Monday, September 9, 2013

Ken Roth from HRW. Spins for NATO despite significant lingering doubts

Human Rights Watch show their true colours in this RT interview of Ken Roth, executive director of HRW:
Bombing for Peace

 The loaded language is very interesting. His organization is quite obviously a NATO propaganda tool. Clearly. Not that I had any doubt, but, just in case anyone else did?

Ken Roth makes many false or misleading claims including:

-Claiming Assad undertook the chemical attacks. Conveniently the same stance as US/Israel
-Claiming NATO mercs do not have weapons the do indeed have.
-Claiming the casualty total from the chemical is the exact same number as the US, when those numbers are completely unsubstantiated
-Claiming the NATO mercs do not have access to chemical weapons when they do and have used them previously
- Ken Roth uses obvious name calling/demonization tactics towards Syria and Russia. Calling Russia "the nyet nation" and not wanting to give up "on their murderous ally". WOW!
"We don't have to bomb anybody" "Assads killing machine"
Claims there was no intent to over throw the Syrian government??

Really Ken Roth? NATO whore.

And Kudos to the RT interviewer. What a difference tough questions can make. To bad we don't have north american/western journalists asking anything but softball questions.

Perhaps Ken Roth can read this article??

 Lingering doubts over Syria gas attack evidence

-The U.S. government insists it has the intelligence to prove it, but the American public has yet to see a single piece of concrete evidence — no satellite imagery, no transcripts of Syrian military communications

-What's missing from the public record is direct proof, rather than circumstantial evidence, tying this to the regime.

- But multiple requests to view that satellite imagery have been denied, though the administration produced copious amounts of satellite imagery earlier in the war to show the results of the Syrian regime's military onslaught. When asked Friday whether such imagery would be made available showing the Aug. 21 incident, a spokesman referred The Associated Press to a map produced by the White House last week that shows what officials say are the unconfirmed areas that were attacked.

-The Obama administration maintains it intercepted communications from a senior Syrian official on the use of chemical weapons, but requests to see that transcript have been denied.

Inconsistencies over the death toll and other details related to the attack also have fueled doubts among skeptics.

The Obama administration says 1,429 people died in 12 locations mostly east of the capital, an estimate close to the one put out by the Western-backed Syrian National Coalition. When asked for victims' names, however, the group provided a list of 395. On that list, some of the victims were identified by a first name only or said to be members of a certain family. There was no explanation for the hundreds of missing names.

In Ghouta, Majed Abu Ali, a spokesman for 17 clinics and field hospitals near Damascus, produced the same list, saying the hospitals were unable to identify all the dead.

Casualty estimates by other groups are far lower: The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it only counts victims identified by name, and that its current total stands at 502. It has questioned the U.S. number and urged the Obama administration to release the information its figure is based on. The AP also has repeatedly asked for clarification on those numbers.

The humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders says it has not been able to update its initial Aug. 24 estimate of 355 killed because communication with those on the ground around Damascus is difficult. That estimate was based on reports from three hospitals in the area supported by the group.

Moreover, the group, whose initial report was cited in U.S. and British intelligence assessments, has rejected the use of it "as a justification for military action," adding in a disclaimer published on its website that the group does not have the capacity to identify the cause of the neurotoxic symptoms of patients nor the ability to determine responsibility for the attack.

395 from Syrian National Coalition
502 from Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
355 from Doctors without Borders- An organization that made clear they do not have the capacity to identify the cause of neurotoxic symptoms.

Tsk, tsk Ken Roth and HRW. Tsk, tsk,


    Note the comment in the later part by Stephen Sestanovich (former Amb at large for FSU...) about how the Russians opposed the Balkans war but when the bombing started "got on board"

    Very telling coming perspectives coming form

    "i say that putin understands how to be a brinkman in this point. he knows how far to push, but there's no way he'll risk his relationship with the united states over assad. what do you think, steve? i think that's right. i'd add something further, and that is when it becomes clearer how the united states intends to handle this issue, and the obama administration has looked extremely confused, but if the united states has a much more clearly defined position, then the russians begin to develop their policy in relation to that. we saw that in the '90s in the balkans. the russians were extremely agitated about american intervention in bosnia-kosovo, but once it happened, they got with the program"

    1. "the russians were extremely agitated about american intervention in bosnia-kosovo, but once it happened, they got with the program"


      we shall wait and see
      that was a different Russia then

    2. this is all spin.

