the US petro dollar dominance. OPEC.  And more. Give it a read and share some thoughts. Because an attack on Syria will most likely lead to an all or nothing scenario on the part of the US and Israel.( Hope I am wrong)

I am, not sure how much credence I give to gold backed currencies. Considering the other golden rule?
He who has the gold, makes the rules. However, pipelines, OPEC, US dollar hegemony are all factors in the US gunning for Syria. All wars are banker wars on some level. Keep that in mind and read below.

Syria, Pipeline Politics, OPEC & the US Dollar

Syria is about the last gasp for the Petro-Dollar, the emergence of energy pipeline geopolitics, the rise of the NatGas Coop, the new dominance of Russian Gazprom, the eclipse of OPEC, the fall of the house of Saud, and a grand adjustment process in global commerce and banking. Refer to trade settlement outside the USDollar and diversification away from USTreasury Bond reserves management. It took some time to realize it, but the Cyprus bank incident was a misdirected attack against Gazprom. It failed. The entire Arab Spring movement, an ambitious disruptive project waged with foolhardy ambitions, has turned on itself. Egypt fell, its US puppet discharged. The entire North African region will be in flames soon. The USGovt interfered with a grand industrialization project for European industry, to be placed on North Africa intended to take advantage of cheaper labor, available minerals, nearby resources, and easy shipping. The resentment of Europe will show up in the future. The Middle East and Persian Gulf region is shifting its salute to Russia & China, as the noisy sectarian battles have been a common fixture since long ago. Bahrain has erupted. Saudi is clamping down and converting into an Islamic police state to create the Iran-Saudi repressive bobsey twins. Chaos is the longstanding objective of the USGovt in foreign policy infection, no change in decades.

Syria is about a lot of things, most of which are volatile, many unsolvable. To be sure, the naval port of Tartus is valuable for the Russian Military, always eager to wrest a seaport. Like Lebanon, Syria is a hotbed stronghold for HezBollah, never to be taken lightly. They are mortal enemies to Israel, whose nations have exchanged covert violence for years. Syria might have tight relations with the Shiites of Iran, even some in Iraq. However, Syria represents the crossroads of many important shifting geopolitical roadways that pertain to the global financial structure and commercial systems. Syria is the tipping point for a Grand Global Paradigm Shift. It is the last stand for the Anglo Banker world. Syria will not go easily into the Russian camp, into the Gazprom fold, into the European energy market sphere. For if it does, the entire USDollar system of commerce and the USTreasury Bond system of reserves management will fall by the wayside and open a new era with Eastern dominance. But the Western powers cannot stop it. Clouds of whatever type do not halt pipeline flow, nor pipeline geopolitics.


Syria stands at the door to the emergence of the Eastern Alliance, the new dominant energy pipelines, a new payment system detached from the USDollar and Anglo banks. Syria stands at the door which controls some incremental European energy supply. Syria stands at the door to Gold Trade Settlement, with a transition step that brings more importance to commodity backed currencies and proper valid systems for trade. Syria means the pipelines strangle the USDollar. Syria means the end of the US system of IOU coupons that pollute the global banking system. Syria means the status quo is coming to an abrupt end. Syria represents a clash of East versus West, which has more commercial and bank significance than anything reported by the lapdog press. Notice the direct line from Iran through Iraq to Syria. The natgas of Iran reaches the Mediterranean Sea through Syria.

Syria is the end port for what the Jackass calls the Shiite Gas Pipeline. It begins in Iran and ends at the Mediterranean seaport in Syria. It was designed to terminate at a Shiite friendly nation. Thus my informal name. Ironically, Qatar is fighting against the Syrian Assad loyalists, but the Qatari natural gas will be directed into the same pipeline. In the last year, a giant Persian Gulf gas discovery was made in a joint Iran-Qatar project. Syria is about the last gasp for the Petro-Dollar. It represents a climax in Energy Pipeline Politics. Quietly for the last 15 to 20 years, Russia has been building crude oil pipelines and natural gas pipelines from the Mother Russian lands to points in Europe and China and the Former Soviet Republics. They have been constructing modern LNG gas port facilities. They have been forging contracts to supply energy to countless nations. The US-led plans have been more interference than constructive. They have consistently attempted to obstruct, rather than to build with some justification of common benefit.

