Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Corbett Report: The IPCC Exposed

Ooops, dam I am tired!
Let's do this again
James Corbett at The Corbett report has made a nice little video for everyone to enjoy
Before anyone even chooses to engage in name calling or shoot the messenger
Example "denier" Or "you must work for big oil"
If I worked for big oil I would have a big fat pay cheque and not be doing my own home renovations..


Audio Only


CNN Hypes the IPCC AR4 Report
Time Reference: 01:14
BBC Hypes the IPCC AR4 Report
Time Reference: 01:25
ABC Hypes the IPCC AR4 Report
Time Reference: 01:33
Global Hypes the IPCC AR4 Report
Time Reference: 01:47
ABC Hypes the IPCC AR4 Report (again)
Time Reference: 02:08
Episode 110 – Climategate
Time Reference: 04:08
Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU emails
Time Reference: 04:16
Climategate is Still the Issue
Time Reference: 04:19
Crimatologists Found Guilty of Hiding Data
Time Reference: 05:04
Climate CONsensus, Carbon CONtrols, Truther CONvicted – Sunday Update
Time Reference: 32:56
The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert
Time Reference: 09:44
Author Donna Laframboise on The Bolt Report
Time Reference: 10:00
Interview 434 – Donna Laframboise
Time Reference: 13:09
CNN Hypes the IPCC’s AR5 Report
Time Reference: 13:52
Sky Hypes the IPCC’s AR5 Report
Time Reference: 14:17
Sky Hypes the IPCC’s AR5 Report
Time Reference: 14:25
Democracy Now Hypes the IPCC’s AR5 Report
Time Reference: 15:06
IPCC models getting mushy
Time Reference: 17:58
Judith Curry: Leaked IPCC report discussed in the MSM
Time Reference: 22:18
The 2009 Video Archive DVD
Time Reference: 33:24
Episode 087 – The UN Doesn’t Love You
Time Reference: 41:25
Time Reference: 42:15
Time Reference: 42:18
Time Reference: 42:21
“Trees” by Red Tail Hawk
Time Reference: 44:50


  1. I listened to that Corbett Report and its good. I find it hard to engage with anybody debating "climate change" because it is so farcical that I'd feel like I'd be debating with my younger self at age three about whether the tooth fairy existed. I mean I (younger self) knew the tooth fairy existed because I (younger self) personally put a tooth under my pillow and in the morning there was a dollar bill. I (younger self) had first hand knowledge of the tooth fairy.

    Now that the "scientific evidence" has shown what we have already experienced, no global warming expressed in higher average temperatures, the "new" effect is the ocean water is getting warmer. Since HAARP can't raise global temperatures, we'll have to have an increase in hurricanes globally, and targeted to higher population areas, in order to prove "Climate Change" is real.

    The end game in this "Climate Change" game is taxing your global carbon foot print. You will be metered for your breath. And if you eat, there is a carbon foot print cost for transporting your food. And if you work, a carbon foot print cost for transportation, etc.

    Now you know what the Police song was really about.
    Every breath you take
    Every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    I'll be watching (and metering) you

    Remember the Tooth Fairy is real, boys and girls, we wouldn't lie would we?


    1. Thanks Aris

      I thought James did an excellent job with this video
      And yes, the ultimate goal is total control over the 'human resources'

  2. http://climatescienceinternational.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=571

    My dear old Prof! Thank you Tim, for opening my eyes so long ago now!

    You might enjoy this page Penny :)


    1. recall when I was a true believer, buff?
      What a dork!
      I look back at that naive person and ask myself
      Why I would ever have thought that way?
      Look at the tar sands?
      Look at the extension of operation at the aged nuclear power plant at Pickering?
      Look at the plans Canada has to build more nuclear power plants?
      And more pipelines?
      Look at the attempt right now to bury nuclear waste in Northern Ontario?
      Because my government, like all governments, gives a hoot about the environment!
      Only a fool would believe that
      The same fools that believe the government wants to take guns to keep the populace safe

  3. I remember Penny. I hope I played a small role in opening your eyes on that matter. :)

    It's truly turned into a religion! This CO2 fear mongering is simply not based on repeatable empirical science. The new term 'climate change' is so ambiguous to be useless.

    The climate is changing - that is what it does, did and will continue to do!! Are we effecting the climate? Possibly, but it is unlikely that our influence is due to CO2. Deforestation, desertification are likely greater contributers to changes in climate than any amount of CO2. The overuse of pesticides, destroying the soil biota and thus leading to loss of topsoil is also a culprit.

    Keep in mind that many of the papers written which cite 'climate change' do not even go into what kind of change they are talking about, natural vs man-made. Yes the climate is changing - so of course we will see animals migrating to more northern climbs as their ranges expand - we have seen this before (remember in the last interglacial period there were hippos in England!!). Then the climate changed and now there are none!

    So, as usual we get the carbon spin from the greedy money junkies to further their new ponzi scheme, aka Carbon Credits!! (Which btw do nothing for the environment).

    It's truly quite the show!!


  4. "I remember Penny. I hope I played a small role in opening your eyes on that matter. :)"

    You definitely got me thinking about the subject!
    Once I get thinking, watch out!
    Cause then I dig and dig and dig and dig......