Monday, August 26, 2013

Use of Force against Syria just days away? It looks that way.

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Two news stories are causing me a great deal of consternation.
US will make legal case for striking Syria without UN approval 

Sources tell 'Post' the United States is preparing justification for use of force against Syria with allies, which will circumvent Russia, China vows to block military intervention; military action possible in coming days.
WASHINGTON -- The United States is preparing legal justification for the use of force against Syria with allies Britain and France that would circumvent the United Nations Security Council, where Russia and China have vowed to block any resolution authorizing military intervention in the conflict.
The US will detail its case soon, with military action possible in the coming days, sources told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

But the Obama administration has proven creative in its legal justifications in the past.  

Administration officials have been studying Western intervention in Kosovo as a model for action in Syria, The New York Times reports.

Speaking in Indonesia, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel refused to detail military contingencies prepared by the Pentagon for the president.

 Britain has readied Royal Navy forces in the Mediterranean to strike with American destroyers should their leaders choose to move forward. A strike would likely involve standoff assets that would avoid entry into foreign air space.

 Senator John McCain, anticipating a limited, symbolic strike on Assad's command and control centers, said Sunday that the president should consider "very serious action, not just launching some cruise missiles."
 France says ‘proportionate response’ brewing after Syria chemical arms attack
The French foreign minister says there will be a “proportionate response” to the alleged chemical weapons attack in a Damascus suburb that he blamed on Syria’s government.
“It will be negotiated in coming days,” Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told Europe 1 radio on Monday. Fabius acknowledged that the lack of a U.N. blessing was problematic. “All the options are open. The only option that I can’t imagine would be to do nothing.”

OK, deep breath. 

I have mulled this over all weekend.  This is just my opinion-  There will be some limited strikes on Syria. Exactly as the psycho Senator McCain is suggesting. This is a very dangerous, dangerous move.
The UN inspectors have gotten into the area of the alleged gas attack that took place last week 

In case you have been under a rock??? The false flag attacks were covered in two posts:  

 "Chemical attack" conveniently staged and timed in Syria. Planned Staged Psy-op.

 Syria: Images of death but NO PROOF of chemical attack

 By time the UN  get the samples, send them out to multiple labs to check and double check, weeks will pass. The NATO nutter nations leaders & Israel cannot wait for the evidence to come back and demonstrate that the rebels committed the crime. Or that the evidence is 'inconclusive'? These psychopathic leaders want to get their war on. It seems to me that the aim here is change the situation on the ground in advance of Geneva 2. This will also be a message to Russia.
As we are all aware Syria has been cleaning house!

Under control: A Syrian soldier walks through the Jobar neighborhood of Damascus on Saturday. State media accused rebels of using chemical arms against government troops trying to storm the contested neighborhood, claiming a major army offensive in recent days had forced the opposition fighters to resort to such weapons 'as their last card.

The signs would seem bad for President Bashar Assad. Blasts echo all day long over the Syrian capital as troops battle rebels entrenched on its eastern doorstep. The government admits the economy is devastated. Allegations of a horrific chemical attack have given new life to calls for international action against his regime.
Yet it appears more confident than ever that it weathered the worst and has gained the upper hand in the country’s civil war, even if it takes years for victory.

 There are multiple reasons for the new sense of assurance. The military scored a string of victories on the ground over the past few months that blunted a rebel surge early in the year. Army offensives stalled or pushed back rebels in Damascus’ suburbs. A rebel drive into a regime heartland in the western province on the Mediterranean coast was swiftly reversed over the past week
  The regime also believes it has shored up its most serious vulnerability: the economy.
 But this summer, Syria’s allies Russia and Iran effectively handed the government a lifeline, with credit lines to buy rice, flour, sugar, petroleum products and other staples. With that, the regime hopes it can keep an exhausted population clothed, fed, warm in the winter — and firmly on its side — enough to endure a long fight.

When asked whether Syria will have to pay back the credit lines in the future, Jamil smiled, saying, “It’s between friends.”

There lies the problem: Syria is ridding itself of NATO/Israeli scum

The NATO nutty nations will say they are 'punishing' Assad the tyrant for gassing his people (bullshit) and use humanitarian rhetoric to justify mass killings of Syrian civilians. Yes, the NATO insane nations will most likely target many civilians. Along with 'command and control' centres. This will increase pressure on Assad in hopes of turning the people and the military against the leadership.

