Friday, September 6, 2013

The Dogs of War on "A clear path" despite the Emerging Caravan

So... I changed the headline?!
It's from Pepe Escobar. It is a good read and the pdf is a must read. And yah, I read through it, while relaxing and enjoying a nice red wine. (Pinot Noir to be precise).... anyway, here it is!
Oops, first thanks to anonymous for leaving this.
here is the script.        sourced from Pepe E.

The dogs of war bark and the emerging-powers caravan ... keeps on trucking. That's the Group of 20 meeting in St Petersburg in a nutshell. Count on the indispensable (bombing) nation - via US President Barack "Red Line" Obama - to disrupt a summit whose original agenda was to tackle the immense problems afflicting the global economy.

Economy is for suckers. Get me to my Tomahawk on time. The Obama doctrine - Yes We Scan, Yes We Drone - reached a new low with its Yes We Bomb "solution" to the chemical weapons

Attack in Ghouta, Syria, presenting world public opinion in the run-up towards the G-20 with the illusionist spectacle of a "debate" in the US Senate about the merits of a new bout of humanitarian bombing.

What in fact was served was the appalling spectacle of serial wacko Republicans of the John McCain and Lindsey Graham mould squeezing the desperate Obama administration like little lemons. Their Orwellian gambit - "reverse the battlefield momentum" - pushed by the senile McCain, was duly approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This means bombing the hell out of Damascus during a "window of opportunity" of three months, with a possibility of extension. Red Line Obama is on board, assuring, before leaving to Sweden and the G-20, that his former "slap on the wrist" would "fit in" with regime change.
Not even the ghost of Machiavelli would come up with an adjective to describe the whole planet waiting in disbelief to see whether the almost universally despised House of Representatives (15% approval rating, according to RealClearPolitics) decides, Roman Empire style, to give the thumbs down and authorize the bombing of one of the oldest cities in humanity (well, they have an illustrious precedent of applauding Shock and Awe over Baghdad, which topped the Mongols going medieval in the 13th century).

And all this against the will of the "American people" who, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll support this folly by an overwhelming 9%.

Yes We Bomb. But what for? The following exchange might have come straight from Monty Python. Unfortunately, it's real.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey: "The answer to whether I support additional support for the moderate opposition is yes."

Senator Bob Corker (R, Tennessee): "And this authorization will support those activities in addition to responding to the weapons of mass destruction."

Dempsey: "I don't know how the resolution will evolve, but I support - "

Corker: "What you're seeking. What is it you're seeking?"

Dempsey: "I can't answer that, what we're seeking ... "
The Pentagon may be clueless - rather, playing clueless. But Bandar Bush, AIPAC/Israel and vast sectors of the industrial-military complex know exactly what they are seeking. And Secretary of State John Kerry knows not only what they are seeking but also who's footing the bill, as in "if the United States is prepared to go do the whole thing the way we've done it previously in other places, they'll carry that cost. That's how dedicated they are to this."

Free bombing. For three months. With inbuilt free upgrading. Operation Tomahawk With Cheese but also bacon, onions, chilies, mayo, guacamole, the works. All courtesy of Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar bin Sultan - aka Bandar Bush - plus minions Emirates and Qatar. What's not to like? The inestimable Vijay Prashad, author of The Poorer Nations, has been using his calculator:
Exhibit A: Saudis have put ''on the table'' their offer to pay for the entire US assault on Syria. Exhibit B: in case of an attack on Syria, the price of oil is slated to go from $109 to $125 per barrel (base case scenario), with an upside scenario of $150 per barrel. Saudi Arabia will produce 9.8 million barrels of oil a day. Which means if the spike is only the base case scenario, Saudi will gross a super-profit of $156.8 million per day. If it is the upside scenario, then the Saudi super-profits will be $401.8 million per day. Not a bad arbitrage game from Mr Bandar and his gang of Saudi "democrats".
Addendum: each Tomahawk costs only US$1.5 million. With a prospective free flow of Bandar Bush's cash, no wonder there's a compatible free flow of Krug at Raytheon's HQ.

