Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hands off Syria

 Straight from the Syrian people:

People from Syria hold placards reading "We are against the attack against the cradle of civilization and we want peace in Syria" 


  1. For the people of Syria who don't deserve the bullying and warmongering from the USA, Israel and the Terror House of Saud.

    'When you walk through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    and don't be afraid
    of the dark.

    At the end of the storm
    there's a golden sky
    and the sweet silver song
    of the lark.

    Walk on through the wind
    walk on through the rain
    though your dreams be tossed and blown.

    Walk on, walk on with hope in your hearts
    and you'll never walk alone
    you'll never walk alone.

    Walk on, walk on with hope in your hearts
    and you'll never walk alone
    you'll never walk alone.

    You'll Never Walk Alone

    We are all Syrians now.

    Obomber may just be looking to extricate himself and his country from his red line. I've read that he may consider the Syrian Government's destruction of all their chemical stockpiles as sufficient to avert the bombing.

    No link (sorry) as I've been on the vino all night and didn't save the links(s) and can#t remember where I read it :)

    If it's on offer then President Bashar al-Assad should take it whilst the SAA continue to kick the shit out of the takfiris.

    Also, Voltairnet are reporting that mothers from Latakia have recognised their kidnapped children as the victims in the released videos of the CW attack in the suburbs of Damascus. Which, if true, means that the terrorists killed them and then used them as propaganda to incite the West. Evil doesn't get close.

    1. Neo

      I am going to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner shortly
      I have written 490 posts on Syria in 2.5 years and right now I feel at a loss.
      Which is why I did the Maaloula post and put up this picture of the Syrians
      Perhaps I am singing to the choir, but, we must look at the nation, it's history and people and be aware of just what the tomahawks will be destroying
      lots of people, families, history a cohesive society
      In Libya NATO killed, slaughter a minumum of 50,000 civilians and destroyed a nation, it' history and its cohesion
      It breaks my heart

      I agree the Syrian people are extremely brave. Extremely
      I had a Syrian fellow here, back before it got so bad and I want to make a post of all the things he had the time to tell us
      Before he disappeared :(

    2. Neo

      вот так

  2. Hi Penny

    Never feel at a loss. You are part of the consciousness. Without comment by independent people all we'd be left with is the biased MSM outpourings. The world of information has changed in the last twenty years and the MSM are largely defunct though they are not aware of it yet.

    Here, I've witnessed a sea-change in people's informed opinion. For instance the Daily Telegraph (UK) blogs have spent the last week pushing the US line on Syria. Without exception the paid 'journalists' have received the biggest kicking in the comments that I've ever seen. Commenters cite their sources, references and show they're not prepared to accept the MSM/gov line on anything.

    We may not be able to stop it (the bombing of yet another Sovereign Nation), we may yet mourn the loss of the cradle of Christianity, we may not be able to avert the hell on earth that awaits the Syrian people but we will at least have tried to get the message out to the barely awake couch slobs.

    Anyway enjoy your wine! It's 1:45 am here and I'm fast sobering up, time for bed methinks.

    Keep safe and keep plugging away.

    1. "You are part of the consciousness"

      As you are also!

      I believe that is true, not in a religious way, just in being present and aware that I am a part of this planet and all that it is
      does that make sense?
      I will keep safe and keep plugging away :)

  3. and from the americans

    the sole creatures which want war apart from politicians are the zionsi jews

  4. The West Dethroned

    “The European race’s last three hundred years of evolutionary progress have all come down to nothing but four words: selfishness, slaughter, shamelessness and corruption.”
    Yan Fu"

    Is how the commentary begins.

    "How long before Washington shoots down its own homeless, hungry, and protesting citizens in the streets?

    Washington represents Israel and a handful of powerful organized private interests. Washington represents no one else. Washington is a plague upon the American people and a plague upon the world."

    Is how it ends. Along with a link to this RT article:

    G20 Syria divide: World’s largest nations speak out against US-led strike

    вот так


    Tim at HowDareI feels we are being set up to be tricked into war by a false flag.

    Let's have our own truth media think tank. Here's my scenario by the PTB to advance the NWO. What's yours?

    See what you think.

    The zionist porch monkey takes a (fake) dive. A mulatto 'stand-in' with blown-off face and Soetoro's physique is presented to the MSM public as have being blown-up and killed by the Iranian National Guard secret service. Joe (I'm a zionist) Biden takes over, and amid Michelle's tears for her CIA plant husband (who has actually got bored of the whole being a strait president shtick - and left the US permanently to his gay lover in Patagonia), vows to avenge Soetoro's faked assassination by crushing Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and also Russia and China if they get in the way.