It is not a coincidence that this week end a large shipment of armaments made its way through Turkey to the Islamic NATO/IDF in the north

Gulf-based supporters have sent a 400-ton shipment of arms to Syria's outgunned rebels, one of the biggest to reach them in their two-year-old uprising, opposition sources said on Sunday.

That makes it a good time for a strike of the type McCain is talking about. At least that is how I see it
My thoughts remain as always with the Syrian people.

Don't miss the first post of the day: 

Bashar Assad Interview with Izvestia- Must Read!!

UPDATE update!!! : So, I just watched John Kerry make his statement. There is no doubt that the 'allies' will launch attacksWhen I can get the Kerry lie/hard sell it will be posted. Kerry made a statement about the fabrications and a moral compass. What a disgusting vulgar display of spin.

Grab a barf bag! 


CNN-Missile Strikes on Syria likely

Instead, a limited coalition of NATO partners such as Germany, France and Britain -- all of which have called for action against Syria -- and some Arab League members appeared more likely to provide the political backing needed by Obama to order U.S. missile strikes.
A senior administration official told CNN on Monday that the goals of any coalition military action would be to punish al-Assad and show him that there was a cost for using chemical weapons while preventing him from doing so again.
In addition, a military strike would seek to degrade the Syrian regime's capabilities enough to weaken it without causing it to fall to an opposition considered unprepared to assume power, the official said.
Possible coalition partners include NATO allies Britain, France, Germany and Canada, as well as regional powers Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


Sergei Lavrov press conference- 


  1. The driving force behind them all are the Jews!
    Not all Israel,France,UK,US,Germany,the jewish House of Sauds,etc. The blackmailing,war mongering and driving forces behind them all are the talmudic,masonic terror Jews!

  2. Penny,
    missed the 'speech' It wasn't on time.

    Zerohedge just did a quick post titled:
    Western Warplanes Begin Arriving In Cyprus
    from the Guardian

    My stomach is in knots.. our feelings were right, it's a go I fear :(


    1. karin

      I know what you mean about stomache in knots, i have been feeling on overwind all day
      not good
      I put the Kerry lies into the post, so if you missed it on the idiot box, you can be nauseated over and over, if you so choose

      Not a happy camper today

  3. Hey Pen.

    Just a note to say thanks for the continuing coverage. This is the place to get real news. Watching the MSM is infuriating.

    1. Thanks Kenny

      Feeling pretty unhappy today, I tell ya
      Noticed when Kerry delivered his lies filled talk he made mention of the fact that no one is buying the 'gassed his own' meme
      and why should anyone?
      They lied about 9/11
      lied about Iraq
      lied about Afghanistan
      lied about Libya
      These psychos lie, lie and lie again
      The question really comes down to who in their right mind believe anything these deluded sick things say?

  4. If a so called chemical weapons depot is hit by a NATO coalition missile, what happens to the so called chemical weapons and the populace around these so called WMD?

    1. Well the chems would be dispersed and the populace would be harmed
      but since NATO is killing them to save them, it's all good, right?

      Follow that logic?

  5. btw: I have just added the Sergei Lavrov press conference from today

  6. Penny

    Nice job. The planet needs more people like you. Thanks.

    The zionazis created a "red line" for propaganda purposes, but it is they who have crossed the red line.

    No evidence Syria used chemical weapons against rebels - Putin to Cameron

    Damascus has cooperated with investigation of chemical attacks - UN

    Irregardless, the Israeli's reamed out "choir boys" are going to attack:

    White House undeniable that chemical weapons used in Syria

    Kerry's bs reported in the Jewish run western msm makes it clear an attack is in the works.

    Major decisions on Syria expected from Friends of Syria within hours

    I'm hoping the zionazi owned freakshow will be forced to stand down, but it doesn't look likely. They will attack in the most cowardly ways (their innate nature) to limit the fallout at home among populations who overwhelmingly are opposed to this war crime. Hopefully, the sod's attacks will fail, and even more hopefully, people in the west will do something final about these subhuman freaks.