The US news networks cannot tell why or how Syria is important relative to the USDollar. Most Americans cannot define money, let alone conceive of a Petro-Dollar defacto standard. They do not comprehend the global banking system having practices as an extension of Saudi crude oil sales in USDollars. They remember nothing of the Kissinger Arab Oil Surplus Recycle Pact into USTreasury Bonds and US big bank stocks. The focus should be on Pipelines and the closely related geopolitics. The focus should be on the eclipse of OPEC. The focus should be on the loss of Western Europe to the Russian fold, where natural gas supply will alter decisions. Notice the UK Parliament did not offer military support for the USGovt in Syria. They might have received a phone call from either Putin at the Kremlin or the CEO of Gazprom. Coming to a world near you is the NatGas Coop led by Gazprom. A regular feature  in geopolitical decisions will be the integration of natgas supply to Europe and Great Britain.

Clearly heading out is OPEC and its influence. The dirty secret for ten years has been the depletion and decline in Saudi oil reserves. The water cut has surpassed 80% on a regular basis at Saudi oilfields. It is the percentage of water in produced "oil" wells. The interior pressures are dissipated. The Saudis are suffering from lost oil surplus, rising government debt, higher domestic energy costs, higher food costs, internal strife, fascist islamic rule, rising political prisoner population, and geriatrics at the throne. It sure would be good to know how King Abdullah returned from a coma after a few months, where his organs were declared defunct. Maybe like Saddam Hussein, he has some handy doubles. The OPEC nations in the last several years have become a loud disorganized gaggle of devious dealers who discount prices and lie on output on a regular basis. The cartel has no unity anymore. Their honorable Saudi core is disintegrating. The Saudi OPEC core is precisely the foundation to the Petro-Dollar and the justification for global banking systems being based in USTreasury Bonds. Coming online is the NatGas Coop. Coming online is gold trade settlement. Coming online is the BRICS Bank. Coming into prominent view is Gazprom, the leader of the NatGas Coop. It has some powerful strange bedfellows who deal in one currency, natural gas.

The news networks told of Cyprus being the site of bank crisis, account confiscations, the bail-in procedures creating a Western model, and resolutions. It took a while to realize, but the Jackass back in the March Hat Trick Letter noted the Gazprom angle and potential motive. The Jackass mapped out a Prima Facie case for motive on the Cyprus bank attack. It was a challenge to Gazprom and the Russian banking system, more than a Bail-in Model. It was an attempt to cut off the Russian encroachment into Europe with their Gazprom weapon, the most disruptive economic weapon seen in decades.

Cyprus used to serve as the primary window for the entire Russian banking system, and the central bank too. All bank transactions from Russia went through Cyprus. The conclusion could be that the Bail-in procedure is a suicide pact for the West. It is a declaration that if accounting rules are to be enforced, and capital requirements enforced, then the big Western banks would slit their throats and force the vanish of private bank accounts. Ditto if the legal prosecution of big bank were to begin in earnest. They cannot pull that switch unless major banks are all dead gone, from grotesque contagion. Since Lehman failed, all the big Western banks are lashed together, much like sailors at sea on deck during a nasty storm. If one goes, all go. The banker elite needed to disguise their attack of Gazprom in Cyprus. They wanted to interrupt the progress made by Russia in Pipeline Politics. The public bought the false story, again, like they always do. They do not think beyond the first visible layer.

The USGovt lost on disruptions to Iran internet and undersea communication lines between 2004 and 2007. To be sure, the planned Iranian island center for trade processing never occurred, a success of sorts. The USGovt lost on Iranian sanctions. The rise of Turkey, India, and Chinese deals with unique payment systems have come to the table. Even the Japanese and South Koreans refused to play along. The entire workaround process served as a training ground for gold trade settlement. It will have a certain blossom, with the full weight of the BRICS nations behind the current initiatives. The US lost on Iran-Pakistan Pipeline, since China stepped forward, guaranteed funding for its completion, and even worked to extend the connected pipelines to the Western border of China for supply. The USGovt lost with its puppet named Mohammed Morsi, who was ousted in Egypt. The unspoken cause was food price inflation, not political discord as reported by the US news network minions. The USGovt won the Qaddafi's gold (144 tons) but with a grand backfire on the Libyan Embassy controversy. The Pentagon does not appreciate the sacrifice of Navy SEALS to deceit and hidden motives. The biggest failure by the USGovt could be the monetary policy at work by the US Federal Reserve. The QE bond purchase program has produced massive broad price inflation globally, in addition to rising energy costs, rising material costs, and rising related follow-on costs. It is difficult to find any USGovt or USFed policy of value, other than to serve the bank syndicate.

The key to the future is seen on the margin of new power. It is the Natural Gas Coop. To date, it has no name. Curiously, its power might lie in the fact that it has no name, no central nexus. It is a de-centralized cooperative. But more accurately, it has a Russian core, a brain trust at Gazprom. It has a certain Kremlin command center, since a newfound strategic weapon. It is their greatest global weapon in decades. The strange bedfellows consist of Russia (home HQ of Gazprom), Turkmenistan (#2 natgas global producer), Iran (giant renegade producer), Qatar (biggest LNG star), and Israel (from Tamar Platform). The presence of Sunni Qatar from the Persian Gulf and US Fascist Ally Israel make for the odd mix. In June, the Israel Govt signed a deal with Russian Gazprom. It called for directing all surplus natgas output from Tamar to the Gazprom pipeline system, and the European market. The Israeli Economy will greatly benefit from the surplus revenue.

Game over for OPEC and a guaranteed demise of the Petro-Dollar. Simply stated, Saudi Arabia is to OPEC, what Russia is to NatGas Coop. The phase out of OPEC is in progress, without much recognition. The emergence of the NatGas Coop is to be better understood in the near future. A tremendously important shift is taking place in energy geopolitics. The consequences will be rapid diversification out of the USTreasury Bond, colossal Indirect Exchange in asset deals, and broad abandonment (aka dumping). In the process, almost no buyers of USGovt debt will be visible, and the USFed will be leaned upon more fully for bond purchases. The Weimar machinery will strain to the limit. The USGovt debt default will occur, as the event has become more visible, a 2008 Hat Trick Letter forecast.

Not 5% of Americans comprehend the defacto Petro-Dollar standard. They will when the Saudis must step aside and permit OPEC to be eclipsed by the NatGas Coop with its expansive global network of pipelines. The great USDollar devaluation will occur when the Petro-Dollar falls by the wayside. The result will be profound price inflation in the USEconomy. The fall of the Saudi regime is guaranteed eventually, and likely soon. The Saudis cannot play both sides (US & Russia) successfully. They will fail with both partners. The NatGas Pipelines are critical, as they wield enormous economic leverage and power. Together, the NatGas Coop phases out OPEC and assures the end of the USDollar as it is currently known and structured. Watch the Saudis soon indicate that non-USDollar payments are accepted for crude oil sales, like accepting GBPounds, Euros, Japanese Yen, even Swiss Francs. Watch the Saudis closely for various signals of impending doom, death signals. As energy sales move gradually, then rapidly, away from the USD settlement, the world will go through a transformation. The banking system will change in their foundations, one nation at a time, with diversification away from USTBonds. It is Game Over!!

