Monday, September 30, 2013

Stolen Antiquites for sale in Israel and likely America

ht to karin for this article. And yes, I was steaming! This is a subject I have talked on more then once. The sale of priceless stolen artifacts. The effect on the countries having their history stolen and the wider loss to humanity as a whole. I am surely not the only person who understands how disgraceful these thefts are?
As I have mentioned previously most of these stolen items end up in the hands and homes of the moneyed classes.
Shall I say it is not a surprise to see priceless ancient Egyptian artifacts being sold in Jerusalem?

Shameful. Truly, shameful

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon the request of the MSA, asked the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take all required procedures in collaboration with the Egyptian embassy in Jerusalem to stop the sale of 126 ancient Egyptian artefacts. These objects were put on sale in two auction halls, Eweda and Bidoon, in Jerusalem.

Ali Ahmed, director-general of the Repatriation of Antiquities Department in the MSA, explains that the objects in question were traced through a routine web review of all international auction halls carried out by the department periodically.

Eweda is currently exhibiting 110 artefacts while Bidoon is displaying 16 others. The stolen objects include a collection of ancient Egyptian clay vessels, vases, ushabti figurines and stelae.
Thinking of the religious absurdities the Israeli people are inculcated with via the nonsensical 'exodus' from Egypt fairy tale.... And the numerous well heeled persons that live/visit in Israel.  Including but not limited to certain arms dealing Oligarchs........

The illegal sale of stolen Egyptian antiquities in Israel could be seen as an act of retribution.
And a way to further erase actual, true and corroborated Egyptian history...
Which is very beneficial to the bolstering the Israel fairytale.

Thanks to the US/Israel and the other NATO war mongering nations, Syria is suffering the same theft of their past. Their history. Their antiquities. And  of course all of humanity suffers for this.
The long and documentable historical evidence of the people actually in residence, present and living in Syria and Egypt is an affront to the myth of Israel.

To protect Syria's antiquities — don't buy them

Syria is a treasure house of history. Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra and almost 10,000 other archaeological sites there hold the remains of thousands of years of culture. Greeks, Romans, Persians, Christians and Muslims lived and fought in what is now Syria. As the U.N. special envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, explained at a recent UNESCO meeting,

"Few countries are as rich culturally, have had such a glorious past, are so important for what we are, all of us, for all the things that make, have made, human civilization."
I have said as much myself on many  an occasion here.
Coins, jewelry, sculpture and other objects from Syria's archaeological sites can be stunningly beautiful and are eagerly sought by collectors. Recognizing the damage done by amateur diggers who supplied this trade in the past, Syria's domestic law has forbidden unauthorized excavation and export of antiquities since 1963. That essentially means there was no legal trade in recently excavated treasures even before the fighting began. 
 No doubt the looting over the past couple of years has been/is being done by the NATO/Israeli Islamic IDF
There are many images available on line of the hired mercs and their pillaged treasures. It is highly unlikely that the Syrian people, as proud as they are of their heritage, history and culture would undertake these types of despicable actions.


  1. Assuming pure vanity in this situation may be off the mark. Ancient wisdom maybe?
    Thule and Vril Societies

    MB threatens Pyramids

  2. has written extensively on the trade and its implications with the "Spring".

    As interesting:
    France opens probe into Assad uncle's French assets & France called off attack on Syria at last minute

    Rifaat was said to be cooperating with the Rebels.

  3. Why exactly are the Russians laying out their war plan as in lend lease?

    " The Russian defense minister unveiled Russia’s wartime plan on Friday, saying that private and state companies should be ready to provide the Russian armed forces with everything they need in case of a military conflict.

    Self evident? Putin was just out a few weeks ago warning producers to keep up with demand and innovate. Then the DefMin out today talking up hypersonic weapons. Russia continues to quietly deploy ships to Med, including their "carrier killer"

  4. Penny,
    Seems everyone wants to write about Antiquities this week *frowning now*
    Where the hell were they the last couple of years ? Only info I found was from Lebanon who wrote on it.
    Oh well.. won't look a gift horse....

    Journo ongoing aticles it says

    There is a video I had not seen of shooting at Roman amphatheatre ruins of Bosra and a great picture from the top. Gosh wouldn't it be wonderful to see and touch that stone?
    Couple of smaller articles I ran across also.

    To the third commenter about Russian War Plan- I saved that article from the other day and found it odd indeed, even read it three times looking for a hidden clue :)

  5. There never was an exodus and not much else of what they claim either, it´s all stolen and plagiarized from ancient Egyptians and Persians. They never really had anything so they made it up, just as they do today: