Thursday, October 17, 2013

Carl Campeau- Canadian Legal Advisor to UN kidnapped 8 months ago; Freed

This is a follow up to a posting here, probably, 8 months ago. Let's see.........
Carl Campeau was kidnapped February 7/2013. But, that kidnapping was not reported on until February 25/2013
Carl Campeau was first reported as being an Austrian citizen, but, that was corrected or changed later.
The original post : UN Staff at Golan Missing- The story changes

Here is the latest via CBC:

He doesn't look emaciated or dehydrated after 8 mos of captivity

A Canadian UN worker abducted eight months ago in Syria appeared on Syrian state television a free man after reportedly managing to escape his captors, who had forgotten to lock him in.

The United Nations confirmed Thursday that Carl Campeau, a legal adviser for the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), is free.

 According to Syrian state TV, which spoke with Campeau in an interview aired Thursday, he was abducted by rebel forces on Feb. 27 from Khan Al-Sheih, just outside the Syrian capital, Damascus.
Sporting a beard and wearing glasses, a blue shirt and a dark sweater, Campeau appeared fatigued but otherwise apparently well in a video recording of the interview seen by CBC.

He was photographed with Faisal al Miqdad, Syria’s deputy foreign minister. The media report said Campeau was able to escape earlier this week on the first day of the Eid holiday.

"I was held prisoner for eight months, and I managed to escape," Campeau could be heard saying in English during the interview before the broadcast switches to the voice of an Arabic translator.
"They forgot to lock the door to my room," he adds in English, before the translator quotes him as saying that “the terrorist kidnappers came from several countries … They are groups that do not know mercy.” 

Reuters reported earlier that at the time of Campeau's disappearance, a rebel source in southern Syria said he had been taken by another rebel brigade and held for ransom.
 Question 1:  Held for ransom????..........  Did the Canadian government pay to have this man released ? Hence, the conveniently unlocked door?

BTW:  Kudos to the Assad government for getting this man to safety

UPDATE: via Italian media

 After eight months in captivity is back free today Carl Campeau, a Canadian national lawyer who was in Syria as adviser to the United Nations. Last February, had been kidnapped by Syrian rebels while he was on the Golan Heights as part of the mission UNDOF (United Nations Disengagement Observer Force)

Question 2: Isn't it interesting that the Canadian government was for all intents and purposes dead silent on the kidnapping of this man by the very 'rebels' they support,  back and claim are 'freedom fighters'?

Didn't they want Canadians to know the truth about the riff raff/hired killers/mercs supported by Canada and all the other NATO warmongering nations?

Only conclusion I can come to.
Perhaps that is why the DOD in Canada is snooping around?


  1. sept 11 the new pearl harbor

    part 2

    part 3

  2. "Didn't they want Canadians to know the truth about the riff raff/hired killers/mercs supported by Canada and all the other NATO warmongering nations?"

    Tongue firmly in-cheek, no doubt ;-)

    Let us know how this plays out in the Canadian media, Penny.

  3. was there a bomb in the pentagon? 9-11

  4. Peaceful protests over shale gas development turned violent in Canada

    "At least 40 people were arrested in the Canadian province of New Brunswick at a violent protest over shale gas development in the area. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said the people were arrested for firearms violations, threats, intimidation, mischief and violation of a court-ordered injunction near the town of Rexton. Police began enforcing the injunction on Thursday at a site where the energy company SWN Resources, owned by Houston-based Southwestern Energy, stores exploration equipment. The tribes have long opposed SWN's efforts to explore for gas in the region and called for a moratorium on shale gas exploration. The Voice of Russia spoke with David Coon, who is a leader of the New Brunswick Green party. A biologist by training, Mr. Coon worked as an environmental educator, organizer, activist and manager for 33 years.

    We know that the protests have turned violent. What or who triggered the violence?

    Well, that’s a good question because up until now the protests have been entirely peaceful. This has been going on for almost 3 years now, there is widespread opposition to the exploitation of shale gas in New Brunswick communities. There has been, it really broad together actually people from First Nations communities with the Canadian people, which are the Francophone population in New Brunswick and the Anglophones in New Brunswick. So what happened in Rexton or outside Rexton is hard to understand other than the fact that the RCMP moved in in a very aggressive way to enforce an injunction against the protestors who were blocking the driveway to a compound where a number of trucks that would be involved in seismic testing and gas exploration where parked or stored..."

    вот так

  5. Why is NATO stalking our schoolchildren?

    "...The front cover of this week's Autoweek magazine is a case in point: 'Who is in control of your car? The Government and private entities can now control your car remotely'. It raises enormous questions about the reliability and hackability of Audi, Toyota, Mercedes and other 'computer assisted' vehicles. Who is liable for death or injury if a Toyota's onboard computer freezes causing 'unintended acceleration'? The Toyota CEO? The programer? Who?

    Award winning investigative journalist, Michael Hastings, died in a ball of flames while driving a 2013 Mercedes through L A in the early hours of Tuesday, 18th June 2013. He had been to see his friend, Jordanna Thigpen, on the night he died, asking to borrow her Volvo as he believed his Mercedes C250 'was being tampered with'.

    According to his wife, Elise Jordan, Michael had begun investigating new CIA Director John Brennan's 'War on The Press'. Echoing the Watergate scandal, Hastings expressed his belief that the CIA, with or without authorization, had begun using sophisticated military psychological warfare techniques against domestic journalists and politicians.

    Even former US National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism, Richard Clarke, weighed in saying that such a single vehicle crash was "consistent with a car cyber attack." Like heart attacks these 'Boston brakes' incidents are rumored to be a favorite of organized crime and intelligence services since they're so easy to put down to 'misfortune'..."

    Things are a lot more sophisticated now than they were back in the 70's when those nazis/zionazis ran Karen Silkwood's car off the road to kill her.

    вот так

  6. Did you catch the article about the Russian concern of the lugar named bio weapons lab in Georgia? This after Russians announced they broke up an attempted chems attack.

  7. A happy spy and provocateur returns home. Nothing to see here. Backslaps all around.

  8. "Nine Lebanese pilgrims who were kidnapped by insurgents in Syria have been freed in exchange for two Turkish pilots seized in Lebanon" - The fact that they were released in exchange for TURKISH pilots shows reveals who was really behind the kidnapping! A year ago the kidnapping video was shown by aljazeera, AlQaeda's most trusted media who they send all their videos. Though many of the headlines read "Syrian rebels Free pilgrims" instead of "released" which is far more accurate. The pilgrims came back to a heroes welcome in lebanon after having been imprisoned for 1.5 years.

  9. Hey All!

    thanks for the comments
    I am knee deep in my gutted kitchen so... it's going to be a bit longer, but I will keep posting some good info

    brian: thank you, thank you, thank you!
    freethinker: god, yes, tongue in cheek completely!
    bot tak: I saw the news regarding the shale fracking in NB and of course the police did their duties, serving the corporation and the ptb's.
    The police are the pitbulls of the fascists. as for Hastings I had just listened to a journo talking about his case. Was he taken out? It really does seem that way
    And what with heartless dick have his heart taken off auto for fear of 'terror' attacks
    Years ago, it would seem all manner of technology is readily available to stop hearts and cars

    SLOZO: nothing to see here. Just another spy. That has always been my thought wrt Carl Campeau. And I took some heat for my suspicions when I put up the first post
    Was he kidnapped? Or did he just finish up whatever his job/duty/assignment was wrt the Syrian destabilization?

    That I don't know.
    What I am certain of is that the UN is a piece of crap organization. One World government tyranny with it's NATO enforcement arm
    Two despicable perception management ops. And Carl Campeau being in that area at this time is highly suspicious
    Have you noticed the story has just gone away?

    1. Story gone away?
      What you mean he's not being paraded on Canadian telly to tell his story of woe and daring escape? (my tongue in cheek)

    2. Yup, gone away
      I haven't seen a thing
      daring escape?
      not likely

  10. What really happened to him was a little bit confusing. If Carl Campeau was kidnapped by Syrian Rebels or whoever rebels operating in Syria, it’s still good to know that he is
    Back safe and alive without any injury. I think Canadian government must submit clear news about this to be able to answer all questions asked.

    1. Hello Mr Young

      The Canadian government will never submit clear news about the Campeau incident.
      It has fallen straight off the radar