Confronted with the sumptuous marriage of the industrial-military complex and the House of Saud producing lethal cruise offspring duly employed as al-Qaeda's Air Force, a pesky detail like hardcore Chechen jihadis forming their own militia, The Mujahedin of the Caucasus and the Levant, is, well, irrelevant. As irrelevant as the fact that these jihadis are run by none other than Bandar Bush, who bragged to President Vladimir Putin he can turn them on and off at will.

So if these Chechens are Bandar's minions, they are also Friends of Obama/Kerry/Rice/Power. Just like the jihadis who are fighting to take over the "crusader" village of Maloula - where people still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus - so they can proceed to gleefully behead a few Christian infidels.

What would Zbig say?

Red Line Obama anyway has already telegraphed that he's bombing - whatever congress decides. Obama of course is just a cipher - he couldn't point to Maloula on a map (not to mention his "security advisers" of the Ben Rhodes mould). Syria is a peach - and it has to be devoured. Too independent. Allied with Iran and Russia. Those river sources in the Golan coveted by Israel. The chance to further provoke Russia in the Caucasus. The chance, in the long run, to destabilize China in Xinjiang. The chance to isolate Hezbollah, allow a new Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon, open the (lethal) road to Tehran.

Yet the agendas will keep diverging. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey would bless regime change, but he's terrified of Syrian Kurds becoming totally independent and further giving toxic ideas to Turkish Kurds. The House of Saud wants all-out regime change, so it may be able, in one swoop, to wound Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah. So what if those Allahu Akbar Friends of Kerry and company run amok? They are not on Saudi Arabian soil threatening the petromonarchy; let them fight those "apostate" Shi'ites in assorted latitudes.

Let's see what the man who in theory instilled little nuggets of international relations realities into Red Line Obama's brain think about all this. Zbigniew "Grand Chessboard" Brzezinski is in favor of "some symbolic military action''. Well, a cost-effective version would be to parachute Kerry in Maloula.

Dr Zbig also wants to "involve the oriental powers", as "they have to be very worried as to where this is headed''. Correct; that's what Chinese President Xi Jinping told Putin, he worries about - oil at $150 a barrel. The Russians, according to Dr Zbig, are using "aggressive and insulting language''. Ridiculous - when Putin dubbed Kerry a liar that was the understatement of the year. Dr Zbig is in fact terrified that "the Russians may use this conflict, if it explodes, to undermine overall our position in the Middle East." Memo: your "position" is already undermined all over the planet, not only the Middle East.

And when Dr Zbig says that the Russians are "fearful of stability in the Caucusus", and "Putin has a stake in the Winter Olympics", and "there is leverage here that we can use intelligently", he sounds eerily like Bandar Bush threatening Putin to unleash "his" Chechens in Sochi in 2014.

More enlightening, and with no double talk, is what the manipulated "opposition" wants. It's all about Iran - and "terrorist ally" Hezbollah (scroll down to page 6 here.) 
Do read through that pdf, I found it most interesting.

The Xi-Putin show
Even immersed in all this hysteria, the BRICS caravan managed to engage in serious business at the G-20. They held a mini-summit to coordinate their common position - which, as far as Syria is concerned, is totally anti-war (you won't see this reported in Western corporate media). They did say, en bloc, that Obama's war will have "an extremely negative effect on the global economy''.

So they discussed, as a group, how to increase their trade using their own currencies; how to develop their markets (that's part of the original Russian agenda for this G-20); and how to improve trade relations. Common strategy: multiple escape routes against US dollar hegemony.

They advanced on negotiations relative to the capital structure, shareholding and governance of the BRICS development bank; initial capital of $50 billion and an emergency fund of $100 billion, a sort of emerging powers International Monetary Fund. The bank should have a head start in the next BRICS summit in 2014 in Brazil.

And as far as Russia and China are concerned, there's the annual meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) next week. Before that, already contemplating the prospect of $200 billion in bilateral trade by 2020, Xi and Putin discussed a rash of mega-projects - not only revolving around Pipelineistan - and the proverbial "further strategic international coordination". The official Chinese version to their strategic partnership is a beauty: "Sowing in spring and harvesting in autumn."

It's like sleeping in one of those fabulous beds at a Four Seasons resort. No hysteria. No "red lines". No Tomahawks. No "credibility on the line."