    Probably too far out. But Tim is right, the consensus being created by the MSM AGAINST the attack on Syria seems too good to be true.

    So it probably is.

    The ultimate of all-in false-flags by the Rothschild proxies seems imminent.

    1. His gay lover in Patagonia,
      That made me chuckle

      Anything is possible, seriously
      a false flag and an attack a short time following is possible because the big guns are in place

      I am not leaning in that direction myself, but, it's possible

  6. Replies
    1. I like how she points out that the US will help AQ
      she says it's "obama' but that is just fox spin
      the US has always helped aq
      Hell they helped create AQ
      thanks Neo :)

    2. The Neo-Cons/Likudniks/Fox-News really hate Obama - he's been dragging his heels all along. Did you see the Fox video of Rumsfeld laying into Obama the other day?

      Funny how this judge rails against Obamba simultaneously for trying to take the US to war and for not taking them to war - doublethink. All heat and no light, but many will be impressed by her spiel. She looks good for 62! A catholic of Lebanese descent, parents Leo and Esther.

  7. Yom Kippur is coming up.

    In a petition by rabbis for the Congress to authorize bombing the crap out of Syria (Jews Petition Congress):

    "We write you as descendants of Holocaust survivors and refugees, whose ancestors were gassed to death in concentration camps....

    These are the Days of Awe for the Jewish people. In one of the climactic moments of our High Holiday prayers, we read "On Rosh Hashanah it is written, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed, who will pass and who will be created, who will live and who will die, who in his time and who before his time."

    No mention of course of the 'chemical massacres' that will be caused by huge amounts of uranium depleted, or not, that will be dropped willy-nilly. Sarin when decontaminated with an alkali has a half-life of 30secs; uranium on the other hand is radioactive and toxic for ever (in practical terms). Not that for one minute do I accept that the Syrian administration used Sarin or that it is acceptable for anyone to use it, but it is clear to me that uranium weapons are infinitely worse - yet legal.

    1. "In a petition by rabbis for the Congress to authorize bombing the crap out of Syria"

      That is incredibly depraved. These people are sick and the same exact sodding thing as the German WW2 nazis were. One wonders if they have even a shred of their humanity left.

      вот так

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. and of course they (rabbis) play the eternal victim card!

      and look at the comments of the fools who actually sign that petition

  8. Kerry is seriously deranged and gets more so every day now. I don't think I've seen a politician lose the plot so spectacularly like this before. It's like he's zionazi "Manchurian candidate" that has blown a mental fuse.

    'Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons at least 11 times' - John Kerry

    How long till straightjacket time, I wonder?

    вот так

  9. Penny,

    I know the feeling. It hit me like a ton of bricks late Friday. I was literally physically drained. It took all I had to mow the lawn, nothing raked or swept up. I have never left things like that before. I just could NOT physically do it. Dispair

    Determined to snap back tomarrow come hail or high water tho.

    Just ran across this and it's great news for our side.

    We need to keep it low tho, I feel for now. Just had to share it with you and the others here.


    1. If true that would certainly help the Syrian civilians
      thanks karin

  10. Another example of zionazi media disinformation exposed:

    Story of Iran "Rape Threat" Written by Neo-Con Cartoon Character "Reza Kahlili"

    "Reza Kahlili" is not his real name. Appearing either masked or silhouetted, "Reza Kahlili" is a reoccurring character in the US Neo-Con's long-running pro-war, anti-Iranian propaganda campaign, stretching all the way back to the Bush administration.

    Considering the background of "Reza Kahlili," whose real identity is unknown and who is a documented propagandist serving the interests of documented liars, it would seem appropriate to dismiss out of hand any claims he makes unless credible evidence was provided, and still, independent verification would be needed.

    Yet the Western media, eager to sell war with Syria, and in turn, Iran, have repeated recent allegations made by "Kahlili" regarding a threat against US President Barack Obama's daughter (Sasha) made by a supposed "former Iranian official" named "Alireza Forghani." "Kahlili" claims in a Daily Caller article titled, "Iran threatens brutal attacks on Americans, Obama family if US hits Syria," that:

    Forghani warned, “We should remind Obama that if you are a bastard, there are other bastards all around the world who can assault Sasha.” The statement is written in both English and Farsi, but in the Farsi version, Forghani clearly stated that Sasha will be raped by someone who has been able to get close to the Obama family.