      Russia was never on board and still to this day take the whole event as a backstabbing.

      Russia's move to take the Prestina airport put an immediate hald to nato.

    3. These folks lie to keep in practice, and telling the truth is painful for them. It's just more lies.

  2. You Wonder how Kerry got his numbers? Easy, he added the numbers: 395+502+355 = 1252 (the missing 177 might come from another source) LOL!

  3. 'Ally' to test missiles in Mediterranean: Cyprus

    'Expect everything' if US attacks Syria: Assad

  4. FYI

    as for ROTH: being jewish hes been tweeting anti Assad for monnths

  5. 1990s would have ben Yeltsin: Presidential terms: July 10, 1991 – August 9, 1996,

    he was a real rogue.///the man who nearly destroyed russia

    and i find these ANONS with their woeful analysis more of a liability than an asset

    1. Sometimes the Anons post stuff that I've missed, so it all helps :)

      Analysis by anyone is always subject to their knowledge, influences and prejudices. The situation is fluid and fast moving so it's difficult if not impossible to categorically nail it.

      Ask me now if Russia will help Syria beyond hardware and intelligence and I'll say no. I've read nothing to suggest the Russians have learnt from Libya, therefore they're doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

      By tomorrow I might have read a lot of different things which would lead me to the opposite conclusion.

      It's a tough life getting informed! Which is probably why the sheeple don't bother.

      Kerry appears to be losing it (if he ever had it):

      'Kerry added that the only thing Assad's government could do to stop an attack was to turn over all his chemical weapons to the international community within the next week.

      "But he is not about to do it and it cannot be done," Kerry added.'

      If it cannot be done then why suggest it? The man is clearly a lunatic.

      And just like that Syria and Russia say 'Check'

      Your move Kerry

      UK hacks still pushing for war but getting totally shot to pieces in the comments:

      Bang that war drum

    2. I agree, brian.

      Look at neo, for example.

      "Sometimes the Anons post stuff that I've missed, so it all helps"

      "I've read nothing to suggest the Russians have learnt from Libya, therefore they're doomed to repeat the same mistakes"

      The point of that particular zionazi spam being to discredit Russia, by any means possible, because they are a major supporter of Syria, and just as important, a major foil in the zionazi campaigned to destroy Syria. The same zionazi crud packaged for different audiences. They argue for the inclusion of the disruption of their fellow zionist spam, using such ludicrous excuses. This is standard zionazi practice I've seen wreck many sites over the years and render them no longer a threat to zionazi interests. Advocacy of hasbara for the sake of argument is an intensely practiced zionazi backdoor attack method to neutralise opponents.

      What starts out as an "innocent" request to let zionazis post their hasbara, "for reason of balance/broader views", whatever bs selling line, becomes endless pissing matches between what is obvious and the zionazi propaganda. The quality immediately plummets. People use alternative media to get away from the zionazi freaks, not to be bombarded by more of their rubbish.

      вот так

  6. Off topic but something for AANG

  7. The Turkish army started to build a new military base on the top of Kel Mountain, which is located near the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, Turkish Daily News reported on Sunday.

  8. No vote in congress regarding Syria... for now

    He's still a snake though:

    But Obama said it's important to "keep the pressure on." Roughly quoting the late President Ronald Reagan, he said: "It's not enough just to trust. I think we're going to have to verify."

    So your supposed evidence on the Syrian Government's use of CW, the evidence that you won't let anyone verify, is to be taken on trust?


    The president also brushed off comments made earlier by Bashar Assad in which he threatened that there could be "repercussions" if the U.S. attacks.

    Assad's military capabilities are "not significant relative to the U.S. military," Obama said.

    So no threat to USA security then? Unlike what your regime members have said in pursuing justifcation for war.

