Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syrian Opposition via Saudi media claiming another chemical attack

Published September 12th, 2013

Syrian opposition websites have posted pictures of what they claim is a fresh chemical weapons attack on Damascus, this time on the suburb of Jobar. The alleged attack resulted in casualties, activists told al Arabiya on Thursday.

Not finding this a credible claim.  If I am not mistaken isn't this how the previous chemical weapon claim began? Via the opposition and Saudi Arabia?

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  1. speaking of media:
    this may be useful in showing us the mindset of the jihadis being used by USrael for regime change
    religious psychopathology: fanatics are the lates in colour revolution strategy
    one interviewed says he was approached by a group who said Assad was reprssing muslims and he should take up arms and help establish caliphate...mentions aljazeera ad alarabiya are recruiting tools: so lies are used to recruit

  2. Penny,

    I have proof of the "attack" being a scam/ well myself and a few others on twitter late last night.

    First thing this morning I found this also
    Assad forces said to use poison gas in new Damascus attack

    The above was tweeted by david horovitz ? I've seen the name b4

    This is a 'newsy' source which actually gives a "map"
    The ongoing clashes in Berza neighborhood near the SRC targeted by #Israel early this year - Map Posted by Activists

    They are using gay ppl for these ops. I have known this for a long time, but not spoken about it "aloud".
    Look at the name of one of the people involved last night.

    Le Petit Sasshole FTR: Unconfirmed reports of a chlorine gas attack in #Jobar #Damascus most activists are blaming the Assad forces. Nothing solid.

    I'll tell you something else and I suspect this very strongly, and have been watching him for a long time.
    Glenn Greenwald is a gate keeper. He was one of the 1st to promote the link to Vladmir Putin's Op-ED on NYT

    Then he comes back today and tweets a business insider article against Putin, who he supposedly respects over Snowden ??

    There is a Russian blogger who questions that possibly Snowden is KGB ? I'm up in the air on that one :)

    I have further twitter page URL's of the ones who were trying to do the cw scam last night. See, twitter pictures would NOT work. Some horrid glitch and people were complaining, so the pics ( those horrible people ) were not showing.

    Then myself and a couple of others started tweeting about it being a scam using the #Jobar hashtag. Between the glitch and the tweets by us, they shut it down at least till I went to bed about 2 EST thhis morning.

    I have gobs of other topics I meant to bring to comments, but this happened, so it's taking front burner when I saw you post.


    1. Karin
      How can we see this twitter stuff?
      Since I don't use twitter I haven't a clue
      When I came across this news article.. it was like OMG rerun!
      It then made the rounds out of Israel? Big surprise. Not!
      David Horovitz?
      I don't know unless it is this crackpot

      Looked at the times of Israel?

      asthma attack?
      again the medical assistance is taking no precautions against alleged chemical agents

    2. SNowden is KGB? that has to come out of american anticommunist right field

    3. Karin

      "They are using gay ppl for these ops. I have known this for a long time, but not spoken about it "aloud"."

      It's a very common thread among Jewish and non-Jewish zionist hasbara. It's also a major connection between these zionists and the right, especially the far right. This is why one finds a lot of gay activism among the hasbara corps, and a lot of connections and associations between that lot and the "security services" oriented right on the web behind the scenes. When one sees "leftists" or "progressives" acting more like rightwingers, it's time to check for zionist connections, especially closet gay ones.

      вот так

  3. ACK !!

    Putin's "letter Op ED ) was done by KETCHUM aka Kerry group

    I can't believe this shit !! Ketchum Placed Controversial Putin Op-Ed


  4. K, I think you have the wrong link


    The public relations firm Ketchum is responsible for placing a controversial editorial that appeared under Russian President Vladimir Putin’s byline in the New York Times on Wednesday night.

    “The op-ed came through the PR firm (Ketchum) and went through the normal editing process,” said New York Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy in an email to BuzzFeed.

    Spokespeople for Ketchum did not return requests for comment.

    Ketchum is the main PR firm used by the Russian government. Using documents publicly filed with the Department of Justice, ProPublica showed last year how Ketchum places pro-Putin op-eds under the bylines of “seemingly independent professionals” in various news outlets like CNBC and the Huffington Post.

    A tweet last week from Paddy Blewer, a Ketchum employee, references a “big” project:

  6. I thought KETCHUM was kerry and wife's firm as their pic was at top of the page at buzzfeed.

    I was doing too many things at one time. Apologies

  7. You can go directly to these pages I directly I believe. They are valid URL's. <-- this is the one who put up the link to the isreal paper article. <---this is the 'news' guy and he is 'middle of the road' sorta I guess.

    The following are all "Ops" accounts some of them and others are just for propoganda

    Or, better yet, you can go here and follow the

    timeline and see the tweets the differt stuff.

    This video is poorly done and someone translated it last night
    It is chlorine and a couple of guys 'cough' in the background.
    The on camera guy is a joke/ and translater said that they told him to not cough so much.

    I'm not good at puters or any 'social' stuff, was never anything that interested me. Only reason I do twitter is because at one time I believed OWS was going to do something, then I found out differently.