This is what Obama said in August 2012:
We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.
Note the "my" and then again another "my" invoking responsibility, not "the world".

So while the Xi and Putin caravan reenacts the spirit of the Silk Road, the dogs of war keep barking; and informed public opinion everywhere starts to consider the possibility that Obama, by not assuming full responsibility for what he said, and blaming "the world", may also be a coward.


  1. Hey Penny,
    Will read the Pepe info later, but found this and wanted to get it to you asap.

    Organizing notes blog. Veterans for Peace

    Infographic of who has what on the ground in Syria and the US Turkey etc. How many troops, the works.

    Also their effort against the war via VFP
    "WE ARE GETTING CRUSHED WITH CALLS" They went to Sen. Angus King (I-ME) office.

    6th paragraph:

    Current Maine VFP President Richard Clements shared the story about when his own son was in Iraq during the Bush war. He said that he is "always watching to see the possible impact of depleted uranium (DU) on my son" who participated in the shelling of Fallujah. Today in that city legions of babies are being born with severe cases of genetic mutations.

    My heart breaks and then I get madder. I knew it was happening, but you don't hear it. The silent suffering. NO remorse for the Iraqi people or even their own :(

    Damn them, we have to stop them somehow.

    ck in later to read that and see what's new.

  2. And in the end, Obama will do what his bosses tell him to do. The unfortunate part, is the fact that the American people aren't his bosses.

  3. Great hypothesis by insiam:

    "Doesn't Russia produce the most grand masters.

    I once worked with a guy that fought Ali. He was working as a scaffolder on a north sea oil rig back in the eighties after being robbed of his earnings by his management. He never stood a chance with Ali. it was purely business. Anyhow he told me that after 2 or 3 rounds of Ali playing with him, Ali leaned towards him and whispered 'count to ten Joe'. He told me that he only ever got to 3 before Ali put him to sleep.

    It is a common thing in the world of boxing to put 'chumps' up against the real masters as the big prize lay later in the game.

    Obama is the chump in this game."

    I'd like to expand on this meme.

    I recall a story from way back stating Saddam contacted the White House for a green light to attack Kuwait who he had proof was slant drilling into Iraquian oil. He got the D.C. OK to invade, and when he did the US and its allies immediately condemned him for a war of aggression, and invaded and defeated Iraq in 1993.

    Suppose Russia remembers full well the 66 million Russians killed by the zionist Bolsheviks from 1917-1952 and they have been biding their time for revenge. The chump puppet Obama is playing directly into their hands to give them a casus belli to turn the so called zionist state of israel into a glass parking lot. Nitwityahoo gets to be the 2013 Saddam Hussein and Russia gets a long deserved meal served best cold.

    Checkmate and match.

    1. "and when he did the US and its allies immediately condemned him for a war of aggression, and invaded and defeated Iraq in 1993."

      That war happened in 1991. Some of us are old enough to remember it. But given your:

      "Suppose Russia remembers full well the 66 million Russians killed by the zionist Bolsheviks from 1917-1952 and they have been biding their time for revenge."

      You are obviously one of the usual far-righty types with whom facts have little impact on, it's only "the script" that matters. Repeat and rinse, repeat and rinse....


      вот так

    2. "That war happened in 1991. Some of us are old enough to remember it. "

      That's a little harsh, isn't it? Don't you ever make these sorts of mistakes or typos? (I'm not the author, btw)

      You are obviously one of the usual far-righty types with whom facts have little impact on, it's only "the script" that matters. Repeat and rinse, repeat and rinse....:D

      I'm curious as to your reasoning (and humour) here, Bot Tak

    3. bot tak

      yikes I am old enough to recall the war on Iraq
      Bush senior and junior!
      I am going to get that wine now ...

    4. AnonymousSeptember 7, 2013 at 2:26 AM

      Great hypothesis by insiam:

      I am a bit lost on the point you are making?
      I think?
      Unless.. you are suggesting Russia will get a revenge, a well deserved revenge, after waiting so long?
      It's an interesting way of looking at the situation
      And it's something I have thought about..... the destruction of Israel
      I see it as a replay of the zionists selling out the mind controlled religious followers to gain Palestine
      sacrifices had to be made
      and how better then to allow some slobs in the ghettos to pay the price
      Didn't David Ben Gurion make some statements to that affect even?

