Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Syrian" Fighters (?) Tell Northern Caucasus Muslims "Wage Jihad at Home"

My bad! Yesterday, I had swore off blogging for one day. Gotta take a break ya know?
Yet, here I am. What was it that pushed me here today?  An article too relevant, too timely, for me to take a pass on.

First, a brief rehash.

I had given readers a ‘heads up’ on  the upcoming Sochi Olympics and the potential for terror attacks in Russia about two weeks back, July 17/13 in this post.     Which was followed up with further clarification here
 Yesterday, I posted two related posts. Hope you took the time to read them both? If you didn’t....... , why not? OK, I will let you off easy. At least read this one for some context. Iraq, Libya, Pakistan Prison Breaks that advance the NATO war agenda

Briefly from the link directly above:

“By all accounts the three most recent jailbreaks have let loose thousands of additional NATO Islamist fighters, going by varying brand names, but all basically fighting covertly under the  guidance and directive of NATO.
Might some of the recently freed fighters make their way to Chechnya?
Might some of the Chechen fighters who are presently fighting in Syria now be free to make their way back to Chechnya to strike at Russia just in time for the Sochi Olympic spectacle?
Quite possible!
After all Sochi is just months away”

The premise put forth goes like this..... the prison breaks were undertaken not only to free up fighters for Syria and expansion into Iraq and Iran. But also to allow the Caucasus fighters to go back to Russia and begin their next assignment on behalf of their NATO leadership.

Well lookie here!     Syrian Fighters Tell North Caucasus Muslims 'Wage Jihad at Home!'

Cause we have all these freed prisoners heading this way!!!!!

If you read yesterday's post you will recall the 'internet in  a suitcase' capabilities all the NATO fighters have.

 July 31, 2013
In a short video address dated July 30, a group of Syrian fighters has appealed to Muslims in the North Caucasus to wage jihad in Russia rather than travel to Syria to participate in the fighting there. Specifically, they refer to the recent appeal by self-styled Caucasus Emirate leader Doku Umarov to prevent the holding of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in February 2014.
 Speaking in accented Russian, Salakhuddin begins by conveying Ramadan greetings to Muslims across Russia, and specifically to Umarov, whom he refers to as “our emir." (He is wearing a black T-shirt bearing the slogan "Caucasus Emirate.")
Salakhuddin says there has been a “huge influx of volunteers” from the North Caucasus to join the armed opposition in Syria. He attributes that wave of volunteers to a widely held belief that "Syria is where you go to join the jihad."

Salakhuddin says it is understandable that Muslims from those areas of Russia where there is no jihad should share that belief, but that Muslims in the North Caucasus have an obligation to remain at home and fight there, even though conditions are far more difficult in terms of weaponry, support, and the possibility of withdrawing from the front to the rear. He cites a sura from the Koran in support of that argument.

Salakhuddin further advises North Caucasus Muslims to "fight in the lowlands if you can’t go to the mountains,"or alternatively to travel to Moscow or other Russian cities to target the enemy there, or prepare to sabotage the Winter Olympics in line with Umarov’s instructions.
He points out that jihad does not necessarily involve joining a large fighting force, and that individuals or groups of up to three fighters can inflict considerable damage if they set their minds to it. In that context, he quotes Chechen field commander Shamil Basayev's observation that "modern technology enables one man to inflict irreparable damage on the infrastructure of the enemy state."

How many fighters from the North Caucasus are fighting in Syria and who recruits them remains unclear. The Russian daily "Kommersant" claimed last week that there are 100 Chechen fighters in Syria.

The paper quoted Russian Interior Ministry officials as having identified Isa Umarov (no relation to Doku), whose cousin Movladi Udugov is one of the main ideologues of the Caucasus Emirate, as a recruiting officer.

Also last week, the republic of Daghestan's authorities released a statement denouncing the participation of an estimated 200 Daghestani volunteers in the fighting in Syria.

Police in Novo Sasitli, near Daghestan's administrative border with Chechnya, recently apprehended a 46-year-old Daghestani who had been wounded while fighting in Syria and returned home to recuperate.
 If the stats are correct the few hundred fighters  who are now present in Syria can go back to Chechnya or Daghestan. There are thousands of replacements available. These fighters will not be missed

Conclusion: NATO expands it’s war of terror


  1. Hi Penny,

    Long time no see. Popping back in because I wanted to see how Snowden and Russia news is being analyzed.