    I continued at twitter because of Syria. I just couldn't not do something because I was so aware of Libya horrors.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it ;^)
    Shoot. I even named my new schnauzer puppy Clio Syria (our last name)

  8. Sorry to post again but
    This is the arab speaking fellow helping us w/ translation

    "this is probably gonna stay away from MSM. This will derail the whole Geneva thing. I don't think they want that." and

    "SNC is gonna be forced to negotiate". one last one

    as for what they do again I see YouTube videos I talk to family. I go by what I know. I know these people r insane ( jihadist in video )
    "the people with real aspirations for change in Syria I understand that. However, diplomacy is the only way forward"

    "he said the young man suffered from inhaling chlorine. And gave him cortisone to treat him." ( guy in video on Ytube )

    He just said this on twitter- I am rougek67 there and VincentTongue is the one who alerted me last night.

    Penny, you can delete my email addy if I post it and since U censor ahead of time or not ?


  9. Hi Karin

    "Penny, you can delete my email addy if I post it and since U censor ahead of time or not ?"

    Yes I can. If you post it (do you want me to save it? )I can delete it

    no problems and don't apologize for posting to much

  10. Tied to the whipping post I keep listening to it.

    Meet my 'twin sister" I found her on James' blog post


    She is ME
    I feel every emotion she does and the frustration, the hurt realizing your 'country' was/ is a total LIE

    I want to contact her. She lives in her vehicle I fear ( look at the surroundings) I'm in a position where I need physical help and can help her, but dont' know how to REACH OUT to her.

    Such a valiant fighting soul. respect admiration.. she knows how to use that venue to get thru to people. A gift.

    PS. I don't thing james understands the tribe very well :)
    and we know I'm not 'educated' :))) but I'm working on it.

  11. Penny,

    I'm not seeing any other news in the usual outlets to back this latest attack. My gut feeling is something was planned and was foiled by ground forces. The news outlet released the story anyway cause word of failure to make the attack did not reach them.

    What I am seeing is more talk/rumors/heresay that the terrorist side is collapsing. They are getting desperate.

    website has never been credible
    Al Bawaba Middle East Ltd.
    Amman, Jordan
    a corp. contact -

    ed ??? is this a common arabic name? lol

    Mark Gatty Saunt
    Director, Content Sales and Licensing

    Mark, located in Dubai, works under the alias David Winkle in other projects.

    One of Marks buddies is Dimitri Metaxas, Head of Digital for OMG MENA and "other random meanderings"(his words).

    just showing how easy it would be to fake/stage media with contacts like that, not implying anything!!!

    you'll like this Penny, one of OMG's clients is Ketchum Inc. (small world eh?)

  12. I don't trust Lebanon much at all, and I trust Jordan less, but this just flew thru twitter ( dubious at times)

    Truth of US-Russia Confrontation ( lol truth? )
    Aggression was over the Moment those Two Missiles were Fired

    This is getting even more convoluted that I ever dreamed it could be.

    I'm lost again :((

  13. somebody has been bad...

    "If the bribery claims are to be proven true, that means trouble for Barack Obama, since we’re not talking impeachment anymore, we’re talking treason charges."

  14. I had all this info for a more comprehensive post yesterday and it just didn't 'come together'
    as for this 'chem attack' it was dead in the water.
    it played out locally from the looks of it and went no further
    so it was directed to the audience in the ME
    reminds of a news item Freethinker left about an alleged attack in Syria that was getting coverage in Britain right after the no vote--- brought to the brits by the BBC, I think
    that 'news' went nowhere
    I really think that some news items are designed for local or specific targeted audience consumption. And some is world wide.
    Since all news is perception management anyway.........

  15. Off topic but further to a previous discussion:
    In the comments back here was raised the concern "Pepe Escobar has still not told us that 9/11 was an inside job". Well, for the record, he now has-
    Al-Qaeda's air force still on stand-by

    "It was 12 years ago today. Historians will register that, according to the official narrative, 19 Arabs armed with box cutters and minimal flying skills pledged to a transnational Terror Inc turned jets into missiles to attack the US homeland, fooling the most elaborate defense system on Earth."

    So far so good; I think that is a pretty clear denial of the official narrative. But then much later after a lot of Obama bashing-

    "And that brings us back to 12 years ago - and the myth that aluminum jets are able to penetrate the thick steel perimeters of the Twin Towers and kerosene is capable of instantaneously melting steel perimeters and steel cores into fluffy steel dust. Check this out {a link about video compositing} and draw the necessary conclusions."

    Oh dear. A by-pass of any of the rational examinations of 9/11 straight into the bizarro world of the No-Planers and Judy Wood's mythical directed energy dustification weapons. I suppose he's not explicitly promoting the Judy Woods nonsense but what else can he be implying when using the phrase 'fluffy steel dust'.

    Pepe is a charismatic 'cool guy' to be sure, and often makes a lot of sense - but beware the cult of personality. BTW, that's not directed at anyone in particular but was sparked-off by seeing some unthinking adoring comments elsewhere.

    1. Hey Freethinker
      was meaning to get back to you on the video you left the other day
      but we had some excitement (the kind caused by lightening striking way closer to your home then you are comfortable with and scaring the shit right out of you!!!!!!! the loudest noise one has ever heard and the brightest flash that I have ever seen!!!!!) the other night and spent most of the night not sleeping
      so yesterday I was just dam tired
      and feeling quite miniscule

      please, no one, no cult of personality

  16. News ANNA confirms no new gas attack.