    Of course, "Kahlili" is unable to make any credible connection between this bizarre statement from this alleged individual and any element of the actual Iranian government - akin to a foreign propagandist attributing the ravings of a foul-mouthed racist backwater former-sheriff to the official position of the White House.

    Whether Alireza Forghani exists or not, or made these statements is irrelevant. They are not the official position of the Iranian government, as "Kahlili" attempts to disingenuously portray, and rather yet another elementary attempt to manipulate a public "Kahlili" and his Neo-Con collaborators must assume are infinitely ignorant.

    Framing Iran as an irrational, belligerent, and savage enemy, seeking to "rape" the US President's daughter, primes the stage for false flag attacks and the rhetorical justification for widening current plans for Syria to include Iran as well.

    вот так

    1. I had not heard or read this 'story' about Obamas daughter??
      How low can the warmongers go?

  11. Obviously, the zionazis still expect to attack Syria:

    More Weapons for the “Rebels”: Turkish Security, Military Delegation in Tel Aviv to Discuss War on Syria

    "A senior Turkish security-military delegation is currently in Israel to discuss a possible US military strike against Syria with Israeli officials, media reports said.

    “This security-military team discussed ways Israel-Turkey cooperation, specially their collaborative role in the possible US-led strike on Syria, and the duties and missions delegated to Ankara in this regard,” the Palestine-based Arabic-language weekly Al-Manar quoted informed sources as saying.

    The weekly underlined that the Turkish delegation, comprising four ranking officers, is still in Israel.

    Turkey and Israel have on numerous occasions helped the armed rebels fighting against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since the beginning of crisis in Syria in May 2011.

    Earlier today, Turkey’s former Deputy Prime Minister Abdullatif Sener, who is a close friend of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, criticized the Turkish government for providing heavy weapons to the terrorist groups and organizations in Syria, including the notorious al-Nusra Front, warning that the policy would entail dangerous consequences.

    “The Erdogan government has sent a large volume of heavy weapons to the terrorist group, the al-Nusra Front, affiliated to the al-Qaeda in Syria and this is while even the US has listed the al-Nusra as a terrorist group,” Sener told FNA in Ankara on Sunday.

    “This move is highly dangerous,” he warned.

    Sener described Turkey’s meddling in its neighbor’s internal affairs as a mistake, and said, “Turning the region into a region for trading smuggled arms and supporting this trade is a wrong policy of Erdogan’s government.”

    Earlier reports said that Ankara has sent 400 tons of arms supplied by some Persian Gulf states to militants in Syria to bolster their fight against the government of President Assad.

    “Twenty trailers crossed from Turkey and are being distributed to arms depots for several brigades across the North,” said Mohammad Salam, a rebel operative who witnessed the crossing from an undisclosed location in Hatay.

    The delivery is being called the single biggest weapons cache to reach the rebels since the unrest began over two years ago.

    The shipment follows the recent gas attack in the suburbs of Damascus that killed anywhere from dozens to over 1,000 civilians. Syrian officials, who said they discovered chemical weapons in a rebel hideout outside the capital, blamed the rebels for the attack.

    The consignment – mostly ammunition for shoulder-fired weapons and anti-aircraft machine guns – came into northern Syria via the Turkish province of Hatay, and was already being handed out, sources said.

    Turkey has been openly calling for regime change and military action in Syria since the country was hit by unrest in 2011 but Turkish political opposition parties have strongly rejected any military strikes on Syria."

    вот так

    1. saw an article yesterday that Turkey had moved troops to the Syrian border

  12. Hard hitting essay by Petras on the zionist influence leading to these wars for Israel, and how, even with totally unified blanket media promotion, the public is not buying it:

    Obama’s Politics of War and US Public Opinion: The Great Divergence

    "It is not the military who choose to disenfranchise and ignore the vast majority of Americans opposed to new Middle East wars. The usurpers are mostly civilians, some of whom shed a foreign rifle to ply our President. Nor is the exclusion of the majority a hidden conspiracy of petrol companies – they have lost hundreds of billions to wars, not of their making, disrupting trade and production.

    Idle chatter, flowing from leftist monthlies, liberal weeklies and a multitude of pundits, academics and ‘critical’ public intellectuals, decry the “military-industrial complex”. True their lobbyists seek military contracts, but they did not draw up ‘position papers’ for invading Iraq, nor submit and secure sanctions, and resolutions in Congress against Iran.

    If we seek to identify the minority which secures its militarist agenda in the White House and Congress against the majority of Americans, it is clearly identifiable by its consistent, frequent and intrusive presence. It is a new version of the 1%– its called the Zionist power configuration.

