Sunday, October 20, 2013

230 Militants in one fell swoop: SAA gets the prize. Saudi Arabia & more

This  colourful report made me think of Ziad at SyPer, so I just had to put it up!

230 Militants in one Shot
When the Obama regime sends millions of US dollars worth advanced drones to kill a US citizen across the planet without trial the mainstream media & western people praises him, when the SAA kills tens of foreign radical Al-Qaeda Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists inside Syria, this never get noticed.

That what happened when Obama killed Anwar Awlaki and his young child, and this what happened when the Syrian Arab Army killed at least 230 terrorists from Nusra Front, the Levant version of Alqaeda, in an ambush near Nabk city north of Damascus last week.

After the preemptive military operation carried out by the SAA in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus countryside on 19 August 2013, just 2 days before the ‘chemical craze’, the operation which secured the failure of the ‘liberation of Damascus’ from its people and ended with killing more than 4,500 terrorists out of the total of 6,500 highly trained by CIA suicide freedom fighters, after this preemptive operation and after the realization of the Obama regime and their stooges that there won’t be any military strike against Syria to aid the leftover terrorists in the countryside, herds of the terrorists flocked to the Qalamon area in strongholds fortified by the rough mountainous area and linked with the Lebanese concentrations of Al-Qaeda, namely Arsal on the other side of the mountains.
Syrian Armed Forces which left a corridor as usual for terrorists to escape hoping some of them might change their mind and drop their quest for 72 virgins, kept a watchful eye on the terrorists fleeing, and followed their footsteps. The noose was tightened on the terrorists in Qalamon and squeezed on them in Yabroud, one of the cities known for its thriving smuggling business between Syria and Lebanon, and one of the first towns to aid the terrorists against the Syrian state. A very active SAA checkpoint is set on the Damascus-Homs international highway near the town of Nabk, and on a certain day with a firm plan, the checkpoint was moved, a large group of terrorists not less than 300 took the bait and tried to cross the road near Taybah restaurant.

Trying to stay low, the highly trained AlQaeda militants  ( I have an article regarding the training of the terror army- stay tuned) hid in a semi-natural trench awaiting the right time to cross into Nabk city on the other side of the road just to meet their end of their filthy life at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army men. Not less than 230 Wahhabi Jihadists were eliminated immediately, some put the figure at 250, and the rest were crippled, literally.
Western mainstream media might have included the killed terrorists in the toll of ‘civilians killed by the regime’ they keep a record of, I’m not sure whether they did count them, but our sources confirm the operation and crossed with sources from locals, the blow was so severe that the terrorists leftovers are trying to flee Yabroud to the outskirts of Dayr Attiyeh near the hills in groups of 2 or 3 maximum to evade their inevitable death.
SAA, the Syrian Arab Army definitely deserves a world’s prize more worthy than the Nobel Peace Prize for its hard work in cleaning our planet from its ever filthiest threat against humanity, civilization and future, and ending the presence of such filth in the tens of thousands not in individuals like the operations carried out by the world’s biggest armies.

The SAA does indeed deserve a prize for ridding the world of terrorists and making a big hole in the terrorist army. But instead, the supposed free world arms, trains and supports the terrorists.
Can it get anymore obvious that the war on terror, is really a WAR OF TERROR?

Speaking of training? The US and SA continue on training their terrorists

Free Syrian Army (FSA) units are receiving intensive training from US Marine Corps personnel in Saudi Arabia, a senior FSA source has told IHS Jane's .

The source said the United States and Saudi Arabia have agreed to train around 1,500 insurgents. The programme began a few months ago and most of the personnel will be trained by the end of 2013.

The courses last for 100 days and include fighting in built up areas (FIBUA).* that is in amongst the civilian population*  The most recent intake that arrived from Jordan on 13 October consists of around 40% from insurgent groups operating inside Syria, with the rest recruited from refugees in neighbouring countries.
 Peace talks in Geneva with Russia and Syria?
While the US and Saudi Arabia keep training their terrorists troops?

The Russian take on the Saudi rejection of a seat at UN Security Council

 "We are surprised by Saudi Arabia's unprecedented decision" to reject the seat, the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement.

