Friday, September 6, 2013

This is Maaloula, Syria.

Maaloula Syria. You might have heard about this small town? The western media was and still is reporting the attack on Maaloula as a strike on yet another christian town. That is, unsurprisingly, a grossly inaccurate, and overly simplified reporting. Sure, the strike on the town report is correct, but  Maaloula is not just another christian town.

That said, a brief recap of what happened is in order

 The rebels launched the assault on the ancient Christian village of Maaloula — which is on a UNESCO list of tentative world heritage sites — on Wednesday after an al-Nusra fighter blew himself up  at the entrance to the mountain village.
Syrian Army personnel fought back against the invading marauders,  the NATO/Israeli  mercenary army and a battle ensued...

Maaloula is more then just a Christian town.  It is a live ancient town. Described as a scenic village. Or a mountainside sanctuary. It looks like a place that time had simply passed by. As if it was preserved for all eternity. For us, all of human kind, to gaze upon, wonder about and recollect our historical  roots.  Maaloula represents, as near as possible a living historical chapter in  the book of our common human history.

The inhabitants of Maaloula speak a language that has very nearly been all but forgotten and worse almost lost. Aramaic. Aramaic is the language spoken by the biblical Jesus. Jesus did not speak Hebrew as so many wrongly believe. Jesus, spoke Aramaic. Maaloula is one of a very few places remaining on the planet where this ancient language of man is still spoken. Maaloula takes us back thousands of years, as if chanced upon in a time machine.

This is Maaloula, Syria

And with an extremely heavy heart I link to a video that shows us what destruction and terror the NATO/Israeli mercs have imposed in this beautiful, precious, historical town.

I have commented here on many occasions that one of the reasons for the wars we see is to destroy history. Destroy the ancient structures. Destroy the languages. Spirit away the irreplaceable, priceless artifacts that rob the countries, Syria in this case, of their heritage. But also on a larger scale, globally, to deprive human kind of it’s collective history

       "A generation which ignores history has no past - and no future."

Rather then ignoring history, what is really going on is that history is being destroyed, stolen, profited from and rewritten. When this happens there is only the future that is being crafted for us by the very individuals who are robbing us of our history.

We often hear or read of historians, anthropologists and archeologists despairing over the loss of  so many important historical items. But, these items are not lost. They have gone somewhere on this planet. They have gone to someone.  Once looted by NATO’s mercs, they are sold to the highest bidder. And items of such rarity and value will most often, logically speaking, end up in the hands of those who can pay top dollar for such items. That is not you or me.
The very elites that drive these wars are the thieves that end up with artifacts in their private collections.

Why do we continue to allow this?


Related reading on the situation in Maaloula can be found at Ziad's blog. Who is  today reporting that Maaloula has been cleared of the vermin infestation


  1. LOOK!

  2. FBI adds SEA to most wanted list
    who is the real criminal?who else remembers when FBI spirited away a terrorist named michael meiring out of the Phillipines?

    Meiring is an American national and self-described "fortune hunter," who was seriously injured May 16, 2002 in an explosion in his Davao City hotel room on the Phillippine island of Mindanao. Screaming in pain, his legs mangled, Meiring told police someone had lobbed a grenade through his window. Actually, the explosion had originated inside a metal box with which Meiring had checked in.

    Just three days later, an FBI team arrived at his hospital room and spirited him stateside before the matter could be investigated, despite arrest warrants, an order that he not leave the country, and "without the knowledge of any police, military or government official in the city or region," in the words of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who called Meiring's FBI-aided flight an "affront to Philippine sovereignty."

    FBI breaks the law and noone wants them!

  3. Syria what a beautiful country , everything people, history, culture and the Baath Party and military . Maalula like all places in Syria have heard of . History and Geography is fascinating and one of the many enjoy studying over the years.

  4. It's very sad that Christians in America don't understand what they're doing half the time or what side they're on! Christians need to start praying to God for UNDERSTANDING!

  5. An ANNA report from 7 Sep., which included details of the zionazi assault on Maaloula:

    Сводка событий в Сирии за 7 сентября


    Summary of events in Syria for September 7

    "By the evening of September 7 Maalula and hotel complex "Safir Maalula" were freed from the presence of terrorist groups. Conducted cleanup areas. The army withdrew from the besieged city of Islamists many local residents, which the militants were forced to convert to Islam and live under Sharia law, threatening with punishment or expulsion. Among the people who have become refugees - many Christian priests and monks. In the battle for Maaloula over the past day has been destroyed 10 vehicles with the terrorists, mortars and rocket launchers with heat-seeking missiles. In the mountains Maaloula continued fierce fighting and heavy army units to militant gangs, accompanied by massive raids on enemy positions warplanes and heavy artillery precision strikes.

    Grouping of Islamists responded with mortar and rocket attacks on army positions, a great help and support in carrying out special operations which continue to provide local residents and the village of Maaloula Ain Tine.

    According to some reports, as a result of a criminal attack on Maaloula many citizens were taken hostage from the militants, which they used as "human shields". Among the stolen - minor children.

    In addition, the Army managed to stop the movement of militant groups from areas Yabrud and Asal al-Ward towards the territory of the fighting around Maaloula where they were going to the aid of the current squads of terrorists there."

    вот так

  6. Thanks for this Penny, I'm just catching up on some old posts!

    I would love to visit Maaloula one day, in better times.

    1. Hey Shinguard

      Doesn't Maaloula look beautiful
      I was simply struck by the setting and people when I wrote this one up
      Then I had a sense or feeling of both tragedy and anger for all of this