    I suspect the Snowden affair, the Boston Bombing suspects and their Dagestan connection, the call for jihad in the North Caucasus, as well as the Israeli attacks on supposed Russian missiles, is all propaganda. In other words they are psychological operations and likely completely false.

    Snowden is likely doing his job and is controlled opposition like Wikileaks and Assange and Anonymous. In fact, the drawn out drama involving Snowden is a lot like Assange's drama; it makes him a hero to some and an enemy to others, while providing a little spice of sex (strippers!), and provides cover for continually leaking disinformation (we just had another Snowden "leak" yesterday). Both Snowden and Assange are incredibly well spoken, polished, and well supported.

    The motive is to make it look like Russia is an adversary of the U.S. when that is not the case. Russia is assisting Israel and the West to attack Syria and Lebanon. It too has called for regime change and everyone knows that despite Russia’s crocodile tear (like in Libya), there will be no positive “transition” government in Syria.

    These Russian related psychological operations are probably very similar to the Mavi Mammar "Freedom Flotilla" operation, where it appeared Erdogan and Turkey were opposed to Israel. It's a distraction that raises emotions without being very significant, while greater geopolitical cooperation is going on behind the scenes.

    Same thing with the missile disinformation. As you and others correctly pointed out, why should we believe the sketchy sourcing about the Israeli attacks on these supposed missiles? But I think many are missing the motive for this disinformation. The motive is to make it seem like Russia is really supplying Syria with these weapons, which I seriously doubt. Why hasn’t SANA confirmed these strikes or at least the Russian missiles (big caveat . . . I suspect SANA has been hijacked and who knows if what I’m reading is what they are putting out). SANA is promoting the few good things Russia is doing (its statements condemning the Western backed violence or pushing back on the WMD allegations), so why wouldn’t SANA promote Russian assistance?

    As I laid out here previously, it appears Russia has reneged on many critical military contracts with Syria and Iran that would most help them defend themselves. These missiles supposedly delivered in the last couple years is too little too late to be believable. There are of course many other pieces of evidence that show Russia is really aligned with Israel and the West and has forsaken Syria. Russia will profit very handsomely from the oil profits after Lebanon and Syria are taken out.

    1. WWM

      The call for jihad in Russia will result in many dead.
      It goes beyond a psychological operation
      Many have died in Syria.

      There is zero indication Russia has reneged on critical military contract
      There is no indication that Russia has waivered in it's support for Syria.

      At higher levels there are surely elites gaming the system pulling but, at the level of regional government it is a fight for survival.
      I have seen nothing that indicates otherwise

      As for Snowden, IMO, minimally he is a 'useful idiot"
      And have explained why I feel this way.

      The missile disinfo?
      Are we talking the Israeli airstrikes?
      I can only confirm to my satisfaction via msm that one airstrike took place some time ago, on Damascus.
      That's it

      The missiles such as Yakhont and Bastion were delivered to Syria some time ago
      which is why Israel is retrofitting their ships
      See post from yesterday

      I will have to respectfully agree to disagree.

    2. Thanks for the thoughtful response Penny.

      How many have died in Syria? That seems accurate, but once again we are asked to accept totally unreliable sources for these figures. Who knows if it is 10,000 people or 100,000 (well, I assume the protagonists know the real figures).

      I wonder why Syria has not put out its own figures? I see they dispute the foreign claims about the stregnth of the fighters but I think I say a Syrian government estimate of 130,000 foreign fighters.

      Re the Russian arms sales . . . there is abundant evidence Russia has reneged. One, Iran sued Russia for failure to deliver. Two, re these similar Syrian contracts, even analysts that imply Russia is going to save the day admit that Russia has delayed the contracts under various rationales, many of them leaked and vague (like Israel requested the cancellation, or it was Putin's fault, or the fighting prevents it). For instance, here's Global Research:

      "After Russia initially halted a Russian – Syrian contract for an upgrade of Syria´s air force, it looks as if Russia is reconsidering, in response to the western unwillingness to settle the dispute about Syria peacefully. . . .

