Friday, September 6, 2013

Syria: Spinning uncertainty about chemical attacks and Kerry pushes peace talks

From the mop and pail:

As my eyes roll.

But many leaders remain in doubt about whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime was behind the attack, or Syria’s rebels.
Puhleez! The 'leaders' ,Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Harper etc.,  know as well as you or I do that their bought and paid for mercs used the chemicals in Syria.

Kerry pushes Syria peace talks with Russian FM

As my eyeballs pop out of my head!

Kerry pushes peace talks? Does the spin ever stop? Russia has always, consistently& persistently been for peace talks.  John  Kerry has not  been onboard for peacetalks. 
 Hillary  Clinton was not on board  for peace talks.  
The US was not ever for peace talks!

 US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday phoned his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov seeking to give fresh impetus to plans to hold peace talks on Syria, officials said.
After two days of major hearings in the Congress where he pleaded for backing to launch punitive US military strikes against Syria, Kerry returned his focus to the dormant political track, dubbed Geneva II.

And before Geneva II there was Geneva I, ignored completely by the US!
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  1. Russians apparently have a special delivery per the Saudis
    Russia sends warship with ‘special cargo’ towards Syria

    Remember the helicopter fiasco (parts) and LLoyds pulling the insurance...only this time it is a warship?

  2. that is disturbing. 'special' in military terms means nuke.

  3. Ironic that the bric bank is formally agreed today as is a joint currency pool. Synchronicity

  4. "'special' in military terms means nuke."

    I need to specify so I don't cause alarm by the above statement I made.

    This does not mean Russia's intent is to use nuclear weapons. This is a diplomatic message. The White House has cancelled meetings. The state dept. has cancelled meetings. Russian diplomats are trying to meet with members of Congress but are denied. Russia is trying to keep diplomatic ties open. To keep the dialog going. They don't want this.

    Sending a ship and saying it will be carrying 'specials' is a diplomatic message to the Pentagon. Russia can not aproach them directly. That's a taboo. So, this is Russia's way of letting the Pentagon know that this is going to end bad if odummer is not stopped. This is telling those in Washington who are against this to band together and toss the disfuctional out and the World will back you. It is time to clean house.

    It is time folks. It has gone too far. Putin is not making a threatening move, but asking anyone who will listen in DC that this does not have to go this way. There is a better way.

    Remembering back to the 80s and in the USAF, I never thought I would be rooting for the Bear. Mr. Putin, salute. This move is probably the greatest act of a statesman I have ever seen.

  5. here is the script.

    sourced from Pepe E.

    "So while the Xi and Putin caravan reenacts the spirit of the Silk Road, the dogs of war keep barking; and informed public opinion everywhere starts to consider the possibility that Obama, by not assuming full responsibility for what he said, and blaming "the world", may also be a coward."

    spot on. he is a coward. I watched his speach after the failed G20. He looked weak and afraid.

    1. anonymous 12:21 this is quite a pdf
      I have read through it already and it is telling.