    вот так

  7. Off topic, sort of:

    Guardian will not print all documents received from Snowden

    Big surprise from the zionist Jewish owned and run Guardian. Like with the Wikileaks documents, those pertaining to Israel, Jewish oligarchs, and western corruption by these are most assuredly short listed for disappearance.

    вот так

  8. I can no longer stomach listening to anyone from US period. Have not for a long time. I can read it, but not listen to them say it, I just get too mad. Can't watch any US news either.

    Have learned it doesn't really put me at a disadvantage that much, others comment on it and I get ( and know sorta) the jist anyhoo.. the game plan is so bloody easy to see. Hells bells, read what the damn jews want and that pretty much lays out our "foreign policy" no? dam disgusting if you ask me.

    Tony Cartalucci has a great article at PressTV
    Hopeless West makes lame excuse on Syria

    He really gets into the CW subject and calls up some US military info concerning such. Best info on them I have seen. Weather plays a big factor in how good/bad effective they are which makes perfect sense had I given it any thought.

    I'm like you gal, just feel so deflated for hours today. Thanks so much for finding the Lavrov press conf. Really enjoyed it.

    Is it just my total dislike of all things USA or does anyone notice that when Assad, Lavrov, Putin, and others speak it sounds like they are indeed diplomats, they are the "adults" in the room.
    But when these UK US isreal et al arses speak it's like they are the smart alec kid in school that was class monitor ? or worse ?

    Personally, I wanted to move out of US over 5yrss ago, I had had it with US, but dh will hear none of it, so I'm stuck here more or less, but it sure doesn't mean I have to support their insanity and I'm not going to be afraid to speak out on it either.

    I will continue to stand with Syria and the rest of MENA against isreal. period.

    Thanks again just for having this place to get updates and good truthful newswhere we can congregate. You're a Lighthouse for Syria and all things similar.
    Got more links of interest, will drop them off later.

  9. US Uses Past Crimes to Legalize Future Ones

    "How Many Times Can You Fool Most of the People?

    If understood correctly, the Kosovo war was indeed a precedent that should act as a warning signal.

    How many times can the United States use a false alarm to start an aggressive war? Non-existent “genocide” in Kosovo and Libya, non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and now what looks to much of the world like a “false flag” chemical weapons attack in Syria."

    How many times can Israel & co. use the USA, and the west, as its сука for its nazification of the planet, would be a better way to ask the question. But the article is worth a read, as it makes some important connections in these zionist-nazi aligned aggressions.

    вот так

  10. Yinon’s Revenge? A Panorama of Chaos in the Arab World

    "The Middle East and North Africa have been turned into an arc of instability all the way from Iraq and the Persian Gulf to Libya and Tunisia. Chaos and violence seem to be in almost every corner of the Arab World and the Middle East. The bloodletting does not seem to stop.

    One country in the region, however, is gleaming with satisfaction. Tel Aviv has been given a free hand by the instability that it has helped author with Washington in the region. The chaos around it has allowed Israel to move ahead with its annexation of more and more Palestinian land in the West Bank while it pretends to be talking peace with the Palestinian Authority of the irrelevant Mahmoud Abbas. All it needs now is for the US to lead a war against Iran and its allies.

    The current upheavals actually have a resounding resemblance to the objectives of the Yinon Plan of 1982, named after its author Oded Yinon from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which calls for the fracturing of North Africa and the Middle East. The Israeli document may have been written in 1982, but it represents the strategic goals and ideas of Israel. «Breaking Egypt down territorially into distinct geographical regions is the political aim of Israel», according to it. It is a continuation of the colonial project of the British in the region and has been transmitted to American foreign policy, which explains the views of the neocons and Ralph Peters about the «New Middle East» that they seek. The «Clean Break» documented authored by Richard Perle for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also based on the Yinon Plan and informs the current position of the Obama Administration and Netanyahu’s government on Syria...."

    вот так

  11. Us Canada eu Australia etc prove democracy a failed system; that leads not to leave and prosperity but war and destitution

  12. The zionazis, and their quislings, may attack within hours, literally, instead of days or weeks, as they have been hinting. They always try to use surprise attacks, being what they are:

    US postpones meeting with Russia on Syria

    The US State Department has said it is cancelling a meeting with Russian diplomats on Syria this week.