Syria is the last line of defense for the USDollar and the exalted position of OPEC. Syria is the potential recognized debut of the NatGas Coop in significance. It is all hidden, except to the Hat Trick Letter. In the new era emerging, Gold will prevail as the Gold Trade Standard is put in place. It will not be done with a stake in the ground from the banking system of the FOREX currency trading arenas. Therefore it is so dangerous to the status quo. My full expectation is that the USGovt will back off in Syria. The retreat will not be seen as a magnanimous gesture, but rather more like a bully backing down. Revelations will be very damaging on chemical weapons and the roles played. Roots to Saddam Hussein will be reviewed. Iran already has tens of thousands killed by chemical weapons over 20 years ago in a war waged with Iraq, with a hand from the Bushes. The United States leadership is in for some cold water in the face. The United States is due for some extreme isolation. The NatGas Coop will change the global map. It will open the door to the Eurasian Trade Zone for commerce, and open the door to the Gold Trade Settlement for finance. Some quantum leaps are in store and soon. Gold will emerge with a new Gold Trade Standard, whose price will shock most observers. Think multiples higher. Syria is a seminal event for gold.


  1. Brilliantly encapsulated. Absolutely well done Penny. Thanks for all your stalwart work keeping us all in the know.

    - HHQ

    1. Thanks HHQ, that the work is appreciated , makes it all worthwhile :)

  2. Kony 2012 = syria 2013
    Obama dispatched troops to Uganda in late 2011
    Long creator subsequently lost his mind and was found babbling naked I'd the street after the videos went "viral"
    June 2013 Uganda and Kenya announce final plan for pipeline options....

    1. Recall the whole Kony incident very well. Saw the video.
      Wondered what kind of drugs he was on? Or given?

    2. "Wondered what kind of drugs he was on? Or given?"

      Probably the same ones these very strange creatures were given:


  3. As for gold: the most underemployed story presently is the star k on the rupee. India being the largest . Privately stock in the world.

    India fdi deregulation push by congress ahead of election - financials, defense and consumer retail - us pushing hard
    India recent talking about styling oil in rupee with Iraq
    Line of control escalation as Pakistan New pm talks peace
    China border incisions of late
    Sub goes down as first carrier launched
    Indigenous missile mach 7 (Russians talking about hypersonic. Carrier based weapons today)
    Mars mission and satellite . Launches

    US Asia . Pivot

    Lotsof coincidence

    1. Edit...
      On Gold: the most under reported story presently is the assault on the INR. India being the largest privately stock in the world. IMF is out floating a replay of ’91 e.g. lending the gold stock for emergency measures.

      1. India FDI deregulation push by Congress ahead of election - financials, defense and consumer retail – US pushing the deregulation hard
      2. India recent talking about styling oil in rupee with Iraq
      3. Line of control escalation as Pakistan New PM talks peace
      4. China border incursions of late
      5. Newly delivered submarine goes down a day after 1st carrier launched
      6. Indigenous Brahmos missile Mach 7 – joint Russia development
      7. Mars mission and indigenous satellite launch
      8. Joint Russian weapons development – submarines and 5th Gen fighters
      9. India building port in Iran, up the coast from Gwadar

      All would appear to tie in with Asia pivot. Rupee crisis = too much coincidence.

      "I wouldn't want to speculate on any support or program needs," he said when asked on the speculation about India coming to the IMF, possibly selling its gold reserves to the IMF to prop up its currency. "But maybe just stepping back on the situation in India, the combination of large fiscal and current account deficits, high and persistent inflation, sizable un hedged corporate foreign borrowing and reliance on portfolio inflows are longstanding vulnerabilities that have now been elevated as global liquidity conditions tighten, and this clearly has affected market confidence," Rice said in response to a question. "

    2. Putin: Allegations Against Assad ‘Provocation’ &
      US Strike on Syria Inadmissible, Even if ‘Limited’ - Moscow
      (RIA Novosti)

    3. I have an article bookmarked or saved amidst countless items..
      how badly India was going to be affected by an attack on Syria
      Was unaware that the currency was down
      Is it being attacked in someway?
      In a way that would force them to go the IMF?
      There is so much going on, it makes my head spin!

