Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Banksy Parodies the Syrian 'rebels' ( the reincarnated Contras)

And offends the spooky Brown Moses in the process. ( Pleasing me to no end)

Could it be that some people, such as Banksy and others, see the rebels as cartoonish characters created to have a certain undeserved appeal to fools and dupes?

Thinking, of course, of the mainstream media insisting on these persons really being 'freedom fighters'

President Ronald Regan and the media of the day, said the Contras were freedom fighters also? What the Contras were in reality, is the same as what the Syrian 'rebels'  are, in reality. Killers! Bought and paid for Killers!

From an early stage, the rebels received financial and military support from the U.S. government, and their military significance decisively depended on it. After U.S. support was banned by Congress, the Reagan administration covertly continued it. These covert activities culminated in the Iran–Contra affair.
 My, how little has changed?

 I am not a fan of this cartoonish take myself.  Though, I get that the rebels often appear as caricatures for a specific stereotype. Even I have taken to  roll my eyes at their repeated shrieks of Allahu Akba, realizing it
 plays well  to specific audiences. Fearful westerners and religiously indoctrinated fanatics.
 Cartoons aside  these bought and paid for mercs are killing innocent Syrians like there is no tomorrow. 

Here is the banksy video

Poor spooky Brown Moses, he "really didn't get it"

In conversation with Mr. Sharro, the British blogger Eliot Higgins, who has played an important role in tracing the flow of arms to Syrian rebels through close analysis of video clips posted on YouTube on his Brown Moses blog, said that the parody reminded him of the work of Chris Morris, the British satirist, “on a really bad day.”

@Brown_Moses I really didnt get it. What's the meaning?

So, I am throwing it to you all. What do you think?


  1. Is that 'the elephant in the room'? Or maybe let out of the room and escaped into the world...

    I suppose it might serve to highlight the complete absurdity of the fabrications we are encouraged to accept. Not sure.

    1. Yah, it was interesting that he chose an elephant to fall out of the sky
      as opposed to something like a unicorn
      so, it could be an elephant in the room reference

      and then, hey good thought, the absurdity of what is passed off as truth
      that must have been why I flashbacked to the Contras

  2. The Allah Akbar over and over ate what the jihadis say :so no problem with that .as for shooting dumbo : the Disney cartoon elephant and upset the child ....killjoys?

  3. Do you really expect Eliot Higgins, aka Broan Moses, to get it?!