    One can be 99% sure that among the scant 11% of Americans who support US military intervention in Syria, the pro-Israel crowd and its acolytes are over-represented.

    The evidence is clear: they are the most actively engaged in promoting war with Syria at the national and local levels. They are the pundits’ and news commentators promoting the Syrian government toxic gas ploy. They and other mass media pundits and publishers totally ignored the Associated Press interview quoting the armed Syrian opposition admitting they “mistakenly set off the toxic gas”.

    To the degree that we have moved from democracy to oligarchy, from a democratic to a militarist foreign policy, the powerful Zionist power structure has accumulated power and influence and in turn furthered the tyranny of the minority over the majority. Not alone, but certainly with their approval and to their advantage, the Zionist power configuration has marginalized Americans of all creeds, races and religions (including the majority of Jews and apostates).

    No doubt the word is out: throughout Europe, vast majorities reject their ruler’s imperial wars, particularly the war in Syria. Even the British Parliament rose on its hind legs and said no. Only the decrepit French regime under Hollande, the colonial whore master, sided with Obama for a few days before Parliament convened. The media and their editorial writers, sense ‘trouble’.They start to quote doubting military officers, and to ask questions. “What are the consequences of bombing Assad and aiding al Qaeda?” … asks a retired General.

    Obama faces the taunt of the Zionists, “not to waiver and cower”. The printing presses of the White House Propaganda Office runs off thousands of reports of intercepted Syrian military directives ordering the use of toxic chemicals…. taken from ‘rebel’ sources; documents that nobody reads, or gives credence.

    The White House declares red lines’: the public cries ‘big lies’. Deception by the media and White House has been going on too long. The majority is fed up with the fabrication of weapons of mass destruction leading to the Iraq war, the phoney Libyan “atrocities”, the blatant cover-up of Israeli land grabs."

    вот так

    1. Yes the 'lobby' is out
      I had something bookmarked to use. I will have to find it
      SA is pretty darn vocal also
      but Israel has way more to gain and they are pushing harder then anyone from what I can tell

  13. Syrian deputy FM says possible U.S. strike only serves Israel

    "Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said Friday that the "main and only" reason behind a possible U.S. military action against Syria is the "victory of Israel."

    "Israel is behind everything," Mekdad said during an interview with the pro-government al-Ekhbaria TV aired late on Friday, adding "America works only under Israel's order and at its behest."

    вот так

    1. Definitely serves Israel, no doubt about that

  14. It seems the Germans are offering the Americans a way to back down. Have a look at this development:

    Syria chemical weapons attack not ordered by Assad - report

    Assad may not be responsible for Syria chemical attack: German paper

    The story is still obviously bs, as the earlier ones were. There was no intercept of Syria military communications, and Syria never used CW. The fact some of the child victims were identified as kidnapped by the zionazi terrorists weeks prior, dispels any question of who was behind whatever CW attack occurred, the zionazis, and their regularly rogered quislings. But everybody knows that. I'm thinking this "German" ruse may be intended to be interpreted as a situation where Assad didn't use CW, it was rogues in the Syrian military. This could allow Obama to back down "with grace", as it wasn't "officially" the Syria guv, but some over zealous louts who done the deed. Obviously bs, but the NWO nazis could run with such a scenario in their Jewish run media. It would cover-up the zionazi guilt in the CW attacks, along with that of the quislings who helped. It would still leave the propaganda bs relatively untouched for later use. Obama could back off without looking like a cowardly bully who got called. The fact this story is getting a lot of airplay in Russian and Chinese media leads me to think it may be a diplomatic way to allow Obama to back off and save face, in a way that allows him some dignity left, while not affecting the situation in Syria (most important, since the Syrians are doing fine on their own cleaning out the zionazi terrorists). IE: Everybody wins, but Israel. Just speculation, though. Probably wishful thinking.

    вот так

    1. I saw the stories circulating about Assad not giving the order
      but they still blame the army, so I am not sure what the point is to them?

      . It would still leave the propaganda bs relatively untouched for later use.
      that's what I worry about
      the spin is not exactly an out
      and its not true anyway

    2. From the Truth Serum blog-

      The latest drivel is a claim that the Syrian Arab Army did indeed use chemical weapons but may have done so without the nod from Assad. German Intelligence claims to have recorded several requests over the last few months of field commanders requesting permission from Assad to use chemical weapons, but on each occasion the requests were denied. The allegations are printed in Bild am Sontag, and are also being reported by Times of Israel, Israel National News and Haaretz. Now, I view these three particular papers every day, and I cannot remember seeing the same report on the same item of news in ALL THREE on the same day. So this would add support to the claim that AIPAC are going for it on this war.