  4. Speculative attacks on rupee. Gold import curbs. Banks ordered to buy private . Gold?

    1. Saudi Arabia doing its best to try and collar the oil markets. What would Matt Simmons have to say:

      "Saudi Arabia is set to pump 10.5 million barrels a day of crude in the third quarter, a million bpd increment over the second quarter and its highest quarterly level of production ever, leading U.S. energy consultancy PIRA said."

      Read more:

      Remember what happened in Italy during the Libya campaign. When the Italian FM came out and called for an immediate halt to bombing, the bond yields blew out as Brent was spiking and then came the SPR release. Ironic that Berlusconi is back again after all the maneuvering and threatening to take down the gov't. It was an Italian firm that was installing the telecom tracking systems for Assad.

      June 22 Italy calls for halt

      June 24 SPR release

      Nov-11 Yields peak
      Italian yields @ ~4.70 blow out to 7% by Oct whereupon Berlusconi resigns

      Then came the story recently that Berlusconi wanted Gadaffi assassinated

      "Berlusconi was strong criticized for his apparent reluctance to condemn Kadhafi in 2011 and his tardiness in stepping in to try to stop the bloody repression in the country."


      Italy-Russia = India-Russia
      Berluconi and German's Schroeder invited to Putin inaguration
      FT revels in Berlusconi fleeing to Putin Bday as his scandals rip loose

      Sud Stream interconnects in Italy

      Eni scandals in Algeria - Saipem contracts

      Eni sells Mozambique field to China Petro

      Eni strikes JV with Venezuela

      Finmeccanica scandals on Indian Helicopter deal

      Finmeccanica CEO exits replaced by Monti's Chief of police - no experience

      Finemccanica calls for revision to the Sukhoi 100 Superjet JV

      Italy and Russia to collaborate on Submarine design

      Vatican would appear to have broken with west as well. Here is what the UN envoy said:

      "There should not be a judgement until there is sufficient proof," Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican's permanent observer at the United Nations in Geneva, said in an interview with Vatican radio. "What immediate interest would the government in Damascus have in causing such a tragedy?" he asked, adding that the real question was: "Who does this inhuman crime really benefit?"

      Maybe payback for the Vatican Bank blacklisting and Swift ban...

      Pope to review Vatican Bank

    2. Hmmmmm......
      The Vatican statement is interesting?
      I hadn't even realized Berlusconi was back?
      I thought he was found guilty, but, was appealing??

    3. One thing people in general are not aware of. Jesuits were the archenemy of the judeo-masonic (and protestantic) money powers (i.e. NWO). The whole 18th and 19th century can be seen as the ultimate fight between them. The Catholics/Jesuits lost. There's a lot of disinfo about that order circulating especially in North-America. In that regard, the actions of the new Pope are not that surprizing afterall.

  5. Good piece re Kerry's speech here:

    'John Kerry's Tender Sensibilities'

    "Don't buy a used war from this man."

  6. Hezbollah, Army of Terror
    Published July 10, 2013, in TERRORISM 176

    Hezbollah is one of the most active terrorist organizations in the world and has successfully built a global terror network. Their long list of achievements includes suicide bombings, plane hijackings, assassinations, weapons smuggling and firing rockets at civilians. Since 1982, hundreds of innocent civilians have lost their lives and thousands more have been injured thanks to Hezbollah. Let’s take a closer look at how Hezbollah fights and why so many classify it as a terrorist organization.

    Suicide Bombing
    Hezbollah has the dubious honor of being the first organization in modern history to have perpetrated a suicide bombing attack. In order to carry out such attacks, they maintain a mechanism called the Unit for Overseas Operations which is under the command of Hassan Nasrallah. The unit’s second-in-command is Mustafa Badr Al-Din. They have established terror sleeper cells around the world, weapons stores, safe houses and assets. They also rely on local criminal organizations. All of these can be activated to carry out attacks.

    At 10 a.m. on July 18, 1994, a Hezbollah suicide bomber drove a car with 275 kilograms of explosives in front of the Jewish Community Center in a commercial area of Buenos Aires, and detonated it. The explosion completely destroyed the building. The attack killed 85 people and wounded 300.