 "In this way, Saudi Arabia has excluded itself from collective work within the Security Council to support international peace and security."

"The kingdom's arguments arouse bewilderment and the criticism of the UN Security Council in the context of the Syrian conflict is particularly strange."

I suspect Saudi Arabia rejected the seat to 'save face'? Or to save their own hides?

How could they condemn Syrian actions with the usual lies and spin without looking like complete liars and double talkers?  Their strident condemnations of the Syrian government might just cause the Saudi citizens to take up arms against their  own truly despicable, tyrannical and repressive government!


  1. From SyrPer:


    Well naturally, the Israelis would be directly supporting the most extreme. Like prefers to be with like.


    "I suspect Saudi Arabia rejected the seat to 'save face'? Or to save their own hides?"

    From their pathetic whinging:

    "The kingdom sees that the method and work mechanism and the double standards in the Security Council prevent it from properly shouldering its responsibilities towards world peace," Saudi foreign ministry explained the move in a statement."

    IE: the UNSC wouldn't let Israel's colonies bomb Syria, so boo hoo, we're taking our ball and going home.

    Such political tactics are exactly the sort Israel/zionists do, and that is probably who ordered the Saudis to play the pouting queen card.

    вот так

  2. Tarplay is in favour of total eradication of the zionazi terrorists:

    Militants face Syria military purge: Analyst

    “…The Syrian rebels are incorrigible. They simply will not negotiate…. So, if they won’t negotiate, one might say that those same rebels are making a military solution at their expense inevitable,” he said.

    “At that rate, I think it’s going to be ultimately their military liquidation that will end this,” he said."

    вот так

  3. And from this representative of the "internal opposition":

    Syrians to enter year of 2015 in peace - Deputy PM Qadri Jamil

    "...A political settlement is the only possible option.

    Precisely, this is the only solution. The Geneva-2 gives a chance to approach a political solution. First of all, we should stop foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Syria. This will help to reduce the level of violence, which, in turn, will allow to launch a political process.

    What is your version of this political settlement? It is impossible to imagine that the opposing parties will agree on how to go on living immediately after they sit at the negotiating table. What is the starting point?

    They should agree before they sit at the table of negotiations. They should say “No” to foreign military intervention, “No” to violence as a way of dealing with political problems. After that we can solve all the problems.

    This is, as I understand, the point of view of the “internal” Syrian opposition. Meanwhile, the external opposition represented by the Syrian National Council has refused to participate in the Geneva conference. What are the relations between the internal and external opposition now; do you have common grounds?

    There are relations between the internal and external opposition, but as for common grounds – everything is more complicated here. The external opposition is guided by a number of external players, and the internal one is guided by its supporters inside the country. The external players pose specific tasks connected with their interests to their partners from the external opposition, but they are completely unrealizable in Syria under current conditions. On the contrary, our position is based on the analysis of the situation inside the country. Therefore, there are very few common grounds between us. In addition, the external opposition, as you have correctly pointed out, is in point of fact divided in their views on participation in the Geneva conference.

    Is it possible to convene the Geneva conference without participation of representatives of the external opposition?

    The convening of the Geneva conference is a decided issue; international forces have agreed on the need to convene it. As it was stated, the doors of the conference will be open to everybody, who is not indifferent to the fate of Syria. Those, who refuse to take part in it, will find themselves away from the new political reality and will be doomed to defeat and isolation..."

    He wants support for the zionazi terrorist to end and them to be booted from Syria. Notice he doesn't say much about what the "internal opposition" wants, specific policies, etc., though. Likely because these are retrograde, fascist and far right monopoly capitalist/NWO policies to turn back the clock back to the 19th century, as all "color revolutionary" policies turn out to be.

    But it is interesting that he calls for removal of the foreign backed terrorist element, and doesn't equivocate that much about the role the west is playing in backing them.

    It seems that to be respectable nowadays, one has to oppose terrorism. I wonder if the zionazis and their craven colonials can understand such a novel concept? ;)

    вот так

  4. Wikipedia for hire?

    Apparently the Jews who dominate the editing at wikipedia are now hiring out their services. In other words, they are mimicking the Jewish mafia's long time protection racket "services".