      But who, or rather what, is Bild am Sontag?

      Bild am Sontag is owned by Axel Springer. Axel Springer owns Die Welt which in 2006 was one of just a few European newspapers to republish the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed which caused Muslims to riot across Europe. The CEO of Axel Springer is Mattias Dopfner, a Bilderberger
      {and self proclaimed non-Jewish Zionist who's father-in-law Ulrich Weiss was president of Deutsche Bank}

      Bild am Sontag is also considered to be a bit of a joke, and is the equivalent of The Sun/The Daily Mirror {populist tabloids}, possibly worse.

    3. thanks freethinker
      saw that one making the rounds.
      So, this is more Israeli propaganda then?
      Looks to be

  15. map and info regarding anti-war against Syria protests.

    1. looked at it and encourage everyone who reads here to do that also
      And spread it around

  16. Human Rights Watch show their true colours in this RT interview of Ken Roth, executive director of HRW:
    Bombing for Peace

    1. used it in the newest post
      thanks freethinker

  17. via Xymphoras site
    Ghouta again:this time linked to US trained death squads: but Obomber and co seem to be trying to white wash this: note presence of israelis

    'In direct contradiction to Obama’s Monday statement to McCain and Graham on the timing of the entry of the first US-trained death squads into Syria, we have this report from the Jerusalem Post that quotes a story first reported in Le Figaro:

    The first group of 300 handpicked Free Syrian Army soldiers crossed the border on August 17 into the Deraa region, and a second group was deployed on August 19, the paper reported.

    The paper quoted a researcher at the French Institute for Strategic Analysis as saying the trained rebels group was passing through Ghouta, on their way to Damascus.

    Okay, now this gets interesting. Obama claimed only the first group of 50 were entering, while Le Figaro claimed there were two groups, with the first one being 300 and the second one not specified by size. Further, note the dates and location: they entered on August 17 and 19 and they passed through Ghouta. The large number of deaths from a suspected chemical warfare agent occurred on August 21 in Ghouta.
    Except that it’s not just the US training them. Going back to the Jerusalem Post article:

    The rebels were trained for several months in a training camp on the Jordanian-Syrian border by CIA operatives, as well as Jordanian and Israeli commandos, the paper said.

    1. Israel training the mercs is something I have addressed here on a number of occasions
      I actually believe it is Israel pushing for the attacks on Maaloula
      What is going on there benefits Israel more then any other nation involved in the ruin of Syria

  18. I think there was an element of "stick" as well as the "carrot" which got the Americans to back down. That "stick" not being a military threat, but one of intelligence.

    Syrian rebels plan chemical attack on Israel from Assad-controlled territories - media

    "A chemical attack may be launched on Israel by Syrian rebels from government-controlled areas as a "major provocation", a number of sources have told Russian media.

    The news comes as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov proposed that Syria puts its chemical weapons arsenal under international control for subsequent destruction in order to prevent a possible military strike against the war-torn republic."

    It sounds like the zionazi falseflag ops intended to manipulate world opinion have been penetrated by Syrian and allied intelligence quite thoroughly. The Syrians, and their allies, have managed to break the security regime of the terrorists and that of their support network. This is why they have managed to stay a jump ahead of the zionazis and anticipate their actions so well. The zionazis keep getting exposed and caught with their trousers down in an unprecedented manner in comparison to before when they staged these attacks on other countries. They don't know what of theirs is known by the Syrian side now, and there is so much that would be devastating should western publics know about it. This is along with the other ways Syria and allies have been fighting this zionazi aggression - alternative media, diplomacy and probably economic incentives.

    Anyway, this is just some speculation of one aspect of the work behind the scenes being done to force the assets of the zionazis to back off. Obama has already indicated he's leaning towards the Russian CW proposal, but the zionazis will undoubtedly try other things. They're like ants after a crumb, remember. So one threat averted probably, but still a long way to go to completely turn this around and secure Syria from zionazi aggression.

    вот так

  19. no one shakes hand with Obama at G20

    look at his frustration..

    1. Yes, with the insults (jackass and dick) he launched at Putin during the meeting, it's no wonder they snubbed him.

      The fun thing is that this incident was only mentioned in the New Yorker and on the web TV channel "La voix de la Russie" (RT equivalent for French speakers).

    2. Thanks, Gallier :) Loved the picture, too!

    3. Ok, the report from The New Yorker is satire