    The meeting at The Hague was about setting up an international conference to find a political resolution to the Syrian crisis. But a senior State Department official said the meeting between under secretary Wendy Sherman and US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford with their Russian counterparts was cancelled because of the US review about the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria."

    Israeli army placed on high alert

    "In a live interview on Press TV, Voice of Russia regular contributor and the owner of the Stop NATO website Rick Rozoff, citing multiple sources, stated that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been placed on high alert.

    Mr. Rozoff verified the information to the Voice of Russia and added that Turkey may open its İncirlik Air Base, one of the most strategically important NATO bases in the world, to the United States if they decide to launch military aggression against Syria.

    The base was effectively used for Iraq operations in the past, and also those against Kosovo.

    Mr. Rozoff also stated that other countries in the region are also on high alert."

    Get the word out.

    вот так

  13. meet the casual psychopaths who plot a countrys demise

    and Google: #morethanasearchengine!

  14. FYi from Pepe Escobar

    Khalil Harb, of Lebanese paper As-Safir, confirmed a few minutes ago to my great friend Claudio Gallo an article published in Arabic two days ago, quoting a Russian source.

    According to the source, Russia's ambassador in the UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin, presented conclusive evidence - based on documents and Russian satellite images - of two rockets carrying toxic chemicals, fired from Douma, controlled by the Syrian "rebels", and landing on East Ghouta. Hundreds of "rebels", as well as civilians - including those children on the cover of Western corporate media papers - were killed. The evidence, says the Russian source, is conclusive. This is what Lavrov himself was hinting at yesterday. And that's the reason there's no UN Security Council resolution against Syria, and why Washington does not want the inspectors to find anything.

  15. "Kerry LIES. That is all. The US has wanted this war. Created all the conditions for the war
    This is basic 'problem, reaction, solution' type stuff
    Problem: US/Israel want war. Fund/support rebels via Gulf nations, including providing the means for chemical waeapon production.. then a "reaction" when the hired killers commit the attack/crime/atrocity ... and then provide the "solution" that the instigators wanted all along. Destroy the nation of Syria
    Wash, rinse, repeat.
    etc., etc., etc., and why do people keep believing this stuff?"

    Putting this here for posterity and info purposes
    tried to get this comment posted at CBC
    the Canadian Broadcast Corporation LOL
    and no way would they let it through.
    CBC Censors a lot! and those that think they are 'liberal' or 'left'
    they aren't. CBC is a war whore NATO news outlet same as all the rest
    rant over

    1. Oh the CBC is one of the worst, sort of like Obummer himself! They profess one thing but are really the opposite. I want my tax dollars back!! I try to post there too, usually to no avail.

      That said, many do seem to see the lies being propogated here. But so what? Our governments will continue to do what they do, satisfying the Banksters' greed and desire for currency monopolies.

      We really need a change to our economic model if anything is going to change. For that to happen ppl need to understand it better, which is of course a pipedream.

      I was at a party this weekend and kind of lost it late in the evening when meeting a woman who stated she just didn't care since NONE of it affected her. I asked if she bought groceries - she said of course but she honestly didn't care! Then when she said she didn't vote, I said they YOU, my dear are a massive part of the problem. I reminded her that us women haven't even had the right to vote and property for a hundred years here yet, I also asked her what she thought of the civil rights activists who fought long and hard for HER right to vote and be equal of citizenship. She meekly answered that it was the right thing to do...yeah she was black - it all started with her defending Obama - I asked her straight up - do you defend him simply because he's half black. She had NO answer.

      So, you see, when the world is full of uneducated fuck-ups like this really stupid woman, there is little hope in change.

    2. there is NO defense for Obomba
      he is scum like all the rest

    3. Ahh Penny, I tried to warn folks, I said he will be worse than Bush!! Hardly anyone believed me. They are now eating their hats!!

      At least with Bush you knew exactly what you were getting - Obombya is the proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing and too many ppl are blinded or afraid to say anything bad about him for fear of being branded racist!! (Which the chick at the party almost did with me!)I feel sorry for her kid (who of course she has jacked up on ritalin, which is cocaine pretty much).

      Stupid people everywhere, makes me want to scream!

      But again, that is part of the design isn't it? The dumbing down of the population, the pushing of fake idols and entertainment. Sad, Sad sad. :(

      Buffy the Brazen :)