      A Syrian delegation has recently arrived in Moscow to discuss details and a time frame, stated the head of the Mikkoryan Design Bureau Sergei Korotkov. The contract was initially signed in 2007 but the outbreak of civil unrest in Syria in 2011 initially caused Russia to halt the deal to deliver 24 MiG-29MM fighter jets and 5 MiG-31 interceptors. . . . "

      Imho, this is probably more of a delaying tactic intended to sucker Syria into hoping for the eventual delivery of the weapons. They keep promising but never deliver. I suspect this was always the intention--to convince Syria to put all its procurement eggs in one basket to have someone later knock the basket from their hands. Who knows, maybe Russia did deliver some lesser weapons that have now been blown up--but I doubt it. Why should we doubt anonymous Western claims of blowing these arms up but believe the anonymous Western claims they exist?

      Btw, since I'm one of the few people I see on my internet posing these questions it's hard to research these issues and I'm not finding information I remember seeing when I first began researching this stuff.

      Also, who knows if there will be real deaths in the Northern Caucasus or if it will be false flag attacks. Would create quite the distraction for the Russian people as Russia looks the other way as Syria gets whacked.

    3. Oops.

      Forgot the June 6, 2013 link to Global Research:

      And I meant to write Medvedev rather than Putin as the scapegoat for Russia not delivering arms to Syria and Iran (and the PressTV link above has Russia blaming the U.S. for its failure to deliver to Iran).

    4. WWM

      are you familiar with the Beslan school massacre
      perpetrated by NATO Islamic mercs
      real people died and a hell of a lot of them
      the bastard threw the bodies out the window
      the footage is on line
      It is awful stuff

    5. Interesting that the anti-Russian WWM spam coincides with similar anti-Syrian spam at SyrPer...similar mo, too.

      вот так

  2. Hi penny
    News coming out of Syria just a short while ago of massive explosion in Homs. Some say it was a bunker busting bomb on army depot and it was a massive explosion that may have been done by Israeli attack . No real details yet but seems greeting people very nervous.

    1. I have just put something up
      If you come across anything leave it in the newest post
      Looking for info

  3. Here's a U.S. government "leak" (which I'm betting the Obama regime won't be interested in prosecuting), in the New York Times:

    "Some Syria Missiles Eluded Israeli Strike, Officials Say"

    1. I have no reason to believe the Lattakia attack ever took place
      Maybe it did. Maybe it didn't.

      There is nothing credible to indicate it did, based on all the conflicting news reports I have seen.

      The entire story could be useful for constructing a narrative for US military invasion of Syria to protect Israel

  4. Here's the most detailed article on SANA re Russian/Syrian relations:

    "July 31, 20113

    Moscow, (SANA): Assistant Secretary General of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Abdullah al-Ahmar on Wednesday affirmed the strength of the deep-rooted relations between Syria and Russia . . . . Meeting Chairman of the Russian-Syrian Friendship Association Alexander Dzasokhof . . . .

    For his part, Dzasokhof noted that Russian policies haven't been as solid as they are now for twenty years, which is manifested in Russia's support for Syria on all levels, criticizing the selfish US policies and the role of Qatar which he descrived as "a small state that has nothing other than money" and which has become a focal point for extremist forces in the region.

    Dzasokhof said that by fighting terrorism, Syria is fighting to protect international interest, and that Syria's victory will ensure it will remain a secular and civil state, adding that the US hypocrisy is illogical considering its long-term effects.

    In a similar meeting with al-Ahmar, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov stressed that supporting Syria is a necessity because its victory is vital for the reigon's stability. . . . .

    He asserted that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation supports the Russian leadership in its positions on Syria, stressing the need to develop relations between the two countries.

    Zyuganov said the Communist Party will exert all its efforts to ensure peace in Syria and to hold the international conference on Syria in Geneva, stressing that Syria's cause is just and that it will be victorious.

    He stressed the need for Russia to uphold its commitments to Syria, including military support. . . .

    Civil society organizations in Russia, the Moscow branch of the National Union of Syrian Students, and members of the Syrian community in Russia organized a gathering in front of the Syrian Embassy in Moscow to show respect for Syria's martyrs and the victims of Khan al-Assal massacre and to condemn terrorism."

    1. Once again we see Russia not sending very significant dignitaries to meet with Syrian dignitaries.

    2. I wonder how accurate the paraphrasing of what the two Russian dudes said is. I suspect some people may have hijacked SANA and could subtly change this part of the article. Or maybe the SANA reporters are being vague and diplomatic, or that the two dudes were vague on purpose.

    3. Why just one sentence on Russian military assistance without a reference to the Western allegations re missiles or Israeli strikes, etc?