      ''Were I to know that all German Jewish children could be rescued by transferring them to England and only half by transfer to Palestine, I would opt for the latter, because our concern is not only the personal interest of these children, but the historic interest of the Jewish people.''

      Why, yes, he did.

    5. Penny

      "yikes I am old enough to recall the war on Iraq
      Bush senior and junior!
      I am going to get that wine now ..."

      Hey, it was only 20 years ago. ;) I can vaguely remember the days of the Vietnam war - and having hair on the top of me head. ;) In 91, I went to one of the San Fran. demos against the "Gulf War", the 2nd one - when the Jews allowed the Palestinians a chance to speak (very effective speakers, BTW). Was there all day and had a great time.

      Which is probably why those demos, and the ones before the Iraq war failed to stop the zionazis.

      Back in the 80's somebody did up an excellent political cartoon comparing 60's civil rights and anti Vietnam war protests to the protests of the late 70's and the 80's. The first depicted a burly, scruffy (bearded, long hair, not in a suit ;) ) type beating the crap out of a cop, exclaiming "get the fuck out of SE Asia" (or something to that effect). The 2nd had a geeky, clean cut guy, in a suit, shakily holding up a sign meekly saying "no nukes - please". Unfortunately, the demos against Israeli-American post Vietnam War wars have been of that latter sort, and absolutely no threat at all to the zionazi/nazi establishment running the NWO out of the USA (well, mostly out of it, since their EU quislings are taking an increasingly larger role as America is sucked dry).

      Rant over ;)

      вот так

  4. interesting read.

    1. It's a good read and well thought out but I think this article from Sharmine Nawardi (that Penny linked to in an interview with James Corbett the other day -excellent interview btw) puts it in simpler terms

      Yes, Syria and Hezbollah Will Hit Israel if US Strikes

    2. I haven't had time to read at vineyard saker yet, today
      Is that you KamNam?

    3. Hi Penny,
      No, I had the same link to an earlier post, UN Talks at G20 Chem weapons reality vs illusion.

      Nice to see some other looking at same post. It is well worth the time to read Penny.



  5. From the clear path pdf-

    Mohammed Alaa Ghanem received both his bachelor’s degree in English Literature and his graduate degree in
    Translation from Damascus University. Ghanem went on to earn a master’s degree in Peacebuilding and
    Conflict Transformation
    from the Center of Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University in
    Harrisonburg, VA.

    What a strange academic career path, hmmm. Selected by the spooks for a a spooky 'Conflict Transformation' programme I'd wager. But what's the connection to Anabaptist Mennonites? Are the Mennonites another Jewish 5th column? I'm reminded of 2 articles: 'Puritans Were More Jewish Than Protestants' by Hugh Fogelman, and 'The Huguenots, the Jews, and Me' by Armand Laferrere? The 'Christian' Reformation was greatly influenced by Jewry.

    Another SAC pdf, from the same youthful authors, that is newer more succinct and more blatant-
    The Syrian Crisis, A Plan of Action

    1. Urge the Obama Administration to follow through on previously-announced policy decisions.

    Time and again, the Administration has announced policy decisions, but strong action is needed to
    bring them to fruition and begin the long process of setting a course for stability, democracy, and
    reconstruction in Syria, in line with U.S. policy and interests.

    Direct provision of military equipment, both lethal and nonlethal, to vetted elements of the opposition
    under the command of the Supreme Military Command (SMC) has stalled, although it is imperative for
    creating a military balance on the ground, without which no political solution is possible.

    The Department of State acknowledges that half of the nonlethal aid promised to the Syrian opposition
    months ago has not arrived. Recipients have already been vetted—the delay is primarily caused by the
    State Department’s failure to send out congressional notifications on aid shipments.

