Wednesday, August 28, 2013

US/UK/ Israel ally AQ ready to punish Assad for alleged chemical attack

You might think this is satire. It isn't. 
  AQ and all other brands of the Islamic NATO/IDF troops have always been allied with the US/UK/Israel/NATO(France) global war machine. 

So here we go, yet again!

Syria: Al-Qaeda vows 'volcano of revenge' for chemical attacks 

Compare this with: France 'ready to punish' Syria over gas attack

Compare this with:US to punish Syria, not push regime

Compare this with:Britain has a responsibility to take action to punish the “morally indefensible” use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime even without a UN mandate

And then there is Al Qaeda throwin' in their support for the US/UK/France and Israel.....

Beirut, 28 August (AKI) - An Al-Qaeda affiliate on Wednesday threatened to unleash a 'volcano' against Syria' government and military to avenge the suspected poison gas attacks in Damascus last week that killed hundreds of civilians.  

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant said it would target "the main joints of the regime in imprisoned Damascus," after meetings with eight Syrian factions. "Targets include security branches, support and supply points, training centres, and infrastructure,"the message said, cited by the US-based terrorist-tracking website SITE Intelligence.  (SITE is linked to Israel) 

Wow, AQ is ready to hit the very targets that US/UK/NATO/Israel want taken down!! 

Coincidence? NO.

Allies? YES! 

It is that obvious.


  1. the formatting is off
    I have tried three times to fix it
    sorry :(

  2. They are trying to spin it this way to support their unfounded belief that it was Assad who deployed the weaponry. Still it does find them all on the same side (like that is a surprise to anyone paying attention).

    I am very concerned that something is going to happen this weekend, while americans and canadians are drinking and partying the end of summer away, and thus not caring what their governments are doing.

    (though that sure is standard operating procedure for alot of these walking consuming machines)

    Are there any protests organised for your area Penn?


  3. Hey buffy

    It is not a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.
    I just had to point out that AQ and NATO etc are always on the same page

    Have not heard or seen any news of any protests being organized around here?
    Your way?

    btw I saw FEMEN militants were on the 'hill' baring their breasts, nut jobs

  4. Hearing rumors that Egypt has closed the canal to US warships. Pepe Escobar seems the hear the same thing and posted on his faceplant page. Can anyone confirm this???

    btw, the 4 US destroyers are south of the isle of Crete doing circles. 2 x 2 similar to an air force cap point.

    Also hearing several Russian warships in route to Tartus from the Black Sea. Dropping more goodies off???

  5. Syria is not Iraq, it's not Libya and it's not Serbia. All three of those countries were thoroughly weakened before finally destroyed. Syria has only gotten stronger militarily, it's not like they didnt know this WASN'T going to happen.
    This is going to end badly for everybody.


    1. Hi Fernando

      "This is going to end badly for everybody" chance of cooler heads prevailing?

  6. about Pepe Escobar's facistbook page
    This is the one from yesterday titled VERY IMPORTANT: RUSSIA HAS PROOF THAT THE "REBELS" DID IT
    I'm too old for the fascistbook playground, so can't traverse it to see if the one the comment asked about is there :)

    Penny--- oh, should have known you like FEMEN as much as I do ;^)
    what a disgrace on female image. Never ceases to amaze how they manage to convince women that they are actually going forward when just the opposite is true.

    I agree about Syria being more aware and ready while still fairly strong to deal with this, and they aren't alone by any means. The airport situation is bad tho, with only six usable and according to article I saw earlier, the 'allies' plan on taking them out first.
    This article How to Oust Assad And Why the United States Should Try has that info and also makes any person with a shred of morality left, hate the Gov even more. I couldn't finish the darn thing, I got so mad.

    Cooler heads are doing all they can, Russia and Iran both are chiming in. Both know all too well how to deal with the Zionist entity ( Iran cracks me up w/ that one)

    I got so upset late yesterday I got rip snorting drunk. I know, you pay the next day, but had no where to let off enough steam, even tho I attacked weeds like an insane woman yesterday !

    Also agree that this week-end will be make it or break it. They love holiday cover, hell look at April every year and their fire pogroms plus the overly-informed children of America will be eating, drinking, and there MUST be some sporting event to keep the kids happy and distracted. How did we get here? I often think.

    Ck back later, good info over at Ziad's house too. Did you folks get a load of those puffed up Brits in the pic ? My Dad was a fighter/boxer and always told me that a puff ball doughboy like that is slow as hell and someone 1/2 their size with lanky muscles could run rings around them, beat them to a pulp with them not knowing what happened to them.. and not break a sweat ! :)

    Peace, Long Live Syria

    1. oh Michael Weiss

      I have covered that 'piece of work' previously
      total Israeli mouthpiece
      must check that out
      and yah I have been to syper today
      Ziad has more courage then I