    4. I have read before that the Communist party was the most critical of Russia's hesitance to fully support Syria and I would be interested to see an informed translation of what these parties and leaders are really saying. I get the sense that these issues are being suppressed even in Russia.

    1. I will have to look at this after, I am out of time
      sorry :(

  5. Re the Beslan attacks . . .

    Former spy Litvinenko and others reportedly claim it was a false flag attack:

    But who knows what to believe. I'm dubious of "secret" information that is so readily available via anonymous leaks in the "alternative" press, as I am suspicious of seemingly obvious assassinations (just like the "suspicious" death of U.S. reporter Michael Hastings--why would 'they' use such an obvious assassination method?).

    And who knows if the Beslan terrorism was real or a hoax. I've analyzed enough of these videos and I don't really feel like looking at people being killed right now (even if fake).

    I'm confident many of the attacks in Syria have been hoaxes, as well as probably many of the 9/11 deaths and many other alleged attacks as well (like maybe the U.S. soldier going berzerk in Afghanistan killing all those kids, or Adam Lanza doing the same in Connecticut, or the Batman shootings in Colorado, etc.). It is more comforting to think these evil people would fake killing people rather than really kill them, but I know that real deaths are often involved. I have no doubt real terrorism is going on in Syria even though some of it is faked.

    And maybe life is cheap in the Northern Caucasus so maybe they will do the real deal. Idk.

  6. there is nothing in that piece that suggest Beslan was a false flag attack
    nothing at all.

    Two 'former' CIA operatives providing info?
    Is there every really a former CIA operative?
    Litvinenko was affiliated with Boris B. Boris B started the narrative that one of the Russian bombings, Not Beslan, was a false flag (apartment bombing)

    I will be honest here, WWM, I find that 'Raw Story" story ringing very untrue
    these are the things that catch my eye
    presenting Litvinenko as some sort of victim of Russian intelligence
    Doubtful, It makes more sense that British Intelligence killed him, IMO

    "two former Cold War CIA officers, who still on occasion provide consulting work for the CIA"

    that tells me they are active CIA

    " detonated in front of an apartment building in the city of Buynaksk that served as military housing for Russian soldiers"

    why would Russia target their own soldiers, in their housing?

    Sympathetic to the Chechen cause?
    Which is typical of leftist disinfo

    "Another former CIA officer (who sometimes currently serves as a CIA consultant)"

    "Reports have Litvinenko meeting with several individuals on November 1"

    Including Boris B

    The entire raw story article appears to have come from the CIA, does that seem credible
    BTW: Boris B was the originator of the narrative of Putin undertaking the apartment bombing
    And Boris B aided the Chechens in their destabilization campaign of Russia

    In other words the Raw Story piece doesn't pass the sniff test, IMO

    1. Yep. I agree it's shady. But really, it's almost impossible for us to discern the truth in our modern media world. See this 1968 article by Brzezinski predicting how technology will allow total control over populations:

      For me the biggest red flags I have regarding the alleged Russian terror incidents are:

      1. The motive to create a terrorist threat was similar to the motive the U.S. has--it allows more money to be spent on military and police and scares and distracts the population. It riles up military fervor/patriotism and provides an excuse for military action.

      2. Russia has also used terrorism as an excuse to support the West (along with the fear of drugs and the fear of piracy)--something the Russian people are most likely against. Russia is supporting NATO in Afghanistan, Mali and Libya and otherwise "partnering" with the U.S./NATO/Israel in many ways and using terrorism as justification.

      3. The Western/Israeli narrative re terrorism is false and this makes it more likely that the Russian narrative is similarly false. See e.g.

      4. I'm simply incredulous about the human motivation these "terrorists" are acting under. It takes real evil to kill hundreds of children in cold blood and up close. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, it just does not comport with my understanding of normal or regular human behavior. Why would Adam Lanza choose a random school of children as targets, for instance? I don't care how evil one is, this is not normal and I don't think what we are led to believe are rag tag guerrillas are going to be motivated in this way. Plus, it's always the Muslims we are encouraged to think do this. I don't believe Muslims are more likely to do this.

    2. Adding . . .

      "why would Russia target their own soldiers, in their housing?"

      Hasn't this been the classic false flag attack? Allowing one's own soldiers to be killed to provide extra emotional punch? Like allowing real U.S. personnel to be killed in Pearl Harbor . . . or the USS Maine in the Spanish American war?

