Friday, September 13, 2013

She Who Measures

And now something totally different.

Any thoughts?


  1. a lot said in that.

  2. Shop until you drop...

    That's evil commie propaganda, you know. ;)

    Well done short, thanks for posting it.

    вот так

  3. Saw this guy over 20 years ago at a church in Berkeley. Great to see he's still got it.

    We Sell Everything

    Similar idea to the short you posted, Penny.

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  4. did we see the beginning and end of WW3? the mediterranean missile incident

  5. thoughts? wierd! but curiously interesting

  6. Another in a similar vein:

    Mika Newton - Lunapark

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  7. if its wierd films
    consider Monty Python Life of Brian: the deleted scenes!the famous Otto(Hail Leader!) scene which was deleted has itself a deleted scene

    BRIAN slips out through the back door and descends some steps into MANDY’S garden where he sits, head in hands.

    Suddenly a voice assails him.

    life of brian deleted sceneOTTO: Hail, Leader!

    BRIAN: What?

    OTTO: Oh, I– I’m so sorry. Have you seen the new Leader?

    BRIAN: The what?

    OTTO: The new Leader. Where is the new leader? I wish to hail him. Hail, Leader. See.

    BRIAN: Oh. Who are you?

    OTTO: My name. Is. Otto.

    BRIAN: Oh.

    OTTO: Yes. Otto. It’s time, you know. . .

    BRIAN: What?

    OTTO: . . . Time that we Jews racially purified ourselves.

    BRIAN: Oh.

    OTTO: He’s right you know. The new leader. We need more living room. We must move into the traditionally Jewish areas of Samaria.

    BRIAN: What about the Samaritans?

    OTTO: Well, we can put them in little camps. And after Samaria we must move into Jordan and create a great Jewish state that will last a thousand years.

    BRIAN: Yes, I’m not sure, but I . . .

    OTTO: Oh, I grow so impatient, you know. To see the Leader that has been promised our people for centuries. The Leader who will save Israel by ridding it of the scum of non-Jewish people, making it pure, no foreigners, no gypsies, no riff-raff.

    BRIAN: Shh! Otto!

    OTTO: What? The Leader? Hail Leader!

  8. syrias president Assad does all the right things, which is why the axis of weevils wants him removed

    Assads policies are unamerican!

  9. more at

  10. Blind consumerism in America?

  11. this tells a lot.

    terrorist organization, regardless of their claims of repenting. why do they still exist if not for their original purpose?

    living at a military installation built with taxpayer's money

    protected and ongoing assistance from the UN.

    Iranian exiles my ass.

  12. My contribution, not so much social message but fairly weird-
    Weaving Spiders Come Not Here
    Bimbo's Initiation

  13. Unclear ending. Great idea. Masks, consumers, lead clown shitting out material garbage who the cart-pushers pick up and load their trolleys with. The half-off mask quickly restored to the commercial message.

    Where did they end up? What was the reaso for them being made into zombie consumers? What was the message/ending.

    Too diffuse. Interesting nontheless.

  14. Thanks everybody! :)

    I watched it and took away a few concepts

    First of all- the consumers being 'created' in the test tube like apparatus?

    Marching across the barren landscape.. why is the landscape barren?

    Is is because the entire environment is non relative to the shells of humankind?

    As the citizen/humans march in lock step sameness, in their endless shopping spree, at the behest of their endless commercial led mind control box that sits right in front of their dulled eyes...

    The one fellow who broke free of the matrix. He tries to awaken the others. For a fleeting moment. a flash of awareness from the one.

    But the 'leader' covers the eyes and comforts the possibly wayward individual with a pat of the head
    'there there, pay no mind to anything but the steady droning pace of your life played out as you consume till you are consumed (government?)

    Once exhausted ,more consumers are created to consume the shit that is excreted out en masse, to blind the humans to what is real- harkening back to the barren wasteland

    And the awake fellow breaks free of the living deadness by dying
    Or did he escape the matrix

    And do I think way too much or what???!!!! :)

    Under the video the creator of it asks?
    Do we have free will?
    Or are we shaped by the society we live in?

    One last thing!
    The lone fellow. Its tough talking truth to lies. If not for the great people who participate here with their eyes wide open.. he would be me.
    So thanks to every one of you here who brighten my day in some way.

  15. Penny,

    On a lighter note ?

    The Honey Obadger ( he don't give a shit )

    I used to know how to do links, but won't come to me now. I'll do some brushing up :))

    This is the older article by Sharmine I spoke of, she gave me the link via twitter.

    Going Rogue: America's Unconventional Warfare in the Mideast

    Got some other stuff, nothing pressing.

  16. 'In late 2006 the United States started to finance an external opposition to Syria's ruling Baath party. Those exiles were largely members of the Muslim Brotherhood which had been evicted from Syria after their bloody uprising against the Syrian state between 1976 and 1982 had failed. In 2007 a plan for regime change in Syria was agreed upon between the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The aim was to destroy the "resistance" alliance of Hizbullah, Syria and Iran:

    To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.
    By 2011 three years of drought, caused by global warming and Turkey's upstream dams and irrigation projects, had weakened the Syrian economy. Large parts of the poor rural population lost their means of living and moved into the cities. They provided the fertile ground needed to launch an uprising against the Syrian state.
    The U.S. part in the plan was to provide the media and "global opinion" cover for the insurgency. To that purpose it used the tool from its "color revolution" tool box. "Citizen journalists" were recruited, trained and provided with the video and communication equipment needed for media propagandizing. Others were trained in organizing "peaceful civil demonstrations". The Saudis took care of the darker part of the plan. They financed and armed rebel groups, often related to the exiled Muslim Brotherhood, which had the task to instigate a wider insurgency by taking on government forces as well as the peaceful demonstrators.'

  17. Soraya Sephapour-Ulrich: Israel continues to pursue its grand strategy, using a different tactic given its awareness of, and its familiarity with the strengths of the Syrian army – an army which must be disrupted from within given Israel ’s 1982 failure to do so. And this is the primary reason for arming terrorists posing as “opposition”.

  18. I'm with you on your take on what I thought was an astounding, great film. Quite profound in a peculiar, artistic signature . . . which is a great art.

    They died at the end because their life expired - and then more are born, and life starts anew as with all we mortal humans. I noted the "pin-holed" sky, denoting an existence of living above and beyond the ken of normal folk. This would be the "illuminti" or controllers . . . the unseen hand.

    brings home the reality that even we who break free from that tv/consumer interface, are still blind to the reality beyond the light beyond the lin-holed "stars" in the sky . . .

    1. slozo

      I missed you last comment and wanted to say-so good to see you about.
      You have been here from the get go and in a way it is reassuring to know you are still out there and here. At the same time!
      Hope you and the family are good?

  19. israels control of the islamist insurgents
    israel desires the somalisation of syria this is from 2012....and it already concludes correctly israel controls the insurgency in syria

  20. thank you, thank you everyone
    when I have a bit more time I will be back