Wednesday, September 4, 2013

James Corbett Interviews Sharmine Narwani- Geopolitics of the Syrian War

Much thanks to James Corbett @ The Corbett Report for doing the work!
Writer and political analyst Sharmine Narwani joins us to break down the geopolitics behind the Syrian war. We discuss the main players in the Syrian conflict and their competing agendas and explore her new article, “Bandar ibn Israel,” detailing Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud’s strange disappearance and reappearance in the thick of the Syrian war.

The above interview and the preceding William Engdhal interview go very well together.
 Henrik Palmgren interviews William Engdhal: Syria & Manufactured Conflicts


  1. Since I listen while working, these two interviews have already been enjoyed by myself.
    Hope you enjoy them too!

  2. Penny,

    James interviews Pepe for GRTV

    Pipeline Politics and the Syrian War - Pepe Escobar on GRTV

    I like Sharmine alot. One smart woman and good researcher and writer. Follow her on twitter.

    One of her articles blew me away. Will try to find it and get it to you. Symbolism ( like how I 'met' you given the Jose Barrea video )


    1. Early on in the Syrian destabilization I was reading quite a bit of her stuff
      then she seemed to fall off the radar?
      not sure if it was me or her?
      So, I was really pleased to hear this interview and yes if you can find this article leave the link, I would love to read it
      Synchronicity! I watched the video from Jose a couple of times, I downloaded it.
      Thinking it was one of those interviews I could glean more tidbits from..
      take care karin

    2. sharmines never been off the radar, other than in the MSM field of control...she active on Facebook and twitter etc

    3. Since I don't use facebook or twitter...
      she fell off my radar
      in the early days she was getting space on huffington post and a few other places along that line
      and then.....she was gone (for me anyway)
      thanks for letting me know she was still active though, she is one sharp gal

  3. another good interview

    thanks Penny

  4. Lebanon just delayed the offshore auctions, which were widely opposed on announcement. Hezbollah has rejected US mediation in the Israeli maritime dispute.

    “This is a big loss for Lebanon,” Bassil said. “This delay gives an advantage to Israel,” which is seeking export markets for its gas and benefits from hold-ups in the development of Lebanon’s energy resources, Bassil said.

    French consultant Beicip Franlab estimates the reserve potential offshore Lebanon at 440 million-675 million barrels of oil. Spectrum's data from a 769-square-mile area offshore indicate there may be 20 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in place.

    Read more:

  5. U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy Amos Hochstein held talks with President Michel Sleiman and caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati in the morning before meeting later in the afternoon with caretaker Energy Minister Gebran Bassil.

    Bassil added that Lebanon sought a comprehensive solution that guaranteed its right to tap its hydrocarbon resources in full rather than only reaching an agreement over the demarcation of maritime borders.

    The MONEY line
    Experts have pointed out that the delimitation of maritime borders is only the first step and future agreements may be required regarding reservoirs that cross the borders.

  6. UN report on Syria chemical weapons could take three more weeks

    Labs in Sweden

    Obama to Sweden

    Burgas bombing - Sweden

    Explosives found at nuke plant in Sweden


    Obama in Sweden.

    Is this like the Obama, Clinton and Bush in Africa...

  8. Russia mock raid on Sweden earlier this year

    Russia opposes Finland NATO membership

    “You cannot stand outside Nato but still want everything it offers,” Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato’s secretary-general, said

  9. Swedes captured in Tunisia circa 2011

    Sweden's 'secret' Saudi arms plant

  10. anonymous all these mentions of sweden, very interesting, in a sync sort of way
    because the other day I was reading through a bunch of news items
    and heavy on Sweden...
    Is Sweden some kind of Saudi Arabia/Israel of the North?
    home for NATO terrorists and Mossad operatives
    It has a certain odour.

    1. Olef palme.

      The lebanon tender cancellation is timely. Remember the hez ops picked up in Cyprus before the burgas hit also had a Sweden passport,

      Something for aang. Assess imran Khan and the tribal regions. Ode to Diana and the Anglo frebch financier. The no drone campaign. Then the accident a week before elections? Detained at us airport? Optics or Anglo break like divorce from wife.

    2. Finland Sweden = NATO, arctic vs. Russia, china. Norway settled barents border dispute last year.

      Watch eni just found more gas in mozambique. Sold chunk to china Gazprom wants in. Will eni sell to Russia (sud stream, Venezuela jv, Cyprus, Algeria, etc.) decidedly anti NATO countries? Berlusconi? Italy about to see a libya replay?