      Reminds me of the barracks bombing in Lebanon as well.

      Who knows, maybe it was faked and real soldiers didn't die.

    3. WWM;
      when I ask why would Russia take this kind of action?
      How would they benefit from doing this?
      The raw story article claims Russia attacked it's own soldiers to justify attacking Chechnya.
      Pure Nonsense
      Russia had ample reason to attack terrorists in Chechnya and didn't need to create a false flag in order to do so
      WWM: there has to be a benefit to Russia. A gain. That article and it's claims demonstrated zero benefit to Russia
      (attack their own soldiers, soldiers they will need to fight terrorists in Chechnya, so they can attack terrorists in Chechnya. It's nonsensical)

      We can discern by standing back and looking at what is going on in any given situation
      the Raw story article is disinfo, IMO

  7. Penny

    With regard to WWM spam, the main reason it does it is to waste everybody's time chasing down facts to disprove the bs it posts. This form of trolling is done to keep people busy and away from things that WWM's Israeli employers don't want people looking closer at. There is a similar version of "WWM" spamming SyrPer doing the same sort of website disruption ("parviziyi"). The sort of things WWM writes about Russia, P writes about the Syrian government and its army. They write long winded rubbish and essentially try to dominate discussions, and twist them towards how "bad" Israel's foes are. It's a type of disinformation spamming practiced by Jewish zionists which I call "spreading doubt". They don't go in for outright support of zionazi policy, but instead, point out the "faults" of those the zionazis want to take over. Those "faults" are invariably a rehash of zionazi/western nazi propaganda, much in the same style neo-cons will endlessly cling to the "Iraq has WMDs" lies they were indoctrinated in.

    This sort of spamming is a specialty of the sayanim who frequent Jewish dominated sites like,,,,, the salon and znet sites, forums like and and the old Guardian talkboard (which morphed into Sites that specialise in promoting the zionist right as a leftwing or progressive agenda, one finds these long winded bs'ers dominating the scene.

    They generally work with the usual trolling refuse, that just act vulgar and offensive (the Yahoo news comment crowd sort), and one can see this at SyrPer where the parviziyi spam is bolstered by a lot of abusive rubbish from "other" comment writers. SyrPer doesn't censor much, so most of the spam appears in the comment section and their team efforts are there for all to see. I'll bet, Penny, that you have to block a lot of abusive spam, and probably saw a rise in this recently. They are co-workers of WWM.

    вот так

    1. Hi Bot tak

      "I'll bet, Penny, that you have to block a lot of abusive spam, and probably saw a rise in this recently."

      If you bet that, you bet very, very correctly. This place has been under attack for many months now and the comments are extremely vile.

      I have them saved in a nice file with all the IP's etc and that info tells an interesting tale

      The good thing is most of the trolls/losers are blocked now

      As for WWM, IMO, he is not one of them. Just a person who is overwhelmed by all the info and can't get past a mind set. That's all.

      As long as he attacks no one and refrains from profanity.. he get's to have his opinion.
      I don't want this place to turn into some of the ones you named above

    2. Penny

      I wasn't suggesting blocking WWM, it is pleasant reading seeing you debunk every point it makes. :) Just hope that isn't using up your time to spend on the articles you write here, as these are some of the best investigative blogging work around.

      "I have them saved in a nice file with all the IP's etc and that info tells an interesting tale"

      I'll bet it does. Try comparing the IPs with those the Guardian uses, you'll probably find a match.

      вот так

    3. Hey Bot tak

      "I wasn't suggesting blocking WWM, it is pleasant reading seeing you debunk every point it makes. :) "

      I didn't think that you were suggesting that.
      And I thank you for the compliment on my work. Good to know it is appreciated :)

      "Try comparing the IPs with those the Guardian uses, you'll probably find a match"


      Hmm.... how would I find out the Guadian IP's???
      (this is not my strong suit)
      I would love to compare IP's to the multiple IP's I have saved.
      If there was any connection, that would be so juicy!

    4. Penny

      This is Guardian's IP:

      If you want to find the IP of others, this site should help (it's what I used to find the Guardian's IP):

      IPs of any of the spammers similar to that Guardian IP (first 3 figures the same number in their IP, or something like that, I think) will mean they are posting from their workplace at the guardian.