    2. Demand a serious military plan for targeted strikes from the Department of Defense. Congress requires a clear
    picture of the military options available to achieve America’s desired outcome of a negotiated political
    transition to a post-Assad Syria. Some of the military options being discussed have been based on unrealistically
    broad requirements. Congress should request a targeted strike plan that:
    * Utilizes stand-off weapons to avoid the need to neutralize Syria’s air defenses
    * Would be conducted in a broad alliance, including regional allies Turkey and Jordan
    * Aims to degrade the Assad regime’s ability to terrorize civilians by targeting the regime’s aircraft, Scuds,
    massed artillery, and critical support infrastructure such as runways

    That peace-building course really helped.

    1. Any violence (any force over and above that needed for self defence) helps the cause of the violent. The primary enemies of the violent are the peacemakers because they threaten to end the violence.

      So you can be sure the Mennonite's University was targeted for infiltration and subversion by the violent ptb long ago and has gone the way of Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders at the board level.

    2. oops sorry
      thanks freethinker :)
      heavy on the typos.....walk away from the keyboard

  6. Penny

    Nice Job.

    вот так

    1. thanks bot tak
      good to see you about

  7. Footage of chemical attack in Syria is fraud

    Important testimony exposing this Mossad fraud and their terrorist tactics.

    вот так

    1. i used that elsewhere at a msm site
      they have not posted it....
      big surprise

  8. "Direct provision of military equipment, both lethal and nonlethal, to vetted elements of the opposition
    under the command of the Supreme Military Command (SMC) has stalled, although it is imperative for
    creating a military balance on the ground, without which no political solution is possible."

    This issue is prominent in the first pdf linked by Penny, too. It can explain a lot of the problems in getting a credible opposition together. Not because of the reasons the SMC put forward so much but because the US want to fund their liver-eaters separately to control them separately.

    Perhaps the SMC will be asked to 'leave in the morning' . . . and they know that. They don't want to be 'a one night stand'. But they will be because the US and israel plan to turn Syria into a failed state big time by putting their liver-eaters in charge as soon as Assad departs the scene and betray the Syrian opposition in the process.

    But Assad is not going anywhere. It's time for the SMC to wake up before it's too late. The US and israel always betray their allies sooner or later

    1. Hey James
      thanks for leaving all the comments. And wasn't that pdf an interesting read
      so self serving, really.
      Feeling sort of heavy hearted the past couple of days

    2. Feeling sort of heavy hearted the past couple of days

      I can sympathise, Pen. The possibilities, indeed, are truly horrendous. For me, the heavy heartedness comes from reading too many lies and threats. Amongst it all, it is easy to forget the threats come from congenital liars and that they do have a cumulative effect on you.

      But a good question to ask yourself is "Why is it so important to the US to get Russia to step away from Syria?" If you can't write down the answer, the answer is then obvious.
      A riddle for ya!

    3. Penny, you are a warrior for truth.

      No need to for the weight of 'things' to be on your heart. Let go of it. He who is Truth will take the burden. Through faith you can move mountains, and you are.

      I think I said that more for myself as I feel the weight too. But rest assured, there is no missile, bomb, or bullit that can harm the truth.

      Warrior Penny. I bet your hubbie is proud.

    4. Thank you for those kind words and I asked hubbie yesterday and yes, he is proud of me

      So there you have it

      It is hard not to feel the weight of humanity being abused for political and profit gains.
      More people should feel that weight, that is what is needed to change the paradigm

    5. HI James

      I was wishing yesterday to be as confident as you, but......
      it's not happening
      I keep thinking about how absolutely psychoticallly deluded the western leadership is and I have a tough time seeing them act rational

  9. The Nazi generals had lots of white papers in 1944. Achieving your goals doesn't come from pretty power points, it comes from having competent folks and somewhat rational objectives, at least as various interest groups may see things. The current war is not seen as being rational by a large part of the world, and I doubt very many in the US military want to see nukes in the Middle East over the goal of helping al-CIAduh. Whoever tried to set this war up was incompetent, very incompetent. They may have to try the old Iranian blows up a football game with a mini-nuke trick - and not many will believe them.

    1. Whoever tried to set this war up was incompetent, very incompetent.

      I actually believe that the war planners thought Assad was going to fall at nato merc hands

      I can recall all the articles via the msm from every nato nation that the assad government was going to fall in short order
      there were many claims of that type made via Israel, US, UK, Germany
      and it didn't happen
      then Obama used his red line rhetoric....