    The US regime has been wrong-footed by the Russian proposal and also by RT's release of information relating to a false flag in Israel.

    The Russians and President al-Assad will do well to remember what happened in Libya after Ghaddafi had voluntarily destroyed his CW's.

  9. Hi Penny

    You will need a flask of coffee and a packed lunch for this one , yet its worth it.

    And speaking of "moral obscenities", it was high minded officials in Washington that gave their erstwhile friend Saddam Hussein of Iraq the green light to use chemical weapons against his enemies during the 1980s -
    US gave Saddam blessing to use toxins against Iranians:
    Therefore, I don't know what "moral obscenity" John 'Kohn' Kerry is talking about.

    What about the "moral obscenity" of using depleted uranium, white phosphorous, napalm and cluster munitions in Iraq? What about "moral obscenity" of murdering millions of innocent civilians throughout Southeast Asia, Central America and the Middle East?

    I suppose we can now include 'morals' amongst the many things that Washington has privatized and weaponized for use in self-serving imperial matters. It never ceases to amaze me that US officials, historically amongst the most bloodthirsty in the world have the audacity to speak about morality and ethics. It's even more amazing that millions of sheeple around the world, including many idiots right within Armenian society, continue believing their imperial bullshit.

    end snip

    There is more so much more



  10. This article is on HRW during the western onslaught on Yugoslavia but it provides a good insight in how those western, mostly US, "NGO`s" and HRW particularly, are structured, who funds them etc. A token condemnation on western atrocities here and there but all possible efforts laid on the anglo-american-zionist enemy de jour.


  11. Let's see how the Russians define WMD. Will it include nukes too? Didn't Russia warn of a reactor - or was that destroyed by an isreali strike a few yrs ago? How does Russia forestall a hariri fiasco or Iraq inspection Intel op? Will us call for ceasfire? Over past 2 yrs everytime assad made advances it was a no fly or humanitarian zone.

    The un has already determined the `rebels` haved used chems so how do they fit into the inspection campaign? Do they? Does this mean the Saudis don't pump a record 10.5m barrels, wink, wink.

    Will the Russians be in Golan? Will the kurds be pushed to autonomy just as the PKK is declaring the Turkey deal dead? Who exactly is oscalon? Is erdogan next? Will his generals return in an ode to Egypt?

    Will lebanon fast track the offshore bloc auctions that were just delayed? Will the interim goovt in lebanon ever ach accomidation on election reform or is gridlock the key to delaying any progress on offshore maritime border and resource exploitation?

    Will the UN bloc Israeli drilling offshore and in Golan? Is the peace process dead, again?

    1. When will you stop asking distracting questions? Does your mother wear gumboots? Is that really just a cold sore? How much are you being paid?

    2. Chess reference makes the blog post "deep"

  12. Putin says foreign groups using N. Caucasus to launch anti-Russian acts

    Some foreign countries and organizations saw Russia's North Caucasus as a springboard for anti-Russian activities, President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

    "We are confronted by destructive anti-Russian activities on the part of some foreign countries and public and international organizations under their control. As before, they see the North Caucasus as a springboard for destabilizing the situation in Russia," Putin told a Russian Security Council meeting.

    "We must curb such attempts more rigorously and always provide an adequate response," the Interfax news agency quoted Putin as saying.

  13. FYI overonFacebook Josh Landis page is this bizarrea NYYT quote

    Joshua Landis
    23 minutes ago ·
    Yasin Hajj Saleh is one of Syria's most thoughtful leftist. He writes: "What Syria needs is a legitimate government that is strong enough to delegitimize militias, to disarm and integrate them, and to enforce adequate policies to confront them. The Assad government does not have popular legitimacy. Only its demise can signal the beginning of the end of nihilist jihadism, and thus the beginning of Syria’s recovery."

    This is very true - but how does one get there if the US is unwilling to take charge of Syria? What can unite Syrians other than Islam today?

    ive left my comments: but only a very desperate zionist would post that sort of nonsense/...

    Go have your say

  14. thanks for all the comments everyone!
    short on time to respond to each of them but I know you are all reading each others comments
    thanks again