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Turkish Court Case regarding Syrian 'Jihadis' aka NATO/Israeli mercs procuring chemical weapons

 Once one trudges through the heavy handed spin ,contained in numerous paragraphs, to finally reach the actual subject of this Al Monitor article, dated September 30/13:  Turkish Court Investigates Syrian Jihadist Use of Chemicals we all get to read about NATO/Israel's hired killers ability and success at getting the ingredients to make a noxious, toxic chemical weapon.
 Not that it will be a real surprise to anyone who has read here for quite some time now.
Why? Because, I had covered this incident in Turkey and additional arrests made in Iraq!

So, first the latest! Then it will be time to flashback!

Question? Does anyone believe for one moment that President Obomba and John Kerry are unaware of these arrests and this ongoing court case along with the continuing investigation in Turkey?
Answer: There is no way in hell,  the two aforementioned individuals are unaware. Should anyone feel they are, do take the time to let them know.  

An investigation in progress in Turkey and a court case brought by prosecutors in Adana province in south Turkey also indicate that the Syrian opposition was making efforts to produce chemical weapons. According to an indictment by an Adana prosecutor dated July 22, Syrian national Haytham Qassab —  who has connections with Ahrar-i Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria — along with four Turkish citizens he was working with, tried to obtain the elements needed for production of chemical weapons from a variety of sources.

The 130-page indictment prepared by the prosecutor mainly lists telephone contacts between the accused and with sources of chemical supplies. The indictment says the accused were trying to procure fuses, chrome piping to build mortar tubes and certain chemicals. The chemicals they were looking for were thionyl chloride [SOC12], potassium fluoride [KF], methanol [CH3OH], isopropanol [C3H8O], isopropanolamine [C3H9NO], white phosphorus [P4], medical glucose and buoxite. The prosecutor charges that when these elements are combined, sarin gas can be produced and that was the aim of the accused.

I am going to repeat a specific sentence so it should be abundantly clear, that the hired jihadi/mercs had all they needed to produce sarin gas.
 The prosecutor charges that when these elements are combined, sarin gas can be produced and that was the aim of the accused.
 As has always been obvious the hired killers had the means to produce chemical weapons. But, not just the means they had the 'know how' and the ability to deliver!

 The indictment says the accused were trying to procure fuses, chrome piping to build mortar tubes
A perusal of telephone contacts showed that the accused were trying to obtain chemicals by contacting official organizations such as state-owned Mechanical and Chemical Industry [MKE] and Adana Cukurova University, in addition to many other organizations and people.
In his indictment, the prosecutor narrated not only their efforts to produce chemical weapons, but also how al-Qaeda militants moved to Syria via Turkey. The prosecutor says: "Many organization members, both from our country or who transit through our country, join the al-Qaeda terror organization in Syria as instructed by the leader of the organization. They were also active in propaganda activities to recruit more members and were collecting cash donations to procure food, weapons and ammunition for their members in Syria.”

According to a report in the daily Taraf newspaper on Sept. 26, this indictment, which has the potential of backing claims that the chemical attack in Syria was carried out by the opposition, has disturbed the AKP government.

The first trial session will be in Adana on Oct. 30. Only Qassab is in detention.
Of course, the indictment by the Adana prosecutor does not prove that the Aug. 21 chemical attack was carried out by al-Qaeda, but it does show that al-Qaeda-affiliated forces in Syria are making serious efforts to produce sarin gas.
Yes, they were making serious efforts to produce gas, likely still are at this time. But their efforts paid off and they were successful at producing their poisonous weapons. Using them on more then one occasion. Harming many innocent Syrian civilians and poisoning themselves in the process. For the hired killer/mercs,  I shed not one tear of sorrow

Flashback!  News of the Turkish arrests were contained in a post published June 2013.

 Syria: Syrian Army takes al-Qusayr, Sarin & UN and Condoleeza is back.....

 Of the original links, including one from the Washington Post , two are  leading to dead ends. Big surprise, right? The RT link is still working.

Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian(NATO) militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports.

Original wording from Washington Post

"Turkish authorities are questioning six suspects detained during simultaneous anti-terrorism police raids in four cities, according to the state-run agency .Authorities have refused to identify the suspects, but the private Dogan news agency said all 12 were detained during a police sweep on suspected members of al-Qaida or of Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaida linked opposition force fighting in Syria.
 Some chemical materials were confiscated during the raid, but denied a report which claimed that sarin gas was seized during the raids. He said experts were trying to determine what the materials could be used for.

At the time of the Turkish arrests, that Washington Post so conveniently obfuscated, arrests were also made in Iraq amongst the NATO backed terror crowd
The link to the Australian still works, check it at the original post

“The group of five people had built two facilities in Baghdad to produce sarin and mustard gas, using instructions from another al-Qa'ida group, government spokesman Mohammed al-Askari said yesterday.

The members of the cell had been prepared to launch attacks domestically, and also had a network to smuggle the toxins to neighbouring countries
The UN said last month that sarin nerve gas might have been used by rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad in neighbouring Syria”

Flashback: Khan al Assal and NATO mercs using chemical weapons

Flashback: Chemical weapons & NATO mercs around the holiday shopping season,  December 2012 NATO mercs who were undoubtedly working with the chemicals and harmed themselves


  1. Expert opinion on the UN Report on Syria from Dr. Abbas Foroutan, a world-class nerve gas scientist who oversaw the treatment of Iranian CW casualties during the Iran-Iraq War, and whose work has contributed to the US/NATO's understanding of the treatment of casualties during chemical warfare:

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