Thursday, September 19, 2013

If Syria has a dictatorship, then what is your government, really?

Recall the helicopter shot down? I mentioned this incident the other day. Here.
"The helicopter strayed 2 kilometers into Turkish airspace, but crashed inside Syria after being hit by missiles fired from the jet"

So, the Syrian helicopter had turned back into Syrian territory and the Turks shot it down with a fighter jet.

    "rebel fighters captured one of the pilots, while the fate of the other one was unclear"

NATO fighters captured the one living pilot and given the track record of the NATO mercs, I expect this guy will wish he died in the crash.

After my brief tirade we are all going to find out what happened to that pilot. And, let me tell you all, once you consider that this was done with mine and likely your freedom loving governments blessing- in your name- you ain’t gonna be so pleased!


Normally I don’t focus to much on the atrocities committed by the NATO/Israeli Islamic IDF. After all they are paid to due great harm. However, I can’t let this pass. You and I have read for years now about these hired killer/terrorists who just murder, maim, rape & terrorize for the NATO/Israeli global tyranny. All done with the backing, collusion, blessing and assistance of western ‘free’ nations. The US, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France etc.,

Yes, the self proclaimed ‘democracies’ send their NGO’s and charities in to cover the dirty work they are really engaged in- Destruction and Decimation. The ‘democratic’ states transfer weapons via other nations and ‘human rights’ groups. Alleged 'freedom' governments engage these other individuals/groups in order hide their dirty deeds and allow an appearance of not being involved.  With a bit of time and energy one can start to unravel that tangled web of deception.

Meanwhile, here in the ‘free west’ it is drilled into our heads, via our constantly manipulating and I do mean  the constantly and continuously manipulating the masses NATO media, that the Assad government is a ‘dictatorship’. If that is true and the Assad government is indeed a  dictatorship, how do we then define  the governments, our free and democratic governments,  the very governments that encourage in every way possible the destruction of a sovereign nation and a peaceful people?

Is there a word that could describe the absolute evil involved in so called ‘free nations’ backing the venal monstrosities that are raping, killing, torturing, beheading and pillaging their way through a nation that didn’t attack any other nation, let alone any of the nations supporting these despicable, callous and disturbing actions?

 Before Syria, it was Libya. And after Syria, what nation will be destroyed ? Whose innocent citizens will be plundered, raped, tortured and killed for the advancing NATO global army?

Earlier this month the US began OVERTLY shipping weapons to terrorists in Syria. That is Al Quada / Al Nusra.

When Obama said “yes we can” Did the American populace realize that included arming terrorists?  Yes we can arm terrorists!

The Obama administration waived provisions of a federal law which ban the supply of weapons and money to terrorists.    
 The Arms Export Control Act (AECA) allows the US president to waive provisions in Sections 40 and 40A, which forbid providing munitions, credit and licenses to countries supporting acts of terrorism. But those prohibitions can be waived "if the President determines that the transaction is essential to the national security interests of the United States."

President Barrack Obama ordered such a waiver .
US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Jewel Samad)
That’s right readers. Obama is openly and blatantly arming terrorists!
This bolsters the claim I have made for quite some time now. A claim that should seem obvious to all.
The ‘war on terror’ is really a WAR OF TERROR. Waged by NATO nations against the rest of the planet. To bring everyone under the global fascist tyranny as dictated by the leaders of the twisted NATO organization.

The other day, Israel showed their hand.

The joker was of course always playing some game. With a deck stacked in their favour.
Israeli involvement in the ruin of Syria has been clear and obvious because Israel has so much to gain and little to lose from being involved.

Ambassador Oren:     “we always preferred the bad guys who weren't backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran."

 This was Israel's position well before the outbreak of war in Syria and had continued to be so, he added”

 If Israel actually did get attacked the uber-victim meme would be ramped up to a cacophony! Israel would be willing to sacrifice a few of the peons.What difference would it make to the bigger goal?

Certainly, Israel doesn’t fear the hired killers! Why would they?
They are part and parcel of the Israeli military complex. And have been for a good long time now.
hat tip: brian!

Israel retains its ability to control the Syrian ‘Islamist’ rebels. Netanyahu is not worried about Syria’s possible disintegration. Despite the received wisdom claiming that Israelis prefer a stable and familiar Assad to the great unknown of Islamic guerrillas, the new and sensational information we received points out to the opposite, namely: Israelis prefer the Somalisation of Syria, its break-up and the elimination of its army
We are all very well aware of Israeli assistance to the hired killers via Golan
It has been mentioned on numerous occasions. Ali at the naked facts had this video up
Thanks Ali!


Let's get back to the Syrian pilot-

As I had suspected, he would surely have wished to die in the helicopter
He was killed by the hands of those supported by our western freedom bringing democracies
The pilot was shot at as he parachuted from the helicopter the Turks shot down. The pilot was then beheaded by the mercenaries  who are not overtly receiving arms from 'yes we can' Obama and all the other alleged democratic government of the free west. The delusion of freedom and democracy is ours and ours only. Syrians can't possibly believe it. Libyans can't either. Nor can Iraqis. Or any others people from any other nation that has freedom delivered to it via a hired killer, a DU missile, white phosphorous or Agent Orange. If our governments were truly freedom loving and democratic would they support these attrocities?



If the Assad government is a dictatorship??? . How then would we actually describe the governments of the US/NATO allied nations and Israel?  How do we describe these governments that create and support terrorists? Our governments. The ones that we allow ourselves to be represented by.
Are they Terrorships?
Tyrant States?
How about Suppressionships?
Restraint States?

Yes, I am feeling frustrated and disenchanted with it all today...............


  1. I haven't heard our govs being called Terrorships but I'll go with that one.

    Maybe an Oligarchical Terrorship?

    1. Thanks kenny, we got to come up with something to accurately describe our own governments. Mine here in Canada too
      It's shameful. Our country is falling apart and yet taxes are extracted at an ever increasing level and for what?!

    2. So, we can kill Syrians with impunity?
      Or Libyans?
      I don't think that is an acceptable use of Canadian tax dollars or something we should be indebted for

    3. governments are just desks occupied by politicans people elect into the office: if you have bad people at those desks expect bad government

  2. Israeli general says Assad should (pass) qaeda not real threat!

  3. have u seen Cynthia McKinneys FB page?
    her trip tp syria has led to pro-jihadis like MARY RIZZO of pro-palestinian fame descend like ....well...a horde of jihadis

  4. Ah...freedom! Would you like fries with that?

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