Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Henrik Palmgren interviews William Engdhal: Syria & Manufactured Conflicts

 Thanks to Mr Palmgren @ Red Ice Radio for conducting this most excellent interview.

Good overall view of the situation in Syria. The creation of NATO jihadi fighters. The pipeline aspect to this whole situation. If you have been reading here at the blog, for the past 3 years, most of this will come as no surprise. If you are a newbie, this is a concise foundation for understanding what is going on right now regarding Syria, Qatar, Turkey, Russia, China etc.,

James@ WinterPatriot wrote a very good piece regarding the Syrian situation. James is confident the attack on Syria will not happen and has put forth a very good article explaining why he holds this opinion.
Definitely worth a read! Thank you James for your insights.

The Non-Attack On Syria - UPDATED

In two previous articles (here and here), I pointed out how the US/israel/NATO advance on the rest of the world has been stopped by Russia declaring it will not allow a foreign country to intervene militarily in Syria. In other words, Russia is saying if the US (or anyone else) attacks Syria, Russia will retaliate in kind. And Russia has the missile technology to defeat the US forces and these missiles are in place both on land in Syria and on their naval vessels off the coast of Syria. This fundamental fact that Russia will fight back and that it will, in all likelihood, be victorious is being totally ignored (publicly) by western officials and their brothers and sisters in the news media.
It is essential to bear this fact in mind when considering what is being said and reported in the news. In spite of all the noise about the US attacking Syria, it is simply not going to happen. The US cannot chance coming off second best in a conflict with Russia.
 You can read the rest at the link directly above the excerpted section


  1. Sorry Penny but...
    The West will attack Syria because the Zionists want it.

    1. Don't apologize, that is not necessary at all.
      James has wrote a really well thought out article and that is why I featured it.

      The zionists. Israel as the joker. The wild card in all of this.
      The US can reign them in. If they so choose to do so.

      Look at yesterdays missile 'test'
      was it a test?
      was it an attempt to draw Syria into striking out?
      did someone shoot/disable the missiles ?
      so many questions.....

      g20 is starting today ??
      should be interesting

    2. 'Look at yesterdays missile 'test'
      was it a test?
      was it an attempt to draw Syria into striking out?
      did someone shoot/disable the missiles ?'

      No. It was to ascertain the operating frequencies of Syria's missile defence.

  2. Good arguments from James, but I still think Bombama won't be stopped and here's an analysis that I think you would find interesting:

  3. That was a really good interview with William Engdahl, Pen. It was interesting to hear about the Saudis fears and interests in the Middle East mayhem.

    Thanks for the plug and link over.

    And thanks, anon, for posting the link to The Rise of Russia. Very good article

  4. The article on 'The Non-Attack On Syria' is just an opinion/speculation. All the argument points can go both ways. We don't know.

    israel getting caught with their pants down in southern Lebanon looks to me like testing waters for incursion. you don't risk that type of embarassment unless you have to have that area scouted.

    israel sending missiles across the med. in the same path as a tomahawk would come from and terminating their path at the location of a listening post so the focused beams of tracking radars can be intercepted is obvious. you don't risk a nervous person on the other side with his finger on a launch button unless their is a real need for this intel.

    His argument of Jordan is weak. The airbases in Jordan, Turkey, and Cyprus are too close to the fight to risk placing assets there when you have so many other airfields around, such as saud, uae, dhibouti, qatar, crete, italy, diego garcia and others.

    using the 'saving face' argument that odummer passed to congress is also weak. he can not save face of america. the only image left is of a bully. if it does not act like one, damage control is impossible. the only saving face move america has left is if the world sees regime change. not gonna happen yet. their is no regime change without killing the fed. reserve.

    watching nato/europe/uk on the sidelines can also mean other things such as a sucker move to draw Russia into a fight. there have been quite a bit of western hardware moved to the northeast europe in the last year. why did Russia just move so much fleet to the northeast arctic?? why so many Russian antiship missiles stationed just north of Japan?? why is eastern Russia under water preventing anything moving in that area, Russian or Chinese.

    most of the article talks about the media working with the gov. yes this happens all the time but he forgets to point out the media are also lobbiests to push an agenda.

    saying this is a media stunt to save face from being stopped by Russia holds no water at all. THAT was there well before the chemical weapons stunt. THAT was there before the 'red line' was put in place. They have beens faced and under estimating Putin too many times in the past and they are not that dumb to under estimate him on this. The problem is that many in congress do not realise Putin means biz, but their handlers do and they want the fight.

    Right now I don't really know what is going to happen. I just know I have yet to see Putin blink and the us does not know how.

    lots of possibles on the crap table...

  5. ambitious! Obama redefines the international system:
    'The US state is above international law, according to US president Barack Obama. In an address announcing that he was referring to the US Congress the decision to take military action against Syria, Obama declared that the United States needs to violate international law in order to enforce “the international system” and “international rules.” '
    when obama promised to be the change the change people could believe i in! he wasnt a -woofin!

  6. Anonymous @ 11:44,
    Why do you think the US is putting pressure on Russia to stand aside from supporting Syria?