Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Evil and Power- The Dark Art of Mind Control

If you have been around here for some time you will have grasped at least one constant theme that runs through this blog - 'perception management'. 

How is your perception managed?
 The main stream media. Religion. Popular culture would  also be a means of managing you.
Fashion. Advertising. You get the idea?

 Being aware of how it is you are manipulated, managed and thusly controlled is paramount to knowing how to resist the mind control.
A few weeks back I came across an interesting pdf.  Called "Evil and Power"
It is 27 pages in length. Read it. Print it. Keep it. Share it. While not in depth, it touches on some very interesting facets of the human psyche and how it can be manipulated via situations people are put in.
The author talks about:
-Blind Obedience to Authority
-Ten Traps that Make Good People Go Bad
-Deindividuation and Destructiveness
And more.......................

Shortly after stumbling over the pdf, I heard this interview: Henrik from Red Ice & Neil Sanders - The Dark Art of Mind Control
Mr Sanders touches on some of the information contained in the above linked pdf. And suddenly it seemed the right time to post the two items Enjoy them both. Serendipity?!


  1. Thanks Penny, I'm reading bits at a time of the pdf. Perception of the challenges of our time.

  2. "Perception of the challenges of our time"
    I agree 100 percent kenny
    just look at the situation in syria and kenya?
    I printed the pdf to read, because, I read in front of the computer enough!
    It's not heavy read, doesn't get to indepth into any one situation
    however it does make one think about the kind of person one can be made to be, via manipulation, challenging situations etc
    The one experiment the author mentions he was involved in, that he stopped because he felt himself changing and becoming something ugly.
    In just six days
    I am referencing the Stanford Prison Experiment
    And the author of the pdf is Phillip Zimbardo, who was the lead investigator and prison guard for the experiment
    "I terminated the experiment not only because of the escalating violence and degradation against the prisoners.......
    but also because I was made aware of the personal transformation that I was undergoing"
    In just six days
    That experiment is mentioned in the interview
    The pdf had me thinking about how easily we can be manipulated by those we allow to lead us by creating certain conditions
    like terror and fear
    the good thing is in this pdf on page 23 the author lays out 11 steps toward civic virtue as opposed to the 10 steps towards evil

    I quite like the "encouraging mindfulness" something I have mentioned on a number of occasions here at the blog
    Living mindfully and being aware that what we do has consequences
    A sense of personal responsibility and accountability for ones OWN actions
    seriously lacking this day and age
    critical thinking
    questioning authority
    very good advice
    Distinguishing between just authority and injust authority
    really common sense sort of stuff that is lacking today

  3. apparently comments are showing up in bold now????

  4. The value of your blog shines through with a post like like this. There are too many yammering men, not enough perceptive women.

  5. I am afraid I'm going to have to disagree with not only the spirit of the PDF mentioned(yes, I read it), but also with the letter. In a word...bullshit.
    Firstly the author cites the mythical results of the Milgram experiments and uses them to prove his point. The experiment touted did NOT produce the results this author uses. "A lie can get half way round the world before the truth has got its shoes on". This reference alone intrinsically points to the fallacy of his argument that 'good' can be turned 'bad' by situational constraints and liberties. It just doesn't happen that way. We are never allowed consideration of the early adolescent mindset/familial training to which that Abu Ghraib torturers were subjected before they signed on the bottom line at the recruiter's office. As far as the author's definition of 'evil' is concerned...well, it is a bit limited in scope. Would 'humiliating' a family by foreclosing on their home and throwing them into the street for want of a larger bonus check at the end of the month be considered 'evil'? Or would that fall under the 'just doing my job' description? And what would be the difference? All these comparisons to Hitler and the manipulated German people....please...I think we have all heard enough about that mythology.
    There is so much wrong with the "Evil and Power" essay that I'm considering an essay myself just to counter point-by-point the simplistic straw-man conclusions of this talmudic-sounding document.