    The AMIA bombing occured on July 18, 1994, killing 85 people and injuring hundreds
    The AMIA bombing occurred on July 18, 1994, killing 85 people and injuring hundreds
    Later, an Argentinean investigation determined that the attack was ordered by the leadership of the Iranian regime and executed by Hezbollah. Among the decisions makers was Ahmad Vahidi, today the Iranian Defense Minister. The Hezbollah squad arrived in Argentina only weeks before the attack. Ibrahim Mohsen Berro, who drove the car before blowing himself up, was from a Shia family from Southern Lebanon.

    Exactly 18 years later, on July 18, 2012, a Hezbollah operative blew himself up on an Israeli tourist bus in Burgas, Bulgaria. Six people were killed and 36 wounded. The bus was meant to take a group of Israeli tourists who were spending their vacation in the area. According to Bulgarian authorities, Hezbollah had local support in executing the attack.

    Burgas bus bombing
    Burgas bus bombing
    When Hezbollah is unable to carry out suicides attacks by themselves, they provide support to others to plan and perpetrate attacks. During the Second Intifada, Hezbollah provided massive assistance to terrorist organizations operating in Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip. On March 30, 2006, a Tanzim suicide bomber blew himself up on an Israeli vehicle and killed four civilians. The suicide bomber had been in direct contact with Hezbollah operatives.

    1. sorry ANON but the Mossad propoaganda dept is 2 blocks down the street...dont hit youself on the door on your way out

    2. brian
      hasbara like trolls have been very, very, very busy

    3. "hasbara like trolls have been very, very, very busy"

      They always are when they want goys killing other goys. It's the phony leftists I find particularly pernicious. These are the most duplicitous and cold calculatingly cold hearted. The suave talking Jack the Ripper, luring his victims with charm and feigned concern, as opposed to the drooling knuckledragger who simply waits for the person to turn their back and hits them on the back of the head with a 2 by 4.

      вот так


    This article has been taken from Al-Hadath News and translated from Arabic. 23 August 2013

    A Syrian diplomatic source revealed that the high-level Russian delegation made a clear statement coupled with solid documentation about the massacre that targeted East Gouta and this “silenced everyone and made them rethink their positions.”

    The source, who preferred anonymity, in an interview,states that the official story about the Syrian massacre confirmed that militants fired two rockets loaded with chemicals from the area always in Rural Damascus, under the control of insurgents. Images of Russian satellites confirmed the story.

    The source pointed out, in this connection, that the Russian position was, unusually, the most radical of the positions of European countries and even the U.S. position regarding the need to investigate the massacre, explained, “The Russian position was based on satellite images, The images illustrate and definitively that the militants are those who used chemical weapons. “

    About the motivation of the opposition militants to commit this massacre, the source added that “a militant faction apparently wanted to exploit the presence of the Commission of Inquiry to increase shuffling papers, in collaboration with one of the Arab countries, without informing Western countries on such a step, they fired the rockets.”

    The source cited accurately Syrian story about the failure of Member States to request images of U.S. satellites, as usual in the previous cases, the Russian-sufficiency pictures, which apparently it was “identical with the image of America to form the definitive document no doubt about it.”

    The source believed that this massacre will have a major political impact on the position of the countries supporting the insurgency, led by France, which will re-evaluate its position, especially since this crime occurred without informing in advance their intelligence services, putting them in a critical position.

    The source said that a “radical” opposition faction was to one who fired the chemical rockets and it was working under the command of a Gulf Arab state, that the source did not want to identify. While Saudi Arabia is the biggest supporter of the armed opposition and particularly the radical militants in its midst.
    A very fragile statement was issued by the UN Security Council, where the Council did not accuse directly the regime in Syria of being the perpetrator. Contrary to the opinion of the European countries that started from the first day a campaign to accuse the regime, but the Council called for a report that leads to define responsibilities and those who stand behind what happened.