    вот так

    1. freethinker

      Nice find and a well done demolition of Democracy Now zionist propaganda. Democracy Now is a casebook example of Jewish zionist corruption of leftwing media. They also supported Israel's terrorist war against Syria, as did almost all of the zionist Jewish "left" media and pundits. Most of the people mentioned in the piece have strong zionist connections, especially Soros.

      Azerbaijan is now one of Israel's most influenced countries in Central Asia, who allows Israeli warplanes to operate from its territory. Much like Georgia. If Israeli planes attack Iran, it is likely they will use Azerbaijani air bases to stage such an attack, now that Russia has successfully blocked their ability to do so from Georgia.

      вот так

  5. Thanks very much for this news Penny as I hadn't heard it anywhere else and doubt I would. Firm salute to the Syrian Army for exterminating those soul deprived FSA bastards. For fuck's sake their Israeli and US trained snipers are targeting pregnant women's unborn babies! Read that bit of nastiness here: Record cruelty: Syrian rebels target fetuses

    I truly hope that every last state-supported FSA piece of shit is hunted down and mercilessly killed like the rabid dogs they are. The brainwashed useful idiots amongst them have had ample opportunities provided to them to either leave or surrender to the Syrian army. Now I'm glad that the Syrian Army is talking the kid gloves off and dropping these demonic scum dead in their shadows. BTW, if there are any US Marines training these monsters, then guess what Semper Fi serial killers? You are now actively working with Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and other CIA lackey front groups against your own military brethren. Congratulations, you are now a fully committed traitor and supporter of bona fide terrorists.

  6. Actually scratch that Snipers targeting pregnant women article Penny. It appears to be some new and callow propaganda rubbish aimed at the Syria Army and not the FSA. When I was researching for more information I found this article: As you can see, there's an alleged X-ray of a child with an undeformed and intact rifle round in the foetus' head, which is utterly impossible as a true sniper's bullet would have decimated the foetus' head into fragments and there would NOT be such a clean X-ray as depicted. There is absolutely no reason nor benefit that Assad's Syrian Army soldiers would engage in such a practise, and it reads just like the utter shite they propagated about chemical weapons use by them. I can see now that the first article I sent a link to was errant and the second is the rubbish they are attempting to poison people's minds with. Not that the FSA wouldn't do such a thing, quite the contrary as I've seen them kill children. If you're low enough to kill a child, you're certainly capable of targeting foetuses like their trainers in the IDF do. They must be certainly desperate and reeling from that military victory the Syrian Army scored by killing 230 FSA scum.

  7. its likely some 'suicide bombings' are not what they seem: at 3:28:
    ' Citizen relates details of his abduction by terrorists who attempted to turn him into a suicide bomber

  8. BOT TAK: the pouting queen card- I love it!
    The internal Syrian opposition, I used to cover them more way back, but sort of lost track of them
    There always was an internal factor, composed of actual resident Syrians, they were meeting with the Russians and with the Assad government
    The internal opposition never supported NATO intervention
    The western backed opposition always begged for NATO to bomb the Syrians into submission
    (The western backed being all external- Israel, Turkish, SA, American, British, French, Jordanian, Libyan etc., didn't give a hoot for one Syrian life)
    Sick b*st*rds!
    HHQ!!!! I did see the news about the NATO mercs/FSA/AQ/Al Nusra taking shots at pregnant women, your second article does indeed make it look as if it is nothing but another propaganda tale
    My first thoughts on that one, went straight to Israel's IDG and their sickening tshirts
    So, I figured if true, this had to be the rats trained by their Israeli backers
    brian: I have read news such as that before about people being abducted and then being used as suicide bombers
    ie: thinking their being set free and driving away in a vehicle packed with explosives
    or: unknowingly mercs planted explosives under targeted individuals who would then go to work at a school or government office and the mercs would detonate the bombs
    It is not all intentional on the part of the bomber

  9. freethinker: missed ya, sorry
    I looked at the news regarding "democracy now"
    not a surprise, not a surprise