    1. timster:
      the pdf was not perfect, but,it did raise some good points
      yes the stuff about Hitler is always overdone
      but what about the abu ghraib and the points raised on the whole 'war on terror' mind control meme?

      talmudic sounding?

      because where in the talmud does it say to think critically?

    2. Penny,
      Well, we agree that the essay is certainly not perfect. My thoughts are that not only is it imperfect, it is dangerous. Its author is subject to the 'talmudic' influence of Freud. It was Freud's view(which is the basis for psychoanalysis) that all men are intrinsically 'evil'. That it requires little more than a little perception management to produce monsters that take part in the type of horrific actions we see in Abu Ghraib, et al. This is simply not true. What Freud's view DOES produce is a lot of guilt that makes a great living for jewish shrinks. A human view of 'good vs evil' is molded in a child long before they get government-provided weaponry in their hands. It is instilled in them by their early surroundings. If they are beaten and mistreated as children, they will seek to find justice the only way they have been taught. Through violence. The war on terror meme lies in think tanks in DC. Not in the minds of the average amerikan to the point that they would act on such a sham. The actual 'war' is being directed by those that do not fight and would not do so, even given the opportunity. The boots-on-the-ground are those kids that were either taught violence in their formative years...or those looking for a job, or money for college, and later are either committed to mental institutions or commit suicide. Think 'shell shock' and its latter day cousin, PTSD.
      It has always been my contention that: License parenting and coral the 50 wealthiest jews, and there will be no war.

      This essay is not critical thinking, or there wouldn't be so many caveats present.

    3. The war on terror meme lies in think tanks in DC. Not in the minds of the average amerikan to the point that they would act on such a sham

      You don't think the war on terror meme is influencing people's thinking?
      I would have to disagree wholeheartedly
      I actually know people who blame everything on the 'bad muslims'
      and I mean everything
      Yet, they know not one muslim.
      That is meme planting at work, reinforced via the media

      No where in the pdf does the author say all men are evil or that they are born evil.
      In the abstract the presentation is clear that situations people are placed in can affect their behaviour.
      How ordinary people can be induced, manipulated etc into doing evil

      "This essay is not critical thinking, or there wouldn't be so many caveats present"

      The essay is not specifically about critical thinking. Though it concludes by saying critical thinking skills are vital to avoiding falling into the evil traps.

      I guess we will just agree to disagree timster: shrugs shoulders
      everyone has their own thinking and it all makes life vastly more interesting
      let me know if you write the essay and I will link over to it

    4. Penny,
      Yes. We must agree to disagree. For now. I will win you over, however(grin).
      And this is not the forum for long arguments, however, you say: "The essay is not specifically about critical thinking. Though it concludes by saying critical thinking skills are vital to avoiding falling into the evil traps." It will be my goal to help in avoiding one of those traps. Thanks for the upcoming link you will provide for my attempt to do so. Cheers!

    5. You are silly!

      Let me know when you are all done.

  6. Awareness is a major part of life. Reminding us all how sheep are herded and sheared, is something we all need to revisit from time to time....ben

    1. Yes, it is ben
      awareness. knowledge, discernment
      all good attributes

  7. Kenya - Banking

    Sept 24
    Kenya will soon gazette regulations that are aimed at reducing the cost of credit, a government official said on Tuesday.

    1. thanks hoping to get at least on part of the kenya stuff up today

  8. Here is another good video on the the topic. A few years old and has a lot of 911, Iraq, pnac stuff but on the same them of perception management. Titled: War by Deception.

  9. I have got to figure out why this blog has decided to put all comments in bold?!

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    Look into Tullow in uganda and the parlimentary debate about legality of blocs. Tullow sold the prospect to total and china. Tullow is to east Africa what genel and the former heywood shell plus gulf keystone are to kurdistan.

    UK wildcatting would seem all the more critical with Scotland on cusp of cutting bait....

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  12. hello the link of pdf is expired.

  13. Hitesh:
    find the pdf link below- I will update that post and thanks for letting me know :)