      Several years ago, when the Guardian had a talkboard, the Guardian got "busted" spamming a site when the owner of the site looked up the IPs of the new influx of posters at his site and discovered they were mostly coming from the Guardian's IP address. A woman who worked at the Guardian, and called herself TheMightySRC, was tasked to lead other members of the talkboard over to other sites to spam them, and also get people at these sites interested in posting at the Guardian's talkboard. She was also responsible for handling the editing of Guardian's wikipedia entry (made sure criticism disappeared). Later she called herself TheMateySRC, still later, and now on notthetalk, she calls herself ebadun (I assume she dropped the SRC reference because those are the initials of her name). I don't know if she still works at Guardian now.

      I mention this because members of the Guardian's talkboard (both Guardian employees and others who were not) used to spam all sorts of sites around the web and continued doing this when Guardian's board was closed and replaced by the privately owned notthetalk, where many of them flocked to.

      This site might be of help if you want to see if there are any connections between the spammers of your site. From its description:

      "A reverse IP lookup can help you identify other domain names that may be owned by the same entity. A reverse IP lookup can also help you identify spammers who may be using more than one IP that is within the same block or provided by the same ISP or other provider. Reverse IP lookup can also sometimes be used to identify the actual domain name that spammers might be using. Violators of a trademark can also be identified with a reverse IP lookup, as can someone trying to hack your network, server or website."

      вот так

    5. thanks for all that help, bot tak

      and yet I should have thought of that who is place because I looked my stinky trolls up there before Though I did have help from a 'superhero'!
      That's what I call him, anyway.
      He helped me with the troll problem!
      I shall check it out though because it would be interesting to see if any of these IP's match the Guardian?

      much appreciated bot tak

  8. Walter "Walt" Whitman (May 31, 1819 – March 26, 1892) was an American poet, essayist and journalist. A humanist, he was a part of the transition between transcendentalism and realism,


    glad you track IPs Penny. I was hoping you could distinguish my 'anonymous' posts from others... ;)

    my main reason for posting anonymously is not to hide from 'anyone' but to keep my posts from being prejudged.

  9. "glad you track IPs Penny. I was hoping you could distinguish my 'anonymous' posts from others... ;)"

    I don't track as closely as some might think
    It is usually foul language and insults that causes me to look into who is posting?

    I'm not a fan of having to do this, but, I worry about Google shutting the blog down for a variety of reasons

    So, I try to make it so they have no reason

    "my main reason for posting anonymously is not to hide from 'anyone' but to keep my posts from being prejudged

    I don't know if that would happen here, as long as we stay roughly on topic, no foul language and no attacks on others
    I am a pretty happy camper :)

    1. I didn't mean to imply that you would be the one prejudging anything. My intent is have your readers consider, with an open mind, the links and bits of commentary I leave. If a reader disagrees quite strongly to something I leave, I don't want them to ignore a future topic just due to some label I put on a post.

    2. "If a reader disagrees quite strongly to something I leave, I don't want them to ignore a future topic just due to some label I put on a post"

      I get that completely!
      That exact prejudgement type thing has happened to me. Just recently, not here, elsewhere.
      "shoot the messenger" and never mind the actual message
      Along with all the other games people play.

      To my mind, it says more about the judgers/message shooters then about the person leaving the info.
      It also says what kind of person they are in real world.
      Fortunately there are people who are legit and speak from the heart

      Just an fyi: I don't even like moderating. But it had to be done. Sigh.

  10. Interesting slip by Israel's terrorist command:

    На воре шапка сгорела?

    (internet English trans)

    "Page on the Internet, belongs to the opposition Syrian National Council, has issued an appeal to the militants operating in the north of Syria, with a number of guidelines and requirements that are not of particular interest. It is interesting how this appeal was received. The page clearly states: about a minute ago near Haifa Israel (about a minute ago near Haifa, Israel). A moment later, the message address has been changed to Istanbul Turkey, but this time had a negligible Lebanese website Al-Hadas News ( ) To fix this fact. The original look of the page board opposition and its final version with the same text referring to terrorists is published (see photo)."

    I'd call that a major blunder by Israel's terrorist network. :)

    Thanks to Igor who posted a comment about it at SyrPer.

    вот так

    1. Thanks Bot Tak

      I would call that a blunder, definitely!
      Perhaps they thought no one would see it?
      And thanks to Igor also! :)