    There are witnesses reporting that in the night of the 21st to 22nd of August more than 30 ambulances were transporting injured Syrian soldiers from Eastern Goutta to the Mezzeh hospital. They were victims of sudden chemical attack from the armed opposition. More then 50 officers and soldiers were severely injured. But the authorities did not want to mention to keep high the moral of the troops.

    1. and thanks again brian! :)

    2. Penny

      You could try emailing the radio guy?

      вот так

    3. Wrong spot, see below.

      вот так

  8. Nice work, Penny.

    вот так

    1. Hey Bot tak
      Perhaps Ziad could share it with the person who interviewed him?

    2. Penny

      You could try emailing the radio guy?

      вот так

  9. A couple from VoR:

    Claims of chemical weapons use by Syria regime 'utter nonsense' - Putin


    Syrian rebels braced for offensive coinciding with foreign attack

    Well, the world now knows the FSA terrorists are proxies of Israel, with quislings like the USA and SA operating in the role of middlemen, so these terrorists might as well announce their alliance with the zionist Americans openly like that. Being seen as the proxies of well known proxies of Israelis is the best possible recruiting ploy these terrorists could use in the Arab world, no?

    вот так

  10. Obama wants Congressional approval before openly attacking. The HoR wont return early to vote on this and this means 9 Sept. or later to get approval. A week and a half from now.

    It seems pretty clear that the ZPC/fascist establishment realise attacking now may hurt them more than help them. I don't think it is just public opinion, but some other factors must be influencing this. The latter can only be speculated right now, though I think Syria's friends in Russia and China have had a role in that.

    This delay gives the zionizis time to spin the narrative in the media and get more of the public on their side. More time to get assets in place for the actual attack (they don't appear to have enough forces for a decisive attack now in place). More time to bribe/threaten/blackmail/kill potential Congressional recalcitrants. Time to bring off a falseflag. It will also bring the date of attack closer to 9/11, which is now almost a religious day of mourning in the Jewish western media hype (it's spun like the Holocaust industry's marketing), where they can use the yearly hype to influence people against Syria.

    There is a lot of reasons for the delay, and a lot of reason to expect further gross foul play from this zionazi/NWO establishment. So expect the worst and continue treating this modern nazi freakshow as the cancer it is.

    вот так

    1. One factor leading to some of Israel's colonies rejecting an immediate attack on Syria is fear for Israel itself:

      British MPs kill Syria war motion out of fears for Israeli regime

      The Jewish western media has been careful to exclude Israeli involvement in the terrorism against Syria and has all but ignored the fact the war against Syria is an Israeli operation, mostly using their usual proxies, who get the dubious distinction of being their fall guys, as well. Both Syria and Hezbollah, along with Iran, could do a lot of damage to Israel with missile strikes alone. The Iron Dome system is a typical Israeli con job, very poor against local rocket fire, it isn't even capable against cruise or ballistic missiles. The American Patriot system failed the only time it was seriously tried in action (Iraq 1991), and its current versions are untried (untried American weapon systems invariably fail due to the extremely corrupt DoD system of procurement and testing of such. This has been a fact since before WW2, and even earlier.)

      If Israel's colonies do attack Syria, they will have to make sure their master wont feel the response. This scene comes to mind, as a way to express what I mean.

      From about 6 minutes into the clip. Though the tilt of the head at 8:15, and what follows, would be nice, if it weren't fantasy.

      вот так

  11. World cools to Obama and US hysteria to attack Syria

    "The world community’s reaction to the American's desperate fanatical drive to war in Syria, which seems matched only by the irrational violent and insane behavior of the Syrian-liver-eating-opposition, has left Washington looking like a desperate schoolyard bully looking for a little kid to beat up for his lunch money. Only this time the bully has Tomahawk Missiles and is hiding in an "armored car"...

    вот так

  12. I don't believe that Saudi oil reserves are depleting - They had met their peak capacity over a decade a go and flow rates have been maintained.

    Abiotic oil is well researched in Ukraine and Russia.

    Control of the region is of course a different matter and UN Agenda 21 is a divisive model.